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by ZenMaster Shawn

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Storycodes: Sbf; susp; stuck; caught; F/f; M/f; torture; toys; cons/nc; X

This Story is about a self-bondage experiment gone wrong. Well wrong at the time. This story and part 2 <Never Insult A Fetish Writer. Part 2 My New life> was written over a four-week period <for each part> so 8 weeks total.  Two days a week. One day by my gf and one day by me. Due to this the story takes some strange twist since are likes are a little different story wise that is. We Have tried to edit it in away were it makes the most since with the changes that take effect thru out the story. The Story is also told as if Samantha is telling you a story. That will be explained at the end of part 2.

Never Insult A Fetish Writer. Part 1 My Old Life

To all the readers and writers of fetish stories this is for you. From your slut Samantha

Let me explain a little about myself before we get into how my life came to be how it is now. I was your typical 22-year-old country girl blond hair with blue eyes. <height: 5'4,  weight: 110 lbs,    Measurements: 34D-24-33,  size: 1-3,  shoe: 6.5>  With those looks you would think I would have a bf but sadly I did not at the time this took place due to my job taking way too much time. I also had a bad habit of speaking My mind before I thought. Nevertheless, that is not important what is important is the story of how my life would change forever.

It was 10/06/05, a dark and stormy night, the rain was coming down hard and I was home alone. My parents had gone out of town and I was house sitting for them. Well more like babysitting their three pug puppies. I was watching TV, think it was a rerun of Star Trek Enterprise. I was so not into it but out here in the county, not many channels come in. My parents did have internet installed after they moved. Nevertheless, surfing the net did not thrill me and my normal activities were not possible now. Someone was just beamed onto a ship.

Flipping the TV off I yawn and try to think of something more interesting to do. 'Sigh! I guess the net will have to do tonight,' I think to myself as I make my way into the living room and turn on the computer. Ahhh finally it boots up as the computer makes it last beep and displays the desktop showing 3 pug puppies in a bath tub. Clicking on the web browser the home search page pops up. Lets see what should I do? Maybe I'll find a good story to read, can't be no worse thing that dumb show I was watching. I type in 'stories' and click the search button. Damn why did I type sb stories damn typos. Let us see what we have here no no not interesting Hmmm maybe. Clicking on the link the main page pops up showing the typical porno site warnings. Just what we all need another porno site, well might as well see what these freaks are writing about and yes I dare to enter weirdo. Lets see stories hell knows I am not looking at the pics of this freak. Mummified, umm no don’t want to read about some dead people. Latex yea right just what I want read about  a wannabe leather fetish. Bondage now that’s  just so typical for a porno site. Packaged, yes like I am going to spend my night reading about mail. Doll stories, no don’t want to read about sex with blowup dolls, these people are just sick. Spandex sighs just another wannabe leather fetish . Self bondage, well that’s new and what the hell is self bondage, better not be some damn ad link to another pay site. Well at least it not a pay site, self bondage lets see what this is about. Reading the info Gromet has wrote about self bondage, rolling my eyes at every word I read,

"Self-bondage is the practice of sexual bondage without a partner. This means tying or otherwise restraining oneself for the purpose of sexual pleasure. The idea of self-bondage can also be extended by using release mechanisms to restrain two (or more) people for a period that they cannot control.

As self-bondage is usually performed alone, it has several distinctive features not present in conventional bondage, including an increased element of risk, a need for reliable release mechanisms (after a delay), and special techniques for applying complex bondage to oneself at a time when movement is increasingly restricted.

Self-bondage is also characterized by experimentation and ingenuity, and the opportunity to devise novel schemes and variations — in or out of fictional stories — is part of the appeal, and part of the increased danger. (Ref: wikipedia) "

Well at least this should be good for a few laughs. Therefore, I click on the first story and begin to read and read and read. Five hours and many stories later I finally turn off the monitor with a long yawn .Well at least those stories were interesting if nothing else and those perverts sure do have some imagination to them. Well time for some coffee I guess. Heading to the kitchen and getting half way there the power cuts out.

