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My Surprise for Him

by That Guy

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© Copyright 2018 - That Guy - Used by permission

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story continued from "My Wife the Shining Knight"

It’s been a couple of months since the time I saved my husband’s ass from the deranged CEO of our company. Ever since that night, we’ve done our bondage games. However, he’s the one always getting tied up. Whether it be in skirts or dresses, he always seems to be the damsel in distress. Tonight, it is my turn.

Usually, when we play our little games, they end up lasting quite a while. He stays bound and gagged in various positions for several hours. While this means I don’t have to deal with him (unless he needs to use the restroom), it can get kind of boring, as there is only so much that you can do with a bound person.

This also means, though, that I’m usually responsible for doing all the chores around here. Doing laundry, vacuuming and dusting, trimming and watering the plants, while he stays inside in a dress tied to a chair or hogtied on the couch watching TV.

So today, I was going to hatch a plan. I’ve always wanted to try it anyway, especially after that day were I rescued him in those wonderful work clothes.

“Hey, honey, I think I’m gonna stay home today.” I said.

“Why? Something wrong? It’s casual Friday after all.” He stated as he walked in our bedroom wearing jeans and a Monty Python t-shirt.

“I’m just not feeling well that’s all.” I said. “I can work tomorrow though to make up for it.”

“Why work on a Saturday? You’re the CEO, and since the incident, the company stock has risen 237%. You are doing a damn fine job since you took over and I think the board will give you a free one, especially since you haven’t taken a day off yet.” He exclaimed.

“You’re right. I’ll see you tonight.” I said, trying to hide my thoughts from him.

“See you tonight, and I hope you feel better soon. We’ve got dinner plans tonight.” He said as he waved and smiled as went off to work.

“Crap. I forgot about that.” I said to myself. ‘Oh, well, I think they do delivery.”

I knew how I was going to tie myself, I just couldn’t figure out what to wear. I waited till he had actually left the building before going through my things. I decided on something formal, but wasn’t quite sure how formal. I had an assortment of gowns, some bridesmaids, a few prom dresses, some special occasion dresses, but none of them seemed to jump at me. Then I found my wedding dress.

“Oh this will be perfect. I’ve always to wear this again, but just finding the time to put it on and there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to wear something this extravagant in the modern world.”

I began the delicate process of taking out all the parts from my two bridal bags and the box of accessories. My dress was a satin ball gown style dress with four petticoats, a full length silk slip, cathedral length train, boat neck line, ¾ length lace sleeves, two tiers of lace over the satin, full white bridal gloves, and a three tiered veil with a solid white bridal scarf. After all of this, I put on my satin robe and used the bathroom and showered, and ate a big breakfast, but one that wouldn’t require me to use the restroom afterwards. I took some pills to help keep the food down rather passing through. I also closed all of the curtains, as I did not want anyone to peak in or see me bound and gagged in such expensive clothes and accessories.

I got back to the bedroom, slid my robe off, and began with the undergarments. I still had my old garter belt (we were both against that “tradition” for our wedding). All of my underwear was satin, including the bra. Next, I put on the slip and began the difficult process of putting on the petticoats. Putting one is pretty easy. Four though, now that’s incredibly difficult. I probably spent half an hour getting those four things on correctly.

After taking a minute to breathe again, I put on the gloves. The feeling of the satin on my arms was incredible, and just thinking about the dress got me hyped for what was coming next, the dress. The dress was big, it was beautiful, and was one of the most expensive things in our entire house. It had a bowknot waist belt/sash (a smallish bow in the front and large bow in the back), the embroidery was real crystal, not your usual rhinestones, the train was about 15 feet long in the back, extended 2 feet in front of me, 6 feet wide, and the dress could easily fill any room in our house. The neckline was extra thick as well, with a full half-inch think band of satin winding and twisting to form a very intricate boat-neck line. And there was also ivory colored satin strands that created very intricate patterns up and the down all sides of the dress. If I recall, my parents spent 80k on this dress.

Putting on this expensive and delicate thing was hassle, especially without the help of my bridesmaids. It took about an hour to get the dress over my head and down around the petticoats correctly. Then I the zipper got jammed halfway up, so that was a fun fifteen minutes. The satin panel that covered the zipper buttoned well, especially since it was a back zipper and I was guessing. But then lacing up the dress was painfully slow. While the lace-up back was a feature, not a necessity to wear the dress, it would have looked weird to not have done it. All in all, it probably took close to two hours to get the dress on and fitted properly.

I decided to add some additional accessories, mainly two gem-encrusted silver bracelets that I had inherited from my great-grandmother, and a sapphire/diamond/crystal necklace. The necklace had one large 24 carrot sapphire in the middle, while smaller diamonds and crystals where studded around the rest of the necklace. The bracelets had a single, large emerald in them, with several smaller sapphires were interlaced in with a gold, swirling pattern with crystals around the edges. I tied my scarf over and around my head, and then proceeded to put my veil and comb over my head and face. I decided not to put on my heels.

