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New Futon Bed

by JohnH

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© Copyright 2003 - JohnH - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; true; toys; cons; X

I’d had one of those pathetic metal frame futon beds for years now.  Originally it was fun, fun to be able to fold it up as a couch for guests and fun for self bondage games.  The metal frame was not very wide but it was perfect for slipping handcuffs around and they didn’t move much once there.  Unfortunately it was slow murder for my back as the frame slowly bent after years of use and I decided to get a new one.

$550 U.S. dollars later I had a much larger wooden framed futon bed.  I could almost completely spread eagle on this one without going over the edges, and we all love a good spread right?  The wood design meant it was a little more work than before when doing self bondage but it also was much more comfortable and versatile.  I decided to try a new position with my new bed.

I drove down to Good Vibrations to see what new toys they had that I could torture myself with.  I treated myself to new pair of leather wrist cuffs that I could lock with a small luggage lock and a new, variable speed, vibrating egg.  At the last second I grabbed one of those flexible vibrating anal dildos as well, figuring I wouldn’t be down here again for a while and my current plug was just too big to leave in unattended.  The always-courteous staff gave me some freebies but nothing I would need for tonight and I was on my way home.

If you have ever tried to drive home with new bondage goodies you know how distracting your imagination can get.  I don’t think I ever considered public masturbation with quite as much sincerity as I did on that car ride!  Ah but the game is all the better for abstinence.  Not to mention I wouldn’t want to have to pick up these personal affects if I got arrested, right?  I busied myself planning out my session instead until I arrived at home.

Putting the new frame into “bed mode” I stripped down to socks and underwear then dug out my bag of toys from the closet.  I already had an egg timer with a Dixie cup attached made up from previous games.  That is one of my favorite release methods as I can gag, blindfold and otherwise incapacitate myself quite thoroughly while using it.  I locked on the new cuffs, ah that new fur feeling, and strapped on some ankle cuffs too.  Time to get serious.  A little lube and I started working the new dildo up my ass.  Compared to my previous toy it was a great deal easier to work in.  One problem was it wanted to work right out again too.  I tied the middle of a rope around it then ran that up over my shoulders, front and back, and tied that off.  Not going anywhere now!  I decided to turn it on low.

Wow, the new dildo had a whole different sensation I could feel much deeper than before.  I started to get excited, time for the new egg.  Taking a length of duct tape I tightly attached the egg to the underside of my semi-erect penis near the head.  I played with the variable settings.  It had the standard slow, medium and fast settings plus a few more, all repeating.  One that built up to fast then reset to nothing another similar to that but instead built up then slowed down.  A rapid “fast, fast, fast” pulsing setting that was real good at getting me going.  Finally, an odd “short medium, extended fast” setting that was a really good tease and ended up being my choice for the session.  I set it back to slow and moved toward the bed to get things rolling.

First I set up the kitchen timer to drop a key on a string after about an hour, you can over tighten the timer so as to add a bit of suspense to how long it will take to drop.  The string ran to the blinds in my room so if I needed out in an emergency I could tear the blinds down to get at the key but that would put me on public display so only it is only a fail safe.  The key would open all the cuffs I would be using except the small luggage locks.  Since the new bed was different I had to set up some anchor points.  I used two of those “curly” metal ropes made for locking up your bike to do this at the top right and left corners.  I grabbed my old, favorite and worn ball gag and locked that on with yet another luggage lock.  I always use this gag and lock it even though I can push it out of my mouth no matter how tight.  Why?  Because I can push it out and yell for help if need be!  It is really uncomfortable when I do this too, another good deterrent.  I wound up the timer again and got onto the bed.

I slid around, becoming very aware of the dildo now that there was some pressure on it.  This was going to be a bit more intense than I was used to!  I scooted my feet down to the far end of the bed and used a pair of police style ankle cuffs to lock them to the middle of the frame.  Now to see if I spaced everything right, I reached up to see if I could grab the bike locks.  No problem there, not really tight but that is the norm for self bondage eh?  I decided to go full blown and add a soft blindfold.  Stretching to reach my bag of toys I pulled it out and set it on my head ready to slide down over my eyes.  Might as well add some nipple tweezers while I’m at it right?  About this time little alarms were going off in my head, what was that rule about adding things at the last moment?  Euphoria getting the better of me I set the variable vibrator to the aforementioned setting and cranked the butt plug up to the max.

