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My New Butt Plug

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2005 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; toys; hum; cons; X

A few days ago I was browsing at a local porn shop and I discovered they had a neat collection of dildos and butt plugs- gee, what a surprise! I picked up a flexible rubbery dildo, 7 inches long, and since it was in the ‘cheap stuff’ bin, I bought it and took it home. I was in an experimenting mood- okay, I was horny- and I discovered that, with a little bit of practice, that I could deep-throat it! Once I got the hang of ‘inhaling’ it, I could slide the whole length of the thing down my throat! This was a new thrill, but I didn’t get too much of a sexual bang out of it. It’s just that I got to experience the feeling of being submissive and forced to take a cock all the way down- a real mental charge.

So a few days later, I was back at Goldie’s and my eye fell upon a butt plug. Not your usual butt plug, though- this colossus had to be a gag gift. Made of the usual pink rubber, it had the usual tapered shape with a narrow neck over a flared base, but this absurdity was almost a foot long, and about six inches across! I mean, only The Incredible Fifty Foot Tall Woman could have taken this thing up her ass without damage. I picked it up- it had to weigh five pounds! I couldn’t pass this up. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to slam it up my ass like my favorites, but I knew I’d find some use for it.

Just as an aside- I’m straight- well, at least I’m heterosexual, but I’m obviously far from being ‘ordinary’. It’s just that I’ve found through extensive self-pleasuring that, in addition to the usual complement of masculine organs of pleasure, that I can derive incredible sensations from several other areas. Almost all of my self-bondage situations involve nipple clamps and/or breast bondage, and the episode I write about here describes some new thrills I experienced through abuse of my tight little asshole! Maybe you could call me bi-curious. I’ve never had any kind of sexual contact with another man, but I will admit to wondering what it would feel like. I mean, really, women clearly enjoy penetration, right?

Some time later, I did find a way to use my new Packer- combined with self-bondage, of course. First, I retreated to my basement workshop/dungeon and then got naked (how else?). I pulled out a saw horse- a four-foot length of two-by-four on its side, with legs that held it about four feet off the floor. In the middle of the crossbar, I fastened the over-large butt plug. Under the saw horse, I stuffed a rolled-up half-inflated air mattress; it was about two feet thick. Then I positioned a full-length mirror so I would have an exquisitely-enforced view of my upcoming humiliation. (I love to watch myself in my self-bondage situations- it allows me to be voyeur as well as being the binder and bindee!)

I stepped up on the air mattress, which wiggled madly and made standing upright difficult. I straddled the butt plug, which I had lubricated carefully along with my asshole, and started the plug gently up into myself. Oohhh- the feeling of the first penetration is simply exquisite!

Next, I hung a pair of clover clamps from a hook in the ceiling (they’re everywhere, for some reason) using a sturdy cord which I cut carefully to length. When I fastened these clamps to my nipples, they would have just enough slack to enable me to stand upright, but just barely.

That was enough test fitting. I leaned forward and slid off the butt plug, which was so outrageously fat that it could only penetrate an inch or so before my asshole was stretched to its limit. I set up my trusty ice-cubes-in-a-stocking mechanism which would keep from my grasp a metal bar to which I had screwed the key to a favorite pair of handcuffs. When enough of the ice melted, the stocking would slip through a ring on the wall and let the key and its ‘handle’ swing over to me.

Next, I drilled a small hole down through the valve cap so the air leaked out steadily, estimating it would take an hour or so for the mattress to deflate completely.  Then I tied a couple of short pieces of rope to the ends of the horse and buckled a heavy belt around my waist; in a minute I’d use this to fasten myself to the saw horse, to make sure I couldn’t just get up and walk away. Okay, it was time to bind myself securely!

Step 1- I tied one end of a heavy cord to a medium-sized pipe wrench, tied a noose in the other end, and tightened the noose around my balls. I just wanted something to stimulate/torment my balls while I waited.

