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by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2003 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; rope; cuffs; hogtie; stuck; F/f; tease; lesb; first; kiss; mast; climax; cons; X

Dark haired Nancy carefully dialed the phone. "Judith, you just have to come over and see this", she said excitedly. 

"What's that?" Judith asked. 

"Just come over you'll see when you get here, ok?"

"Ah, sure thing," the blonde said, "fifteen minutes". 

"Alright," Nancy said, "when you get here use the key under the flower pot and let yourself in." 

That last comment was odd to Judith but the line went dead before she could ask about it.

Nancy lay on the floor next to the now disconnected phone. Ok just another fifteen minutes and then she would be free. But what to tell her friend? I can't make up a break in or assault, Judith would insist on calling the police. It looks like I am going to have to tell the truth to my closest friend. What will Judith think of her friend then? "No Jude", she tried it out loud, "no one did this to me, I tied myself up for fun and now can't get out."

"Oh yea, that should do nicely", she mumbled dejectedly.

Nancy was in a snug hogtie with her feet pulled up close to her back side without pulling her into a painful arch. Rope circled her ankles and was tied to a waist rope keeping her from straightening her legs. Handcuffs held her wrists behind her back and a rope loop secured them to the waist rope. All the knots were just below her navel in front of her naked body.

Without the keys or a knife she was going no where. Only right now the keys were hanging on a string near the ceiling. The ice had melted away two hours ago but for some reason the keys did not fall. Nancy had struggled helplessly for two hours debating what to do before finally settling on calling for help. Judith had been her best friend since childhood and had shared a dorm room with her for years. In all that time she had never told her friend about her kink for selfbondage. 'What will Judith do?' she wondered. 'Even if she won't talk to me ever again', the helpless girl thought, 'all she has to do is get the keys down for me'.

It felt like an eternity waiting for Judith's arrival. She was afraid of what may happen yet just as excited about it happening. Did she really want her friend to see her like this? Naked, helpless, and vulnerable? Then Nancy giggled at herself, Judith was on her way and was going to walk in at any moment. She could not even reach the door knob to get out of the room. Closing her eyes Nancy took a deep breath and steeled herself against the inevitable.

Judith parked her car and walked to the back door of Nancy's house. If her friends message had been any less cryptic she would have stayed home, but something made her come. The key was there right were it always was. The blonde opened the door and entered a silent house. Concerned now she called out, "Nancy are you here?"

"Up here, in the spare room," a muffled voice called out. Judith went up the stairs and opened the door to the spare bedroom. The room was completely bare except for the carpeted floor. Right there, in the center of the floor was Nancy, naked, bound hand and foot. The blonde stood there in shock momentarily looking at her helpless friend.

Nancy looked up at her life long friend and smiled nervously. "Hi" she said. 

"Are you alright?" Judith asked. 

"Yea just fine," the bound girl said, "just kinda stuck." 

Stepping closer Judith examined the bondage seeing the handcuffs and realised what she was seeing. 

"You..... you did this yourself didn't you?"

"Yes," the dark haired girl said. "The keys are hung up over there, they did not drop the way they should have."

Judith glanced up to see two small keys hanging high on the wall. Placing her hands on her hips Judith looked down at her friend.

"So you got stuck and you called me?" 

"Yea," Nancy said, "you're the only one I trusted enough to call."

"Finally it all makes sense," the blonde said. "The odd red marks on your wrists back in collage, the rope for the clothes line always coming up missing."

"Yea that was me," Nancy admitted. 

"So how long have you been like that today?" Judith asked.

"Almost five hours," Nancy replied, "my legs are really starting to cramp."

Judith knelt beside her friend, "Let's see about straightening out your legs" she said. 

"You're ok with this?" Nancy asked.

"Sure," the blonde said, "but now I want to try it out too."

"Really! Are you sure?" Nancy asked.

"I sure am," Judith said, "or I could go home and let you suffer over night and then come back."

"NO!!!" Nancy said quickly, "I'll show you everything, just don't leave me like this."

The blonde smiled sweetly, "Ok" she said, "now about the knots. Lets get them loose first."

Rolling her friend onto her side Judith released the knots allowing the bound girl to straighten her cramped legs for the first time in hours. Nancy moaned as strained muscles protested their new found movement. The dark haired girl writhed in glory working out the kinks, yet she was still bound hand and foot in total helplessness.

The blonde could not take her eyes off of her friend. She looked so hot bound like that! Her movements so exotically sensual. Judith just wanted to reach out and stroke the other girls breasts, pinch her nipple. 'But why? I've never ever even thought about anything like this. Why should I do so now?' But Judith thought 'I have never had this opportunity before either.'

Nancy looked up at her friend expectantly. She was not asking to be freed from her bondage, but the question in her eyes both begged and feared her touch. It was a release of another kind that she needed desperately. The bound girls nipples were bullet points, standing out proudly. Judith reached out gliding her fingers across the other girls breasts. Nancy moaned softly, writhing in her frustrated condition, she arched her back pushing her breasts out further. No more hesitation on the dark haired girls side, helpless to resist any more Nancy whispered softly, "Please."

The blonde's hands glided over her friends naked and helpless body. The other squirmed as Judith's roaming hands explored her body. Each stroke and caress making Nancy squirm, moan, or cry out loud depending on where she was touched. Helplessly responding like a musical instrument being played in response to the musicians directions.

Judith bent down and their lips met. It was wonderful! So soft and warm, the blonde responded almost as helpless as the bound girl. Seconds later she was laying full length on the floor pressing her body against that of her friend. Hip to hip and breast to breast they kissed again. Nancy strained against her restraints hating them for holding her back, yet loving the fact that she was bound so securely.

A finger pushed into Nancy probing her for just the right spot. Judith pressed her body against her bound friend grinding her pelvic area against the thigh of her friend. Although still fully dressed in denims and a t-shirt the blonde was very close to the edge. Both women cried out as they were taken by orgasmic ecstasy.

They lay on the floor, one naked the other dressed. One bound helplessly the other now held by a bondage of another sort. Laying on the floor Nancy cradled in the others arms as they drifted on a cloud of bliss.

Maybe later it would be Judith's turn in the ropes. For now they were satisfied with what they had. Each other.


The End


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