Damn house power went out. Grabbing my lighter and looking at my watch is was only 10pm, way too early to go to bed. The dogs were already outside fed and watered for the night. Therefore, I decided to explore a little, grabbing my cigs and a flashlight from the coffee table drawer. I headed upstairs to the part of the house I have never gone into in the 2 years my parents had lived there - the attic

Using a long fishing pole, I pull the small cord and with a thump the ladder slides down giving me access to the attic. Slowly climbing the ladder, I start up. Shit that is going to leave a mark as I stump my toe on the ladder, finally to the top of the room I look around. The room was dirty, well more dirty then most attics come, so no one must have being up there in a long time. Brushing the cobwebs aside, I head in looking around at the old wood beams coming out and off the walls and across the room. I grumble, as there did not seem to be anything up there. Turning to head out of the attic, I see an old wood chest. Hmm this might be of interest, lets see what is in it shall we I think to myself. Kneeling down next to the chest, I see the lock is open on it - good. Slowly I lift the lid to see a pile of rope, damn just a storage chest for rope. However, what is this as I dig removing the pile of rope, I uncover what looks like an old pair of police handcuffs and leg irons and some other weird red metal looking gizmo. Picking up both sets of cuffs, I head back downstairs. Tossing them down to the ground with a loud thump, I start my way down, right as the power kicks back on.

Getting back to the bottom of the ladder, I pick the pile of stuff up and head back to the living room. I sit on the floor and examine the old police cuffs. Blowing the dust off them and scrapping a little of the rust away from the latch  Darn I think as I see that one of the cuffs don’t latch even though the key is tied to it with a small peace of leather. Laying the cuffs aside, I examine the ankle cuffs, blowing the dust off them and looking at their shiny metal, these are a lot newer than the cuffs, it looks like no rust. Testing them to see if they work and if the key to them that is tied with leather works. Everything seems to work I'll have to member to ask my Pa if I can take these home and hang them on my wall.

'Ring Rinnggg' "Hello this is Samantha", I say as I pick up the phone with a little wonder of who would be calling me at this time of night.

"Hey Samantha this is Kery do you have power up there at your place?"

"Yea we do, it just came back on."
"Would you mind if I head up there and borrow some fuse's. Last time our power went out it blew the fuses and I am afraid it did this time as well and I can’t get any until Monday."
"Sure Kery come on over I think we have a few spare."

"Great I'll bring you some beer for this Samantha. I would hate to be here for 2 days with no power. It will take me about 1 hour to get there. I have to wait for a call from my bf before I can leave."

"Ok Kery I'll see you in 1 hour."

Hanging up the phone, I grumble wish I had had the guts to say no. Now do not get me wrong Kery is a nice girl at 29 years old and with <height: 5'8,  weight: 117 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: hazel,  measurements: 34B-25-36,  size: 2-4,  shoe: 7.5> Looks she not hard to look at and my parents love her and would not be happy if I said no to her. However, sadly she and I have never got along great, to be honest that was the best conversation we had ever had, I am sure it is just because she wants some fuses.

"Well looks like you guys are going to go back in the chest," I say to the set off cuffs almost as if they're human. Picking them back up I, head back up to the cellar climbing the creaky old ladder and heading to the old chest. Laying the cuffs back on top of the rope, I see the green metal gizmo on the ground, I pick it up and lay it with the cuffs. Hmm I thought that was red before must be the lights I think, as I slowly close the lid on the chest. Standing back up and taking one-step back towards the ladder I look up and laugh to myself. If this was one of those stories, I read on Gromets website the girl would be cuffed to those beams right now. 'Hmmm I wonder?' I thought, kneeling back down next to the chest laughing. 'No, no this is silly! What would be fun about tying yourself up it makes for fun reading but that is all.' Shrugging to myself I, head back towards the ladder.

