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My Not Quite Selfbondage

by Underdog

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I was always sad to see my wife, Marsha leave, that is until she was gone. She would be gone over a week this time, and I was immediately busy preparing my next self bondage session within minutes. I'd been corresponding on line with this guy named Terry and had some new ideas I couldn't wait to try. What I didn't know was that my laptop had been linked to Marshas! She never really read all my emails, she just assumed I was cheating on her with a woman named Terry and she was sure she was going to catch me in the act.

Marsha drove away, to leave her car at the airport and catch her flight across the country for 9 days. She didn't however, go to the airport. She drove to the house of our single neighbor, Rita's brother where Rita met her and smuggled her back to her house, next door, so the pair could spy on me. By the time they arrived and were already waiting for Terry to arrive, or for me to leave... I was already naked in the garage.

I was already in leather cuffs and a dog collar, padlocked on just for the effect and the weight of the 4 of 6 padlocks all keyed alike. I tied my wide spread ankles to the legs of my workbench. Around my cock and balls, I was wearing a heavy leather snap on cock ring and my erection was already forced downwards against the edge of the table I was leaning over. I reluctantly but excitedly lubed up and forced a medium sized butt plug into my ass and was already questioning my judgement about it. I'm rather new at anal sex and the agony of getting the widest part of the rubber monster past my asshole was quite fresh.

Above me I hung a 2 litre soda bottle very masochistically full of my own piss I'd been secretely storing for days. There was a thin rubber hose leading from it to the fat ball gag I'd strapped into my mouth and padlocked on with lock #5. There was also an inverted 2 litre bottle of water, frozen solid hanging above the table in front and above me. In the bottom of the bottle, now on top inside it was a simple cork with a string tied to it leading out of the neck. This string now hanging about 2 inches out of the bottle held a single padlock key. The frozen water woud have to completely thaw, to let the cork reach the bottom of the bottle and drop the key low enough to fall into my hands which would be open below it.

I placed the chain between my leather cuffs next to a screwed in eyebolt all the way across the table in front of me and locked myself to the table with my last padlock. I was stretched forwards, bent over the table with my arms in front of me and my hands directly under the only key dangling above me. There was no escape now, until the frozen water thawed and the key lowered into my hands. Repeated tests of thawing time were about 4 hours until I had the key. This of course was during the day when the temperature in my garage was about 20 degrees warmer. This was my first miscalculation.

My next mistake was in realizing that my own urine, saved in a jug in the garage, rather intensified in potency after a couple days, what I was slowly sucking on through a very narrow rubber hose to make it last longer, was unbelievably nastier than even I could imagine! Yet another soon to be discovered problem was that after about an hour, I had to piss. My belly was aching already full of what should only be in my bladder, and my bladder was as full as my belly. I found it almost impossible to relieve myself with the huge butt plug squashing against my prostate!

The constant drip of the thawing ice in front of me was a constant reminder of the ache in my bladder. The slow dribble of piss into my mouth wasn't much help either ignoring my need to relieve myself. Outside the garage, I could hear distand thunder and the soft sounds of rain! This of course dropped the temperature even more and was slowing the ice thaw holding the key to my freedom. At over 2 hours where the jug shoud be about halfway thawed, it was still at least 75% ice!

The butt plug was a HUGE mistake. I really tried to expell it but it would have to be pulled out. My aching cock was still rock hard and I was sure it would be until I could get my hands around it. My feet and lower legs were splashed with my own piss, I didn't even think about a bucket to piss into. My shoulders ached as did my lower legs. I was so stretched that I was forced onto my tiptoes. Along with everything else, there was the always unexpected drip of sweat, running down over my ribs, down the middle of my back, on my face. An itch developed in various spots that tried desperately to drive me crazy. Most excruciating, was the need to scratch my poor balls!

My watch, lying next to me showed over three hours of self torment had passed. There was still alot of piss to drink, something I would never do again! In front of me, the frozen water holding my key was down to about half! At this rate I estimated my 4 hours would be closer to maybe 6?..or 7? Boredom never really bothered me, it was summertime and I'd started this early, around 4pm. I could hear traffic outside, the kids across the street outside, even a ball bouncing off of my garage door and knowing they were just outside in my driveway. The rain started and vanished leaving a soft cool summer day outside. The sun was already down so I knew it wouldn't warm up again.

I grunted loudly and forced myself to piss some more. The taste in my mouth was horrendous! I looked at a couple cases of Dr. Pepper across the garage, and at my beer refrigerator where ice cold Budweiser was way out of my reach. As evening fell, it became dark. The only light was from a small nightlight inches from the floor behind my car. I tried to just relax but I was so horny. My cock was throbbing and being forced downwards against the edge of the table just made it worse. AAAUGH! my balls itched! I suddenly sucked air and was done drinking piss. My jaws were so tired, my mouth so full. This was my first ball gag, I missed the duct tape I usually used. I was drooling all over the table, unable to use my tongue and clean out the long lingering taste in my mouth.

