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Naked Walk in the Woods

by Sprinttri

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Storycodes: Solo-M; outdoors; chain; clothes; padlock; naked; walk; cons; X

I have been enjoying self-bondage for quite a while along with being naked in semi-public places. Often I would start my days with a naked run on trails in nearby woods interspersed with short runs down regular public roads that link two trail entrances. All of this was fun and quite risky.

Then I read and was inspired by a story I read here. A gentleman across the pond had related a story of combining a type of bondage and being naked in public. He would select a risky spot to hide a key then walk a set distance away and chain his clothes to a tree. The key to the lock releasing his clothes was the hidden key.

Inspired I thought about a place to best carry out this next adventure. There is a spot I have set up for my self-bondage adventures in the woods near several trails. Some are side trails and some are heavily travelled. The heavily travelled would add maximum risk and chance of getting caught.

I loaded my small pack with a length of chain, a lock and key, and some bug spray. Just to be careful I decided to walk the trails in the area I had selected to select the best area to hide a key to the lock and to stop and secure my clothes. Walking along a main trail that crossed a stream I selected a spot next to the stream just off the trail under a small branch. Hidden out of sight but to actually get the key I would be in full view of anyone coming up the trail from a parking lot or coming down several other trails that intersect just above the stream. Perfect for the enhanced risk and thrill.

Now to decide how far away from the key on which trail to get naked and lock my keys. I selected a trail that went between two other trails, one very heavily travelled and separated by about 20 feet of light woods and elevation and another less heavily travelled trail separated by the same amount of woods. I could be very easily seen by anyone using either trail. I selected a spot for my initial trial run that was about a half mile from the key.

Stepping off of the trail I selected a tree to lock my clothes to. Perfect size and just far enough off of the trail that unless someone was looking they wouldn’t see my clothes. I took a look around and listened for a bit to see if anyone was around. Neither seeing nor hearing anyone I began threading the chain up through the leg of my shorts and then up under my t-shirt coming out the neck opening. I squatted down and secured one end of the chain coming out of my shirt to the end wrapped around the tree with the lock.

As it clicked closed the thrill and reality of the situation became apparent. The only way to get out of this was to strip naked and retrieve the key to the lock. I took a deep breath, savoring the thrill of what awaited me, and began to remove my chained t-shirt. My attention was drawn to the heavily used trail and what sounded like woman’s voices. I could clearly see the trail they were own so conversely they should be able to see me!

Here I am my clothes chained to a tree, the only way to get them free is to retrieve the key, and the only way to get the key is to get naked. I remained totally still and watched as the women walked down the heavily used trail totally focused on their conversation and their dog. Looking at them as they passed I swear one of them looked my way but did not react.

I waited a bit to see they had passed by and then removed my shorts that were chained and locked along with my t-shirt to the tree. What a thrill feeling naked knowing I had to walk a distance and back to get my clothes back. I sprayed some bug spray from my pack on my exposed flesh to attempt to protect me from mosquitoes and listened one more time before heading out on the trail to retrieve the key to release my clothes.

Tentatively I stepped out on the trail wearing nothing but bug spray, a hat, and running shoes. I was in partial view of the heavily used trail along with the other trail that parallel trail and now my walk begins. My speed of walking started off slowly and then sped up a bit. I kept looking side to side and listening to see if anyone was coming either way on any of the three trails.

As I made my way along the trail I felt the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze hitting my exposed flesh. What a thrill the feeling of freedom and exposure coupled with the risk of getting caught! The further I walked down the path the closer I got to the key and the further I was away from my locked clothes.

Steadily I walked down the path quickening my pace to regain my freedom in my clothes. I neared the intersection of several trails and waited, listening, looking. They key was now a short distance away, but in order to retrieve it I would be totally exposed to being discovered from several different points. There was nothing I could do but press on to retrieve the key.

My heart pounded as I walked down the path as it crossed the stream. I stopped just before the stream and retrieved the key to the release of my clothes now a significant distance away. The urgency of getting the key is now replaced by the urgency to get back to my clothes that were locked to a tree and to get there unseen.

I made my way back up the path I had come down. I debated on taking another path that would bring me close to my chained clothes but decide against it on this maiden experiment. That can be saved for the next time.

As I walked back to my clothes I decided to slow my pace and savor the feeling. The feeling of freedom, the feeling of being totally exposed and vulnerable, no feeling of being potentially caught.

The walk back proved uneventful as far as being seen. I made my way back to my clothes with the key and unlocked the chain that held them to the tree. Slowly I reluctantly redressed in my t-shirt and shorts. It always feels so confining after an extended period of being out in the woods naked.

I did change my return route as to not retrace my steps I had just travelled naked. The main trail seemed like the best and quickest way back to where I had started today. I headed out of the woods that separated the path I had travelled and the main path and walked on seeing a few walkers in the distance.

As I got closer to the walkers I realized they were the two women who had previously walked the other way when I was removing my chained t-shirt. They clearly had no idea there had just been a totally naked man walking on a parallel trail to theirs. What a thrill for me to know how close they were unaware of what I was doing. I snickered to myself as I got closer to them and talked to them briefly about their dog.

Reflecting on the thrill of today’s naked adventure I made my way back to where I had started my day. I thought to myself how could I turn the risk and thrill up a bit. One option for the next time would be to secure my hands behind me. This would make it more difficult to retrieve the key and to cover up should anyone see me. I also thought of more challenging locations to hide the key. There are benches and a picnic table near where I started. These are both heavily trafficked areas and close to a roadway. A key taped under a bench or a picnic table would be highly risky to retrieve while naked.

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