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New Belt

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Jane walked to the bus stop her high heels clicking on the pavement the snug pencil skirt limiting her steps slightly. Jane thought maybe she should taper the skirt more missing the restriction of her other skirts, under the skirt and loose top she can feel the steel covering her breasts and pussy shifting and smiles to herself. Jane had been intrigued by chastity belts since first seeing one in a movie when she was young even making herself one out of her dads duct tape and wearing it all day until needing to go to the bathroom and having to cut it off. During high school she had found several on the internet and dreamed about wearing one but was never able to afford them. During her junior year she had found a used belt and even though the thought of it being worn by someone else made her uncomfortable she decided to buy it and clean it very well before trying it on.

The used belt was amazing and when she wore it it gave Jane a feeling of confidence she had never had before. During the first year she owned it she had to leave at its largest settings. When she started to concentrate on her body she grew thinner being able to adjust it smaller and then it fit her perfectly. The only drawback was the attached thigh cuffs that forced her to wear skirts whenever she wore the belt. As Jane became accustomed to the belt she wore it every day and night always keeping herself clean shaven and her lean body in good shape so she could enjoy the feeling of the tight steel wrapped around her waist and pussy.

Dating rarely thorough out high school being more interested in the restrictions she set upon herself made her a social outcast and limited her circle of friends. Entering college Jane wore the belt twenty four seven even sending the key to a friend she had met online that would hold it for her making her beg to get it back which came less and less often. Jane never really tried to understand the feelings the belt gave her, she figured it wasn’t hurting her or anyone else so she didn’t really care why she liked it so much. She just knew she liked having the steel firmly locked around her waist and pussy and that was enough for her.

Jane celebrated her twenty second birthday and as a few friends threw her a surprise party Jane smiled as she looked around happy she had friends in her life. Jane was also smiling from large dildo inside her wet pussy and every time a loud noise was made it would activate and shake her insides almost driving her to an orgasm. Jane would have the dildo trapped inside her for the next two weeks and even though it would go silent soon it would continue to arouse her until she could remove it and vibrate herself to a wonderful orgasm or two.

Her newest belt had been purchased two years ago on her birthday as a present to herself and not only did it cover her pussy the steel bra was attached to the belt like the thigh cuffs. The bra trapped her large breasts firmly inside more steel not allowing her to tease or clamp her nipples while she was encased in her steel. Since receiving the belt she had only had the keys in her possession for short periods and since the hair around her pussy hardly grew at all anymore her maintenance was relatively light so she didn’t want it. The thought of someone having that kind of control over her body aroused her and every time she felt the belt restrict her either from moving properly or stopped her wandering hands she would smile knowing how wonderful the orgasm would be when she allowed herself the pleasure.

Jane had been saving since her birthday two years ago for another custom fitted belt but wanted something special and that would restrict her more and cover her ass as well. During the two years she had been saving and keeping up with new innovations she had also taught herself to perform enemas and had started wearing plugs inserted deep into her ass to get used to what she hoped she would find. One of her biggest complaints was that when she would sit the belt would ride up as it was pushed by her body weight and the only way she found to keep this from happening was to adjust the crotch plate extremely tight. The problem was that the chains across her ass would be pulled deep into her flesh and could clearly be seen under her clothes. While searching for her new belt Jane found a new design by a company that had built both of her previous belts and was totally different and warned not to be worn by non long term belters. This intrigued Jane who quickly became an expert on the new design.

What surprised her most was how thin it looked, it was made from tubing that had been shaped like an oval making it set very flush with the wears skin, the belt was only 12 mm at its widest point and 6 mm thick. The belt looked to be very clean in its appearance only having slight flares covering the pussy and ass holding the permanently mounted plugs deep inside. The attached bra had the tubing snugly around the bases of the breasts then six much thinner tubes extending from them and met to cover the nipple. The pictures showed several squeezed breasts trapped by the steel, the tender flesh bulging around the tubes making her very excited. The thigh cuffs were also very different as they were designed to be locked around the highest part of the thighs and attached directly to the center bar of the crotch piece making loose fitting pants a possibility.