Stopping at the ladder looking back at the chest I almost fall as I run back to it and lift the lid back up. It not like the wrist cuffs work I'll just see why so many freaks write about it as if they're true stores and better than an orgasm sent from heaven.

Pushing the black gizmo out of the way and picking up the cuffs back out of the old trunk since one of the latches do not work anyway. 'Hmmm if I am going to do this, I am going to do it as I have read in many stories.' Kicking my shoes off and pulling off my socks I set them down next to the chest, slipping off my t-shirt exposing my 34D  breasts incased into their red bra. Reaching down unzipping my shorts, I slide them off exposing my now wet red thong. Laying the clothes next to the chest standing in the attic in only a bra and thong was really turning me on, 'Hmmm maybe those story tellers were on to something.'

'Let us see,' I think to myself, 'I am undressed, well at least down to my bra and thong, I almost feel more nude like this than if I was fully nude.' Picking up the Police handcuffs and removing the key from them placing the key back into the chest, since one latch didn’t work I won't need the keys I think to myself. Tossing the cuffs over the highest beam letting one cuff hang on each side of it. 'Hmm going to need something to stand on.' Looking around I spot an old box in the corner, pulling it over under the cuffs and flipping it over. 'This is so dumb!' I think to myself, 'shrug well at least I'll have an excuse to email that Gromet person and tell them how dumb they are. Let us see what else we can add to this little experiment of mine.'

Looking over I see the ankle cuffs in the chest shining bright. That is what I need those cuffs, picking them up laying the keys to them back in the chest. Slipping the first one around my left ankle, I giggle to myself as I slip the other one on and letting it latch shut with a soft click. This is going to be hard to get onto that box with this 4-inch chain connecting these ankle cuffs. Nevertheless, I think I can do it I say to myself picking up both pair of socks with an idea I had got from the last story I had read. Slowly I work my feet in baby steps towards the box.  Lifting one foot up onto the box and hopping my other foot onto it, I stand there for a minute taking in the feel. Rolling the sock up and placing it between my teeth, I tie it behind my head, making a sock gag. Well at least all that reading off the Gromet's Plaza  website did not go to waste I think as I roll the other sock up and slip it over my eyes. Tying the second sock off behind my head as well making a sock blindfold. Fiddling around in the air, I find the cuffs hanging above me. Slipping the first one on with a Click. Putting, the other around my wrist and holding the latch closes with my thumb. I stand there taking in the feel of this new experiment.

'Well those writers got a few things wrong! I think to myself. 'First of all this would get boring just hanging here cuffed to the wood beam. Second, if this were one of those stores that cuffed would have latched itself.' I think to myself with a giggle. 'Ohhh that sucks the box is starting to collapse I guess it cannot hold my weight,' as I feel the box crumple under my feet a little. Opphh I moan as the box fully gives away pulling on my wrist. As it, leaves me hanging there my feet just out of reach off the ground. I pull my thumb away from the latch to let the cuff open .OMG no it didn’t open this can't be, I yank my wrist back and forth as much as I can hanging from it, with a sudden Click. Shit, it latches.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ohh God no no please lord, no this cannot be NOOOOOO!" I scream from behind the gag.

'Ohh how long have I stood here it must be hours. My wrist are killing me and I really need to pee now, God how I hate those writers for giving me this dumb idea. Moreover, Gromet I hate him most of all if it was not for his site I would have never had read all those Stories. Why why did I read those stories, anyway this is nothing like what those damn writers describe in the stories. This sucks I am just hanging here waiting for someone to release me, Ohhhh how long have I hung here for, my bladder my poor bladder is so full. Ohh God no I felt my bladder let some flow from me no I won't piss myself, Kery will find me. Ohh god no Kery will find me!' With this sudden thought, I had begun my struggles again. 'Oh this is useless I cannot hold it no longer.' Holding my head down I let, my bladder open as a tear rolls down my face. 'What what was that? Oh no it was the front door. It must be Kery ohh god please let it be Kery and not some burglar. '

"Hello anyone home? Hello it is me Kery, Samantha you here?" I heard Kery yell from the front door.

