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My Mine Trouble

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; naked; rope; cuffs; susp; insert; winch; cons; X

WARNING: Adult only story. Mines caves tunnels etc are potential killers. Do Not enter without serious consideration, preparation, equipment and experience. Act safely and sensibly at all times, stupidity costs lives.

Part One .

Self bondage is fun, and has been fun since before I care to remember, but eventually, no matter how tight the bondage, no matter how strenuous the situation. There comes a point in every fantasists dreams that it is just not enough! The danger is not as pointed as it once was, the need is more desirous of risk, and by risk I mean being hurt or caught or humiliated publicly, and the need to feel the fear of all of these possibilities burns in your mind. I had arrived at just this point in my bondage life and on the day that I discovered a disused mine shafts air vent.

Somewhere beneath my feet was a tunnel, the shaft I was stood looking down through would lead me down into that dark dank tunnel, if only I could discover how to enter it, what possibilities it might hold for my adventures. The trouble is that the shaft tells me nothing of where the tunnel might begin or end or its condition.

Now I know that entering mines or caves is not something to be considered lightly, and it is most definitely not something for the inexperienced to ever consider, but I am not inexperienced. I have been both a climber and a caver in my nineteen years of life so far, and I know exactly what I can and can’t do. Of course previously I have always been accompanied, and if this is to be the adventure in self bondage I want it to be, then having a companion is not going to work, as I do not know anybody that is a bondage slut like me, or that would be frustrated and desperate enough to entertain the thoughts and deeds I was entertaining.

For the next week I spent hours tracing and tracking mine routes via the net. I finally located the single shaft down which I had been so intently staring, and from there it was only a matter of back tracking to the tunnel entrance. I also discovered that the mine ran a long way and a good portion of it was beneath a patch of land marked as being ‘military’ and strictly no entry! Well I would not be going in that direction anyway, so I ignored both it and the warning.

Mum got interested in what ever it was that was monopolising my attention, I told her I was working on some field work for my degree and she left me alone. Dad of course had to ask more so my latest bondage game started for real by lying to my parents whom I love dearly, but so be it, the desire outweighs the morals as usual.

A further week and I had located the mine entry point. A single steel door stood set into the hard stone of the hill. Thick bushes had grown up covering the entry door, hence why I had not seen it previously when walking this area. In fact judging from the state of the place no one had entered that door for many years. A chain cutter soon dealt with the padlock and chain sealing the door closed, and a pry bar forced the now unlocked steel to open nearly a foot, until the heavy bushes stopped it. I applied some penetrating oil to the hinges and worked them for a while until the door swung open and closed quite easily, I then shut it tight and left, intending to return with a torch and take a look at my play area, just to be on the safe side!

The mine was apparently cut following a soft deposit trapped in a hard granite mount, the miners had avoided where ever they could hacking at the hard rock, and had instead removed only the quartz and its contents, leaving a winding tunnel system that opened out the deeper I got into it. Perfect it wasn’t, but challenging it most certainly would be if I was bound, gagged and hobbled. After some careful exploring I located the air shaft, and from there I decided the plot.

I would be a captive lowered down the air shaft bound and helpless but I would escape because of my knowledge of caving. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but first I would need to prepare my lowering system and that was going to be complex as I did not want to leave any trace of my egress behind me. The last thing I wanted was for the cave rescue teams to be notified by some dog walker, and come find me naked and bound below. So I needed to think about how to do it properly, and of course how I was going to escape my captivity!

Counter balance, I had read somewhere of a woman lowing herself by using a barrel filled with water, of course this would leave the barrel and rope up top where I did not want them but there had to be a way.

I was in my parent’s garage, which is a large three car affair looking at my brother Tom’s jeep, when I noticed and remembered that bolted to the front bumper is a very expensive winch, a remote controlled winch as I remember it. I glanced into the dash and then the glove box and yes there was the controller. The winch is battery operated which posses a problem for what I am thinking, but not too big a one.

