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Nadia’s Thrill

by Pegasus

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© Copyright 2004 - Pegasus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; caught; M/f; bond; mum; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X

Nadia had been trying out new ways to excite herself, she had found a great web site on time-release self-bondage, one of the simplest but most effective forms she found was freezing keys in ice. Through varying the amount of ice the key was frozen in, temperature of the ice and the environments temperature the ice would take longer or shorter to thaw out.

Nadia lives on the second floor of a four story high tenement flat, sharing with one other girl but she was away for the weekend. On her own this was when her thoughts often turned to self-bondage.

Nadia had pulled on her bodystocking, black in colour and covered every inch of her soft, supple and curvaceous body. She sealed it up all the way and then went through to get her key out the freezer. It was frozen in a golf ball size lump, she walked over to the back window and threw it out over her shoulder so she would have no idea where it went…

She went to her room and pulled out a small box, from this she retrieved a gag, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and lengths of rope. Nadia put on the gag, the nipple clamps and got the rope. She first of all tied her legs together at the ankles and then twice at the knees. After that she got a length of rope and tied her elbows together behind her and then rigged up a cinch knot to the rope that was round her ankles. These in place she put on her handcuffs and the proceeded to cinch up the rope to her ankles and wrists, pulling them taunt together behind her back.

Nadia moved to the door and kicked out the wedge that was holding it open, she hopped out with the door closing firmly behind her. Now she had no option but to go down and find the keys or be discovered. 

Getting down the stairs would be tough she thought, last thing she wanted was to go falling down and injure herself. She moved over to the wall to help keep her balance and to give her the confidence to move on. She hopped down the stairs, pausing every so often to catch her breath; it took her almost an hour to go all the way down. She wondered what she would do if someone came in or out of their flat, or if some heard her and came to see what the noise was. But that was part of the thrill, the excitement…

Once she made it do the garden at the back she could barely see a thing, it was pitch dark. How would she find the key out here? She would never see it she thought to herself, silently cursing herself a being so stupid.

After a minute she calmed down, her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and the cool air helped her relax. She moved out into the middle of the garden to look around, there she stood out in the open wearing nothing but her bodystocking held in her self-bondage. 

Suddenly a security light went off…. the whole garden was flooded with light… she wasn’t alone…

“What’s this now, someone out for some air?” 

Nadia never felt so vulnerable in her life, she tried to move back, away from the light, away from the man. She hopped back several meters as fast as she could, she fell, straight down and landed hard with no use of her arms to brace her fall...

Nadia awoke lying down on a mattress, she opened her eyes to look around, she didn’t know where she was, it all looked alien to her. The room was almost empty, the walls had brackets and hooks dotted around and the ceiling a number of pulley mechanisms. She lay there terrified, what the hell had she got herself into now? 

The man came back into the room, as soon as she saw him she was filled with terror, she tried to scream but the gag muffled nearly all her cry. He stood there, over six feet tall, muscles rippling under his tight T-shirt and shorts. She was terrified of what he could do to her, she wouldn’t be able to stop him but secretly felt herself getting moist. He could do what he wanted with her and she secretly thought she might even enjoy it as well.

He walked over to her and stroked her breasts, encircling her nipples and giving the nipple clamps a tug. Nadia’s heart raced as he played with her breasts, what was he going to do, what is going to do? The thought raced through her mind over and over again. Suddenly he got up and walked away. 

Shortly latter he came back with a large black bag and sat it down next to the mattress.

“I had been wondering when you’d come down. I was out earlier having a smoke and saw that lump of ice coming out the window, nearly took my head off! I noticed the key in it so I thought I’d stick around to see who it belonged to. I couldn’t have hoped for a better looker than yourself “ 

He moved away and went to the bag, out of it he pulled two lengths of rope. He came back over and pulled her upright, then tied one end of each rope to her wrists and picked open the handcuffs. He went away and got a step ladder, picked up the ends of ropes and pulled them into the pulleys, and then he started to pull on them... Nadia tried to resist but could do nothing to stop it and was forced to stand erect.