A wave of cramps hit my insides and I realized how desperately I wanted that horrible plug out of my ass. This was Terry's idea and I was going to let him know exactly what I thought if it! My belly gurgled and I almost cried at the ache in my belly and bladder. I closed my eyes and grunted, and pissed a little more.

Suddenly there were voices outdide the side garage door. It was almost 8pm, 4 hours plus into my own self abuse. The first voice was my neighbor Rita and my heart almost stopped when I heard Marsha!

"He never left" Rita said.

"I've been watching, his cars still here"

"Well nobody's come over, he's gotta be home then, but the place is dark"

It was quiet for a minute, then I heard my wife again.

"There's a flashlight in the garage, c'mon"

There was dead silence when my wife and my neighbor entered the garage and turned on the lights. There I was, naked, tied up, a butt plug in my ass, grunting and groaning, and totally embarrassed. I expected Marsha to start screaming, or calling 911 to report a robbery/kidnapping/assault on her husband, but she didn't. I guess she knew me too well.

Marsha silently examined my scene, focusing finally on the key, hanging just above my fingers. Rita however was smiling ear to ear and had discovered the base of the black butt plug in my ass. I jumped like I was electrocuted the second she touched it, and screamed through my gag when she tugged on it . I couldn't believe how sensetive my asshole was after hours of being held open.

"THIS?.. is what you do when I'm gone?" Marsha asked.

I just grunted and looked up at the key, hoping she would retrieve it and at least un-gag me. She looked at it but did nothing. She also looked at the empty feeder bottle leading to my gag and the now huge puddle of my piss on the floor between my feet. Marsha was a very clever woman and immedietly figured out my entire set up. Rita, meanwhile was still playing with the plug and was also playfully stroking my balls.

Marsha moved behind me and discovered the plug inside me. Rita moved away and moved in front to examine the rest of me. Marsha reached down and wrapped her long fingers around the butt plug and gave it a good yank. I screamed through the gag as my ass was brutally emptied. Marsha just held the gooey plug and stared at it.

"HOLY SHIT!" she actually giggled.

"You know, I found this in your drawer last week and actually thought you planned to try and use this on me"

As soon as the plug was out of me, I started almost helplessly pissing away. Marsha stepped back and cursed at me for splashing her. Now both girls were behind me again, passing the slippery plug back and forth in disbelief that I was really wearing the rubber monster. Neither of them seemed to mind that it was fresh out of my ass, in fact, Rita tried to circle her fingers around the widest part but couldn't. I'd finally finished pissing and my still hard cock just hung there dripping.

It was Marsha that returned in front of me. She handed Rita the butt plug and told her to just "do something with it". Rita just looked around and discovered a plastic bottle of motor oil in my work bench! She poured oil over the plug and returned it to my asshole! I was screaming as she pushed, slowly, not in a hurry to get it in, but enjoying watching my poor hole slowly forced open wider and wider. Marsha totaly ignored her friends actions and my screaming in agony. Instead she was curious about two things, the feeder bottle and the key hanging above me, still suspended by the ice in the bottle.

Suddenly the plug popped into my ass and I was convulsing wildly from the pain. Rita toyingly tugged on it a couple times like she was going to remove it and re insert it. The plug didn't move. It was solidly inside me again. The oil, surprisingly enough didn't really burn, but my ass was full of a warm, strange tingling feeling the lube I used before didn't provide.

I just laid there exposed and crying at the fresh pain in my guts. I was exhausted and it was obvious the girls weren't going to release me. I looked up at the key again and grunted. Marsha also looked at the key, back at me, then my open hands under it, and just grinned.

"This is how you're going to get free" she said rather than asked.

"The ice melts, the key drops and you unlock yourself... how long?.... 4 or 5 hours?"

She looked down at my hands as I was holding out 6 fingers, and throwing her a pathetic plea for help with my eyes.

"SIX hours?" she exclaimed.

"You've been here six hours?.... there's still ice in the bottle, you're good for at least another 90 minutes.... and you've already been here 6 hours?!"

I made cutting motions with my fingers, asking her silently to cut the key loose and I was sure she understood. Instead she just looked at Rita and both of them laughed. Rita moved to my workbench and returned with a pair of scissors in her hand. As we both stared at them, she dropped them into the trash can beside the table I was bent over. Tears filled my eyes and I began to grunt.

She reached up and lowered the bottle of ice holding the key. She cut the key loose with a razor blade knife from my workbench and dropped the bottle of ice into the trash can with the scissors. I thought my heart was going to stop beating as I watched the surprise of finding her husband tied up in the garage, turn to pure excitement at having me helpless at her disposal. She moved slightly behind me, and layed the only key to all my padlocks, into the small of my back. There was a second key, in my car but she didn't know that. It could have been on the moon, because there was no was to reach that either. Marsha pulled the stool next to my workbench over and sat down in front of me.

"It looks like we have a situation" she said softly.

