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My True Selfbondage Experience

by Anonymous

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This is a scenario I came up with and performed.

So my relatives were out of the state for at least five days which means I had a chance to do some self bondage at their place. First I planned on locking all doors to the house, locking myself out nude. The key to the house was in a thicker ice block in the mail box out front where everyone can see me. So if I got there too quickly then I would have to wait increasing the chance for me to get caught.

I then planned on locking myself up in their shed with two ice timer releases, the second one in thicker ice just to be safe. My arms would be attached to the doors of the shed so to get to the key I have to open the doors. I would be blind folded so if I reached for the key too early and it’s not there, the doors will remain wide open for someone to see me. The blind fold to be locked to a gag and over my head so I won't be able to get it off until I get the key for it which will be hanging just outside the shed.

I planned on also have to pull a weight with each arm so if I do reach too early, I won't be able to leave my arms there for long sense they will get tired quickly which means I won't have time to try to undo anything. My legs will be tied together and the key for them will be in the backyard on top the mound in the backyard so if I want to untie my legs so I can run for the house key, I have to expose myself to everyone's backyard. Otherwise I have to hobble out front where twice as many houses can see me.

I will have a medium size butt plug in my rear and a bullet attached to my man part. I also will have on a self made chastity belt (kind of) to keep the plug in until I can get the key for that at the end of the road, making me go in front of at least five more houses. I won't allow myself to put on anything besides girl panties for the walk down the road. Oh and they are my aunt's panties.

While I am in the shed, I plan on having nipple clamps on and attached to the ceiling so I can’t bend over at all. I also plan on having my balls tied to my leg tie with a rubber band in the middle of the tie so that if I straighten my legs my balls will be pulled without damaging them. Same with the nipple clamps. I also hope to do this session when it’s raining or right after it rains so if I fall on the way to get the legs key or if I have to get down to get out of sight I will get all muddy and wet, just to add to the humiliation and fun. I think I may add a trip wire a day or two before just to make sure I fall.

I am also going to force myself to masturbate three times in the living room where everyone can see me through the picture window in the front before allowing myself to shut off the lights and go clean up. The last part to add to my misery is that even though I plan on doing this at night, all the outside lights and living room lights will be on increasing my chances to get caught.

During the day I had set most of my stuff up. Eye bolts on the doors, walls, ceiling, and floor. I blocked all the windows in the shed so I wouldn’t be seen getting ready later that night or until I opened the shed doors. Also I froze all of the keys I would need (4 blocks total.)

At 11 p.m. that night, it was lightly raining and a storm was approaching. I started preparing. First came an enema to clean me out. Then the medium size butt plug. And last a d.i.y. chastity belt that locks on (and locks on tight). The belt in my use is to just keep the plug in. It doesn’t really restrain my penis, but that’s okay because I can’t orgasm by vibrator, and I can’t stroke it while I’m tied up.

At 11:30 p.m., while dressed in sweatpants and a hoody, I started finishing the prep. I strung the ropes outside and connected them to the doors. I then adjusted the rope so my arms would be stretched far apart and up or I would open the doors. I also took the key that would keep my ankles bound and placed it clear across the backyard (100 yards ish) on top of a hill. I hung the second biggest block of ice out of reach in a tree that was down the driveway (50 yards), across the road, through an open mowed field that was between two houses (200 yards), and in a tree line near the intersection of my road and a busy road. This block contained the key to my chastity belt. Then I went and hung the biggest ice block in another tree out in front of the house near the road (this contained the key to the house.) This key wasn’t attached to the rope it hung by so that when the ice melted it would fall into the grass/mud and I would have to find it. This way I would have to stand out near the road for at least a minute looking for the key.

I then drank 2 large bottles of water as I wanted to make myself hold the urination back while the vibrator wanted to make it come out. I would pee into a bucket which I swore to myself I would dump the pee on me after the shed, before finishing the scenario. Last, I stripped totally nude, grabbed the last two blocks of ice with keys from the freezer, made sure the lights were off (didn’t want to purposefully get neighbor’s attention), made sure all the doors were locked, and headed out to the shed where everything else was waiting.

