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Nancy’s New Work Out Bench

by Watt

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© Copyright 2011 - Watt - Used by permission

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Some time ago I read a story someplace about a sweet young thing that built a machine to satisfy herself sexually. I tried to write my own story. I'm sure some of what I wrote is similar to that original. I have no clue where I read the original. My story was also never finished as I could not put into words how a female might feel riding my design, seeing that I am not one. Perhaps some one could finish this and you could publish it to your site.

I was kind of a tomboy when I grew up because my dad was a contractor and I was around building sites a lot and I helped them do some of the small things. As I got older, my dad had me work my way though collage helping build houses and offices in our town. I had gotten pretty good at it and had learned more than some of the guys I worked with. I also had gotten a great body to match with the hard work and also getting older.

Now I'm 26 and have a 38-25-36 shape that the guys say is better than any they had seen, with brown eyes and auburn hair that turns heads around this town. I had dated some of the guys here and we had fun and I liked them, but when it came to sex, I couldn’t seem to get enough and would be let down every time I tried to get them to last longer. All they seem to want is wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I knew I was missing something but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

My dad always said, if you want something done right, do it yourself. So I had gotten myself a nine inch dildo and I had a better time with that and was getting closer to bigger orgasms each time I used it. Still something wasn’t quite right, by using my hands to hold it and having to concentrate on the movements I would lose some of the excitement that would build in me as I worked it in and out my hungry love hole. Then one day as I was in a book store looking around I found a book on bondage with pictures of girls tied up in all kinds of positions and a light went off in my head, if I were tied down and had something to push and pull a simulated dick in and out, I could lay back and enjoy the hard fucking I would receive.

Shit, I almost came right then and there thinking about it, so I bought the book and headed on home to read and look at all the pictures. Now at home I really got worked up and before I know it I had my plastic friend all the way in and I worked myself up to a big nerve bending orgasm. I had to do something to satisfy this new found turn on.

Today is Friday and since my house has a two-car garage, half of which is empty, I had a plan. After work I went to the local hardware store/lumber yard and purchased several pieces of lumber, a 2x8 by 8' for the top piece, and a 2x6 by 8' for the legs. I'm being rather detailed so you could duplicate what I did, if this idea turns you on as much as it does me. With a couple of short scrap pieces left from the rest that I brought home for braces, I can make a strong 8' saw horse. You don't want it collapsing right in the middle of a hoped for strong orgasm.

I figured I needed some thing about 2' wide on top of the saw horse for my back, and some thing less that half that for my arms and legs. A 1x10 by 8' cut in half would do for my back, and 2 - 1x6 by 10' should do to hold my arms and legs with enough left over for the saw horse leg braces and to hold the back piece boards together. I already have nails, and enough rope to tie my self down, but I need 10 screw in eye bolts as tie points. I hope to be rather active during my session, so I decided after looking over the selection to get them in 5/16" size. I want a slow insertion, with a quick withdrawal of my nine inch cock, so I pick out a couple of door closer springs I will to use to accomplish that. Satisfied, I paid for my goodies and leave.

Next stop was at an adult toy store that some of the guys at work had mentioned to me. In my shopping basket I placed 2 heavy leather lockable leg cuffs, 2 similar wrist cuffs and a matching neck collar. All 5 pieces had 2 strong "D" rings attached. One of the "D" rings on each piece had a 10" stainless steel chain connected to it. Not being exactly sure what I might need, I also took a plastic bag full of 10 assorted lengths of similar chain and another bag with 10 small pad locks, each with 2 keys.

The male clerk, about my age, was very helpful, but I think he would have closed the store and done me right then and there if I had let him.

Got to go, I said, and hurried back home with all my goodies, with two whole days to build, and hopefully use at least once, my new work out bench.

First I built the saw horse with the 2x8, with the flat side up and the 2x6 for the 4 legs. I used just enough of one of the 1x6s for a cross brace between the legs on one end and another piece from the cross brace center, and up to the 2x8 at a 45* angle. From the other 1x6 I did the same to the other end. Next I cut the 1x10 in half and laid the 2 pieces side by side that was going to be for my back to lie on. I cut a 1x6 cross brace from each long board again and nailed one at each end of the body board. The remaining 2 - 1x6 were then cut in half, one piece to support each of my arms and legs. I placed the body board in the middle of the saw horse and nailed it down. The arm and leg boards were nailed onto the saw horse, such that both my arms and legs would be at about a 70* angle. I covered it all with 1" padding and some leather I had.

Just looking at what I had build so far and thinking how it was going to be used, caused my panties to become moist. I should hurry and get this thing usable.

My feet would be held by the ankle cuffs, with the chain, wrapped around the 1x6 boards, about twenty four inches apart. This would hold me spread eagle just enough, so the motor driven nine inch dick would have a good target to slide into. My arms would be held in a similar fashion as well as my neck. At various places along the edge of the 2x8 I drilled pilot holes and screwed in 4 eye bolts on each side. I checked to see if I had enough rope to sufficient immobilize me on the work out bench, and I did.