Step 2- I laid the handcuffs across the sawhorse and replaced the lubricant on the butt plug. I added a bit to my asshole, wiping my hands on my leg… hey; I’m a guy, that’s how guys do that! I then plugged up my mouth with a favorite gag- a short, fat penis gag with a strap that buckled behind my head. I knew nobody could hear me, but I love being gagged. It makes me feel more helpless! (My new deep-throating dildo would have done a super job, but you can’t breathe while you have something deep down your throat. I would have lost consciousness and died before I could cum, and that would be no fun at all.)

Step 3- I climbed up on the air mattress and stood tall while I wiggled into position atop the too-fat butt plug. The saw horse was too tall to stand over the butt plug, but the mattress was thick enough so that I could stand over the blunt point. I squirmed down, slipping an inch or so of the probe into me; there was plenty of plug left, but the ridiculous size of the thing made the limit not the depth of my asshole but rather the extent to which my asshole would stretch!

Step 4- I tied the ropes from the saw horse to the belt around my waist. This kept me positioned in the center of the saw horse so I couldn’t stand up and get off the plug, nor could I move forward or back enough to slide off the plug. The way I had it figured, in a bit I would almost certainly want to get out of the fix I was planning, and I wanted to prevent that.

Step 5- I reached back for the handcuffs and locked one on my right wrist, checking to make sure the keyhole faced inward so I’d be able to get the key in when I finally got to that point. It would be most ungood to lock myself up and then find that I had goofed this and was really impaled forever!

Step 6- I reached out for the nipple clamps, stretched tall, and fastened them one after the other to my nipples, taking care not to grab too much meat (which means not enough sting) and not too little (which causes so much sting that it overwhelms the pleasure). Oohhh! Then I reached behind my back and locked the cuffs around my wrists. As always, stretching my hands behind my back made the clamps bite harder at my tits. Before I could reconsider, I pressed down on the cuffs.

CLICK CLICK CLICK! I was trapped,.helpless, just like I wanted to be! I struggled automatically for a moment- it’s natural when one takes that final step, the final action that irrevocably commits you. Self-bondage fans know the moment- when you step off a stool into suspension and now you can’t step back up; when you drop the end of the rope which binds you rigidly to a steel post; the firm ‘snap’ of the lock on your chastity belt, the key to which you mailed to yourself that morning; when you hear the click-click-click of the handcuffs, the keys to which will be unreachable for hours; the ‘thud’ of the pillory gate which will hold you immobile until the timer expires. Shit, I can’t get out! I’m trapped!

Then I pulled myself together, realizing that I was just as helpless as I wanted to be, and that worse was yet to come, worse which I had carefully planned and couldn’t avoid. I squirmed helplessly atop the mattress as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Ah, shit, why do I do this to myself? I watched my reflection in the mirror- a six-foot tall guy standing over a too-fat butt plug, clover clamps tormenting his nipples, a pipe wrench pulling at his balls and a rubber penis plugging his mouth. He looked back at me hopelessly, his humiliation emphasized by the untouchable erection which hung uselessly in front of him. The more I struggled, the more I screwed myself down onto the oversized butt plug. Also, my weight on the air mattress was causing it to deflate faster than I had anticipated, lowering me faster onto the butt plug, driving its bulk deeper into me, spreading my asshole much more than it was used to.

In maybe ten minutes- a terribly long time, actually- the mattress had lowered me maybe a couple of inches, and I had to lean back, pushing my chest upward and outward to relieve the pull of the clamps at my nipples. I squirmed vigorously, accomplishing little except to make my manacled arms flap back and forth against the top of my ass cheeks, emphasizing my helplessness. My cuffed hands stroked back and forth over my ass, emphasizing my ass crack, through which cleavage the incredible bulk of the rubber plug jammed up into me.

I continued to struggle, of course. In the mirror, I watched my helpless squirming. I watched my balls as the weight of the pipe wrench stretched them further and further down toward my feet. The noose not only stretched my balls downward but packed them down to the bottom of my ballsack; the skin was stretch tight over them and almost purple. Over my balls, my cock was fat and stiff, wanting terribly to slip into something, anything, to spurt its backed-up load. But, sadly, just as I had planned it, this wasn’t about to happen. There was an orgasm somewhere in my future, but it was going to be delayed by my own plan!

