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My Outdoor Adventure

by JCB

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Selfbondage is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. But it was always done in the relatively safe place of my home. There was always that risk of being caught by family and roommates through the years. Nobody knew my secret love of being tied up. They also didn’t know my love for crossdressing.

Fortunately, I was never caught while being bound by my own hand. But it was starting to lose a lot of its excitement. I wanted to take a bigger risk with my selfbondage. I wanted to take it to the outdoors. Not just in my backyard, but in a location I couldn’t control.

There is a state park that’s about a 45 minute drive away from where I lived. It was a popular place on the weekends, but pretty much abandoned during the week. I’ve hiked the trails a number of times and came to know the area well enough. It was perfect in my mind.

It was a vacation week for me. It was more of a staycation as I just stayed at home for the week. I chose that Tuesday morning for my adventure. I wasn’t expecting there to be many, if any, people to be along the trail I would use. The weather forecast was perfect. Sunny. Not too cold or too hot.

The night before, I had packed everything I would need into a duffle bag, which included a French maid’s uniform. After a shower, I locked on my chastity device. It’s my favorite bondage item that I have. I could wear it on a normal day and have nobody notice. The key for my release from it would be left on the kitchen counter. No freedom from it until I got home.

I then put on some shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes. I grabbed the duffle bag and jumped into my car for the trip to the park.

My heart was pounding the entire drive to the park. I don’t remember much about the drive, my mind racing with the plan I had made for myself. But, I finally made it to my first stop. It was the location where I would hide a spare key to my car that was in a small plastic bag. I hid the key under a bush that was located near the parking lot.

I then drove to my final stop. It would be the starting and ending point of my interesting hike. Located about a mile from where my hidden key, my hike would be around two miles. I looked around to see if anybody was around. Nobody. It was time to start.

I jumped into the back of my car and got out of the t-shirt and shorts. I pulled the maid uniform over my head and onto my body. It would be the only clothing I would be wearing outside of my shoes. I didn’t do anything else special for my crossdressing. I will still look like a guy in a dress.

A pair of leather cuffs went around my wrists and another pair around my ankles. They were each locked on with small padlocks. I then pulled out a two foot length of chain that would be locked between my ankle cuffs. I wouldn’t be able to move too fast with the chain. I suspect that it will take me anywhere between an hour and 90 minutes to complete this adventure. The next thing to go on was a bright red ball gag. I buckled it on tight enough so that I couldn’t spit it out.

Finally, I jumped out of the car with the final piece of my bondage: a padlock that would bring my wrist cuffs together behind my back. The sound of that lock clicking shut almost sounded like a gun going off to me.

The door to the car was still open and I took a look inside at the keys for my release. The moment I closed the door, they would be locked inside and I would have to go after the spare key. Before I could lose my nerve, I forced the door shut. I pulled on the handle and found that it was indeed locked. My adventure has begun.

The beginning of the hike started off smoothly, but I was finding out how much outdoor bondage can heighten your sense of hearing. Every little sound I was hearing I had to stop and make sure that it wasn’t another person coming along. Would have to hide? This was going to take longer than I thought.

Fortunately, the walk to the key was uneventful. Not a single person was on the trail. I was so relieved by this. One whole mile like this. Of course, I was only half way through this and it seemed like it was taking forever to complete. I was also surprised by how exhausting this was turning out to be. I’ve gone miles without ever feeling an ounce of being tired. But I guess the adventure was taking more energy than I thought it would.

I found my car’s spare key exactly where I left it. It turned out to be a bigger struggle to pick it up with my hands behind my back. I had to get on the ground to get it and then fight to get back on my feet. I knew I didn’t want to drop the key at any point on the way back.

The trip back was not as quiet as the first time. About half way along the trail, I could hear a couple of voices coming my way. I quickly ducked into the woods next to the trail, hoping I could conceal myself from whoever was approaching. They were a couple of women joggers, too busy chatting with each other to pay any attention to anything off the side of the trail.

But then they stopped only a few feet from my cover. Did they see me!? One bent down to tie her shoe. It seemed like an eternity at this point. She finally got back up and they were on their way once again.

Once I knew they were gone, I continued on my way. I was wondering if they would be coming back this way any time soon. I needed to pick up my pace as best as I could.

I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I see my car! But there were also two other cars parked next to it. Oh, shit! I assumed one of the cars belonged to the two joggers I came across. But, who did the second car belong to?

I went off to the side of the trail once again and snuck through the trees up to the parking lot. I had to make sure not to get my ankle chain caught up and fall down. When I finally got to the edge of the trees, I could see a couple at a picnic table having lunch. There was no way I could get to my car without getting caught. I was going to have to wait.

I’m not sure how much longer I could wait. My jaw was killing me at this point with that ball gag being stuck in my mouth. I was so close to freedom. And I was desperate to get to it. I was considering just allowing myself to be seen when they finally got up and walked to their car. I watched them drive off and looked around. Nobody else seemed to be around. I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

I made my way to my car as fast I as I could, ripped the key out of the plastic bag, and unlocked the car. I grabbed the keys to the locks and released my wrists from behind my back. The first thing I wanted off was that damn ball gag. I was afraid that my mouth wouldn’t close after that much time, but it did. I never experienced so much pain in my jaw like I did that day.

I finally removed the removed the ankle chain and cuffs. Looking at the clock, it had been over two hours since I started! I was ready to get out of there. I got out of the uniform and back into my shorts and t-shirt.

It was the most exciting and terrifying bondage experience I’ve ever had. I drove home as quickly as I could. I wanted out of my cage and to masturbate to the memory of today’s adventure. Which I did. Then I took a shower and passed out in my bed. Not sure if I could do it ever again. But not sure I could ever beat that high without it.

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