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by Soloist

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by Soloist

When you are in bondage, there is no such thing as unbearable.

The woman was new to the vibrator.  Actually, she was fairly new to sex in general.  But the vibrator fascinated her.  It was a good vibe, the kind with little nubs on the side that teased the clitoris when the vibe was inserted into her vagina. 

She had played with it a number times and each time after three orgasms she had to quit.  She was just unable to continue any further.  And she thought she would be great to have more than three orgasms when she was playing.

She remembered reading a story on the internet where a man described how to do a self bondage spread eagle.  Another story told how to take two wide belts and combine them so one was around waist and the other was through crotch. front to back of the waist belt.  Sort of a do it yourself chastity belt.  She decided this would give her a way to get past the three orgasm barrier.  The next move was to fasten a wire hook to the alarm winding key on an alarm clock.  Another thing she learned from the internet.

The woman prepared her bed by securing a rope with snap hooks across the foot of the bed and a chain across the head of the bed.  She hung a key to her padlocks on the clock’s winding key and arbitrarily set the alarm for two hours later.  She then set the clock on the nightstand, out of reach when she was in bondage. The winder rotating would drop the key, and she could then pull the key to her hand with a thread attached to the key.

She put on her wrist and ankle cuffs and fastened the waist belt around her middle.  She then sat on the bed and captured her ankle cuffs with the snap hooks on the rope at the foot of the bed, holding her legs wide spread.

Laying back, she inserted the vibrator in her vagina, making sure that the side nubs were against her now throbbing clitoris.  She just lay there for a few minutes, amazed at how excited she was.  Her crotch was soaking wet and as she moved, her hands shook.

She turned the vibrator on, quickly pulled the crotch belt up to the waist belt and, pulling it tight, fastened it to the waist belt.  Now the vibrator was trapped in place.  She quickly reached out to either side and snapped the padlocks, fastening her wrist cuffs to the chain across the head of the bed.

Now the woman was spread eagled helpless on the bed with the vibrator held firmly in her cunt with the side nubs titillating her clit.

She quickly rose to a peak and beyond for a great orgasm.  And then a second orgasm. Then a third orgasm.  And as usual her body rebelled and wanted no more. But of course there was no release possible.

She started a new, slow rise, growing toward another peak.  But this time is was a very slow process.  Finally she reached the peak and stuck there.  She writhed on the bed, trying to attain the orgasm her body was now craving.  But no matter how hard she tried, she could not reach a climax.  She had no idea how long she hung there, but by now her heat had become her torment.  Finally she crept over the peak and started an orgasm.  And that was just what she did, start it.  Instead of a crashing climax, the orgasm continued, wracking her body, bending her mind for, again, she did not know how long.  She finally lay there, all her muscle rigid, fighting her bonds while her stomach muscles were in spasm, trying to eject that terrible vibrator. This was yet another, higher level of torment.  At last the orgasm came to an end.

The young woman lay there, her muscles quivering from the strain, her body glistening with sweat, her breath coming in gasps.  Now she knew what her body had been trying to tell here after three orgasms.  Then she felt her vibrator abused clitoris starting to drag her to another peak, even slower this time.  She shuddered, assuming that this would lead to an even longer orgasm.  And she was right.

After this climax she thrashed around trying to free herself.  Then she remembered, the man who described this spread eagle said it was impossible to escape and kept a telephone on the bed in case of emergency.  Her phone was on the night stand with the clock and her key.

As she started another rise to peak, she realized that she was going to have to endure this repeated cycle of torment for the remainder of the two hours.  She whimpered and sobbed as her body arched, reaching for yet another peak, an even longer climb this time.

How much longer? How much more?  Could her mind survive?  Would she be able to free herself when the key dropped?  She now knew that pleasure could turn to torment.  She had yet to learn to just what extent torment would reach.


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