"I know you've been writing some BITCH named Terry on your computer, is she the one who taught you all of this?.... you expecting her to come over and rescue you?.... or were you planning on visiting her later?"

Of course I had no way of explaining that Terry was a guy and I had no idea where he was. I just grunted again, trying to get my wife to remove my gag. Rita was behind me again, this time slowly running a single finger up and down the length of my erection. Marsha looked at her but didn't care, I was helpless and suddenly she found herself extremely arroused at my predicament.

"Until I find out who Terry is" Marsha continued...

"You're not going anywhere..... I'm going to keep you right here where I know where you are"

Marsha stood up then and took down the bottle my feeding tube was attached to.

"So, what have you been drinking? she asked.

She unscrewed the cap and took a sniff. The look on her face was priceless!!

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" she cried out.

Rita hurried up and sniffed, then both ladies just grinned and stared at me!

"He's a fucking piss freak" Rita laughed.

Before Marsha could say a single word, or figure out her next move, Rita went wild!

"OH, PLEASE!" she started begging Marsha.

"Let me, PLEASE, let me feed him, it's my wildest fantasy, my ex husband used to beg me to pee on him, PLEASE, let me pee in the bottle!!"

Marsha looked at the terror in my eyes and then at the huge smile on Ritas face.

"You want him to drink your pee?" Marsha asked.

"It won't hurt him" Rita giggled...

"George did it all the time... he probably won't like it" she said giving me a quick glance....

"But it won't hurt him... hell, he was drinking his own!!"

Marsha handed her the bottle and I started grunting loudly in protest!

From the corner of my eye I saw Rita take the funnel from my workbench and insert it into the empty bottle. She looked at me then turned her back to us both and raised her skirt. The sound of her peeing filled the garage and I could see the clear plastic bottle filling up! There was easily a quart or more in the bottle when she was done, thats when she called Marsha over. After a few whispers, Marsha added another quart or so of her own pee into the bottle! I was in shock as the two of them hung the bottle back above me and plugged the hose back into my gag!

I suppose the effect was mostly psychological, I started coughing and choking as my mouth filled up and I began to gulp! It wasn't as much as what I was being forced to drink as much as it was, where it had just come from. It was horribly nasty, and HOT, fresh from the source. The flow was just a trickle, designed by myself, to feed me slowly, and it would take over an hour or so to empty the bottle. Being watched by both of them only tripled the humiliation!

"I'm going to go read your emails" Marsha said then. "And find out who Terry is"

Unfortunately, to prevent just this from happening, I deleted everything, but she hadn't discovered that yet. Terry's last email said goodbye and goodluck, so there was no contact with him unless and until he mailed me. The girls watched my face break out in a heavy sweat from the temperature of their pee flowing into my mouth and down my throat. I was sweating everywhere, tickling little drops ran slowly down my ribs and down the center of my back.

I twisted and tried to move in reaction but it was useless. It was almost 3am and it was easily 70 or 80 degrees in the closed garage. I was helpless, horny, plugged and gagged, and drinking warm piss. Rita removed her panties, a pair of red frilly panties she'd worn all day, and pulled them over my head so that the crotch was covering my nose. Both of them laughed as I shook my head violently trying to escape the stench of her pussy.

"Try to get some rest honey," Marsha then said softly, actually quite lovingly. She patted, then ran a soft hand over my exposed butt. She paused to stare at my hard cock for a moment. Kneeling behind me, she took me into her hand and stroked me up and down. I grew even harder and began throbbing within minutes. A drop of pre-cum oozed from my cock and she knew she could make me cum at any time. Instead, she released my cock and let it slam back against the table.

I grunted in both pain and frustration. I was bucking my hips, like I was fucking, trying to finish off the short handjob but it was useless. The girls just laughed at me.

"This is the beginning of a whole new era for us," Marsha whispered.

"I knew you were planning on something new, and I'm more than willing to expand our personal life, explore some new ideas, try some new kinks... this totaly turns me on, and I think poor Rita likes it too, since her husband died a couple years ago she hasn't had much fun, I've been planning on asking her to join us but didn't know how to bring it up."

"I'm accepted the new regional manager job," Marsha continued.

"It will keep me home every night, and the money, even with you not working, will be more than enough for us. I can keep you right here at home, tied up all the time, with Rita to babysit and torment you while I'm at work."

Marsha and Rita turned off the lights and closed the door as they headed into the house. I laid there choking down their piss, so sore everywhere from a several hour self bondage experiment, turned into over 8 hours now and no way to make it end. Even with everything else I was suffering from, I could feel the key, lying on my back. The oil in my ass was starting to simmer now, it wasn't intended for internal human use and it was thick enough to provide just what it was supposed to, hours and hours of lubrication and in my case... irritation!

Despite the horrendous taste, secretely, the fact that I was drinking not only my wifes, but my neighbors piss, was turning me on and I grunted at the desperate need to cum! I could still feel Marsha's hand on my cock. I needed to cum so bad!

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