Tom has moved up to Deeside for his work and left the jeep in storage with our parents. I intend to borrow his winch and return it as soon as I have played out my game. With my parents in town shopping and then going on to a local performance of My Fair Lady; I set to unbolting Tom’s winch, which was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. In the end I had the winch off and its twin U-bolts as well. Everything got soaked in oil that needed it, and then it was ready. I put it into an old rucksack and stashed it away for later use.

Next I needed to decide on clothing, it would be colder down there than at the surface but the weather in the summer (as it was now), is not to cold so hyperthermia was not much of a concern, and as this was likely to be a one off adventure I decided to go all the way and be naked. After all my kidnapers would want to humiliate me I believe, so naked it would be.

Bindings are essential of course, and mine are a mix of carefully selected bondage gear, all bought off the net, and climbers gear, ie ropes, carabineers, belts, etc, and one head mounted torch and belt mounted battery pack. It’s going to be pitch dark in there, as well as chilly. I gathered everything together adding it to the winch and remote in the rucksack, and on Saturday morning I departed to install what I could, which was chiefly the winch and Tom's car battery to power it, that rucksack was bloody heavy I can tell you.

Directly above the air vent there is a tree branch it is about ten inches round and sturdy. I threw a rope over it and swung on it for a while to be sure that it could take my weight; it did not even bend which pleased me. Now I have to climb up the tree trunk and inch myself along the branch having first tied a rope around the winch and battery, and pocketed a wrench to bolt up the nuts that will secure the winch in place and a rope sling for the battery. So I threw the rope over the branch and set to climbing the trunk. Once in position I pull up the winch and lock the rope off to another branch, then I fit the U-bolts and joined them to the winch base prior to securing it all very tightly around the tree branch. The winch is now directly above the air vent, and the cable hook is hanging down perfectly, with the battery in its sling and connected to the winch securely the mechanism is ready for use. The whole thing is covered and hidden from view by the trees leaves, so from below it must be invisible or nearly so, which is about the same thing. With that safely done and my rucksack hidden deep within some bushes, I return home to continue with my final my preparations.

I know that my trip through captivity might take quite a while what with being bound and crawling every inch of the mile or so underground to obtain my freedom, so timing and planning are essential. I need to be able to disappear for the duration without arousing concern. I also need to have a reason for not being able to be reached on my mobile phone. This sounds simple but it isn’t! I could claim to be at a friends but why can’t I call or be called, it does not work. The more I thought about it, the harder it seemed to arrange, until I had a brilliant idea. A camping trip on the wilds of Derbyshire, and not alone so mum won’t worry, and no relay stations on my net work, so no calls. I sneaked the idea of my upcoming trip into conversations I had with my parents over the next week. They soon began to accept that I would be out of communication, but safe and having a wonderful exciting time with friends. Nearly right, wonderful and very exciting I hope, but not with friends. The last thing I want is for anyone to discover me in the vulnerable position I intend to be in.

After some thought I decided that a Friday night might be better to start my decent into slavery as there was less likely hood of walkers, and especially dog walkers discovering me (whilst I hang vulnerably) on a Friday rather than on a Saturday, ie weekend. It also leaves me plenty of time to enjoy and also escape my captivity. So this coming Friday evening it is to be!

Everything went exactly as I had planned, mum and dad believed my story and Friday evening at about six pm I left our house, heading out for my bondage play. Carrying the last few essentials I had not already secured at my chosen location.

By the time I arrived the rain had started which in a strange way pleased me, as it would drive all but the most hardened dog walkers back to their homes, leaving the area clear for me. After a final look around I plucked up the courage and removed all of my clothes, stuffing them into my rucksack and re-hiding it for later collection, once I had uncovered and emptied out.

Next I lowered the winch cable using the remote until every last inch of cable was unwound. Now comes the icky part, I do not own fancy vibrators or butt plugs, but we do grow courgettes in the garden, so I have two of them all ready put into in condoms and ready to insert. Pushing something up your ass when you are an ass virgin is not the easiest or most painless thing to do, as I found out when I tried. It took quite a while and lots of lube to get the damn courgette to enter me fully, but eventually it did and what a strange feeling it is, try it sometime and see for yourself.

