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My Mine Trouble 3

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; gag; stuck; caught; M+/f; bond; cell; mine; messy; cons/reluct; X

WARNING: Adult only story. Mines, caves, tunnels etc, are potential killers. Do Not enter without serious consideration, preparation, equipment and experience. Act safely and sensibly at all times, stupidity costs lives.

Self bondage is fun, and has been fun since before I care to remember, but eventually, no matter how tight the bondage, no matter how strenuous the situation. There comes a point in every fantasists dreams that it is just not enough! The danger is not as pointed as it once was, the need is more desirous of risk, and by risk I mean being hurt or caught or humiliated publicly, and the need to feel the fear of all of these possibilities burns in your mind. I had arrived at just this point in my bondage life, and on the day that I discovered a disused mine shafts air vent. (continued from part 2)

Part Three

“Sir the guard has located the breach but apparently the target has fallen through the floor into an underground tunnel, they want to know what you want doing?”

“Much as I would prefer to leave the bastard to rot, tell them to affect a rescue and secure whoever in the brig until I can deal with them. Are the cameras running?”

“Yes sir, full infra-red is on, but there seems to be a problem with picture transfer to my system so I can not provide you with the current image.”

“Bloody hell, thirty plus million pounds to create a secret base and nothing seems to bloody work.”

“It’s the cold and the damp sir, it plays havoc with the equipment.”

* * * * *

Strange sounds surround me, I have managed to squirm my way up onto a dry patch of mud, I am sitting upright, my back resting against the tunnel wall. The damn courgettes feel as though they are splitting me in half, no position seems to be anymore comfortable than another so I suffer through it, listening hard, filled with desperation.

Water trickles down the walls to splash on the floor. The place is pitch dark without my torch, my bindings are cutting into me and generally I feel bloody awful, my arousal has departed with the certainty of knowing that I have no hope of escape or rescue, my fear drives me to tears. I cry out my frustration (as much as my ring-gag will allow). I am too exhausted to continue on, and too much of a realist to hold out any hope of rescue. I have done this to myself for fun, and now that fun is gone, and what’s left is going to kill me; no one is ever likely to find my body, I am alone, doomed and I know it. If only I had not… But you did my inner voice lectures me, you choose this, you did this to yourself, and now you will pay for your desires, slut, it says. There are times when that little inner voice is welcome, a couple of hours ago for instance (say when I was dangling from the winch) but now I just wish it would shut the F… up.

Something hit my outstretched leg, something thin and moving, I jerked away but it moved with me, I screamed, seeing snakes in my mind. I tried to roll away from it, but rock stopped me. I froze waiting to feel the creature strike, it did not, it just got heavier as more of it fell onto me. Heavy boots landed either side of my legs, the whooshing sound of the body descending a rope filled the tunnel (a sound I know well), someone has found me, I have a hope that I will survive this episode after all.

Strong hands rolled me onto my stomach, examining my situation, some how. Night-vision exploded in my mind, this man (it has to be a man judging from the easy way he manipulated my body), is wearing night- vision glasses. He can see me clearly; he can see the ropes, see my gag, see my handcuffs, he knows that I have done this to myself.

Something stings my thigh, a sharp piercing jab and then everything fades. I pass out of awareness into a dream world of terrifying images, and then on to nothing. The last thing I register before I pass out is a garbled sounding voice, saying something like, ‘it’s a woman, and she is bound up sir!’ I am not really sure if I heard what I think I heard, or if any of this is real? Perhaps I am having a dream, and will wake up in my bed safe and alone, perhaps not even bound up, with my parents asleep in the next room, perhaps not.

* * * * *

I wake in a cell, a dimly lit, steel door fitted and closed cell. It looks much like every prison cell I have ever seen on TV, but this time it is me locked inside. I try to sit up, but cannot, I try to move my arms a bit, but I cannot as they are secured to the sides of a metal framed bed, on which I am lying. My ankles are equally well secured, and to my horror the rope twists holding both courgettes in place are still as tightly bound as they have ever been.

I tried to cry out but the ring-gag still fills my mouth, thankfully the broken and painted glasses are absent. Still I am clearly a prisoner, which though it is an improvement on where I was, it is in its own way totally unnerving.