“Now don’t be a silly girl, no-one knows you’re here and no-one can help. Stand still or you may regret it”

She did as he said, she didn’t know what he was capable of and was in no position to argue. 

He went back to the ropes and pulled on them again, pulling her arms higher and higher until her whole body was stretched upwards and she was on the tips of her toes. He fastened the ropes onto a bracket on the wall and walked back over to Nadia’s taunt, exposed semi-naked body. He started at her legs caressing his hands slowly and sensually up, up her thighs and then round over her bottom. He moved on up her waist up her chest, moving his hands onto her breasts. He took off the nipple clamps and discarded them, then messaged her breasts and played with her nipples. He moved down again to her pussy, it was so wet her bodystocking was stuck to her all around her sumptuous mound .

“Good to see your enjoying yourself as much as I am. Your probably wondering what’s coming next, well you’ll just have to wait and see. I have some ideas in my head that I want to try out, I been visiting some websites on the Internet and found some interesting stuff!”

Nadia had been to some of these sites as well. Which ones had he been to and what was he planning next? She had to admit so far she had enjoyed this, but what was to come?

The man went back to the bag and pulled out more kit. He came back to Nadia with a knife and cut off the ropes holding her legs together.

“Bet you were worried there! I didn’t want those in the way and for what I’ve got planned. They might affect your blood circulation, and we don’t want that now do we?!”

He then picked up a roll of industrial pallet wrap, a thousand meters long, it clings to itself like glue, stretches then shrinks back to its original size and is extremely tough. 

Oh God she thought, he’s going to mummify me!

 Nadia had seen this done to other women on the internet but had never tried it herself, afraid that she might get stuck.

He started on her feet, wrapping them individually at first, then together. Once they were done he started up her calves, pulling the wrap as tight as he could laying layer apon layer so that nothing could be seen underneath. He moved on up over her knees and onto her thighs, he crushed them into a solid mass so they looked like the one limb. 

He then cut down her arms, she tried to swing out but there was no strength in them with all the blood drained out them. He quickly forced them down under the wrapping on her bottom, tying them secure.

The wrapping went on, her mid-rift was soon gone and her breasts soon followed. She stood there, unable to struggle slowly vanishing under the mountain of pallet wrap. With every breath she wondered how far he would go, would she ever be freed?

He carefully wrapped up round her neck and over her head, keeping it tight but not painfully so.

Nadia now stood there completely wrapped from head to toe, unable to move a thing. 

The man, now finished in wrapping his victim, brought over a heat gun. He moved it slowly over the surface of the wrap, melting it into one layer and shrinking it down. Nadia underneath felt the pressure building and building but was unable to do a thing about it. She started to sweat all over; she felt the moistness of her bodystocking, clinging to every curve, the pressure and heat. She soon felt moistness build in her crotch, she needed to play with her pussy, she needed to cum so bad…

Nadia remained standing up, all alone and very vulnerable. She knew that no-one was there to help her.

Many hours passed, she had no idea how many, when she felt the stranger cutting off the pallet wrap. The cool air was so refreshing on her hot moist body. Every breathe seemed to be ecstasy now that she could take a deep breathe. She stretched out her arms and legs, working the blood back into them, she felt like a new born creature, fully formed.

She looked apon the man’s face, he looked uncertain, this was the first time his captive was free to strike out. Nadia had no thoughts of fighting or running away, after several hours of extreme bondage she wanted one thing, a good fucking. She strode straight to him, grabbing him, kissing him, stroking him, pulling him. Soon they were down on the ground writhing around making passionate sex like wild animals.

For hours they continued, each time they recovered their strength they started again, never uttering a word to each other, their bodies did it all. Each time was a frenzy, like it was the first time or the last time they would have. Each time the sensation was so strong, the pleasure went like waves through their bodies, over and over again. 

Eventually, when Nadia saw the man had no more to give, she got up and made for the door. The last thing the man saw was Nadia’s gorgeous body leaving through the door, her bodystocking ripped to shreds…

Nadia found her way out into the garden and then back up to her flat.

Sitting down she thought to herself, how long before I down again? 


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