The thing she like the most was the control system, it was all digital and could be programmed by her laptop so she wouldn’t have to ship her keys back and forth. When the command was sent to the belt to close the wearer would hold the front of the belt and crotch strap closed and the small motor in the belt pulled a pin through the internal channel and the belt was locked. No more exposed locks only an ultra smooth ring of steel around her waist and chest. The idea of the new belt made her want to cum and she knew she had to have it and almost had the money saved up to get it and started the fitting process and paid her deposit for it informing her friend about the purchase and asking her to keep the key until it arrived.

Jane had fudged her dimensions a little wanting the belt to fit her as tight as possible. She worried slightly that the small flare that was supposed to seal off her pussy was too small and would allow access but was given assurances that it would stop all entry and that if she felt the belt was not secure enough she could return it. Jane waited for the next two months in her chastity belt, regretting asking her friend not to return the key until she sent her a copy of the shipping document proving she had the new belt.

The dildo had stayed inside her and had became uncomfortable but Jane just thought about how wonderful the new belt would feel and desperately tried to gain access to her trapped pussy. Jane laughed at herself that even after all this time her body still hasn’t learned it can’t get to it when it’s locked up. Jane’s current bra had always been comfortable but this time she had added small nipple loops that squeezed her nipples snuggly and helped keep them sensitive while they were out of reach.

After three months locked away her nipples had become so sensitive that any movement of the bra cups or if anything was to strike them she would get an amazing charge of pleasure from her engorged buds. They would arouse her even further distracting her a great deal at almost always the wrong times. The last being during a science class she had taken and while the class was using vibrating cleaning machines. The whole room had shook slightly as all the machines ran together sending waves of small vibrations into her tethered nipples. The vibrations made Jane pant and flush a deep red as the tiny electrical shocks were sent though her body. Just as Jane thought she could feel the shocks in her pussy the room went silent except for her heavy breathing. Her panting continued to send the shocks through her for another thirty minutes before they slowly eased letting Jane concentrate on the class. Jane left the class with damp thighs and needing to go and get cleaned up before her next class.

During the construction of Jane’s new belt the company contacted her about new options available leaving short descriptions and asking if she would like to add them to her set. Most of the add on’s were free and even the ones that she was charged for had been reasonable so Jane had accepted them with panting breath thinking how they would add to her torment. The most expensive had been the auto-adjust feature that would basically maintain whatever tension Jane set it at for the duration of the “locked down time”. As she understood it all the main tubing would have the same tiny motors imbedded in them and could adjust the tubes by sliding them into and out of themselves to maintain proper fit. Jane thought that was great since her weight tended to fluctuate and now she wouldn’t be unbolting her belt to adjust it. Another add on was the tight fit cover, it was described as a way to ensure nothing gets in including any vibrations and guarantees that any stimulation applied would not be able to stimulate the wearer pleasingly. Jane accepted it wondering about the wording of the guarantee but it sounded too interesting to pass up.

When the bra was being built she received e-mails for it as well and accepted several additional “tricks” the manufacturer had developed and offered to her as an experienced belter. The one she was most curious about was the “nipple cuffs” the description had said that with the nipple cuffs the wearer could not have their nipples stimulated pleasingly. It guaranteed it would stop self pleasure even for the most rebellious wearer. There was that word again (pleasingly) but Jane’s arousal was peaking as she waited for her new belt to arrive. Jane constantly scanned the pictures of the belt and reviews she had found but noticed she had found nothing about the add on’s. Beginning to worry she e-mailed the company expressing her concerns and was told that if she wanted to change her order she would have to wait for another set to be built. Jane did not want to wait and accepted the set that by then had been completed and was sent out for her the next day.

Two days later the belt arrived and Jane opened it and studied how well it had been made, quickly sending her friend the scan of the shipping label. Now she was more frustrated than ever as she waited for the key to her current belt to arrive and decided to leave the new belt in the box. Jane did download the control program and it’s backup and set it up so it was ready to go when she got the key. Part of the new belt that intrigued Jane was the micro motors and cables that were inside it. During her research she had found that the same technology was used in space travel and new robotics. She was amazed at how strong the little motors could be made with the correct gearing and tried to find out about the technology in the new belt. Jane could find nothing listed anywhere about it and the company said it was a licensed product and would not release any info.

