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A Naked and Shackled Walk in the Rain

by Sprinttri

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Storycodes: Solo-M; outdoors; woods; leather; harness; cuffs; chain; nipple; naked; true; cons; X

I had been planning this day for a little while and the weather was cooperating. It was just about 60 F and there was a light misty rain so there wouldn’t be too many people out on the trails where I was headed.

A little while ago I had purchased a full body leather harness. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but after getting it adjusted and figuring out the best way to fit my balls and cock into the ring I was hooked. It felt so good and the smell of leather is so intoxicating.

I shaved so there would be no hairs in the way of the ring. On my first attempt to use it I discovered how painful it could be to have the ring pulling on the hairs. It felt so good as I looked down at my shaven area around my cock and balls, so smooth.

Cinching the chest and waist straps tightly around my body, I looked in the mirror admiring how the harness looked. It made me look like something out of a Mad Max movie. I swung the ring strap between my legs and pulled it taught between my ass cheeks. Then I pushed my freshly shaven balls one at a time through the ring and gently pulled them down to properly position them. I then pushed the head of my cock through the ring and pulled it through the space between my balls. Even soft it is tricky to maneuver into the ring.

Pulling the ring tight up against my body I looked down to see my cock already getting hard at the thought of my adventure. I slid the front strap through the ring and secured it with a few snaps. Standing up straight I adjusted the straps so everything was nice and comfortable, or as comfortable as it could be. I looked in the mirror again and wondered what someone would think if they saw me.

I then put on my short running shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. Having a bit of a drive to the woods I wasn’t sure who would be out and about. No need to be caught naked before I even got to the woods, especially if it were the police.

I loaded my nipple clamps and my ankle and wrist cuffs that were joined by lengths of chain into a small backpack and headed out to the car. It would be a short drive to the parking lot for the trails I was going to. The time was about 3:00 in the afternoon and traffic was fairly light. When I arrived at the parking lot just off of a busy road I saw there was only one car in the lot. For a brief minute I debated on taking off my t-shirt and maybe shorts but decided not to. Too much risk as the parking lot is right next to a popular bike path.

I got out of the car and placed my car keys in the backpack, locked the car, and headed out to the trails. Crossing the bike path I saw no one and headed out on a short trail that paralleled the bike path for a few minutes. I had to stop once to adjust the ring securing my cock and balls as it had shifted a bit on the drive and was pinching. Once that was done I turned onto a cut through path that lead to the main loop path in the woods. Trees were blocking the view from the bike path but I wanted to get to a small side trail quickly to start my adventure.

A few minutes later I reached the side trail and headed down it a bit until I was out of sight of the loop trail. I stopped and looked and listened for a bit. Assured that no one was around I took a deep breath and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt. I folded them up and placed them in my small pack after taking the nipple clamps and wrist and ankle chains out. My heart pounded as I looked around feeling the light mist hitting my naked flesh. This was so risky and wrong it made me want to continue to take chances.

I pinched my right nipple and secured the nipple clamp that I had threaded through one of the harness rings. I groaned as it grasped my nipple. The other clamp is secured to this one by a short length of string. Threading the left clamp through a harness ring below my left nipple I then secured that clamp to my left nipple. Again I groaned as the clamp pinched my nipple. It felt so good though.

Next I leaned down and secured each ankle cuff to my ankles. A chain of about 14” connected the two cuffs limiting my gait. Another chain was secured to the middle of the ankle chain up to the middle of the wrist chain. I secured the wrist cuffs to my wrists in front of me that were now separated by a 6” chain and secured to the ankle chain. I chuckled to myself as to what a sight I would be should someone see me.

As this was my first time venturing out secured like this I took my time walking down the path. This was a rarely used path and there were several small dead branches across the trail that I had to navigate. It was a learning experience and thankfully I didn’t fall. Now this path meanders for a short distance until it intersects with another more heavily used side trail. I stopped at the bottom of a hill on the trail just before the intersection to look around and see if anyone was coming along the heavier used trail.

My heart pounded as I debated on whether to take a chance walking down the trail or just turning around. I hesitated slightly more and then decided to go for it. I carefully walked up the hill and stepped out onto the trail. There was less cover on this trail and while I could see fairly far ahead to see if anyone was coming they could also possibly see me depending on how far ahead they were looking.

This trail is about a mile long and it intersects some popular trails at each end. I decided to head left and see how far I dared walk. Walking harnessed, shackled, and pinched by nipple clamps naked in what was now a light rain was a thrill I had never experienced before. It was so wrong, but felt so empowering for some reason.

I would appear to someone as being a “slave” or a submissive but I felt so powerful walking along knowing that at any moment someone could come along and I would be totally open, exposed, and vulnerable. There was no way I could cover up or hide and it thrilled me unbelievably.

After slowly walking for about 10 minutes, I decided it was best to turn around and head back. I stopped on the side of the trail and decided again that I had tempted fate long enough and I undid my shackles and put my short running shorts back on. However, I decided to put the shackles back on but this time with my hands behind my back. Should anyone come along I had the crazy idea to say I was practicing for a Halloween party as Halloween was about two weeks away.

No one came along as I walked back to the original trail I had walked in on. As I walked down the little hill I decided to slide my shorts down. Why, I have no idea, but it felt so good. I slid my shorts half way down my thighs and as I walked they fell down to my ankles further limiting my gait that was already limited by the shackles.

I neared the main loop trail and decided it was time to end this fun for today. Just as I made that decision I heard several voices approaching. I couldn’t tell at first if they were on the trail or the bike path. Ducking behind a tree I waited to see and soon it was clear they were on the nearby bike path and not on the trail. I quickly took off my shackles and placed them in my pack. I pulled up my shorts and took my t-shirt out. Figuring I was safe in my shorts I left my t-shirt off for now and headed out along the loop trail back to the parking lot.

Once I reached the bike path next to the parking lot I put my t-shirt on just in case. It was a good thing I did because a woman and her dog were walking along the bike path as well as a guy running. You never know who will be prudish and offended these days. The woman had a sour look on her face when I greeted her. Who knows maybe if I were naked and shackled as I was walking along the paths it would have brightened her day? Probably not though.

It was now about 4:00 in the afternoon and traffic was picking up a bit more. I decided that I needed to take another risk. Sitting in my car I placed my cell phone on the visor in a manner that I could video myself driving. I looked around and seeing no one around I took off my t-shirt and pulled one leg of my shorts up exposing pretty much everything, the bottom of the harness, and my hard cock and balls. Then I reshackled my wrists and ankles after starting to record.

Heading out on the road I drove along pretty much totally exposed should anyone be up high enough to see down into my SUV. Harnessed, nipple clamps on, and shackled I carefully drove the 15 minutes or so home. What a thrill knowing how exposed and vulnerable I was all the while passing several cars going the other direction. I arrived in my driveway and got out of my car still shackled. I did pull my shorts down to the proper normal position. No need to get caught pretty much naked in my own driveway.

I walked inside and let our dogs out totally thrilled with the afternoon’s adventures.

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