Next was to modify a DC motor I had stored away from an old winch on a long dead pick up truck. It still has the gear box attached and at about 6 volts it turns at one revolution in 10 seconds. Cranking it up to 12 volts about triples that speed. When I get it working OK, I'll bet the lower speed will not be used. Damn, my panties are damp again. On my band saw I cut out from a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood, what looked like a tear drop, 12 inches long. I rounded the narrow end.

Next I drill holes in it, and the pulley mounted on the motor shaft and bolt the two together. As the motor turns, the narrow end of the tear drop will push a round shaft towards my pussy slowly for about 10" until the end of the tear drop passes the end of the shaft. Then the two springs will snap the shaft back to it's resting position, ready for the next forward push into my eagerly awaiting snatch. If I place the dildo at it's resting position about two inches from me, I should enjoy a good eight inch fuck.

Lying down on the bench, I mark with a pencil where the working end of my plastic monster should be while at rest. It just so happens that the screw top of it's battery compartment is the same thread as that of a 1" handle for a push broom, how convenient is that. Now I have a round push shaft with my favorite friend screwed on it's end. I place the nose of it on the saw horse at the pencil mark. Next is to drill a hole and screw in one of the remaining eye bolts just behind the back end of where the dildo will be at rest. With some other scrap pieces of lumber I mount the motor so the tear drop can push on the back end of the cut off broom handle. The last eye bolt is screwed into the saw horse at least 10" forward from that cut end. Lastly I slide the broom handle through the 2 eye bolts and connect 2 springs to it in such a way that they will snap the shaft back to it's rest position as soon as the rotating tear drop passes by it's end.

Wow! I think it's time to fire this bitch up, or should I say bastard, I'm never sure about gender with those words. Fuck it, get the damn 6 volt battery, my new work out bench is ready to please. I just touch the wires connected to the motor to the battery, it moves! It seems to be moving, but a tad slow. OK, so the battery is weak, that fixable. The shaft seems to move forward in a jerky manner, and the return is not much better. The guest of honor, that's me, will need some KY. The machine could use some also. I rub Vaseline on the edge of the tear drop and the broom handle. Much better. The battery is on the charger and I need to go prepare myself for the ride.

They say that first impressions are always what you remember, so I want my first experience with my new work out bench to be memorable. That's going to require at least two things to happen, the second I'll describe tomorrow when I set it up.

First off I need something to wear that is ultra sexy and my closet has absolute nothing that qualifies. It's now too late on Friday night to go shopping as I spent too long building my machine. Damn and double Damn, as I'm so horny right now. Another thing they always say is, good things come to those who wait. Who the FUCK are all these "theys" any way! Screw them and the horse they rode in on. I bet their horse is not giving them the ride I hope my horse is going to give me tomorrow. I grab a bite to eat, shower, brush my teeth and hop naked into bed and under the covers, hoping to dream about something sexy.

Saturday came early and I was ready for whatever would happen to me. With my credit card tight in my hand, I headed off to the mall where there is a Victoria's Secret store. Looking through the racks of lingerie I find a soft red colored, baby doll nightie with puffy arms and really soft black trim. It’s just my size and I can’t wait to get back home to put it on. It comes with a skimpy matching thong that I don’t intend to wear, as in my drawer at home I have something much better I think. The traffic is terrible by now, can this be a conspiracy to keep me from my new machine. Finally I make it back to the house, park the truck in the driveway and sprint for the door, starting to remove my clothes as I run. My shirt is already off as I close and lock the door behind me.

I hope that old fart washing his car across the street didn’t see me. I’d hate for him to have a heart attack and have the paramedics arrive for him as they might hear me moaning in the garage and break in to rescue me. Getting caught being screwed by a machine could spoil my image in the neighborhood. My skirt gets dropped on the kitchen table along with my purchase from earlier. You might think I’m a slob, but at least I didn’t just drop it on the floor. I kick off my shoes, the first one as I enter the living room, and the other at the bottom of the stairs. Half way up the stairs I drop my camisole, OK so maybe I am a slob, or am I just so horny I can’t wait to get on my back on my new fucking machine.

I manage to get my panties complete off as I step into the bath room for a quick shower, not that my new friend waiting for me in the empty half of my garage cares. I towel myself off and decide to rub on some of my scented body lotion. Not too much as I don’t want to be sliding around when I get myself onto the leather covered boards waiting for me. All my cuffs, ropes and other things are already on the regular work bench next to my fucking machine. Well, don’t get excited over me calling it what it really is. Say it with me now, “It’s a FUCKING, fucking machine!” and I built it all by myself. All I need to take with me is my tube of KY, my digital camera and it’s tripod, and a special pair of black panties a pervert gave me several years ago that found their way to the bottom of the pile in my panty drawer. If he had not been such an ASS HOLE about everything I wanted to do that evening, I might have gone to bed with him.

