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My Wife’s Mishap

by Hubby

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© Copyright 2008 - Hubby - Used by permission

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My wife and I include bondage in our sex life to make it a bit more interesting, and at times it can bring surprises into our life. Around our house, things are pretty routine each day, with me getting up around 6:00 am, going down stairs for my bowl of cereal, and making a pot of coffee, then it’s off to work for me. My wife comes down stairs about 6:45 am, pours a cup of coffee, and eats her bowl of cereal.

A month or so ago, she got herself sidetracked, and eventually into trouble. It is obvious exactly what she did.

She came down, poured her coffee, took a couple of drinks, set it on the counter, went back up stairs and brought down our play bag full of toys to the kitchen. She cleared the kitchen table, which is about 4 foot by about 6 feet long, removed her night clothes, which is one of my t-shirts and a pair of panties. Placing her clothing on the counter, she arranged ropes around the legs of the table for her ankles, and some in front for her arms.

She sat on the table, tied her ankles to the table legs, placed one of those electronic eggs in her body, sealing it in with a strap that I had made for this, consisting of a belt around her waist, followed by one through her legs and fastened to the waist belt. Pulling it tight, she secured the vibrator in her body leaving the wire to the battery at her side.

Next, she placed a dildo type mouth plug in her mouth, fastened by a belt at the back of her head.

Then came a leather hood over her head, this having only holes for the nose, and two for the eyes. Placing this on, she tightened the lace on the back of the hood, then placed a head band over the eye part, leaving her in darkness.

Feeling with her hands, she turned on the vibrator, then felt above her head for the ropes for her wrists, slipped her arms through the ropes and pushed about a 10 pound weight off of the table that she has placed there earlier.

Where she messed up, she had put the ropes through the table legs instead of around them.

Once the weight dropped, it tightened and pulled her arms above her head into a spread eagle position. She suddenly found herself in a position of bondage she couldn’t get out of. The weight was supposed to hit the floor and keep her tight, but she would be able to pull it back up and get her hands together to free herself. Instead, the ropes on both side of the table wedged themselves into the v brace on the legs and she wasn’t powerful enough to free herself.

It was about 2:30 pm when I called her work to talk to her, and was told she hadn’t come to work today, and could not be reached by phone.

I next called home, and no answer, it went to message. I told my boss that I needed to go home, so left a bit early.

When I got home, there she was, stuck on the kitchen table. The phone was about 4 feet away, and flashing with messages, When she heard me, she started crying the best she could do with her mouth stuffed. She had been there in that position almost 9 hours. She had urinated on the table, herself, and the floor also. The vibrator had long since worn out the batteries, and she needed to be released.

I immediately took off her hood, pulled the gag out, and started to untie her. Once she got calmed down a bit, she stated she wanted to do a 10 minute bondage, but the ropes got her. She had no food or water all day, and was feeling weak. Once up, she went to shower, while I cleaned up the kitchen. Her hands were numb from the ropes, and it has taken a while for them to heal.

Looking back, I think it scared her a bit, and she will be a bit more cautious next time.


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