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Naked Night Walk

by Ima

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© Copyright 2016 - Ima - Used by permission

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For a while, my wife and I lived in a small cottage out in the countryside, surrounded by fields normally inhabited by cows; nice if you didn't have to drive anywhere, but around 10 miles for a pint of milk (even when surrounded by cows) meant it wasn't the easiest of places to live.

My wife worked quite a bit in mainland Europe, being away for days at a time, sometimes even a couple of weeks, which meant if I took a few days off from work, or worked from home, I could indulge in my favourite lone pastime, my "me time" as it is.

My wife is well aware of my fetishes, cross dressing and bondage and she does play sometimes, but she knows that when left alone, I will spend all of my "free time" in tights and chains; she doesn't have a problem with that, she knows I masturbate like a teenager and says that it is a good thing, because then I leave her alone!

She was leaving for a 5 day business trip that would take her to Italy, Spain and Norway (lucky girl) so I put in for a few days off work. Since I am honest, I didn't want to "work from home" I wanted to have a completely self indulgent me time and wanted to spend all of it chained 1 way or another.

My first night, I decided that I would go out into the fields and walk back in chains; the route had been worked out when we were out on walks together and using G***le maps, I found it was about 3 Kilometres from the starting point to the cottage and would take me over some very muddy and boggy ground which had been churned up a lot by the cows. Since it was summer, it was quite warm and had been raining a great deal, so the ground was extra muddy and I would naturally get extra muddy too; yes, I do like getting all squelchy in mud!

After bidding her bon voyage, my heart did the usual skip and jump and I knew I had the next 5 days to myself; plenty to eat, I don't drink alcohol and plenty of cigarettes, so I was ready as it were. When it finally got dark (around 1030PM) I decided that I would wear ankle chains, wrist chains and have another chain around my waist to lock my wrists to. The chains were just that, lengths of chain that were padlocked, nothing fancy, but extremely effective. Then I decided to up the game and have my wifes vibrator inserted into me and tied in, with the knots at the back so once my hands were locked in front of me, I would not be able to remove it; I then took it up slightly further and decided to carry out my whole little adventure naked.

Despite there being a full moon, the sky was very heavily laden with rain clouds and so it was virtually pitch dark; fortunately, it was an easy route to take, so after climbing over the low fence with all of my chains, locks, rope and vibrator in a carrier bag and all the keys in the cottage, I set off, keeping as dry and clean as possible until I reached the start point. Yes, it does feel good to be naked out of doors with the breeze blowing over every inch of your flesh, but then there is the fear of the unknown; all of the "what ifs" start to enter the mind, farmers carry guns, what would one say if caught? Trouble is, these things add to the arousal, don't they? Of course they do!

Now the normal sequence of events is that I enter my bondage, play my adventure and then masturbate and then untie / unchain, shower and sleep; I wanted to change that, so put my chains on and inserted the vibrator (with fresh batteries and at full throttle) and after putting the carrier bag safely under a large stone for recovery the next day, I walked around (as best you can on a 6 inch gap between your ankles) and pretended that I was trying to escape from my cruel mistress / master (I have bi-tendencies); hiding in bushes and ducking behind trees and then masturbated; I came very quickly, I hadn't even achieved a full erection, I was that aroused.

It was then that I had to face that 3 Kilometre walk back to safety. My arousal was completely gone and I felt a new emotion; desperation. My god, that is a powerful one, I simply wanted out, I really didn't want to play any more, I wanted to unchain, get the now uncomfortable vibrator out of me and have a shower, but no, that was not going to happen until I had completed my journey home. To make matters worse, a wind had gotten up and it started to rain, rain very heavily. Taking my 6 inch steps, I also realised I had put the chains on my ankles slightly too tight and now that my sexual adrenalin had gone, they were not just hurting, they were starting to blister. To avoid further damage, I had to take shorter steps, so the chains didn't rotate about my ankles.