Setting up the program Jane learned how to set the timer and what to do in an emergency. The program had different settings for security so she worked through the questionnaire until it was all set up. Maximum security was chosen for her and in her aroused state this sounded perfect so she agreed and moved on to the next settings screen giving her friend a separate login. Once it was activated her friend could also control the belt locking her inputs out until the time expired. Maybe I’ll let her pick a time for me later Jane thought. Finding there were no choices other than duration left for her to adjust, Jane remembered all the other set up screens in the instructions but thought they must come later once the timer is set. The screen for duration gave three boxes, the first was hours, the next started at one day, and then the next was months all she had to do was enter the number in the box and hit enter. Jane was all set and waited for two days staring at the box deciding she would lock the new belt on for a few hours without stimulating herself first expecting to have a massive climax once the new belt was had been tested.

Jane arrived home Thursday night and found her key was waiting for her. Squealing as she ran as fast as she could up the stairs she was undressing as she unlocked her door. Jane dashed inside kicking her heels off as she dropped her skirt to the floor and ran to the bathroom. Unlocking the belt had always been kind of a sad moment for her in the past but this time she ripped it off setting it on the counter letting the dildo drop to the floor. Applying more of the hair removal crème to her pussy and while it was working she carefully picked off the loops around her nipples. The feelings of the blood returning to her nipples almost made her change her mind and get a vibrator and relax herself before locking her pussy back up.

Looking at her flushed face in the mirror Jane carefully withdrew the plug from her ass then flushed her bowels. Cleaning her pussy last and rubbing lotion all over her body before running into the other room. Jane stepped into the loops for her thighs and pulled the belt up while carefully inserting the smooth stubby plugs into herself then settling the crotch strap against her pussy. Her examination of the belt would wait until she released it a few hours from now. While she twisted into the bra she felt her pussy lips slip into something and the belt pinching them softly. The aroused Jane chose to ignore the sensation contributing it to the fit of the new belt and continued to slip into the bra.

The tubes fit together loosely around her waist and Jane tried to push them in further but they felt like they had stopped so she worked her breasts into the cups. She made sure her nipples were centered under the small covers feeling them actually slide into the small circles meant for them. Jane smiled as she thought about nipple cuffs and reached back and slid the tubes around her chest together and like the belt it fit loosely and she was worried again about the fit. The twin cables leading from the bra to the waist belt looked like they could be easily cut and Jane was getting disenchanted with her new belt. Jane hooked the data cable to the belt and brought up the program and then plugged the cable into the computer.

“Belt being recognized” popped up while Jane sat pulling the thigh bands up as high as she could get them making them look like leg openings in a thong bikini. The computer flashed “max security has been chosen hit enter to continue” Jane quickly hit enter. Jane sat waiting as the computer showed a progress bar then heard a faint hum and felt the steel drawing in on itself. In a few seconds the steel encircling her body was starting to get tight, Jane sat smiling as she felt herself being locked into the belt the computer read “is subject standing?” Jane jumped to her feet and hit yes, “Is the subject wearing “normal” shoes?” Jane was confused and hit help and read that if the wearer normally is required to wear high heels for best fit they should be wearing them during fitting.

Jane ran to her closet and grabbed her favorite heels that forced her onto the balls of her feet and slipped them on as she pushed “Yes” and stood up straight. The bands began to tighten further and quickly had her gasping as her chest and waist was drawn in sinking the steel into her skin. Jane panicked and hit the stop button “minimum tension has not been achieved” and it showed a progress bar ending in the specs she had given and continued to tighten itself. Jane cursed herself for changing the dimensions of her body to the company and exhaled deeply and allowed the belt to continue tightening. Just as Jane thought she could take no more she felt the crotch strap tighten and pull the plugs deeper into her. Jane was gasping as she felt that the strap was going to cut her in two when it all stopped leaving her panting.

She went to the mirror and could see the thin metal bands pressed deep into her skin, even the thigh bands had tightened and now were set deep into her thighs. Before she could inspect the belt further she heard the computer beep and looked at the screen reading “Duration must be set or program limits and computer will choose duration” Jane quickly entered the number two into the box and hit enter. The computer flashed red and said “incorrect amount” Jane hummphed at the screen and typed in zero two. Once again the computer said “incorrect amount” Jane hit the help button and read that since the belt had been designed for long term wear the minimum time was forty eight hours.

Jane stopped and thought about it before returning to the screen, she had only wanted to test the belt then bring herself to an orgasm but decided to use the minimum amount and quickly typed in forty eight and hit enter, “Are you sure the time is correct?” the computer asked making her grunt again and hit yes. The belt hummed slightly and she could feel something moving over her pussy as the screen read final lock down in progress to begin forty eight weeks in lock down.

