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My Selfbondage Session

by suzy maid

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© Copyright 2017 - suzy maid - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chast; weights; clamps; handcuffs; rope; dildo; trestle; crotchrope; nipple; denial; true; cons; X

I do love bondage. It heightens the feelings of frustration and loss of control that goes with chastity controlled by others. Bondage is best when applied by by Mistress but when she is not there, self-bondage has to do.

That gives additional challenges with safety and controlled release. The most successful arrangement I have to date is as follows.

The equipment includes two lengths of light chain, with clover clamps at one end and 50gram fishing weights at the other. Also, handcuffs, rope, string, dildo and workman's “A” trestle. My boy clit is properly caged.

I begin by queuing an hour or so of porn on a laptop. I fix the fishing weights above my head to a low ceiling beam, via a self release arrangement of loops of string and a slip pin. Pulling the pin allows the weights to fall. A length of string hangs from the pin to about head height.

I tie a crotch rope with a loop behind, near my coccyx and the final knot in front of me. The dildo stands vertically on the trestle held in place by gaffer tape..

The key to the handcuffs is place well out of reach. I lube up my boy pussy, stand astride the trestle and sit down onto the dildo. I put one clamp on each nipple and shorten the chain until it tugs upwards if I stand with feet flat on the floor. I attach one cuff to my left hand and pass the second through the loop in the crotch rope. Once the second cuff is attached I know my only release will be by pulling the slip pin and allowing the weights to fall. I know the my nipples will suffer.

My heart beats harder as I click the cuff to my right wrist.

I am now helpless. The laptop plays porn showing sissy maids being humiliated and punished – strong women caning helpless men – men being bought to orgasm and cumming on sissy faces – on girls shaven fannies – on their Mistresses boots. I need to cum. I squirm on the dildo. I hump myself as hard as I can within the limits of my bondage. My nipples hurt more as I pull down on the clamps to push hard on the dildo but nothing takes me over the edge.

The hour passes; the last movie ends; the screen saver kicks in and the laptop goes dark. My nipples are hurting bad. I need release but I can't yet face the pain of the falling weights. I bend my legs to test how secure the claps are but they hold fast. The more I pull the more the clamps bite. I try to reach around with my hands but the movement is restricted by the cuffs and crotch rope loop. There is no release other than by pulling the slip pin.

My heart is fluttering as I take the slip pin string in my teeth and pull. The loops stretch but the pin does not move. I stretch my neck and bite the string a little higher and rotate my head downwards. I feel the pin slip but nothing happens. It still has some way to go. I think of the coming pain and my nerve gives way. I look around to see if there is another way to achieve release...... Nothing.....

I stand there for minutes more but eventually say to myself “I can't stay here forever – pull your sissy arse together and be a man”

I stretch my neck higher still and take the string in my teeth. I move my head slowly but as I feel the pin slip through the loops I get scared again and stop.

“No – keep going” I look up and see the pin is on the very edge. The next move will cause the weights to drop. My stomach is one flock of butterflies. Do it. I move my head just a little more. The string between my teeth goes slack. The tension in my nipples slackens. I see the weights falling - so slowly falling then BANG. An enormous burst of pain simultaneously on both nipples. The weights drag the clamps off my nipples and now lay on the floor. I'm desperate to hold them touch them give them a soothing rub but my hands are still behind my back. I round my shoulders. Why do I do this????

But now I can move. I climb off the dildo, reach the key for the cuffs and release my hands and at last cup my chest.

I have “enjoyed” this scenario several times. The release is simple reliable. I can share details with anyone interested. I just wonder if the pain would be greater if the clamps stayed in place instead of pulling off. Maybe a lower drop or a little less weight. I need to experiment.

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