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New Elements

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2007 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

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It felt like it was Christmas again. There hadn't been snow the entire winter, but the storm last night had covered the city with a soft layer of white snow. The sky was crystal clear and people looked pretty happy walking down the street, admiring the weather.

But that was not the only reason I felt like it was Christmas. It was only part of the reason. I had had to leave early from work because the excitement about what was looking forward to my at home. Last night I had received a newsletter from the store I usually buy all my selfbondage gear from. They had announced that they had extended their selection of bondage stuff, and my hope was that the news items would include some new gags for my growing collection.

I had looked at my bank statement immediately and decided that my balance could allow a few new items to treat myself with. Actually, I had been working so hard the past few months that I hadn't had the time nor the energy to engage in selfbondage. So I was particularly excited that day when I stepped into the store.

Even though I had been here now more times than I can remember, I still didn't feel comfortable about being there. Women like me don't go to sex shops, we oppose them. Then again, women like me probably don't usually have a collection of gags in their bedroom either. The uneasy feeling always subsided after a few minutes at the store, when I could be sure that nobody I'd like to meet were in there. I didn't have many friends, but I'd hate my co-workers to see me being in a store like this, even if it meant that they were equally guilty of it.

The store had switched its owner recently and I was quite upset about it. I didn't like the new guy behind the counter at all. He wasn't sleazy or unpleasant or anything like that. But that's what was wrong with him. He greeted me cheerfully and usually asked me if he could help me with anything. For some reason, that felt very rude in a store like this. Didn't he understand that people would like to just fade in and out from here, without anyone paying any attention to me? Or was it just me? In any case, I nodded to him slightly when he greeted me. I immediately headed for the BDSM-section of the store that was in a separate room as I always did.

I was glad to note that there weren't anybody else in the room at the time. I didn't like to be there when I knew that someone could potentially follow what I'm doing and see what I'm into. Probably the person wouldn't care, but it still felt more comfortable when I was alone. That was another reason I took off from work earlier than usual. Rush hour is a rush hour, even in the BDSM-section of a sex store.

I looked around idly. I wasn't interested in anything else but the bondage stuff, and that still unfortunately made a minority of the equipment. Mostly it was stuff you could torment your significant other or yourself with, but I've never been interested in that. For me, it's all about restraints, always have been. For a time all the other stuff disturbed me a little when I came in here, but after so many visits I had learned to ignore the other stuff and spot the items I was interested in. This time, as it was the case most of the visits here, I went right to the rack where the gags were displayed.

The gags were all stacked up in boxes, but sample specimens were hanging from a pole attached to a rack. Some looked quite obscure, especially the ones with complex harnesses in them, but I could recognise them by just glancing at them. There were the regular ballgags in different sizes and colours, there was the ring gag. Then came the ballgags with harnesses and some more obscure ones followed that. The selection would've probably been very impressive to anyone except me.

I looked trough the display items and even dug up gags from the box, but I couldn't find what I came to get. There wasn't any new gags for sale, and the ones in display I already owned. Or at least the ones that I cared to own. Some of them looked so obscure or uncomfortable that I really didn't care to own one. Especially since they were quite expensive.

I started to look the other display items in the room, hoping that the new gags would be in display somewhere else. But there were no such luck. The gag selection was what it had been for quite some time and I started to feel pretty angry for having been lured in here for no reason. The truth was that I still had plenty to do at work so I really would pay tomorrow the price of taking this afternoon off.

I was just about to leave the store, when I did something that even surprised myself. I had never even considered it before because I didn't want any reason for the storekeeper to recognise or remember me in the future. I had always just slipped in and out as fast as possible, but this time I stopped at the counter and asked the owner:

"Excuse me, you sent me an email about new gags being available today. I looked trough the back room, but I didn't find anything." A slight jab went trough my stomach when I said the word 'gag'. I realised that it's not too often one gets to actually say it aloud.

The owner smiled at my request slightly. It made me very uncomfortable, but I chose to ignore.

"Yes, that's right." he said. "I'm sorry, I haven't had the time to put them on display yet, but I do have them. Anything in particular you might be interested in?"

"Can you just show me what you've got that's new?"

"Certainly. I'll be right back."

With that, he vanished trough the door at the back of the counter. I felt really vulnerable standing at the counter like that. I knew that I would be the first thing anyone coming inside would see, but I had come too far to just run out. I really wanted to see the new gags and I just kept saying to myself that if there's anything really great in the new selection, I'd make myself glad about this when I get home.

After a couple of minutes, the owner came back carrying five gags and he put them to the counter for me to examine. The first one was a regular ballgag, nothing special. What made it different was that the ball was actually coloured with all the colours of the rainbow sliding to each other, but that didn't make it any more interesting. I had plenty of ballgags at home and I sure didn't need another one.