"MMMPPPPHHHHH!" I yell from behind my sock gag.  Steps I hear steps coming up the ladder ohh thank god this is almost over I think to myself. "MMPPPPPP" I yell with a struggle.

"Oh my god! Samantha are you ok?" I can hear Kery asking me.

Slowly I feel the blindfold be lifted from my eyes. Blinking and letting my eyes focus I see Kery standing there with a strange look on her face. Mmmpphin into my gag to try to give her the hint to remove it. 

"Is there someone else in the house?" Kery asks with a worried look on her face.

Shaking my head no and Mppphin into the gag, a grin comes over Kerry’s face. "Omg you did this to yourself didn’t you Samantha?" Kery asked.

With a soft and slow node turning crimson red, I nod yes.

"Hmmm! Well Samantha I always knew you were a freak, but now I see you are a pervert as well." As I hear Kery speak these words my shame and humiliation builds and all I can do is hope to die at that moment. "Are those the keys?" Kery asks pointing to the chest. I simply nod yes and mmmmppp from behind my gag. "Good! I'll need these even though I will not be letting you go. I will make sure you do not die up here."

As I hear these words my eyes shoot open with an evil glare at Kery as I yell behind the sock gag "MMMFUCKMMYOUMM."

Stepping closer to me Kery looks down with a "ewwwwww you are a nasty whore aren’t you, cannot even hold you own piss." Looking around as I am yelling at her through the gag and tears, Kery spots the gold gizmo lying on the floor.

"Hmmm what do we have here?" Kery says to me, well mostly to herself. Picking it up and holding it in her hands running her finger over the gold metal gizmo. "Ohhh wow it vibes!" I hear Kery say. Looking over at her, I can see her holding the now vibrating with a very fast vibration pink gizmo. "This just keeps getting better and better!" Samantha Kery says turning around and looking back at me. Looking face to face as I yell at her from behind my now tear soaked gag, I feel the front of my thong pulled open .With a smile on her face Kery lets the gizmo fall between my legs and thong with a snap she lets my thong close holding the gizmo next to my clit. "That should keep your perverted little body busy Samantha. Ohh I'll leave the keys and a note on the desk for your parents to find and let you out. Have fun!" The sound of Kery walking down the creaky old attic stairs made me sick to my stomach.

So here I am hung up by wood beams in my attic in an old pair of police wrist and ankle chains gagged and in nothing but bra and thong. My only hope for release for the next 2 days had just walked out. In addition, to top it off she put some strange vibrator into my thong but forgot to turn it on. Therefore, I hang there again; my only hope is that no permanent damage will be done to my wrists from hanging like this for the next 2 days. With the new hate for Gromet and all his writers and for Kery the bitch builds inside me, I doze off into an unwanted sleep.

'Ringggggg' Startled by the phone I reach over and answer the phone. "Hello this is Samantha... hello!!" Jerk. I slam down the phone lean back onto the couch. My eyes fly open in shock at the realization that I am now laying back on the couch and fully dressed. Rubbing my wrist and feeling no soreness and no marks, I really start to wonder how long I was out for. Looking at my watch I see that is its now 10:30 Damn my watch must be dead I think. Heading to the front door I open it and look out, still dark and pouring down rain. 'What this can't be right?' I think it has to be getting close to daylight by now. Looking back at my watch I see its now 10:34. 'Well my watch seems to be working still. Could I have slept through the day and into the next night?' I wonder leaning back into the couch. And who released me. Could I have dreamt the whole thing? Flipping the TV back on and tuning it to the TV guide channel I see the date and time flashing 10:39 10/06/05. 'Wow, it really was a dream. That damn website must have fucked with my head. I should sue them for mental anguish!' I think to myself with a small chuckle.

'Rinnnnggg' Grumbling to myself I pick up the phone.

