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A New Beginning, A New Year

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2011 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; chastity; toys; program; remote; well; susp; stuck; cons; XX

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death.  

This is going to be a strange way to start a self bondage story, but in a way it is apt and very true and quite shocking as well. Read it and put yourself into her position and all will become clear, or not! This is not about politics as it might first appear, though it has some important bearing, It is about self-bondage self-punishment responsibility, guilt and choice; and of course sexually demanding fantasy! Every fantasy needs a drive a starting point or trigger, and reality is often the cause for the escapism into fantasy, so try to understand her horror and fear before you dismiss this woman’s tale of woe (all contents taken from local papers and radio). S M Ackerman.


The paper went into the bin in disgust and I turned my thoughts away from the punishing problems of my country and onto my own punishing problems. I have booked myself a week off work, just so I can really get to grips with my desires.

These desires first flourished during a half hour television program I was allowed to stay up to watch, called The Avengers. I watched with growing excitement as Mrs Emma Peal was tied to railway lines to be crushed by a miniature train, only to be saved at the last second and capture the bad guys. That night I imagined I was her, and ever since I have sought out bondage and risk, for what as I grew older I realised was sexual excitement, and satisfaction!

By the age of seven I was manipulating Jimmy my next-door neighbour into tying me up, the games we played like cowboys and Indian’s were totally innocent as far as Jimmy was concerned, but not so for me. I had repeated desires for bondage which led to my discovery of self-bondage, tight secure pain filled punishing self-bondage. Now I am twenty-five a qualified nurse with a good job and still I have never met a man willing or able to inflict such strict bondage on me, so I have to do it for myself, hence my holiday. I decided that the perfect way for me to start the New Year was to be bound and helpless and to be punished for my arousal!

I have spent Christmas and the New Year planning for this, then family and work and weather forced me into waiting to make my life hell, but today, a Monday morning in late March 2011, feeling horny beyond belief after three months of self enforced celibacy, today is to be the day I have been waiting for.

Let me explain, you know I desire bondage and discipline, and that I want to have no option but accept whatever happens to me as my due. So, and to that end I have purchased a random selection computer program, which will switch on and off when and for how long it decides, before finally resetting and starting again. This I have connected to a cable winch and I have pre-programmed the computer to lift me up, swing me out, and then lower me head downward into a deep well, which is located behind my garage.

The well is dry most of the year, but if there is a real storm, it slowly fills to about two feet of ice-cold rainwater. This does not pose much concern presently because there is a distinct lack of rainfall, and we even have hose-pipe bans in place, and have had for three long weeks, despite the dire dried out state of the lawns!

Now my plan is quite simple, I have set up the computer in my garage (to keep it dry and safe) the program will activate once the timer is switched on, before it can activate I will have been lowered down the well and have released my ankles once I am at the bottom. There waits a chain that I will lock to my bound feet.

Strategically placed around the well bottom are tins with food I hate in them, ranging from dog food through to mulligatawny soup, which I suppose some of you out there like, but I quite frankly hate! So far so good, simple self-inflicted bondage, but that does not last.

Once the computer switches on it will randomly select from fifty pre-programmed actions, one each time period (an hour), and it will activate them by remote control. i.e. it will perhaps tip water over me as I lie chained and bound at the bottom of the dry well, or perhaps it will lower the cable to winch a foot or two and so on. There are many different (and some are quite unpleasant) things that the computer can inflict on me, and there is and will be nothing I can do but accept my discipline from the machine.

As for my escape, that too is also controlled by computer, frequently during my incarceration it is programmed to randomly lower (a little) my escape rope back down to me, how long it will take to reach me is beyond my control, but each hour that passes without the rope dropping adds to my torment.

The computer has a program override at five days, when both my food and holiday run out. It will then lower the rope, which I will clip to my ankle chains, and once done the computer will winch me out and clear of the well, and then lower me to the ground. Placing me next to a rock, beneath which are hidden my escape keys, sweet and simple don’t you think.

Leather heavy duty straps buckle around my ankles, a thick belt is wrapped around my thighs and padlocked shut, a strap passes through the belt and up to my waist where another belt has already been fitted. This is a chastity belt, it has a wide pad that covers my sex, lined with rough edged plastic so if I squeeze my thighs together the plastic abrades and digs into my tender skin. There is an eight-inch vibrator plugged into my sex, and set on random as part of the belt! The standard batteries in the vibrator last a day or two in this mode, the heavy duty ones I have fitted should last three or four times as long! It, when it switches on, should torment the hell out of me and if I am not aroused at the start, there is an absolute certainty that I will be before it switches off. I do not expect to receive any orgasms until I am free, as the vibrator will only run for a minute or two at any one time, and that is not going to be long enough to get me off!

Next I lock the chastity device in place and add the only key to the ring I intend to leave beneath the stone. A neck collar fits neatly and is securely locked around my neck, forcing me to keep my head up as much as possible. It like my chastity device has a ridge of sharp plastic, which will rub and abrade my skin if I do not comply to its demands.

I take hold of the hook dangling from the winch knowing that once I pull on it and clip it to my ankles, I have five minutes only to finalise my bondage. I can do it in two so I have three minutes of agony and fear once I am secured to wait through, as my time to regret what I have instigated. No matter how much I regret everything, there is no way that I can stop what is about to start, I have no choice but to accept my discipline, and take my punishment in full . This time it is going to last for a very long time, and be very unpleasant as well! With the hook in place I slip my arms through a plastic hoop which fits across my back, then I click the handcuffs (I bought just for this punishment) around my wrists, which are in front of me. The cuffs chain is stretched across my naked belly and below my naked breasts, my arms are now effectively trapped in place, and mostly useless to me.

I lay back and wait! I cannot move much, and I cannot free myself, and now I begin to wonder if I am sane? Why have I done this to myself? Why must I desire to be bound and humiliated?

The winch buzzes, I can see the cord being wrapped around the drum, now my feet are lifted, I feel my body rocked back onto my buttocks. The damn vibrator chooses that moment to kick in! The buzz is running at full blast, my legs are above my head and I am being tilted backwards and lifted. My head hits the ground as the winch continues to wind in. Soon I am being dragged away from the rock and my escape keys. I am pulled upwards, my hair caresses the earth for the last time and then I am dangling upside down, looking around and spinning out of control, and feeling a little sick.

The winch stops, a bar clicks into place and the device pirouettes around, carrying me towards and over the open hole that is the well, and will be my prison for God knows how long! Another click, another jerk, and more swinging and pirouetting, and I look down. The drop is long dark and scary! The winch holds me over the cavernous mouth waiting to swallow me up, allowing me time to realise and accept my coming torment. Then something clicks again, the winch unwinds, and slowly I am lowered towards my captivity. The ground swallows my head; the sides of the well brush my shoulders as I pirouette downwards. The cold of the dark place reaches up to greet me as I approach it, a victim to my own desires! Soon I will be at the bottom, soon I will be dumped on the damn soil, there to lay and suffer for a very long time.

The vibrator switches off, even that tender caress of pleasure is removed from me. My hair touches the bottom of the well, something clicks, a crackle roars, and the winch jerks once and halts.

High above me a surge has burnt out the winding of the winch motor, it has welded the mechanism and stopped its function, leaving me dangling on the end of its cable, a helpless captive but still subject to the decisions of the computer I programmed to torment myself.

If I am not discovered by someone then I will certainly die hanging as I am near to the bottom of well, and my death will not have been a very pleasant one! Having thought that, the vibrator decides to switch on again, but frustratingly on low…



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