The second one was another ballgag. It looked normal, but immediately when I took it to my hand, I knew that the ball was made of wood. I had never tried one of those, but I wasn't too interested either. The whole idea of a wooden ballgag felt quite tasteless. It would probably be uncomfortable and the last thing I want is some sprains to my tongue in the middle of a session.

But the third one woke my attention immediately. This was a ballgag as well, but when I tried the ball with my hand, it was soft. I had seen them several times in pictures and videos, but I had never seen one in real life. I had been very curious about these for years since the idea of a softer ball might make a very comfortable session. In addition to that, in addition to the normal strap that attached the gag to your mouth, it had another strap that would go under the chin. With that, it would make a very efficient gag even though the softer ball could cause it to be more allowing.

"How much?" I asked.


It had been really expensive, but my guts told me that I had made the right decision in buying the gag. I was very excited as I drove home and knew that my newest bondage treasure was just waiting for me at the back seat. My mind was racing as I thought about all the kinds of ties I could try tonight.

I pulled the car to the lane and jumped out of the car. I just left everything in the car except the paper bag containing the gag. My internal organs were all demanding immediate satisfaction so I knew it'd be futile to even try to do anything else.

My arms were shaking as I drew the blinds to my windows. It felt a bit odd since it was still daylight outside and it was very rare that I did anything like this at this hour. But I could not wait for my new gag any longer.

I went to my bedroom and locked the door after pulling the blinds on the windows. I knew it was silly to close all the blinds in the house and lock the bedroom door when I knew that I wouldn't leave the bedroom and nobody else could come into the house. But that made me feel more comfortable, so there was no reason not to do it.

I threw the bag to the bed as I opened the combination lock keeping my 'secret' closet firmly closed. Nobody except me had seen the contents of this closet, and nobody probably would. This was the closet where I keep all of my bondage equipment. From the lowest shelf, I pulled out the cardboard box that contained my collection of gags.

I admired the collection as I took it to the bed. I knew that I'd soon have the pleasure of adding a new item to the collection, but I wanted to prolong the satisfaction as long as I could. So I started to take my clothes off. This never takes me very long as I usually just take as much as I can in one swipe and throw the clothes to the corner.

Then I laid down to the bed, knowing that now would be the time to really get to know my new gag. I pulled it out from the paper bag and my entire body started to tingle with anticipation. It was a beautiful artefact. The soft black ball was quite big so there was no danger that it would allow me to vocalise my thoughts while I was wearing it. The strap that would go under my chin would make it even more efficient.

I was just about to put the gag away to select the other items for the session when I remembered something very important. You should never put anything in your mouth until you know it's clean. You can never know where that gag has been and you're potentially going to keep it in your mouth a considerable amount of time, so not washing it before using it is a very bad idea.

Now I was glad that I had drawn all the blinds in my house as I unlocked the door and went downstairs for the kitchen. I didn't have to worry about putting any clothes on which would've been very annoying at this point. Instead I went to the kitchen naked and washed the gag very carefully. At the end of the procedure, I just let warm water to soak the entire thing. I knew from experience that it would leave the gag very warm and therefore even more comfortable to use.

Having cleaned the gag, I ran back upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door tightly again. By this time I had made my decision about where to take the session. I wouldn't use very hard bondage because I knew that the new gag in itself would suffice to take me over the edge with ease. So I decided that I'd try something I had wanted to try for a long time.

During my time without any selfbondage in my life, I had spent a lot of time thinking about more efficient ways of getting my hands secured behind my back. The problem was that naturally the best thing to use for bondage is rope. But rope is almost impossible to use when tying your hands behind your back. Cuffs I had never liked too much since they felt like cheating, ziplocks became very uncomfortable after a moment and setting up the system to allow a padlock to function as a cinch took way too much time.

So I had been thinking of ways to get around the problem and I thought I had the answer. I took nothing except a piece of rope that wasn't too long and set myself on the bed to make a few test runs before actually going ahead with it.

I doubled the rope and put the it around my left wrist and started to form loops around it, just big enough that I could slip my other wrist into it. After a few loops, I did exactly that. I would try this with my hands in front of me at first. I then started to wrap the rope around both of my wrists a few times. I didn't worry about the fact that I could keep the loop as small because it didn't matter at this point.

Then I took the rope between my hands to start to cinch the loop. It took some help from my teeth, but I managed to cinch the loop pretty well. Then I took the other end of the rope and put it under the the loop while leaving the other end resting over it. It took me some time and effort to get the rope just right, but I managed to do it fairly easily. I had made sure that there was enough free rope at the ends so that I could use my hands for the final tie even when they were the subject of this tying up.

I made a simple knot, and with the help of my teeth, I pulled hard. The system worked so well that I was very surprised at how tightly my hands were trapped into the loop. With some effort, I made another knot and pulled that as tight as it would go as well and my hands were completely tied.

I struggled against the rope quite hard to see if this method really was as effective as I had hoped and I didn't have to be disappointed. My hands were very securely tied and if the knot had been at the other side, I couldn't have gotten out without help.

