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Mystery Vibrator

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cast; fibreglass; cuffs; hood; bfold; gag; corset; nipple; toys; torment; stuck; caught; M/f; climax; cons; X

Struggling in her frog tie arm and leg casts Nicky slowly makes her way in the darkness caused by the blindfold strapped tightly under the leather hood that she had laced on covering her head in thick leather with pads over her eyes, ears and mouth leaving only one small hole under her nose to get air through, the rubber phallus that reaches the back of her throat and fills her mouth completely is also strapped tightly under the hood and every time she bites down the rubber bung expands further into her throat making her gag slightly.

The casts holding her limbs folded onto each other have been a favorite restraint method since she found casting a few years ago and can only be removed after the legs irons she has placed around her wrists have been removed, only then can she rub the thick casings against anything with an edge until they are pushed off. The leg irons are linked by a chain that runs behind her neck keeping her wrists held closely to her shoulders and blocks the edge of the casts well enough to keep them from being rubbed off. The extended flange on the cuffs allows her to eventually unlock each using only one hand then she can begin the struggle to remove the casts and slowly free herself.

Nicky has challenged herself many times and has a special friend Johnny that has aided her in her escapades over the years but these times when she’s alone and helpless are very special to her and she adores making the challenge more extreme each time and this time she may have over done her abilities to escape by herself and worries that Johnny may not come looking for several days if she fails to escape on her own, leaving her trapped in her frog tie with only the inert plugs as she desperately struggles to achieve orgasm.

The first thing Nicky did was to lace her feet into her ankle high ballet boots then slipped the largest plug into her firm ass and a even larger dildo into her pussy taking the fiberglass wrap and wrapping over the corset that forces her to gasp for each breath and over the plugs forcing them to push further into her and trap them inside her until she can cut the cast holding her rigidly. After the fiber glass around her torso sets she slides the leg castings over her folded legs, banging them on the floor until her knees are settled all the way to the bottoms and insuring that they cannot be removed without her hands.

Now comes the part that will cause her the most pain, taking thick rubber bands she kneads the tight bands over her breasts until they are at the base of each making them swell and begin to turn red, next she takes her custom clamps that cannot be pulled off and tightens them onto her sensitive nipples, the chain between the clamps has a ten ounce weight wrapped in Velcro hanging from it and will drag the floor once she begins walking on her knees and elbows, the Velcro catching on the carpet and pulling on her tortured nipples even more.

Nicky is already moaning as she forces herself to continue to seal her fate, the gag is pushed deeply into her mouth and strapped tight muffling her moans of pleasure, as she sets her final restraints nearby so she can find them once she wraps the blindfold and buckles it tightly. Nicky runs her hands over her casted legs feeling her upper thighs already going numb and continues rubbing up her casted torso finally reaching her breasts, unable to see the deep purple they have turned she rubs each making her moan louder as the pain increases as she tugs lightly on the nipple clamps.

Ready for the hood she pulls it over her head lining up the small hole under her nose before pulling the laces making the leather stretch around her head and across her face, tying them at the bottom before taking the wide collar attached to the hood and buckling it snugly around her throat, making sure the knots for the laces are under it, removing any hope of untying it until she can stand on her feet by slipping the lock through the hasp and closing it, the key is dangling from a string close to the ceiling in the kitchen and only reachable while she is wearing the toe boots and can stand up straight, the placement makes it impossible to scoot anything under it to stand or kneel on making the hood, gag, and blindfold the last items to be removed and forcing her to walk in the toe boots even though her feet and legs will be very sore by the time she can stand again.

Nicky slipped the cast up her left arm tapping it against the wall she sits next to until it reaches her wrist and her folded arm is firmly held inside the thick fiberglass cast, locking the leg iron around her wrist and pulling the chain across her back leaving the final cuff hanging from her neck. The last arm cast is sitting in between her body and the wall and she carefully pushes her elbow into the cast until she could no longer push any further, grabbing the cuff she snaps it around her wrist before leaning forward and falling onto her elbows forcing the casts all the way up her arms leaving her on her folded legs and elbows fully trapped by her own hand in total darkness needing to find her way to the key held firmly above a powerful vibrator that she will have to ride, pumping it as she is forced to orgasm over and over until the key is lowered by the pumping action.