Back to the black panties I wanted to wear, first off, they are in the shape of a pair of men’s boxers, but are made out of see through black nylon, so they are definitely feminine. Secondly, all the middle of the crotch is missing, they were intentionally made that way, which will suit me nicely when I finally get lashed to my machine and turn on the power. Where my snatch will be and can the my love toy find it easily, comes down to, location, location, location. I step into the panties, they feel cool against my skin, still warm from the hot shower. I’m starting to get excited, but I don’t want my love box to start dripping just yet, there is still a whole afternoon to go for that. KY and camera in hand, I head down the stairs to the kitchen where I retrieve my earlier purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

Thankfully the kitchen door leads out to the garage. I’d be screwed if it didn’t. Actually if I couldn’t get to the garage I’d NOT be screwed, at least not till after dark. Last night before leaving I had the fore thought to pull down the shades in the garage, as I need the lights on to make my video. That's the second thing I wanted to do for my first fucking experience, nice play on words. I have a camera memory stick that can make a 3 hour MPG video file, which is probably longer that I want to be screwed, at least the first time any way. All the lights are on, the camera is set to video mode, on it's tripod and is sitting on my regular work bench, looking down at the whole contraption I'm about to be bind myself to with several ropes. I buckle on the 2 wrist and 2 ankle cuffs. I decide to wait on the neck collar until all the ropes are tied down.

Before I set the camera to record, I need to finish dressing. Out of the fancy VS bag comes my soft red colored, baby doll outfit which I put on over my head. The red of it and the black panties make a nice contrast, perhaps I should consider selling the video. I don't think so!

I have moved a chair to each side of the saw horse, on the left one I place the ropes I think I will need, each is about 10’ long, 5 or 6 should be enough. On the right is my neck collar, the tube of KY, and the heavy duty switch that turns the motor on. I check to be sure the switch is off before connecting the two battery clamps on the motor wires to the now fully charged 6 volt battery. I flip on the switch to make sure I have the motor direction correct, it is. I let the dildo shaft run through a couple of cycles to see if everything is still OK. Yep! I stop the motor at the end of a full cycle when the broom handle shaft snaps back to the rest position.

My crotch is getting warn just thinking about what I’m about to embark upon. I reach down to the open crotch of my black boy type panties and stroke my now slightly moist snatch. Oh, that feels good, and shortly it's going to get the hard screwing it desires. I double check everything again, it all looks good. With the 6 volt battery now fully charged, I’m estimating it may run the motor for a least a good half hour or more. Just thinking about that makes my box quiver, I'd better hurry before I prematurely cum, as that would be a damn shame. It’s time to start the camera recording, so I turn it on and quickly check the display to see if it's aimed correctly to catch all the action. Looks great!

I hop up and sit on the bench, looking to see if my lower lips are at the planned proper two inches from the waiting plastic nine inch monster. A mental note, before I ride this fucking machine again, I should add a flat board just above my head, so I'm lying the correct distance from my intruder every time. I grab the top rope from the left hand chair, and reach over to the right side of the saw horse where the farthest away eyebolt is, and run the end of the rope through it. Now up and over my waist with the free end of it, and through the corresponding eyebolt on the left side. Back and forth through the hole in those two eyebolts until there is just enough left of both ends to tie a knot just off my right side.

Another mental note, my second, I need to figure out how to make the ropes tighter before my next ride. I don't want to be able to move sideways even a little bit as I might miss what I hoped could be the ride of my life.

Three more knotted ropes later and I'm reasonably well attached to the bench from my waist up to my chest, and just under my arm pits. My legs are just resting on their supports for now, I'm not using any of the padlocks to lock my ankles down. The attached chains on my ankle cuffs just hang down towards the floor. My arms will just be lying on their supports also. Without the padlocks on this time, I can always turn the motor off early should something go wrong. Next time it will be different as I will need to wait for the ice around the padlock keys to melt and fall into my hand before I can get free. And with a new 12 volt battery, I'll be getting a good forced fucking whether I want it or not.

Back to the present. It's now time to coat my snatch with a good supply of KY as I don't want my hard plastic friend to have much resistance when he enters me. The easier he slides in, the farther up inside me he will go I hope, and I want as much of his nine inches up my getting hotter by the minute cunt as possible. Off with the cover of the KY. I squeeze out two fingers full, and cover both my pussy lips and inside myself as far as I can reach.

Oh Shit! No towel to wipe my greasy fingers on, I'll have to use my other arm this time. A third mental note, have a towel handy next time.

I reach for, and buckle on my neck collar. Next time, if all goes well on this first pony ride, I would first lock my left wrist to it's 1x6 support using the attached chain and a padlock, then another padlock on the chain of my neck collar, to hold my head down. I would also do my right wrist quickly before I could change my mind, in the same way, right after flipping the motor switch on. This time however, I'm being more careful. I look around and every thing seems to be in order, do I go for it or chicken out. I can feel my heart racing in my chest, and my cunt feels like it's on fire.

Both my legs are spread out wide at a 70* angle which puts my feet about four 4 feet apart. It make me feel a bit of a vulnerable lying flat on my back like this, but absolutely necessary for this fucking machine to work for me like I want it too. Sweat has coated my fore head, some from the lights I have on for the camera, but mostly from the anticipation of being screwed by my own creation. I flip on the switch and hear the motor hum and feel the bench vibrate ever so slightly.


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