Jane was so distracted as she felt something sliding over her pussy lips then began to squeal loudly as the plates inside the small flare began to pinch her lips. The pinching finally stopping as Jane sat tugging on the crotch strap and squealing desperately trying to ease the pinching sensation. As she struggled with the belt she felt her bra tighten slightly then felt her nipples being pinched as well making her squeal louder and begin pulling on the bra strap. After a minute the tension seemed to ease slightly and Jane looked at her skin bulging around the thin tubing surrounding her breasts realizing how much pressure was on them and already feeling how sensitive they were. Moving the tight cups Jane squealed loudly as she felt her nipples being stretched under the covers holding them tight and knew what nipple cuffs were for now.

Jane calmed herself and watched the progress bar as it neared complete and listed what options had been chosen “maximum security activated, all components at twenty percent of maximum tension, nipple cuffs at ten percent of maximum tension, thigh bands at twenty percent maximum tension, labia shield lock in place, belt to remain locked for forty eight weeks punishment enabled starting at ten percent increase in tension, no further control functions available until release”

Jane sat down again as she read the final screen before it returned to the status monitor screen and confirmed what she had read when she saw the countdown bar showing forty eight weeks. Jane sat stunned thinking how did it get so screwed up then remembered when she entered 02 the first time the option jumped to the next box, she HAD entered in forty eight weeks! Jane sat thinking about it adding it up in her head that’s three hundred and thirty six days that’s over eleven months! Jane started pulling and twisting in the steel covering her each pull made a new screen flash on the computer “increasing tension by ten percent for two hours” then repeated adding another ten percent making it four hours finally flashing “increased to thirty percent for twelve hours adding one day to release time”

Jane could feel the belt tighten around her and her pussy lips and nipples getting pinched harder and stopped struggling long enough to read the screen and figured out that she was being punished for fighting the belt. Jane screamed as the tension continued to increase making her waist and chest scream with pain as her lips and nipples were pinched harder. The tightness of the chest band with the increased pain finally made Jane black out and collapse to the floor as the motors stopped humming leaving her skin bulging around the thin bars surrounding her body.

Jane woke up confused and dragged her aching body back into the chair and read she had been out for about two hours and had ten remaining of her punishment. Jane looked at the steel wrapped tighter around her body and sat thinking about being controlled by a merciless master. She tried to access the control screen and was denied and went back to the help screen and read about the maximum security setting and found out that once it was activated the program controlled everything until the time ran out. The wearer could get time taken off or added by their behavior but no one could change the settings.

Jane smiled as she twisted her body feeling the extremely tight steel around it and was becoming aroused again until she remembered the time, forty eight weeks she gasped to herself. Jane caught her hands running over her caged breasts, her mind drifting as she stroked her bulging mounds. Each area of skin between the bars sending waves of exciting sensations through her body making her breathe heavier as another hand found its way to her trapped and pinched pussy desperately trying to stimulate it. As both hands rubbed the steel the computer screen flashed another warning “attempted stimulation detected” with a countdown bar depleting fast and making Jane jerk her hands away from her body and stopping the countdown bar.

Reading more on the max security Jane found the belt could sense when she was trying to stimulate herself by the small electrical field it generated and knew when contact was being made across the bra and belt. Jane smiled again thinking that she was really under something else’s control now and stood up to get something to drink. The tight belt and bra didn’t move at all but her pinched lips seem to shift slightly under the belt and made her wince. As she tried to stand noticing the thigh bands that she thought would be considerably less restrictive were actually more restrictive due to the fact that they were attached directly to the crotch bar leaving her very little room to move in them.

Jane grunted at her discovery and kicked off her towering heels. As her bare feet touched the floor her thigh muscles screamed out in pain as they tried to stretch past the tight straps around them making Jane quickly step back into her high heels. Jane smiled again as she thought “They might have well strapped my knees together” the thigh cuffs making even the slightest separation of her knees uncomfortable as she tried to take another step. Jane was used to having a restricted stride and quickly adapted herself as she moved around the house trying to figure out a way to adjust her time and settings. Jane finally sat down and sent an e-mail to the company telling them of her mistake and asking for advice on how to shorten her time in lock up or reset the program.

