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My Housekeeper Harriet

by mmmmpph

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This is a true story taken from my diary for the year of 1990 and titled:

My Housekeeper Harriet

September 28, 1990 Friday 8:30pm

This is the most bizarre entry to date. I had always hoped of something like this happening but never sure if I really wanted it to. Well, it did and I'm sure this is a one time deal. I'm just glad she took it in her stride and didn't make things worse. I was embarrassed enough, so, maybe that's why she didn't make a fuss.

Harriet has been my housekeeper about 8 months and is a sexy woman. 3 time divorced, 42 years old, sandy-blonde hair, D-cup tits, and a very nice ass with a tanned all over body I'm told. I have wanted to tie her up and fuck her since day one but I'm pretty sure it won't happen. But something else did a few hours ago! She knows about the bondage I do and knows of the equipment. She even tried on a straight jacket but wouldn't let me strap her in.

She comes here on Tuesday's around 4pm which is when I go to milk the cows. That way, she comes in, gets done and gone before I get home. Which sucks cuz I like watching her tits swing. I know she goes bra-less! I've seen them!!!

All day today and up to milking tomorrow night, I am scheduled off. A usual day off consists of drumming for about 4 hours and some indoor bondage of some kind for a couple of hours, then more drumming and that's where this tale starts.

I've been planning some self bondage where I have to wait out the melting of ice to drop a key on a string to free myself for months. I did test trials of the time it takes the ice to melt with different sized ice cubes with A/C on. Average time for half a cube is 68 minutes at 70 degrees. Well, I decided to use the minute hand of a clock instead. I should be tied about 60-70 minutes if things go right. I've done the clock release before, several times but have never been tied up as helpless as this... until now!!! It's rare I plan this much but hey, it is my fun and it IS my life. I don't want to be a story people use to make the new people into this realize SAFETY is number one important.

It's coming up on 2:30pm and I've had my shower and did a clean out for a butt plug, and will be getting my 'toys' out to begin my bondage in about 30 minutes. I'm using the new harness ballgag with a 2 1/4" ball that came in the mail yesterday along with the Japanese clover nipple clamps. Those clamps hurt like a mother fucker and the gag is very muffling strapped in tight. Makes my dick hard just thinking about it. I have a couple of new things to try and I'll tell you when I come back. Well, it's 20 to 3. Better get my ass in bed. ;-)

Same day-7:04pm.

Diary you are not going to believe what happened. I'm not too sure I believe it and I was there but couldn't see anything. I had finished locking my wrist cuffs to the eye bolts in the bed posts maybe 5 minutes or so when I thought I heard the front door open. At first I thought I imagined it. So I went back into struggling like my life depended on me getting free. Ever had the feeling someone was watching you or in the same room?? Just sensed it??

Well, I was in no position to get free. My ankles were strapped spread out and I could not move them closer more than 2". My wrist cuffs were padlocked to eyebolts in bed frame and going no where. I had a harness gag with a 2 1/4" ball strapped tightly in my mouth with a blindfold strapped tight around my head and the face straps on the harness held the blindfold in place. I tied a rope around my balls anchored to a concrete block pulling on them if I try to lessen the pull of the nipple clamps tied to the top of the headboard by moving my body up or down.

I have a 4" wide 6" long butt plug tied in and can't force it out. Prior to sensing someone was with me, my cock was standing straight up, all 6 1/2" of it. I found out by wearing earplugs, your mind can play tricks on you, or did it?? I didn't hear anything for 10-15 seconds and went back to my struggling. My dick started to rise again and I found out that the butt plug feels good and nipple clamps are bad! :-)

All was well in my bondage world until a voice asked, "What are you doing here?"

My raging hard on disappeared quickly as I realized I was caught in a position I've never been caught in before. I asked the voice same question but not as coherent as she did. A ball strapped in my mouth prevented that. She then asked me if I got her message she needed to switch days to today from next Tuesday?? I sputtered I received no message. She said it was on the answering machine. I shook my head that there was no message. I heard her leave for a few minutes and upon returning, she then asked if I knew she was coming today? I shook my head 'no'.

Then she said, "That's what I thought. So I'm removing these." She pulled out the ear plugs and said that she wanted me to hear 'everything'! Then she said this, "Since I don't have to worry about you seeing or bothering me, I'm going to do this like at my house!"

I'm thinking 'WHAT??". Then I heard 'snap'! What the???!!! Zzzzzziiippp!!!!! "No FUCKING WAY!!!" My dick started to get hard again and she said," I see someone knows I'm now naked and you can't see me!! Is this key for your release?? I'm keeping it until I'm done. Yell, if you need something."

She went to the foot of the bed and pulled the rope around my balls. MMMMPPPPPPPHH! I screamed into my gag! But she got what she wanted, my dick was rock hard again, then she walked out.

Her job is wash dishes, vacuum the floor, sweep and mop kitchen if necessary, dust, clean the bathroom if necessary, and if she chooses to, do my laundry. Now, working on a farm, I usually do my own laundry and have ever since college. I did my laundry last night and put it up, so she has none. That means I can get free sooner, right? Wrong!! She did check up on me often and did the typical tease women do so often. Once she lightly pulled my chain the nipple clamps were on. Another time, she put the hose for the vacuum cleaner over my dick for about a minute. Another time, her mouth went over my dick for a good while but stopped when I started to come.

She finally let me know she was done and it only took a hour but, I was paying her for 2 hours. I thought bullshit! Gimme the key so I can get loose. I heard her walk to the closet and rummage in the equipment bag. A few moments later she exclaimed, "Aha"! And came over to me and put a condom on my very stiff cock and then, slid on top. Now as much as this felt good, I had 2 items that felt as bad. They were the nipple clamps and rope around my balls. I sputtered begging for her to take them off and she said 'no', and continued to ride me. I tried hard to enjoy it but couldn't because of the clamps and rope on my balls. I was very horny and should have come but the pain was too much.

Shortly after Harriet had begun to ride me she stopped and got off me. She informed me that she came 3 times and I should be rewarded. She put the hose of my vacuum cleaner over my dick. She continued to tell me she was going to loosen my hands but to not get up or off the bed until I came and call her to let her know I was ok. I gave her an affirmative head shake.

She dressed and flipped the vacuum switch to 'on' and DAMN that feels good!!! I reached down to take the nipple clamps off just as I started to come and WOW!!!! The pain in my nipples pushed my dick to the edge. I arched my back and groaned loudly into my gag as the orgasm hit, so did the pain in my balls!!

I left the hose on my cock until I could feel my dick beginning to shrink. I tossed the hose off and began to untie myself. I laid in the bed a good 15 minutes before trying to move.

I 'crawled' or maybe 'fell' is the operative word to describe how I left the bed to signal her I free. I'm not 'ok' but I am free.

It is now 11:53 and my nipples are still very sore as is my balls and asshole. I have had a hard on since I began writing about the events since I began my self imposed bondage earlier today.

Tomorrow, I will be working out a plot to get me the opportunity to have Harriet at my mercy. Not sure how but, I will figure out a way.


Gromet, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope others will as well. If you would like more, please let me know. I have 4 years of bondage diary stories to share.

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