Out in the shed, I carefully closed the doors, locking the bolt on the outside open first so I couldn’t be locked in. I hung the ice blocks in a way so that the keys wouldn’t swing to my hands until the ice around them had melted almost completely. The smallest ice block had the key to my wrists (identical locks keyed the same). The second smallest had the keys to both my wrists and my ankle floor mount. I set up the bucket I would pee into which I would have to pour all over myself before I went for the ankle lock key. I tied the nipple clamps off at the right distance to points just above the door. There were no rubber bands on these so if I yanked too hard they would pull off. Then I tied the string of rubber bands onto my balls and onto my ankle tie. The bands just started to stretch with my knees somewhat bent. They really started to pull on my balls when I stood up straight.

Then I bound my ankles together using rope and a lock. I prepped my wrist loops and weight releaser ropes so that they were ready to lock on to the door opener ropes. I then locked my ankle rope to an eyelet I had installed on the ground, making me stay near the door. I put a vibrator on my penis to keep me occupied and hard. Then I gagged myself with a pair of my aunt’s dirty panties (frilly, lacy, pink ones.) Next was a blindfold which was also a pair of my aunts panties that I tied tightly over my eyes (in the dark shed I couldn’t see a thing.) The only thing left to do and the last thing I did do was to lock each of my wrists onto the door and weight ropes and then pull the weight release rope, effectively putting me in a Y position. The weights would fall down about a foot so that the rope was tight but no longer pulling really at my wrists. I could only move them about an inch before the weights would make the rope tight and then start to rise. I did this so I wouldn’t lose circulation in my hands. The time was just about 12:00 (midnight).

So the situation is if I stand up straight I put tension on my balls. If I bend my knees I put tension on my nipple clamps. If I move too far my nipple clamps will be pulled off. When I thought I could get free, I would have to pull my hands down and forward, causing the doors to open and put me on display while I undid the locks on my arms. If I reached too early and the key isn’t there, the doors would still stay open, my arms would be pulled back tight fairly shortly due to the weights, and I would be left on display until the key swung down and I could unlock myself. If I only waited for the smallest ice block to melt I would still be stuck in the door due to my ankle tie being locked to the ground and would still have to wait for the next ice block to melt. Then I have to hop my way through the backyard, in plain sight to get the key to the ankle tie. After that, I have to wait for the key to the house to melt which is in the mailbox so can’t go too soon. Then must do long run to get the key to the chastity belt, which is hopefully melted and dropped so I can get it before 5 a.m.

At this point it was a total down pour but thankfully no lightning. Everything was going according to plan. I was effectively bound with no means of escape until the blocks of ice melted. I stood there, listening to the night sounds and to the sound of the vibrator going at my penis. After what seemed like only ten minutes I felt the urge to pee. I tried to hold it as long as I could, but that only lasted about five minutes. I thought I was still holding the pee back but I obviously wasn’t. I started peeing into the bucket. After what seemed like forever I stopped peeing. I stood there listening again. After what seemed like another twenty minutes again I had to pee. This time I held it back for at least a good ten minutes before I lost control.

After what I thought had been about an hour of relentless teasing and torture I thought the first set of keys must have dropped by now. I was counting on about forty five minutes of bondage after hanging the keys and prep before they fell. I figured that even if just the single key for my wrist cuffs were there I could at least undo my wrists and lie down on the floor and get a break while waiting for the second ice block with the ankle to floor key in it. And lying down on the ground I would probably not be visible.

So after what seemed like an hour in bondage I decided to reach for the key. The shed doors flew open and I was on display. But the keys weren’t there! I was blindfolded and on display to the neighborhood.  I couldn’t see if anyone was watching. All I could do was stand there and blush and continue to get teased. The heavy rain started to splash inside and I felt it on my legs. This made me need to pee again. I peed into the bucket again while on display. I could feel myself blush again because I knew that if anyone was watching (not like I would know) they were getting a kinky and full blown show.