Jane knew she would not receive an answer tonight so she ate a small meal while her body strained against the steel, and her nipples throbbed. The pain never easing as normal nipple clamps do and her pussy lips ached as the steel that had clamped down on them never releasing their bite on them either. Jane then walked to her room still fighting the thigh bands as she tried to increase her stride and lay down eventually falling asleep.

Waking the next morning her body felt much better and Jane sat up and stretched looking at the steel that felt and looked like it had returned to its normal tension. Jane tried again to walk without her shoes and even though the pain was lessened she still had to put her shoes back on to be able to walk to the bathroom. After relieving herself Jane showered and stroked the steel around her body wondering what if she couldn’t release it for a full year? Jane had been wearing her other belt and bra almost constantly for the last two years and didn’t think it would be that much different except for the fact that she would not be able to remove it ever. The thought of being truly locked in the steel excited Jane and her hands immediately fell to her aching pussy making Jane laugh at her bodies reaction.

During the next week Jane had been told that she could not change the programming and that she had agreed to use it and had voluntarily set the program to maximum security and set the time herself. She thanked them after agreeing she had done it to herself and asked about the emergency exit program. Jane was told that under max security there was no emergency exit and advised her to carry the diagram that would show any emergency worker where to cut the belt to remove it if needed. Jane said she would and hung up.

Jane also found that her work shoes were not tall enough to make her thighs comfortable so she had been wearing her “play time” heels and boots trying to conceal them by wearing her longest dresses and skirts. Even though these shoes were never meant to be worn or walked in all day they were still more comfortable than her thighs were without them. Jane left work Friday the second week desperately trying to control her thoughts of being controlled by her computer and unable to relieve her frustration. She wanted to make herself have an orgasm and decided to go shopping for more shoes so she wouldn’t have to cover them and some toys she could use to try and help her frustration.

Shoe shopping was limited and Jane ended up at the fetish store she frequented and found two pairs of steep high heeled pumps that would be less obvious. As she searched the store she found a strap on vibrator that advertised it was the strongest one on the market so she picked it up along with two more skirts and headed into the dressing room. Strapping on the vibrator she found it fit snuggly between her thighs and would surround the belt just touching the exposed skin near it. Pulling the first dress up Jane loved the tightness of it and even though the leather was very tight all the way to her ankles she knew she could open the back making it much more wearable for work. She could even wear a pair of her play shoes under it if she wanted, the next skirt was even tighter falling just past her knees and even though she had wanted a long skirt she liked the tension of it and the shiny PVC material excited her. Slipping her feet into the new pumps Jane buckled the small straps around her ankles and stepped back into the leather skirt leaving the vibrator strapped tightly between her legs.

Jane paid for the items and left the store, the tight leather forcing her to take even smaller steps in the new taller heels that had small platforms making stepping up the curb outside the shop difficult. Jane walked along reading the vibrators control and turning it on being stopped by the sudden sensations emanating in her pussy. Jane started walking again slowly raising the vibrations and changing the pluses, quickly arousing herself making her gasp as she hoped the powerful vibrations could make her climax. Jane had walked past several bus stops as she concentrated on the vibrations. She had found a setting that made the phallus inside her shake slightly and along with the frustration from the thigh bands and the tension of the dress around her ankles Jane was lost in her efforts to cum. Walking and panting for an hour a sweat covered Jane finally felt the vibrator begin to slow and knew the batteries were dying. Cursing herself as the building orgasm faded she looked around realizing she had been walking without direction and turned around to find a bus stop.

Jane’s walking had her gasping for air and wishing she had worn the pencil skirt instead. Finding nowhere she could change skirts so she continued to struggle in the leather for another thirty minutes finding a bus stop and sat down to catch her breath and wait for the bus. Getting into the bus was difficult forcing Jane to hop up the steps before shuffling slowly to the nearest seat and sitting down again. Arriving home Jane struggled up the stairs before entering her apartment and pulled off the skirt and top dropping her shopping bags. Jane replaced the batteries in the vibrator before strapping her ballet boots on and opening her trunk that contained her bondage gear and picked out several items before tossing her keys to the other side of the room and sitting on her bed. Taking the leather straps she wrapped them around her ankles and below her knees pulling them tight then slipping her head into the PVC hood accepting the large gag into her waiting mouth. Buckling the hood tightly she sealed her head inside the tight material and blocking all light and forcing her to breathe through the small holes under her nose.