The vibrator is plugged in and running on high attached to an arm that acts like a jack handle, with each pump from her it will lower the key closer to her searching hands, if Nicky dismounts the arm and lets it fully retract the keys will be pulled back up a few inches and can even be raised higher than they are to start with if she lets the arm cycle up too many times, Nicky has practiced this with her legs casts and her corset and knows how difficult it was to continue to pump as she became more aroused but she had never tried it with her arms casted and knows that being fully aroused and restrained will make the exercise even more difficult.

The first problem will be to find it, before restraining herself she closed her eyes and moved a few tables and chairs around her house making it more difficult to find her way to the room where the vibrator is waiting for her. She hopes to be able to locate the vibrator by the noise it should be making but the thick hood covering her head will make it so she has to be very close to hear it and being that the two rooms are furnished the same, being blind, she will have to hear it to find it, the uncertainty of being able to find the mystery vibrator adds to the challenge and the risk of being stuck possibly for days before Johnny comes to find her, even then his arrival does not mean the end of her ordeal since Johnny likes to indulge in his own fantasies and likes using her already trapped body to do it.

Nicky starts to move forward dragging her nipple chain across the carpet feeling it tug much more firmly on her nipples than she expected, the grunts are muffled by the hood and gag but are becoming more regular as she moves steadily until her head bumps into something. Trying to picture the room in her head she turns only to bump into something else and is suddenly totally disoriented in her own house, the feeling of being lost causes a mild panic and Nicky can feel her pussy get wetter.

Struggling around the objects blocking her path she finally finds herself stuck in between what she thinks is a wall and a piece of furniture she had moved and has to back up. Backing is much more difficult and as she struggles against the tight corset under the cast she finds she can move her body much less than she thought she would be able to and has to rest to catch her breath. Nicky’s legs and arms are already shaking from the strain of being folded and supporting her body weight as she stands motionless on her elbows and knees waiting for her head to clear from lack of air.

Backing out Nicky successfully negotiates around the obstacles and finds the hallway’s tile floor a welcome relief from the constant tugging on her nipples but it adds to her difficulties in moving on the smooth floor with the hardened casts on her knees and elbows forcing her to constantly squeeze them together to keep them from slipping out from under her, the rooms are across the hall from each other and she does not know from what end she has entered the hall so she finds an open door and drags herself into the room staying next to the wall as she tries to skirt around the edges to find the vibrator.

Nicky has already been bound for over six hours, the constant moving and tugging on her nipples has made it feel like much less and she thinks she is making good progress as she bumps her way around the room, turning before reaching the last wall to go around what she thought was the bed she loses contact with any reference point and slowly wanders back out into the hall before bumping into a wall turning again.

Her deep concentration has made her not notice that while she follows the wall she wasn’t feeling her nipples pulled and figured out she is lost again and now in the hallway as her legs and elbows slip out from under her in different directions leaving her grunting in a pile of human flesh and fiberglass casting. Grunting and twisting she struggles to get her arms and legs back under her and tries to turn around but the hall is too narrow for her to pivot so she rocks herself back onto her folded legs and leans back against the wall to rest.

Waking on her side Nicky realizes she had drifted off and either fell over or laid herself down on her side and now has no idea where she is or which room she has already searched. Grunting and panting as she rolls onto her stomach then forces her body back up to her elbows and knees and begins bumping against the wall trying to find a door, finding carpet again she knows she has to turn around and start over and whines through her hood as the effort makes her strain and sitting up changes the angle of the clamps twisting her nipples.