I walked to the mirror, and couldn’t believe what I saw. I mean, I couldn’t believe what I saw five years when we got married, but somehow, it looked even more incredible now.

“If only people were here to see walk down the aisle again.” I said to myself. “Alas, it is not so.” I chuckled at the old English that I just spoke. “And if I thought this was hard, I can’t wait to find out how I’m going to tie myself.”

I went back to the closet and took out our box of bondage stuff. It was filled with coils of rope and roles of various tapes, the two sets of cuffs, and some wads of cloth. I took what I needed and made off for the living room. I set down the various coils of rope, tape, cuffs, and the cloth and went to the dining room and grabbed a chair from the dining room.

For those wondering, our “apartment” is rather big. It has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a living room, dining room, an office space, a laundry room, multiple closets, and a full kitchen with a front entrance hall. I know I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind right now, like not trying to knock over lamps or getting stuck in hallways due to the size of my dress.

I set the chair down, moved the coffee table, and the set the chair down where the table was, right in front of the TV. If you’re going to tie yourself to a chair, why not have some entertainment to go with it.

After twenty minutes of struggling just to sit in the chair, I lifted my skirts and began the process of tying my legs together. For this, I took four coils of rope, and in a similar fashion as to how my husbands were, tied my ankles, calves, and above and below my knees. I took an additional coil of rope, and thread it between my ankle bindings and around middle bar underneath the chair. This would prevent me from attempting to hop off and wandering around our place, but it would allow me stand for the time being so that I could reach stuff (for now).

Next, I tied some rope around my waist, below the belt/sash, around the chair. This prevented me from standing up. And now, this is where things get really difficult. I take some more rope, and wrap it around my torso, just above and below my breasts. I thread it very carefully to ensure that the veil didn’t get trapped in any of these bindings. Next, I thread some rope around handcuffs and around the same bar under the chair as where I tied my legs.

Then came the gag. I took the cloth, wadded it up, and stuffed it into my mouth. Next, I took a role of white tape and wrapped it around my scarfed head. This way, my hair was protected but would still stick to me. I wrapped it around ten times, but also ensured that the tape only came in contact with the scarf, and not the veil.

After the gag, I slid my arms through the coils around my upper body and behind the back of the chair, and struggled to reach the handcuffs. After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to get a hold of the cuffs. I locked one around left wrist, and before I locked my right wrist, I turned on the TV to my favorite channel and lowered the veil so that my face was covered. In fact, it was so long in front that it covered all of my chest bindings before settling itself down in my lap. This, I did not remember. Anyway, when all was finished and I was satisfied, I proceeded to lock my right wrist.

Now, I was the damsel in distress. Or, as I thought to myself, a royal queen who had just been kidnapped.

“Yes, let’s go with that.” I thought to myself. As I sat here in my little fantasy world, I began to fall asleep. As I was falling asleep, all I could of was that I was some sort of medieval queen or princess who had just been kidnapped by a rival kingdom. This dream continued for quite some time. It was about noon when my bondage was complete, and about half an hour later I was out.

All the sudden, something startled me, and I tipped over. This was the scariest part of my whole adventure. I couldn’t do anything to brace my fall, as I was tied in the chair to securely with no way to get out. As I hit the floor, stars and birds appeared in my vision, and I began to cry, thinking that I had some sort of lasting damage to my body. Thankfully, the thick veil and scarf, combined with falling onto my dress, reduced a lot of the damage, and all I had later was a bruise (we would go to the doctor’s office tomorrow and there were zero signs of a concussion or any other lasting damage).

Out of nowhere, I heard the door get thrown open and someone ran in.

“Please let this be Devon.” I thought to myself. For the record, our names are Devon and Allison, and I thought that this would be a good time to use them.

All the sudden, I could make out a blurry figure running around the corner into the living room.

“Allison! Oh my god are you alright?!?” Devon exclaimed. “Did someone rob us?” he asked. I shook my head no, but he didn’t believe me. It was more likely he couldn’t make out what I was trying to do with my head, being covered and all.

“I’ll be right back.” He stated. “Just going to do a quick looksee to make sure that nothing was disturbed.” After about two minutes he came back and lifted my veil and undid my gag. He had also grabbed a tissue box to wipe away my tears.

He undid my bindings hold me to the chair and we cuddled together for a bit as helped calm down.

“Did you do this to yourself?” He asked. “Or were you just trying on your bridal gown and got jumped?”

“The first.” I said lowly. I felt embarrassed, being in this big dress tied up.

“You know, you could have asked me about this.” He said. “I know you usually do the tying around here, but I’ve done about myself. Or we could have flipped roles.”

“I know. I just wanted to surprise you.” I said. Tears were coming back to my eyes, and he wiped them away.