Working quickly now so as not to lose my nerve I locked police style handcuffs onto the d-rings on each wrist cuff.  I looked around, probably some small and more sane part of me looking for a reason to back out.  Everything looked ready to go, it looked like the key would drop properly.  I stretched out each arm, open cuff in hand, towards the point of no return.  Fumbling a bit in the enforced darkness I found the loops on the bike ropes and slowly ratcheted my way into an hour of torture.  What had I done? 

I’d never gone quite this out of control while playing before.  The new butt plug was really going.  Oh man was it going!  It would be a while before I got used to having that in there.  I started squirming a bit to see what kind of slack I had, to see what I could reach and what I could not.  That new vibe was quite a tease too.  Bad mistake that. Concentrating on the sensations coming from my penis, which was now quite hard and straining between the egg and the duct tape, I quickly came to orgasm.  I don’t normally come while in self bondage, let alone within the first ten minutes!  The vibrators didn’t care.  They just kept on mercilessly buzzing and teasing.  I needed out now!  The sensations were too intense post orgasm.

I pulled, trying as hard as I could to reach the controls for the vibrators but they might as well have been a mile away.  I did find I could reach my blindfold and worked it off my eyes.  Glancing at the timer I had about 45 minutes to go.  No!  I could not even contemplate that.  I pulled and twisted, trying to do anything to relieve the sensations that tormented me.  It was honest to god sexual torture, how did I let this happen?  I actually considered pulling on my fail-safe but that same part of myself that had looked for an out earlier warned me what would happen.  Did I really want people to see me like this?  Sexually tortured at my own hands, by my own doing?

In bondage there is no such thing as, “I can’t take it.”  I never understood that saying so well until now.  Another ten minutes past and I was starting to get into it again.  My erection had calmed a bit and I was drifting in and out of subspace.  I started fantasizing a bit, now I was looking for more sensation.  I tried dry humping the air, whipping my willy around in an attempt to get more attention.  Doing a few Kegal exercises, thrusting my hips in the air…anything.  I was getting desperate again, the buzzing in my ass had seemed to subside a bit and now I was getting a different kind of torture.  I didn’t have quite enough sensation to really get off again so quickly!

I started yelling at myself mentally, “What is wrong with you!?  First too much now not enough?”  I tried anything I could.  I tested how far I could roll over in an attempt to rub myself against the bed.  I sucked the ball gag deep in my mouth, relishing the sensations of helplessness.  I reached, pathetically, time and again for my abused member, all to no avail.  I did manage to get just enough slack so as to bounce the chain of the nipple clamps into my right hand.  Desperate for any sensation to push me over the edge I pulled them off savagely in one tug.  They had obviously been on far too tightly for far too long and I was quite glad I hadn’t pushed that ball gag out yet!  Again, failure, all I could do was keep humping the air.  Pumping and gyrating like a man possessed, sweat pouring off my brow, drool coming from my lips.  I struggled for the next fifteen minutes.

I noticed a movement and was temporarily frozen until I realized it was the rope on the key.  It had fallen early.  I pawed at it like a man possessed.  Struggling to quickly undo the cuff I think it took the better part of a minute.  Not even bothering to undo my other hand I reached down and quickly brought myself off again.  Luckily I could turn off the vibrators this time and enjoy the afterglow!

If I may let me just warn you of some of the simple mistakes I made.

1. Try as hard as you can to have a failsafe handy, not really a mistake but very important.
2. Don’t add anything once you start getting the mood.  You never know what might turn a simple hog tie or spread eagle into an inescapable trap.
3. Know your limits, I definitely went way too far this time.  Make no mistake, it was torture, pleasurable yes, but torturous nonetheless.
4. Again, not really a mistake but blindfolds and gags really up the danger levels.  I’ve been doing self bondage for over 5 years now and I still only use a gag I know I can push out of my mouth in an emergency.

Have fun with your own self bondage games and feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, complaints or if you need a backup failsafe in San Francisco!  ;-)


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