Once turned around she struggles down the hall finding the same door she had entered before and unknowingly reenters the room and begins her search again. Twelve hours have passed for the bound woman and the strain of fighting for air and her bonds is starting to take its toll as she is gasping and barely able to lift her arms and legs but is determined to finish searching the room before she rests again. After carefully searching the room Nicky finds herself at the open door again and collapses in front of it, her bound arms flailing as she rolls onto her back desperately trying to find some weakness in her bonds until she lays still and drifts off to sleep, her leather covered head resting against the door frame and her casted body twitching as she dreams of being trapped by someone who has no plans of releasing her.

Waking the next afternoon Nicky is sore and tries to stretch her arms and legs fighting the casts keeping them folded onto each other before rolling back over and whining as the clamps shift position again reminding her of their presence. It’s been twenty four hours since she started her challenge and after her sleep Nicky feels rejuvenated and quickly walks into the other room to begin her search for the vibrator, her arousal reaching a furious peak as her nipples are again tugged by the Velcro dragging on the carpet and the inert dildo’s trapped inside her makes her wonder if the vibrator was going to be able to be felt by her enough to get her off or if it would just tease her while she humped the handle.

Searching the room she finds nothing, she cannot hear the vibrator nor does she feel it as she traces the room with her shoulder, confused and dejected she sits back on her legs to rest and think about how she could have missed it. Sitting like a well trained dog begging for a treat she doesn’t realize she had left the closet door open in this room and that she has not made it fully around the room yet and the edge of the door she has felt was not the exit she thought it was. While she is resting and her breathing slows she imagines she could hear the hum of the vibrator but dismisses it as wishful thinking and proceeds to lower herself back to her elbows with a grunt and a thud as she turns around and begins her search again. Four hours later she is back at the actual door to the hall and has found nothing, she rolls on her side and takes a brief nap before she crosses the hall to search the other room again.

While she is napping she swears she can hear the vibrator again and once fully awake she decides to go past the door just to be sure, within a few feet she can hear the vibrator getting louder then bumping into the door of the closet she realizes what has happened and squeals for joy as she bumps the door again and hears it slam shut. Moving forward she finally can hear the vibrator clearly and starts rubbing her solid arm near the sound until she finds the lever, working herself onto her legs she moans as the clamps twist her sore nipples again and scoots forward.

Feeling the lever bump her stomach Nicky leans forward, raising herself up on her knees as her out stretched elbows search for the wall finally stopping her fall with a hard bump leaving her on her knees, dragging her knees forward she again feels the lever bump on her stomach, lower this time, and scoots sideways a little centering up the lever between her legs. Once she thinks she is lined up she raises her left leg, the heel of her ballet boot digging into the back of her casted waist impedes her from bringing her knee up as high as she would like but she leans forward, spreading her elbows out allowing her body to inch forward and the arm to slip barely under her casted and stuffed crotch.

Lowering her leg she cannot tell if she is over the arm or not but hopes she is as she knee walks towards the wall smashing her tortured breasts against it as her body slides slowly up, now she knows the arm is between her legs as the vibrations hit her, the hard fiberglass between her legs sending the vibrations directly to the dildo and the plug making her quiver inside the fiberglass shell. Nicky remains still enjoying the vibrations and the exhilaration of finding her release, but finds that the vibrations are much more intense then she thought they would be as her pussy and stuffed ass are assaulted and is climbing quickly to an orgasm and decides just to ride it out and begin pumping once she has climaxed.

Nicky is screaming and flailing about as the first orgasm rips through her causing the weight on her nipples to bounce as she pushes against the wall with her elbows actually pumping her sore tits into it, the sensations only seem to fade slightly before another wave washes over her and leaves her breathless and exhausted, Nicky knows she cannot take a break or the keys will go higher than when she started so she forces her elbows together moving her body away from the wall and somehow making the vibrations feel even more intense as the sound from it grows louder from the increased pressure on the head of the vibrating beast. Nicky tries to work her hips backwards up the arm but the fiberglass around her hips and ass limit’s her movement and she can only move an inch or two before she is held rigidly, Nicky grunts as she finds herself unable to use her hips for the pumping action needed and stops to think about what to do.