"Hello, this is Samantha. Hello anyone there."

"Hello Samantha can you hear me this is Kery."

"What you want?" I snap at Kery.

"Relax Samantha just wanted to say I don’t need those fuses."

"Ok Kery whatever you say. Ohh kery what is the date today and time?"

"10:51 10/06/05 why?"

"Don’t matter," I say as I slam the phone down. Dumb bitch getting in my dreams and messing with me like that how dare she!

God I need some coffee I think to myself as I get up and head for the kitchen. Walking past the computer I see the screen on and a story up. What the hell, I shut this off. Looking at the screen reading the first few lines of the Story. 'A Bondage Halloween by ZenMaster Shawn.' Ohhh hell no I am not reading that, that freak is out again I see posting his sick stories. As I recall to myself about 2 years ago when I had turned in his website and had got it shut down chuckling to myself. Damn pervert I say as I click the web browser close button. The page closes only to pop back up to the same page. What the hell is wrong with this damn thing?

Ring Ring ohm god dam it I think now who is calling me.

"This is Samantha. Hello?"

"Hello Samantha my pet."

"What who is this? And don’t call me pet who ev..."

"Shut up Samantha."

"What did you just say to me freak?"

"I said shut up this is ZenMaster Shawn. I have a few things to tell you that I am sure you want to know."

"Go to hell I am calling the police you freak and how did you get this number?"

Slamming the phone back down. God damn just what I need a dam stalker now. 'Rinnn rinng.'

"Listen Freak, I am calling... "

"Punishment time pet."


Falling down to the ground as I feel like I am getting screwed by a dildo with a thousand needles. Reaching my hand down breathing heavy from the growing pain, I rip my shorts off and thong. Pushing a finger inside me to remove whatever it is making the pain I find nothing. Lying on the floor screaming in pain as the invisible needle dildo screws my pussy. Rolling over on top of the phone, I make out the words coming over the earpiece.

"Pet put the phone to your ear and the pain will stop."

Picking the phone up still screaming in pain, I place it to my ear. As soon as it touches my ear, the extreme pain disappears and just a small ache remains.

"That was just a small taste of what you will get pet if you attempt to disobey me again!"

"Please who is this? How?..."

"Shut up pet."

A small sharp pain shoots thru my cunt, as I remain quiet.

"If you speak again pet I will turn back on the pain and leave it on for the rest of the night. What you experienced tonight was not a dream everything did happen just as you remember it, at least for you it did. The gizmo that Kery placed into your thong is a little invention of mine as you hung there it worked its way inside you."

"But?" Oooooohhhhhh stop stop I will not talk ohhhhhh. I scream into the phone as the needle screwing starts up

"As I was saying, it worked it way inside you. Now I am sure you are wondering why you could not find it while you were looking for the source of that pain. And why everything tells you that it did not go on, such as the time and date and Kery not remembering . The gizmo inside you is also a time device as it made its way inside you it also made its way 0.1 sec into the future and forever just out of your reach. You will never see it or be able to remove it since for you its not yet there. But none of this matters to you pet. All that you should worry about is that I control it for now and I can give you great pain or great pleasure. I must go now, you my pet will go to bed you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow, I will send you a email of what your day will be like. You will be up nude and reading it at 7 am or the pain you felt before will return and not stop until what you are told is done. If you attempt to do anything else besides go to bed you will regret it. You may ask me one question, but only one do not attempt to say or ask anything else."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why? Because 2 years ago you got my site shut down. Every since that day I have watched and studied you. You are a snob. And think you're better than us but not anymore pet. From this day forth pet, you are what you most despise. Goodnight pet."

With the click of the phone, I fall to the floor in tears sobbing to myself. Afraid of the thoughts about my new life running through my head. I fall asleep right there.


To be continued in part 2 Never Insult A Fetish Writer. My New Life..

If you would like a part in any of my stories Or one written about you please email me with the type of part you would like to play. A name to use and any other info you would like to include.

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