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A New Beginning

by Voodoo

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© Copyright 2001 - Voodoo - Used by permission

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I’ve been reading the accounts of many of you and decided to tell you one of my experiences. I have two fictional stories which were published on this group but the story I am about to tell is true.

I was alone on Saturday afternoon and decided that after reading a lot of stories it was time for a first selfbondage experience. I had never gone to the point were I was stuck until the release mechanism gave me access to the key.

First I put on a condom as not get my ‘clothes’ dirty. This because I don’t have the possibility to use the washing machine without giving my secret away to my family. I proceeded to put on isothermic underwear in the form of a full bodysuit closely fitting nicely around my whole body. Over this I put a pair of shorts made from neoprene, the kind they advertise that makes you lose weight. I wrapped three connected neoprene belts of about 30cm wide around my waist. These are advertised to have the same effect as the shorts.

By doing this everything is ‘locked’ in place and gives me a feeling of already being in bondage. It also makes it more difficult to bend, almost like being corseted. I put some tape over my wrists to prevent chafing later and quickly continued. I adjusted two legwarmers over my legs and then came the tying part. I fixed a long scarf with my handcuffs knotted in it around my waist fixing the cuffs in the small of my back and decided to set up the release mechanism before continuing with the scarfs.

As a backup I decided to put one key on the bathroom floor after this I locked the door and put the key for this high on the stairs forcing me to climb if I decided to get out early. The actual key I put on a string in the kitchen and this I connected to a needle fixed in a scented candle. This would give me about 40 minutes of real bondage before I could reach the key.

I proceeded back to the living room and tied my legs completely together with a 3m long scarf. I then put a foam ball in my mouth and over this I put a mask people use under their helmets during the winter. I the continued with a mask in neoprene covering the lower half of my face. (This is the type of mask one uses in extreme cold; it has small holes in front of the mouth) I also have a complete hat (mask) with the same thing incorporated, which I put on as well. I then pulled a woollen ski-mask over this and fixed the whole thing with a scarf around my neck.

By doing this I reduced my hearing, gagged myself (although I could still breath if I bit down on the ball) all the layers prevented me from spitting the ball out and the scarf acted as a soft posture collar as the movement of my head was reduced drastically but not completely. I hopped to the kitchen and lit the candle and quickly :-) returned to the living room. I blindfolded myself with yet another scarf and before chickening out I cuffed myself. I was now formally stuck in my first inescapable selfbondage.

I tried to relief myself but I couldn’t reach it and everything was wrapped up well so I all I could do was wait. After a while I heard the key drop and started to make my way to the kitchen where after a 10 minute search I located the key and released my hands from their position, I undid the rest of my bonds and immediately relieved myself.

I hope you like my account and welcome any comments.
If you have any suggestions or even (for the ladies) dares do not hesitate to make them.
I have already started thinking about the next time.


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