I kept trying to reach for the key, although I couldn’t too often because I didn’t want my arms to get tired. Sometime during these attempts the rain stopped. After what seemed like ages I finally felt the key. It was the set with two keys on it. Apparently the set with only the wrist key got stuck. Good thing I did a backup. In a hurry, I undid first my right wrist cuff and then my left, followed by the nipple clamps, and finally my ankle to ground lock. Even though that lock was undone, my ankles were still tightly locked together. Before I left within reach of the shed, I did what I swore I was going to do to myself. I stepped outside the shed and poured the large bucket of pee all over me, pouring it right onto my head, which soaked the panties I was still wearing as a blindfold and soaked into the panties that I still had in my mouth. Only then did I take the blindfold panties off. I left the gag panties in my mouth for safe keeping.

Then I started my jumps across the backyard to the ankle key. It had rained so much that the yard (which doesn’t have good drainage anyways) was nothing but mud. While I hopped over to the key for my ankle tie that was 100 yards through the back yard, I slipped and fell three times. Now I was both soaked in urine and covered in mud. Also, the rubber bands were still tied from my balls to my ankle tie so that every time I jumped I got quite a pull on my balls. Finally I reached the ankle tie key and let both my ankle tie off and untied the rubber bands from my balls. I ran back to the back wall of the house. Next, I took the panties out of my mouth and put them on. They were bright pink and they were the only thing covering my bulging penis. I then forced myself to the front of the house. The front of the house really only had one hiding spot behind some bushes so that I would be seen by any neighbors.

I waited there for what seemed like an hour. Only noises to be heard were the crickets, my breathing, and the sound of cars driving by in the far distance. I then decided to go for the key, and if it wasn’t down yet I could always hide in the tree line till it dropped. I started to run down the driveway. Right as I reached the road, I saw a car turn on its turn signal to turn onto the road I was on! I dove into the deep ditch which was a big mud pit. The car seemed to slow as it passed me. I don’t think the driver saw though. After waiting for a couple minutes so that the driver could get inside and go to bed, I then got up and started running through the field. Thirty seconds later I was in the woods. The key for the chastity belt wasn’t hanging there yet. It looked to be about fifteen minutes away.

As I sat there, I started to get hard again (the vibrator was still going on my penis and felt amazing.) Right like I thought, after about fifteen minutes the key was hanging at head level. I untied the rope. I then did two things I didn’t plan on doing. First I took off the panties and stuffed them back into my mouth so that everything would be hanging out exposed (didn’t plan on doing this.) Then I undid my chastity belt and took out the butt plug (planned.) And last, I took the rope that had the key on it and tied the butt plug around my neck (didn’t plan on this but wanted to add to the humiliation if I was caught.) It was hung loosely like a necklace.

I grabbed my chastity belt and ran back across the field and down my driveway and back to my hiding spot. After what seemed like half an hour I saw the key drop in the tree. However the sun was starting to come up. It must have been at least four a.m. I had a choice to make. Either I ran for the key now, or I stay outside hiding all day until the next night. I made my move. I ran out to the tree and started looking for the key. I found it after only like ten seconds. I dashed to the front door still, butt naked and with the panties in my mouth, unlocked the door, and dove inside.

It was 4:50 a.m.!

I still had one more part to go though. I still had to masturbate three times before I would let myself go upstairs and get cleaned up. In their house, their big screen TV sits in the front room direct opposite wall of the picture windows. On this TV I put up female bdsm porn. The windows only had a thin curtain in front of them so that one might not be able to see who is stand/sitting/laying there or what is on the TV. But they would definitely know that someone is there naked wearing some kind of belt watching TV. The first time I masturbated, I sat a chair in the family room with my back turned to the window. I forced myself to cum on my stomach and thighs. The second time I did it, I laid on the family room floor on my blanket (so I didn’t get their carpet dirty) and forced myself to cum on my chest. The third time I went for it all. I drew back the drapes, laid on my back with my feet high up on the windows, and forced myself to cum on my face.

It was now about 10 a.m. I went upstairs and showered. After another enema, I forced myself to throw the key to the chastity belt out into the backyard with my eyes closed so I couldn’t see where it went. I would have to wait until night to go get the key so I could unlock myself. I put the butt plug back in with the chastity belt locked on. I was so horny I masturbated again. The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up.

The whole first night I ended up being outside from 11:30 to 4:50. Five hours and twenty minutes some of the time bound and out in the nude the whole time. All in all it was my favorite scenario to this date.

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