I couldn’t see behind me, of course, but as the air mattress I stood on deflated, the oversized butt plug had been crammed another couple of inches up between my ass cheeks and deeper into my bowels. This wasn’t even close to the maximum length of what my ass would take, but because of the outrageous size and taper of the plug, my asshole was stretched to its limit. It felt like I was being fisted! (Before setting up this scene, I had compared the plug to my fist; the plug was a couple of inches wider than my fist, and no way could I see my fist fitting into my asshole!)

I looked back at the mirror. The self-bound guy in the mirror was straining mutely at the gag which packed his face. The more he struggled, the more the clamps tormented his nipples, which were now visibly pulled up and out from his breasts. These clamps, as all you clover clamps fanciers will recognize, have a fiendish mechanical linkage which causes them to pinch tighter as more pull is applied to them, and right now it felt like my entire body weight was pulling on the damn things. Not only that, but nipple clamps in general burn worst when they’re removed, and the longer they’ve been on, the worse the burn! And these had been sternly clamped on my nipples for days, it seemed, and it was going to be another hour or so before the ice melted enough to release the bar which held my keys away from me. 

Of course, being fiendishly clever in my preparations, I had positioned the ice-filled stocking so I couldn’t see it. There was a clock in the dungeon, but I’d laid it on its face before starting, so I had no idea of how long I had been bound or how long I would be bound. I squirmed atop the butt plug, rocking back against the ropes that pinioned me, and suffered, feeling my asshole stretch further and further out of shape. It felt like some monster had grabbed me by the balls and was pulling me down over its cock! For a second I pictured King Kong grabbing Fay Wray around her narrow waist, her slim legs flung wide apart as his incredible erection split her apart and packed her full, as she screamed out her distress until his cock blocked her throat from below. Well, that’s how I felt!

The obscenely over-large plug, so much larger than my fist, was by now ready to slide into me to the point where my asshole would slam closed around its narrow neck- that is, if my poor asshole would ever close again! When that happened, the whole over-large bulk of the butt plug would be packed into my bowels. That bulk, of course, felt like it was about the size of the Saturday edition of the New York Times, and there’s no way all of that was going to fit into me.

Oh, shit, why did I do this to myself? When I eventually get out of this, I’m going to have to crawl upstairs on my hands and knees, shit dribbling out of my ruined asshole as I go, and then I’m going to be embarrassed beyond belief when the fire department paramedics (all babes, of course) snicker as they patch me up before transporting me Code 3 to the emergency room, where they’ll page over the intercom “Asshole doctor to E.R. immediately! Another jerk shoved a huge butt plug up his ass and it has to be sewed up STAT! Asshole doctor to E.R. immediately!”

Oh shit…oh fucking shit….

After about an hour of this physical and emotional torment, the ice finally melted and the keys slapped against my back. I fumbled with the key, and it seemed to take forever to hit the little hole, but eventually the cuffs sprang free. Within a minute I was easing my asshole off the plug. From the slimy stains I could see that less than half of the incredible width had pressed into my ass, so I suppose it eventually will close again. 

Thus reassured, I reached up, squeezed the clamps, and quickly released my nipples. DAMN DAMN DAMN THAT BURNS! (The longer they’re on, the more they burn coming off- something to do with the return of circulation.) After I rubbed them to soothe the burning (it doesn’t help, it never does, but I always do it anyway), I dropped to my knees in front of the mirror, the noose still around my ballsack and the gag still packing my mouth. I squirted some of the lubricant on my hands, and in maybe a minute my aching erection was sliding in and out of my right hand. Shit… I’ve already waited too long and wasn’t interested in prolonging the experience. I released my cock, rubbed my hands together, and interlaced my fingers. This makes a dandy ‘manual pussy’, in case you didn’t see that coming, and in maybe two more minutes my balls were blasting my cum across the floor and onto the mirror!


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