Once her head was covered she twisted her welded together legs up onto the bed and lay on her trapped breasts then took a short chain and looped it around her ankle strap clipping the ends to the short chain between her handcuffs. Grunting Jane searched for the long gloves and pulled them up to her elbows before locking one cuff tightly around her left wrist. Jane turned on the vibrator locking her right wrist into the steel cuff forcing her into a strict hogtie, Her only release lying ten feet away on the floor. To free herself she will need to get her bound body off the bed and wriggle herself to them and search with the limited movement of her hands to grasp them and free herself. Jane really enjoyed being held in a tight hogtie and often tied herself in this position even though she had only been able to orgasm once while wearing a belt but the feelings she got still made her try it on a regular basis. Now the position had her gasping and struggling on her bed while she let the vibrations message her aching cunt.

Jane struggled for an hour while her vibrator hummed against her steel entrapped pussy making her pant through the small holes as her frustration grew and her climax built. Jane lay slumped in her hogtie grunting and whining knowing the orgasm was not getting any closer. She needed to work herself off the bed and rolled over until she was on the edge of her bed and wiggled her knees off the edge and lowered herself as slow as she could down finally falling to her knees. Her caged breasts slipping down the bed making her groan as they were rubbed roughly between the steel bars encircling them.

As she stood on her knees she felt her nipples being pinched and then her pussy lips being pinched again causing her to moan and struggle harder pulling on her restraints desperate to stop the pinching. Jane struggled for another half hour before falling on to her shoulder making her realize she needed to free herself and began twisting and turning until she was wiggling herself forward. When Jane’s head hit something she knew she had turned the wrong way and needed to turn around and began struggling towards her freedom. Jane’s blind struggles on the bed had turned her towards the wrong direction and now she had to cover more than twice the distance to find her keys and she would be coming at them from a different angle making her search more complicated.

Jane struggled for two hours resting often to catch her breath and lay in her hogtie panting through her nose as the PVC heaved in and out partially covering her nose when she inhaled. Jane had been in this position many times and normally enjoyed the difficulties the hood caused but with her nipples and pussy being pinched she wanted out so she could stop the vibrations that were amplifying the pain making her gasp and grunt as she tried to get enough air into her lungs. Continuing her struggles Jane found the location where the keys should be and rolled onto her side and began searching with her limited available movement for the keys.

As Jane lay on her side the pinching grew worse from the pressure her thighs were putting on her pussy. Jane was about to be forced to roll back over stopping her search when she felt the pinching in her pussy and nipples easing leaving her extremely frustrated as the batteries were also dying quickly. Jane continued her desperate search for the keys gasping as she struggled for air finally finding the key ring and rolling back onto her caged breasts and lay panting until her head cleared. Unlocking her wrists Jane dragged her tired body to her bed and climbed up falling asleep in her remaining restraints and boots until the next afternoon.

Waking feeling less frustrated but still aware of her desire to cum Jane rolled around her bed enjoying her legs been bound together in the ballet boots and the hood restricting her breathing. As the ache from her jaw increased Jane unbuckled the hood and pulled it from her sweat soaked head flexing her jaw muscles. Jane unstrapped her legs and carefully walked into the kitchen and ate and drank until feeling sated. She wandered around her apartment naked except for the steel and boots finally cleaning it pretending she was being forced to be someone’s maid. Jane eventually added a large ball gag and cuffing her wrists together in front until she had finished. Jane’s time was now filled by either working or remaining bound in some way, she felt comforted by cuffing and gagging herself and started sleeping with her hood on and her wrists and ankles cuffed together. The ballet boots that had only been worn during play times were now being worn constantly since she found them much easier to walk in now that she had been practicing in the much higher heels.

Jane received a call from the belt manufacturer saying they had found away to decrease her time in the belt but it would require her locking more items on her body. Jane listened as he explained about “good behavior” in the program meaning the computer would take off locked up time when it sensed she was being good. Being good consisted right now of her not having any struggles in the belt but in the two months she had been wearing it she had logged sixteen incidents adding almost a month to her time. The good behavior would diminish her time quicker if she used the added restraints and a gag they offered, each taking days off for every so many hours worn. The wrist and ankle restraints would unfortunately be permanent like the belt but the gag could be programmed for however many hours she wanted before it could be released. Each eight hours spent with the gag on removed one full day same with being restrained by the cuffs in a hogtie. So technically if she wore the gag and tied herself in a hogtie for eight hours she could remove two days plus the one she was already fulfilling meaning three days for one.