In this position she can just feel the vibrations tickling her pussy but knows by her trembling legs she can’t hold herself here for long, hoping the arm is long enough she slowly lowers herself down onto her legs pushing the arm down with her as she scoots her knees forward, reaching the lowest she can go she raises herself back up until the vibrator is pressing on her casted crotch again making her moan deeply knowing that it took twenty six pumps to lower the keys close enough for her to grasp them with her trapped hands and already feeling the sweat beginning to drip down her breasts from one pumping action.

Just as the orgasm is beginning to crest she forces herself back down using the energy from the building climax to quickly achieve three more pumps before she rests again leaning against the wall and the vibrator. For the next four hours Nicky repeats the three pumps and resting maneuver until finally allowing her body to orgasm making her thrash violently and scream under the hood.

Waking on her side again she curses herself for passing out and knows she has lost ground on the battle with the pump, she makes her sore body rise to her elbows and knees again sobbing inside the thick leather hood as the chain from the clamps untwists itself yanking and twisting her sensitive nipples and repositions herself on the arm finding the vibrator has lost none of its strength and begins pumping again. Nicky was at eighteen pumps when she passed out so she starts counting at fifteen to make up for the rising of the arm and desperately begins thrusting her body up and down until she feels light headed again and has to stop. The increased pressure on the vibrator makes the gasping girl orgasm quickly and she is barely able to keep from passing out again as her body involuntarily thrashes about on the arm.

Just as Nicky is catching her breath another orgasm hits her and she is screaming and flailing again, the orgasms seem to be continuous now as she is propped against the vibrator and her tortured breasts, her hooded head hard on the wall keeping her upright as her pussy and ass now feel like they are being probed by a hot poker. Nicky knows she must force her body back onto her cramped legs if she is to ever make the six more pumps needed to reach her key and flings herself back falling hard on the arm as her booted ankles hit the floor.

Nicky is relieved by the easing vibrations but feels something different, and grinds her hips and legs as much as she can finding she is no longer on the arm. Cursing herself again she lays back on her folded legs and drifts off to sleep, the exertion from her struggles and multiple orgasms make her sleep deeply. Waking again Nicky struggles to remember where she is and why she can’t sit up finally rolling over and begins to search for the arm, after moving carefully near the sound of the vibrator Nicky is unable to locate the arm protruding from the wall.

Barely feeling something hard under her elbow she lies on her stomach and with her flailing hand finds the arm laying on the floor, it had broken off in her last attempt to ease the torture and now lays uselessly on the floor. Nicky screams as her numb hand tells her brain what it is feeling and she realizes that without the arm there is now way to get to her key and free herself, she as usual, did not have a back up thinking only that Johnny will check on her and sure of her plan. Nicky lays on her stomach still able to feel her pussy and ass vibrating from the after effects of the strong vibrator and tries to figure out a way to get out of the mess she is in, the thoughts of being trapped for real making her feel even more aroused and clouding her thoughts of escape.

Listening to the vibrator humming so close to her Nicky eases herself closer to it and raises an elbow trying to see if she can reach the vibrator to see if the part of the arm that it was attached to was still functional, bumping around it she thinks that just the front of the arm broke off and maybe she might be able to still use the remaining piece to free herself. It has almost been forty eight hours since she restrained herself and feels as horny as she did when she started making her wonder how much can she truly take as she struggles to upright herself she thinks back to the nine days she once spent in a full body cast being tormented and teased, these thoughts drove her to climb back on the vibrator.

This time she would have to literally sit on the shaft with the large vibrating ball under her ass and spread her legs outwards to operate the lever, once she had placed the ball behind her butt checks Nicky found the vibrations much more intense and since she was much closer to the wall her breasts would be rubbed hard against it as she moved. The more intense vibrations already had Nicky launching towards another huge orgasm as she spread her legs and lowered herself down, dragging her breasts making her scream with pain as they twisted and bounced down the wall.