With the wind and rain, I was getting very cold, which did actually help a little, since it took some of the pain away from my ankles, but it was very miserable and I was beginning to know how real escapees felt; desperate, frightened, alone, cold, wet; oh yes, it was a very powerful set of emotions and feelings that succeeded in making me cry. About 1k in was the large mud wallow that the cattle had made around their water trough; I was in 2 minds whether or not to wallow myself, but decided that the mud may ease the blisters on my ankles and may even give a bit of protection from the winds, so I did; I wallowed and rolled around like a pig and was having quite a nice time of it; so much so that I actually got aroused again and lay on my back, completely covered in mud and masturbated a second time. On reflection, I shouldn't have done, because once my penis had stopped convulsing, I became only too aware of my situation again and promptly burst into tears; great big sobs they were and I asked myself why? Why do this? Why like this? Why didn't I just walk past the wallow and get home? Ever tried getting up from a 6 inch to 1 foot deep thick sucking mud wallow with your ankles chained 6 inches apart and your hands chained in front of you? I ended up scooting along on my backside to where the mud ended, all the time forcing the vibrator deeper inside until it actually went right inside me and mud started entering my open anus.

I eventually got to my feet and started again; 1K down, 2 to go. The rain had stopped while I was wallowing both in mud and self pity and the cloud cover had blown away, leaving the full moon shining on the fields; I was scared shitless, because I thought I stood out, but then realised I was near enough the same colour as the ground I stood on. At the 2k point was the brow of the hill that overlooked the cottage and the neighbouring houses. There was a long hedgerow that I decided to rest at, so crawled under and lay down. I stayed there for about 30 minutes, my ankles were extremely raw, the vibrator was now very painful and I think the mud that went in after it was starting to harden, as was my penis again. No, I decided that I was not going to masturbate until I got to the cottage garden and safety, no more emotional outbursts.

I literally dragged myself to my feet and started off down the hill towards safety. I trod very very slowly, because the field had recently been ploughed and the furrows were pretty lethal to bare feet, but the moon was shining and lit my way home for me. I got to the fence and here is where it fell apart for a while; the fence was 4 feet tall; I had climbed over it easily enough unbound, but chained up? I was not going to get over it, despite my best efforts, so I collapsed down by the fence and started to sob again, before the voice of reason told desperation to shut the hell up!. Fortunately, our cottage was on the end of the row; unfortunately, there was a 6 foot bramble type of hedge that nothing could get through without ripping one to shreds; there was a gap in the hedge for tractors to get through, but that was 750 metres up the way and then another 750 metres back to the front gate of the cottage along a small country road that seemed to carry quite a lot of traffic, day and night. Fortunately, it's not lit and has a shallow ditch on the road opposite the houses to allow rainwater to flow into either the fields, or the nearby river. Picking my way back over the furrows, stones playing havoc with my bare feet, I reached the gap, just as a truck went past.

Luck would be on my side, I squatted behind the bushes and realised that I would have about 10-15 seconds of warning of traffic approaching me and about 25-30 seconds of traffic behind, because of the lights coming down the road; all I had to do was keep my wits and duck into the ditch; the fact I was encased in mud made me all the less conspicuous and so off I set; the roadway being a lot smoother than the fields, but hell on my feet because of all the sharp grit on the edges of the surface. I could have gone down the middle of the road where it was smooth, but it would have taken longer to get to the ditch, so my feet would just have to suffer the distance.

Only 4 times did I have to scurry into the ditch, although my heart nearly left my chest when just after one car had gone past, the brake lights came on and it screeched to a halt. Not only could I hear my heart pounding in my mouth, the bloody vibrator could be heard through it too, I was completely frozen, I didn't even blink, but then the car sped off and disappeared into the night. I got through the gate completely silently, not even a chain rattle. I went round to the side of the cottage and yes, as my reward, I masturbated furiously until I came once more, although it was near dry and not all that pleasant.

I had 2 plastic bags to put my feet into to make my way to the shower without leaving mud all over the floor; I tried to unchain, but mud had gotten into the locks and the keys would not go in, so I took them with me into the shower and after a little effort and direct spray into each, I finally managed to free my wrists and remove the rope that didn't even need to hold the vibrator in; I think there was mud in my bottom, but not much. I had to really force myself to get enough of the vibrator to grab and remove and after plugging the bathtub and soaking my feet, the chains came off my ankles. Yes, they were badly blistered and I had what felt like dozens of tiny cuts on the soles of my feet. I finished showering and put a brand new pair of tights on and fell into bed.

That happened about 2 years ago, I had a number of sessions while my wife was away, I'll write more another time, I got hold of some heat shrink tubing for the chains and repeated my adventure about a year later, but I have 4 little scars where the chains rubbed in that night; I treat them as a rite of passage!

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