Jane was unsure but agreed to take the cuffs and gag and thought about it while she waited for them to arrive. She had been in the new belt for almost three months after being locked in her old one for three months before that. She thought about another nine months deciding she would try it since she was spending most of her time locked up and gagged anyway what could it hurt. Jane had also been told that if she locked her ankles and wrists together it would count as good behavior and that once a day she would need to download the info from the cuffs to the computer so it would remove the earned time off. Jane had taken on more projects at work since she had accepted the belt to keep her mind off it and to keep her busy and had excelled at all of them earning a promotion and several raises. Since she was eating less and never went out her expenses had dropped as well. Jane hadn’t noticed her growing bank account until she paid for the cuffs and gag and decided to do some shopping but first she had to apply the new restraints to her wrists and ankles and try the new gag.

The cuffs were simple and matched her belt exactly and except for the small o-rings mounted to them would pass for jewelry. She already wore long skirts so the ankle cuffs were not an issue so she locked them around her wrists and ankles and brought up the program and watched as it recognized the cuffs and anklets and adjusted them tightly onto her. Jane had made the o-rings face the bottom of her wrists so they would be less conspicuous and once the cuffs tightened there would be no moving them around to the front. Clipping a short chain between her ankles then another between her wrists she could see the computer recognize that they were connected and started recording the time.

The gag was intimidating for her, it was all steel with a band that would wrap around her head and another that would go under her chin. The gag itself was huge, the phallus surely would go down her throat and at the flanged end had grooves for her teeth behind the padded steel panel that would cover her mouth. Jane slipped it in her mouth and started to gag before her teeth were in place and had to make several tries before she was able to force her teeth to pop into the grooves for them. The length of the phallus made her lean her head back slightly as it eased down her throat. Jane tried it for awhile before locking it just to make sure she could take the mouth filling cock not wanting to lock it and then have to suffer as she choked on it.

Jane shopped online for an hour before feeling comfortable in the gag even starting to enjoy her automatic response of sucking on it while it was in her mouth so she clicked on the icon. It only had a timer box for hours so after it recognized the gag she set it for one hour. Jane felt the straps tighten firmly around her head and under her chin forcing the gag deeper into her mouth and sealing the plate against her lips. Jane panicked slightly as she felt it tighten and knew she could not remove it but as her arousal grew she calmed herself and continued shopping for even stranger items as her imagination went wild. Sitting in front of the computer for hours steadily suckling on the steel cock in her throat Jane ordered several more pairs of shoes and a few long dresses and skirts. Jane even found and electronic timer that would hold her in whatever position for a predetermined amount of time then release her. She chuckled behind the gag that had been loosened for several hours but she had not removed as she stared at the picture of a pretty woman hogtied with the device and thought this is fate and ordered it. Jane was more determined than ever to shorten her time in the belt and bra even though she was starting to wonder why she wanted out.

Jane continued to wear the gag and chain her hands and feet together as often as she could. The gag would stay locked in until just before leaving in the morning and would be inserted as soon as she entered her door in the evening. She had started hogtieing herself during the weekends and finally started sleeping hogtied and gagged. The timer releasing her early in the morning so she could get ready for work. Jane had also started wearing her chains at work. Her ankles would stay chained together whenever she would wear a skirt long enough to cover it and during her lunches she would wear the gag and the chain between her cuffs while she sat in her office. Jane kept constant tabs on the timer watching it get shorter and figured that on the weekends she could stay chained and gagged much longer spending all night and into the next day hogtied.

The first weekend she spent sixteen hours hogtied and gagged she almost gave up. Her body and jaw were so sore she couldn’t hogtie herself again the next day. Slowly her body accepted her position and now she would lock herself up every Friday night only freeing herself for one hour on Saturday before locking herself up again until Sunday morning. Now her time was really getting shorter and for the next few months Jane’s life become all about securing herself as often and as long as possible. Between work and binding herself she hardly had time to eat making herself lose weight and the belt adjusting itself automatically. Jane was not even checking the countdown, thinking the belt would open when she reached the end. Since she was comfortable sleeping bound and now liked the gag and had modified her boots so she could wear them and still chain her ankles together she was quite happy to continue her routine.