In her mind she needed only a few more pumps and hoped she could lift herself back up by squeezing her folded legs together, once at the bottom Nicky bit down hard on the gag and slowly raised herself back up, the extreme effort washing away the oncoming orgasm and making the pain she was feeling more intense. After the second pump Nicky was completely spent and knew if she lowered herself again she would not be able to stand back up on her knees and stood gasping as the pain in her legs faded and the feelings of arousal returned.

Nicky knew she was going to climax and in her current position she would not be able to stop them or her pending black out and began flexing her hands and body desperately looking for a way out and finding she had done herself too well and without the keys she wouldn’t be released anytime soon. As she flailed about she felt something brush her hand and stopped fighting to search for it finally grasping the string that held her key! Squealing again she tried to reel it up not understanding why it had been dropped so far down but once she had it in her hand her body was starting to react to the vibrations and she knew she had to get off it.

Lowering herself again she tried to slide off the vibrating monster only to find it was now wedged between her casted butt cheeks and not would allow her to slide off it. Chuckling to herself Nicky found it funny she was trapped on the vibrator and began twisting and trying to push with her elbows, she was leaning back on the remaining arm, her ass held a few inches from the floor and her trapped elbows flailing a foot away from the wall.

When the orgasm hit her she was trapped on the ball of the monster unable to free herself, the constant vibrations and her frustration kept the orgasms washing over her until the screaming woman passed out, hanging limply from the arm trapped between her legs her own weight keeping her ensnared on the monster, the vibrations waiting for her to awake again so they could continue to torment her into oblivion again.

Gasping awake Nicky could feel the vibrator still buzzing her ass and pussy and tried to thrash only to find she was on her side again, unknown to her the remaining arm had separated from the device allowing her to slowly be lowered to the floor but keeping the monster wedged firmly between her legs. Nicky thrashed around searching for the key only to find it still wrapped around her fingers from when she had reeled it up to her captured hand, while another orgasm was building she wrestled with the key finally able to remove the shackle and made her way towards the door way. Climaxing during her struggle to the door she lay still and kept herself from passing out again and just as she reached the door the vibrations stopped.

Nicky chuckled as she caught her breath knowing she had pulled the plug from the wall and was thankful for the relief, now near the door frame she began rubbing the cast against it fighting to push the tight cast off. It took over an hour for the exhausted girl to be able to remove the cast but she was finally able to straighten her arm, the pain faded quickly from her cramped elbow and she unlocked the shackle and pushed the cast off her other arm flexing both until the feeling fully returned to them.

Still sitting on her folded legs Nicky wrestled the casts from both before straightening her legs for the first time in almost three days, she knew from past experiences she would not be able to stand for quite some time so while the feeling returned to her legs she carefully removed the tortuous clamps from her nipples almost crying as the rubber bands popped off and the feeling returned to her breasts.

Now free of her bonds Nicky dragged her lifeless legs behind her as she crawled to the bed, dragging herself up onto it she felt something between her legs and found the vibrator still neatly wedged in between them and tugged and yanked on it before it fell to the ground. Rolling over onto the soft bed she quickly fell asleep dreaming of the trapped vibrator and being held captive again by it.

While she lay asleep Johnny had showed up and found her hooded and casted body on the bed and studied the equipment scattered around the room and figured out what she had done. Keeping true to their agreement of anytime her found her trapped he could do what her wanted before releasing her he gathered up some more gear and began to bind the unconscious girl again, Nicky would awake sometime later to find herself bound much more stringent then before and no explanation as to why she was that way or when she would be released and thinking she was still dreaming she struggled with all her might until she heard Johnny’s voice saying, “Wow that was impressive” she knew then she had been caught and it was going to be a very long night.

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