Next my love slit gets its own courgette and then both are bound up tight using rope to hold them in place. Four weaves around and through and a reef knot to hold them all tightly in place did a good job.

Now I secure my ankles and attach a metal ring securely to the rope using a double loop from my feet. This ring is to allow the hook to slip into, and when I reach the bottom of the air shaft it will allow the hook to release. Thus dumping me, secured and safe and in my bondage on the mine floor, sixty feet below where I now sit. The ropes criss-cross my body going over my shoulders forming a neat web that will support me, and also restrict my ability to move. I will be crawling or rolling my way through the mine once I arrive.

Now I fit a ring gag, I chose this sort of gag as it keeps my mouth open but also allows me to drink and eat from the bowls of dry food and water I have littered the mine floor with previously. I will need to be able to see down there, but not that well (this is not supposed to be easy on me) so first I put on a head torch which straps around my head, obviously. The battery pack is fitted to a belt and synched tight to my waist. Now comes the tricky part. I have taken a pair of safety glasses and modified them with paint. When I am wearing them I can now only see through a tiny circle of clear glass over each eye, thus I am blinkered and my eyes are protected against dust etc as well. These I now fit and having worked them over the torch (I should have put them on first) I am nearly ready to begin.

The remote is taped securely to my fingers (to be activated by my thumb), my wrists I now handcuff behind my back, I love the sound the ratchets make as they close, it so permanent. I have had these cuffs for years and they always play a major part in my bondage games. The keys are in a bag along with some clothes by the main entrance, all hidden and waiting for me to arrive and make good my escape.

Damn it I have forgotten to hook the winch cable to my metal ring, after some considerable struggling I get the hook in place, and press the up switch with my thumb on the remote. I can hear the cable slithering across the ground as the winch winds it in. My feet feel the pull as the winch has wound in all of the slack. I hold down on the button letting the device do its worst.

I had picked the location from which my game starts quite carefully. The winch would drag me and then lift me up into the air holding me upside down over the air duct, before lowering me slowly sixty feet down the channel. But first I have to suffer.

When I said I picked the location I meant I picked it to punish me. The winch would be dragging me through a thistle patch, and then a stinging nettle patch, and then into the air. I waited feeling the ground beneath me as the ropes pulled tight and settled into their stretch, now I am moving, I am dragged, first into the low growing thistles. Pointy leaves dig at my skin, irritating and hurting me more than I would have expected. Some leaves get caught in the ropes and are also dragged along with me. Ten feet wound in and still sixty to go.

I am now being pulled through low bushes, dragged helplessly into, through and then out of them. I always wondered what it would feel like and be able to say, that I was dragged through a hedge backwards, now I know.

Next at thirty feet I am pulled into a ten foot wide patch of stingers, which add horrendously to my already punished skin. Like with the thistles some of the stingers also get trapped in the rope. God alone knows what I look like with all this greenery hanging from my bondage gear. Finally I feel my legs lift and swiftly the winch pulls me upside down. I swing through the air passing over the air vent and nearly hitting my self against the far tree's trunk. I am upside down and still being winched upward into the tree, but swinging out of control. I stop the winch reeling in when I am ten feet clear of the ground, and then I look down. Slowly my wild swinging draws to a halt and I am looking straight down into the black maw of the air vent below me, held aloft only by the winch and my bonds. I press the button for down and the winch lowers me towards the ground and the hole waiting in it.

Slowly I close, fear raging through my head, what the hell am I doing, why do I do these crazy things to myself? Each and every time I start a bondage game I ask myself similar questions, but then I ignore them and continue, to day is no different.

Though what will happen to me is very different this time, but I do not know it then! I stop the winches decent. Primarily to take a last look around at the world I am leaving, if anybody was about to see me they would see a very strange looking woman, all covered in dirt and plant leaves and rope, and with little else to protect her modesty I realise.

Satisfied with my predicament I press the remote button and down I go very slowly into the dark and my captivity. Not knowing then as I hung there upside down, bound, gagged and helpless, exactly how far from the real world I would be going, and for how long…

I enter into my worst fantasy and also my best ever bondage experience, a bound and helpless victim to the dark and all that hides within it!



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