Satisfied with that, I decided to use this for my session for today. Of course I wouldn't be happy with my hands tied in front of me because that would allow me to remove my gag, and what's the fun of having a gag if you can just take it out. So I started to free my hands, which was surprisingly difficult. I knew from experience with handling rope that I could get myself free, but it took me quite a lot of patience. It was almost 15 minutes before I had managed to open the first knot and loosen the cinch so that I could slip my right hand from the loop. It was difficult, but I was really happy about it. I knew that this would mean that I couldn't just get out whenever I wanted to so it was perfect for my needs.

I left my left hand in the loop and made sure that the rope wouldn't get too loose and the cinch would remain there, just loose enough to allow my right wrist to slip back in when it came the time for that. But now came the time for what I had been waiting for as long as I had gotten that email the previous day. I would get to try out my brand new gag.

As wonderful as the situation was, it's also very hard. I knew that I could put any gag in my mouth the first time only once, and once that had been done, some of the magic would be gone. My entire body seemed to throb with the rhythm of my heartbeat as I slid the soft ball into my mouth. It felt more wonderful than anything else I knew.

The ball really was quite big as I felt it fill almost my entire mouth. Before I fastened the straps, I wanted to try just how soft the ball actually was and bit hard into it. It wasn't quite as soft as I had imagined, but it did give out quite a bit to my jaws. I could feel the ball filling my mouth even more as I squeezed it with my teeth. It felt wonderful as it was still warm from the wash I had given it earlier.

Then came the time to strap it in place and I yanked it really right behind my neck in order to make it very secure. Then I fastened the strap going under my chin and made that very tight as well. I couldn't believe how completely the gag muffled me, even more so than the bog harness gags I had thought were the ultimate gags up to this point. I loved this gag already.

Now I had to secure my hands quickly in order to prevent me from giving into the urge to rub myself to sleep. I took my left hand with the rope still with it to my back and slipped my right wrist trough the loop that was still there. The tie was almost complete as such and only thing I needed to do was to pull the first knot as tight as I could from the free ends of the rope and then tie that other rope to really secure me into this bond.

I couldn't believe how well my scheme had worked out. Not only was my hands tied just about as tight as I had ever managed, in addition the rope was so comfortable that I could imagine myself spending hours this way without it becoming too uncomfortable.

But that wasn't in my plans this time. I laid on my back to the bed for a few moments just to let the situation really sink in. Although my feet weren't tied at all, this still felt one of the most restrictive bounds I had done. Mainly it was because the rope really had trapped my hands right and the soft ball made any kind of speech completely impossible. Not that a regular ball gag wouldn't do it as well, but this didn't even let the grunts and simple vocalisations go without them being muffled.

By this time my pussy had decided that it had waited too long and it was screaming for anything that would relieve it from the tension. Fortunately that was exactly what I had planned to do next. I usually don't like to cum when I've tied my hands but this time I decided to make an exception. I had prepared for this as I took a huge pillow from the end of the bed and struggled myself sitting up. I placed the pillow just right on the bed and then shuffled my way on top of it, kneeling so that it was between my legs and touching my pussy.

I know that this isn't actually the most popular way to get off, but I loved the way the soft pillow felt on my sensitive pussy lips and clit as I carefully and slowly rubbed them against the pillow. I used my hands tied behind my back to keep the pillow in place as I moved my pelvis so that the soft pillow gently rubbed me. What I also liked about this method that while it feels heavenly, it takes quite a lot of time and effort to actually tip me over the edge.

The sensations built slowly but steadily inside me as I stroked myself against the pillow. I closed my eyes and lost all track of time as the waves of pleasure went trough me every time I moved myself. At some point it became apparent that I was coming very close to climaxing. I would've wanted to keep it inside me for just a while longer, but I knew that I had came too far to back off. I made the last few strokes as hard as I could and then I exploded.

I bit hard into the soft gag as the orgasm took over my body and I collapsed on the bed. It felt wonderful to be able to bite so hard to the gag and the way it responded by filling my mouth felt better than I could've imagined. I could feel the gag so well that I think I climaxed again almost immediately from just that.

After my head started to clear and my blood pressure dropped, I found myself laying on my stomach. The pillow was still between my legs and against my pussy, but I had collapsed on it completely. I could feel the moisture from my pussy all over the pillow and it had gotten all over my tights as well. I knew that I'd have to spend quite a lot of time washing that pillow before I'd want to use it as a headrest again, but right then I didn't care. Right then it felt just perfect to lie down and explore the post-climax sensations within me.

The way my hands were tied and how the gag felt, made me feel so content about the moment that for a while I hoped the moment would never pass. And it didn't in quite a while. I knew that when I'd wake up from this bliss, I'd probably have to work at least full twenty minutes to get my hands free. But that didn't matter either. In fact, that made me just feel even better.

Besides, I wasn't in a hurry.



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