Above my head recessed beyond reach is a light, not an overly powerful light, but it does well enough to show me the bare cell. I am alone, secured tight, but alone; though how I got here and who has rescued me, and for that matter what they intend to do with or to me I don’t know, and not knowing is scary as hell.

I try screaming, which when you are wearing a ring-gag is rather a futile thing to do, but when you are as scared as I feel right now, futility or logic have no place. I scream, it sounds more like a bad whistler trying their best, rather than a terrified young lady screaming out her lungs, but it still managed to spark a response.

“Shut the F… up, the commander will see you when he has the time or inclination!”

The voice filled the room emanating from a speaker set into the door, I shut up, figuring it is the best thing I can do for now. I lay back easing my aching muscles as much as my bondage will allow (which isn’t much), accepting the fact that I am alive, and safe, if helpless for now.

Sometime later (I can’t say how long), two men in blue jumpsuits opened the door to my cell and released my bonds enough so I might stand. They shackled my ankles with metal cuffs, which had ten inches of chain separating them. They locked my hands behind my back, using my own handcuffs; my gag remained in my mouth as they lead me out of the cell. The chain made me shuffle rather than walk, so trying to keep up with them is very difficult, and eventually I fail and fall forward. They catch me by my arms, and from there on we make much faster work of the trip, as they dragged me along between them.

We stop at another metal door, its grey paint chipped and flecking, on the door a sign said Commander. One of my escorts knocks, a voice calls ‘enter,’ and the door gets opened, and I get dragged inside.

“Put the silly bitch there!” Exclaimed the only occupant.

There was a chair with arms, my escorts lower me into the chair, fear and my handcuffs force me to lean forward and look down, much as I want to look up.

“You may leave!”

“Well miss, I presume you are a miss.” He said.

I nod unable to speak because of the ring-gag still strapped tightly into place.

“We seem to have a problem, one I could just make disappear!”

Disappear, the word hammers into my brain, he is threatening to kill me, shit what have I got myself into? I listened very attentively.

“On the other hand there might be other options if you are interested?”

I am very interested; I prefer other options, any other options to my death. I nod and listened carefully, hoping for a simple solution to get me out of this mess.

“Good, we have a lot of footage we could release onto the internet of you during your, now what should I call it, little excursion. Clearly you are some sort of bondage submissive, the question is how much of one are you, and how much do you wish to keep your interest secret?”

I tried to answer but the words just could not get past the ring-gag, but I know he got the idea.

“I have a suggestion, you will be disciplined and released.” I managed to look up briefly at that point. “In such a way and place that you will be able to continue your little adventure, and you might even have enjoyed you time under military rule. You will then forget all about us, except perhaps in your dreams. You will never talk to anyone about what you have seen or done. You will agree not to return to this place again, is that clear?”

I nod, but at the same time wonder how I will be punished. Whatever they do to me it has to be better than being dead I reason. I will take my due and keep my silence, and hopefully escape unscathed from this hell hole. I certainly have little incentive to return, and I most certainly would not want to admit what I like to do to myself, or why, not to anyone specifically let alone publicly.

This commander seems reasonable; I think he is a man stuck in a hard place wanting to make the best of the situation. I nod my head accepting his offer, he seems pleased.

“As I understand it you like sex and being secured and tormented, well young lady I have a group of very frustrated young men that will ensure you a good time. You will then be removed back to one of your food bowls and left to make your own escape“. I tried to look up again.

“Yes we found all of your equipment and left it in place just as you put it. Remember the consequences if you ever return, and don’t young lady!”

He pressed a button on his desk and called in the two escorts from earlier. I found myself looking at them in a much different way. I wonder how hard they will be to satisfy, and how many more like them there are? It does not matter really, I will be given no choice in what they do to me, and if the commander has spoken the truth, I will soon be crawling my way to freedom again, but well seen to this time, very well seen to I think. Perhaps this adventure of mine will turn out to be very memorable after all…

I refuse to tell you what they did to and with me, after all I promised not to talk and it is now an Official Secret of sorts; so use your imagination to fill in the gaps I can not…

The End.


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