Four months passed quickly for Jane as she fell into her routine and cared for little else other than work and binding herself. Jane’s duties at work had increased and she found it easier to stay in her office and would regularly wear her toe boots and chains and sit working with her gag in behind her locked door. Only a few times had someone knocked before she could remove the gag and she just waited until it could be pulled from her throat and called them back. The company closed early one day so Jane had more time to spend bound. Arriving home she had stripped down and stuffed her mouth with the gag before locking her wrists together. Since her ankles had been locked together for the last three days she sat down and pulled up her program and found that she no longer had to wear the belt. In fact she had been wearing it for two weeks longer than she needed to. The open button was flashing so she clicked on it and felt all the steel on her body release except the gag whose program was separate. Jane jumped to her pointed toes and slid the bra and belt off her body, it had been almost nine months between her old belt and the new one in total lock down and now she was free.

Jane ran to the large mirror to look at her body and was amazed at how toned her body had become and how little the hair between her legs had grown. As she relieved herself she moaned at the feeling of not having to fight the belt and wondered if she could still defecate normally. She ran a hot bath and grabbed her favorite hood and vibrator before removing her boots and slipped into the hot water. The vibrator felt wonderful as she inserted it and stroked her breasts and began fucking herself. When the orgasm slammed through her body she screamed into the gag and hood while her body tensed and shook for several minutes. She lay gasping in the hot water leaving the vibrator inserted in her pussy while she washed and stroked her body. Jane only had to wait for a few minutes before she was hit by a string of orgasm’s whose power almost made her black out. Jane finally removed her hood and the gag that had eased its grip on her head an hour before. Jane washed and rubbed her unfettered body for hours before getting out and drying herself. Jane was free and could do anything and wear anything she wanted, her feet and legs still complained when she went flat footed but she could go and do anything she wanted again.

Jane treated herself to a night out and ate well and drank enough wine that she was giddy when she arrived home and tried to sleep and found she couldn’t. After several hours of tossing and turning she slipped the belt and bra on then locked the cuffs, gag and belt on for six hours and set her hogtie release for the same, as soon as she was secure she fell asleep. Waking the next morning Jane removed the chains but slipped a vibrator into her pussy and relocked the belt for twelve hours and got ready for work. Jane was distracted all day as the vibrator moved around inside her and randomly came on and off on low. Leaving work Jane rode the bus panting the whole time as the vibrator had decided to stay on during the whole trip bringing her dangerously close to an orgasm.

Arriving home Jane saw she had an hour remaining so she quickly strapped her boots on and slipped a hood over her head and hogtied herself letting the vibrations slowly increase as she struggled and gasped through her nose. Just before the belt was to be released Jane had a substantial orgasm and wiggled and screamed in her hogtie as the waves crashed over her body leaving her shaking and twitching in her bonds. While she lay hogtied on her captured breasts enjoying the after glow Jane suddenly felt the belt and bra tighten and her nipples and pussy lips being pinched again. The timer had not released her hog tie yet so all she could do was squirm and wiggle as she was squeezed tighter and pinched harder. Finally her wrists were free from her ankles and she rolled over and quickly unbuckled the hood and looked at the computer screen. Jane saw she was being punished for attempted removal for twelve hours and two days had been added to her time. Jane moaned loudly but smiled as she relished being under its control again not realizing she had locked the cuffs over her booted feet and now couldn’t remove the toe boots either.

Jane struggled in her steel for the next twelve hours when finally her lips and nipples were released but it wasn’t until Sunday night she realized she would have to wear her boots to work and she was supposed to give a presentation to the VP’s and had to go in. Jane adjusted the leather skirt so the rear slit was shorter and then put a panel in it to cover her legs completely. She stood modeling the skirt and said “It will have to do” inserting her gag and locking herself into another hogtie Jane fell asleep only waking the next morning from the alarm. Jane went to work walking more in one day than she had all year never missing a beat even when she overheard someone talking about that girls shoes.

The night spent in her hogtie and gag had shortened the time and as soon as Jane arrived home she removed the vibrator sliding it out from under the loosened belt. Jane removed her boots and sat looking at the program screen as she remembered the wonderful orgasm’s she had. Jane tabbed down to the months box and hit twelve entering through the remaining screens she gasped as the belt tightened again. Jane sat smiling locking the cuffs around her ankles and wrists thinking how much fun she would have while she worked to shorten the time and in about six or seven months when she might be allowed to remove the belt again.

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