“Don’t cry dear.” And then he kissed me. This was perhaps the best kiss I had ever experienced in my life. Then, something unexpected happened. He took coil of rope and tied it around my waist and retied, pinning my arms to my body.

All of the sudden, the terror and sorrow that filled me was replaced with arousal and happiness. Then, he took the coil of rope that had connected my handcuffs to the chair and used it to hogtie me. This was an impressive feat, considering the size of the dress and all of the layers.

“What are you going to do next?” I said teasingly.

“This” He said, as he stuffed a different rag into my mouth before going back over with a scarf, cleave gagging me.

“We’re still having dinner from that asian place,” He said. This had me worried at first, as I thought I was going there as is. “But I’m going to have them deliver. I know it usually an additional $30 fee, but tonight, it’s worth it.”

While he went and ordered the food I decided to struggle, just to see if I could loosen any of my bonds. This proved to be nothing more than a waste of energy and time. He came back, seeing as I had rustled a part of the dress and that I was in a slightly different position than before.

“Trying to get, my precious queen?” He said, as he smiled. “I don’t think so.” He had just unknowingly played right into my fantasy that I had earlier today.

Eventually, the doorbell rang and there was a knock. This could mean only one thing, the food was here!

“I’ll be right back. Food is here my lady.” He ran up and got the door. He paid the delivery guy something like $200 for everything, even though the total, with the fee, was only about $110.

He came back to the living room, removed the dining room chair, moved the table back to its position, and then came back to me where he undid my gag.

“Before you begin, how about you get the table cloth so that we don’t ruin the glass top, another cloth so that nothing gets on the dress, and some wine and some glasses of water?” I asked as nicely as I could.

“As you wish.” He said, bowing as went and got the things that I asked for. He came back with a table cloth and set the bag of food on top of it. Then he came back with a large old blanket that we had and laid that over me. Then he came back with two glasses of water and two glasses of wine, one of each for both of us.

He fed me dinner, as well as eating his. I asked how his day had gone, as he had already discovered how my day went. Everything was good. People were a little disappointed that I was “sick” as I had quite a few meetings that I forgot about that I had today. Eventually, we finished eating. After all of this, he began the process of undoing my bonds. Then he and I painstakingly began to take off the dress so that I could use the bathroom. Somehow, I was able to keep in a whole days’ worth of crap (pun intended) in for an hour and a half while we undid the dress. While I was using the restroom, he began the slow process of getting things back in.

When I was done, I put on my satin robe and came back to help. It took us two hours to get everything just the way I like it.

“Hey honey, I’m going to get ready for bed and all.” He said.

“Ok.” I replied back. While he was getting ready for bed, I went back to the closet and got out one of my night gowns. This was a red, floor length, pleated night gown that could almost be mistaken for an evening dress. I had just finished putting it on when suddenly a hand came over my mouth.

“Don’t try and go anywhere. I know you were rescued early, but now you’re back in OUR clutches, your highness.” It was Devon, going back to our earlier fantasy. I pretended to struggle, but he had clearly been busy. As I was about to protest, he stuffed a different rag (this being the third of the day) into my mouth, wrapped it in red tape, and the proceeded to tie me up again, this time, using the same roll of tape. I have long blonde hair, while has long brown hair, and he did a good job of getting the tape around as little of my hair as he could.

First off, he taped my wrists and ankles (he lifted up the skirt of the nightgown before taping my ankles together). Then he taped my elbows together before wrapping the tape above and below and my breasts. Then he wrapped it around my waist pinning my arms behind my back.

“Funny.” I thought to myself. “Now I know what he must be thinking when I do this to him.”

Then he lifted up my skirt, again, and taped above and below my knees. Then, he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me to our bed. As he laid me out on the bed, he rolled me over, and used some more tape to hogtie me. Then, he took more tape and wrapped it around the tape connecting my wrists and ankles.

“Now if you’ll excuse, my lady, I’m going to finish getting ready for bed.” He left as I smiled lovingly back at him. I could not believe how much I had enjoyed my day so far. While not as bad as his first day in bondage, mine still had its problems. He came back after twenty or so minutes and got into bed with me. He kissed me again.

“Good night, my love.”

“Good night, dear.” I grumbled back

He kissed me again, rolled over and went to sleep. I tried to get as comfortable as I could, and after a little while, fell asleep myself. The night went by fast, as we both slept well. When morning came, he untied me, we used the bathroom, and had some fun unlike anything we had experienced since that night a little more than two months ago.

Nowadays, we take turns as to who is the captive or the victim of our bondage games. We’ve added some new additions to our wardrobe, and hopefully, you’ll get to hear about what I have planned!

This story was entirely made up and conceived within the depths of my own mind. Any likeness to an existing story, characters, or real life event is entirely coincidental. The names “Devon” and “Allison” were not chosen to represent specific people, rather, they were names that I came up with as I was writing this story. You can follow the beginning of their tale with Devon’s adventure in: My Wife the Shining Knight

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