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My Plans to Get Caught

by Jo Dancer

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© Copyright 2016 - Jo Dancer - Used by permission

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A while back Kim and I had gone to Las Vegas and there was one instance when I was walking up a set of steps to the room and as you topped the stairs you were basically for a fraction of an inch at eye level with the bottom of the hotel room across the hall. It so happens that this hotels floor was highly polished marble or something similar and you could sort of see into the room. It of course made me think if you were positioned just right and the light was just so you would be able to clearly see a person....

This began some renovations to my room where I lived. Let me describe, my girlfriend lives in a house with three girls and two boys. My girlfriends best friend Rebecca lived there also. Rebecca had a very evil and kinky side that was sometimes lacking in Kim. The house was an old one typical of a college town and had locks with keyholes on the doors that you could actually see through if you just bent down a little. It was not soon after we moved in that all the rooms had "blocked the view through their locks" except Kim and Rebecca. I was always trying to get a sneak peek at her and I think she had looked my way occasionally. Kim and Rebecca had a Jack and Jill bathroom as did the two guys, the other room had its own bathroom.

I waited until I was alone for a long period of time, and took my door off the hinges. I used a circular saw and cut the bottom half inch off the door to my room, but on an angle, so it would look more normal from the outside, but also allow a better "view" to the inside. I then re-stained the door bottom and re-hung it. The next item was to "refinish" in a high gloss the wood floor in my room especially in front of the door. I worked at it and pretty soon had it to a very high shine. I was sure that with the right light a reflective image would be reproduced on the floor of my room. I also work on the lock with a screw driver and was able to "jam" the door knob so that it would close and latch if you worked at it but you could also close the door and have it “not lock". Just a little push and it would swing open even though it seemed to be shut.

I also had noticed that Rebecca's on again off again boyfriend usually visited on Wednesday afternoon. I had hidden myself in the house a few times to get the timing right, he left around 2:30 and Kim came home after class at 3:00. Not enough time for much, but I waited and then found a perfect day in which Kim had class until 3:00 and then an meeting for her group project until late that evening. I made sure that Rebecca heard Kim and I discuss her day several times, playing the dumb boyfriend. I then put my plan into action.

I arrived home before Rebecca and "closed" the door to my room. I set up a window dream catcher with a prism in it, so it would catch the light and put a bright rainbow spot on the floor of my room right under the doorway. I adjusted the lamp on the end table closer to the door so that it shone brightly on the spot in front of where I would be sitting. I moved the shade just enough to allow it to shine a bit more but not too obviously. I placed a towel under the door to block the view.

I laid on the bed a hair brush, feather, small penis flogger, some nipple clamps, a crop and a note, that I had one of my old girlfriends wrote to me.

You know that I don't like this game, and will only play it occasionally and I do not want to
talk about it when we are done so DO NOT BRING IT UP.
I am doing this as a favor to you; you will owe me a favor of my choosing with no questions asked.
You will do what I direct.
I may do ANYTHING to prepare, including but not limited to involving another person(s), toys, electricity, or anything I feel is proper.
If I push on your nose it means assume the position. If I pull you right ear then lick whatever I put in your mouth until I pull on your left ear.
Get yourself ready, I will be home when I am ready.
If you see a green memo on the kitchen calendar Be prepared. If I do not arrive by 6:00 PM you may escape on your own.


My plan was perfect, anyone reading this would assume that we would never talk about it and therefore they could "do as they please". I also made sure we never had a green pen in the kitchen and had marked a few green items this Wednesday.

I put ankle cuffs on, and prepared my blindfold. I attached a chain to my cuffs and added a belt. I looped the chain through the belt and to the other ankle cuff. I could now only kneel until I was released. I added a posture collar. I handcuffed my left hand behind my back, slid my blindfold into place and the positioned the cuffs in the middle of my back with a combination lock to the chain to my ankles. I was now in a sitting hog tie. I moved into position and waited until 1:30. I heard Rebecca come home and go right to her room; soon there were the sounds of two college kids in heat. I listened and my cock grew hard. I waited patiently and 2:30 rolled around and out went the boyfriend.

As they headed downstairs I moved the towel from the doorway and opened my knees and locked my second handcuff around my wrist. I knew from my practice, as someone climbed the stairs, in this case to take a shower, they would have a view right under my door; they should be able to see the bright rainbow spot on the floor, as they looked closer they would be able to see my knees and the reflection of my naked form. Then who knows what might occur.

As the door shut and Rebecca started to climb the steps my cock grew with anticipation. I knew the rainbow was flickering on the floor to get attention, and the light under my door would also attract attention to someone that thought they were alone in the house. I could hear the steps creak and the footsteps going up each one slowly. I waited and as I hoped the "show" was enough to entice her interest.

As planned she soon was attempting to look through the key hole and could only stifle a giggle as she saw me bound and naked in the room. I am sure she did not expect (the lightest touch on the door) as she watched would "push" open the door. Soon through the crack she could see on the bed the items I had laid out. The old doors also allowed for a loud creak when opened. She must have peered in to see if we were alone, but she "knew" Kim was away for the evening. The door opened and I am pretty sure she was reviewing the bed and reading "my note".

After a time, I felt a push on my nose, I spread my knees as far as they would go, put my hands on my ankles, tilted my head back and opened my mouth. I felt a tug on my right ear and I extended my tongue. I knew that this would be all the invitation she would need and she backed onto me and straddled my face. My nose was pressed into her anus and I licked like there was no tomorrow. She had been filled up a short while ago and it was now spread around her sex. I licked all that I could and she was bucking for more.

Soon, she pulled on my left ear and moved aside. She looked at the cuffs, moved to the bed and undid the lock. She pulled on my collar and I moved as I could forward on my knees. She bent me down and positioned my feet. She caressed my ass and then smack, with the hair brush, her hand, the crop and the penis flogger. I think every girl wants a chance to spank a man and once they start they enjoy it.

She flipped me over onto my back and flogged my cock for awhile, I know that the pre-cum was everywhere. Soon she placed her foot on my cock and began a massage; I was not able to wait and was spurting cum all over my stomach and chest.

She leaned forward, tugged on my right ear, and waited. Soon she was placing her toe in the cum and having me lick it off her feet. I was cuffed, and being tortured by a girl and in heaven. When she had "fed it all" to me, she started for the door, pulled my left ear, but she did not give me the key hanging on the door. Instead she showered, changed her clothes, and then put the key in my mouth. When I unlocked the cuffs and got cleaned up the house was empty. My "note" was missing.

I can't wait until next week.

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