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The New Obstacle Course

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2013 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

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I've left the back half of our property to grow back to nature, and is not much more than a weed patch. But the weeds have grown to over foot feet, and it is perfect for these outings. I have kept a six foot wide path leading from an old Box Elder tree on one side to a pine tree across the yard. It is here I go through my courses.

So, first, I tie my rope to the chain link fence on one side of the yard. I take the rope, and tie it around the pine tree and walk to the Box Elder tree across the weed patch. I thread the rope through the eye bolt in my homemade leg spreader. This is simply a one inch dowel, with eye bolts screwed into each end, and one in the middle. I usually use this to keep my legs apart, then attach my balls to the center bolt. But, this will be different.

Once I thread the rope through the bolt, then through a two inch "O" ring, I measure the distance I will need to be able to reach my escape device, and tie a knot in the rope. I take the end to the tree, wrap it around, tying it off, and then tie the end to the chain link fence on that side of the yard.

Using landscape stakes, I bury the rope at each tree to keep it close to the ground.

I have a large three inch magnet from a stereo speaker. This weighs a bit, but not extremely heavy. The weight really isn't going to be much of an issue, though. I have the magnet in a cheesecloth bag, tied at the end, then tied to a  smaller rope that will run through other stakes I have in the ground leading back to the Box Elder tree. This will be at the tree on the far side of the yard, from the Box Elder.  I take the bag with the magnet back to the Box Elder, and lay it about where I plan on having my crotch, then place it on the ground. I take the lose end of the rope, and toss it over a branch in the tree.

My escape device will be one of my favorites. I will have to untie multiple knots in the rope to reach my hand cuff key. My key is on a small key ring. I tie a small string for me to assure that I will be able to get the key in case it falls away from me to the key ring. I thread the end of the rope through a 3/4 inch PVC pipe, and start tying my knots in loose end. I stop at 20. The PVC will end up just at my reach point once I arrive at the spot.

I take the magnet bag back to the far tree. I go back and move the PVC pipe away from the tree. The distance did’t matter as long as it's out of reach at the beginning. I return again to the far tree, and pick up the bag, walk back towards the Box Elder, and make sure the rope slide smoothly through the landscape stakes, and drags the PVC pipe to the tree. Now, since I have in my mind the way my ankles will be bound, I have to have the magnet hanging just above the ground. After I make sure the pipe will be lifted, I tie a simple slip knot on a branch, and hang the magnet about 3 inches above the ground. That should allow me to get to it when I reach this tree.

Now my bindings. I will have my "T" strap around my cock and balls. The little leather piece that would normally separate the balls will be snapped side to side below my cock, and over my balls.

I have a modified socket I bought. It is a three quarter drive, by one and 1/2 inch socket. To that I have a threaded hook that you would use for hanging a chain on the old "A" frame wooden swings. The hook will go into the little "D" ring of the strap, holding my cock and balls down towards the ground.

My thighs will be held apart by the dowel hooked to the ground rope. I took two, smaller dowels, drilled holes in each end of both, and threaded bolts with wing nuts. This, I use as a humbler normally, but this time, I will have my ankles locked into this. One dowel will be under the ground rope, the other on top.

I have a larger cheesecloth bag, that I sewed an elastic band in place of the string. I will have this over my head to protect my face from the onslaught of insects that I am expecting.

My hands will be locked behind my head. I will put the chain between my hand cuffs through my collar that will be buckled in place. I will use a simpler spring clip to attach my collar to the "O" ring on the rope. With my insect fetish, I plan on using more sweeteners around where I will end up by the Box Elder. The night before my trek, I spread an entire box of sugar cubes around the spot where my crotch will be. Tomorrow, I plan on setting 2 pints of ice cream right where I'm planning on having my cock to rest while I untie the knots. I have centered my resting place directly over an ant colony, so they should be coming out in droves. I also get more cakes from the local hardware store that I use for my bug zapper. These things actually attract the bugs to the zapper, and should attract them to my course as well. I drop them along the ground rope, and at each tree.

I think the course is ready for me. I barely sleep the night before. My mind keeps drifting out to the course. The last time I used the course, I was able to move up right. I remember the humiliation I felt when I had to stick my ass up in the air to pull the stakes out off the ground. This time, my ass will be sticking up the entire time. I can't wait, and seem not be able to sleep. Finally I drift off, and wake at 6am as usual.

Since my plan is to start around 3 or 4 pm, I have the entire day to kill.

About noon, I decide to take my shower. I scrub my body almost raw, and then shave myself from my armpits to my knees.I like the feeling of freshly shaved skin, and quickly find a way to remove the hair on my back. I use a hair removal lotion, spread a bunch into the tub, then lay down on my back in the lotion, moving side to side until it covers the skin. I get up, and make sure I have my cock, balls, thighs ass, and all smooth. After about 15 minutes, I turn the shower on again, and rinse off the hair with the  lotion. Now, I'm bald, and completely smooth.

I go into the bedroom, and lock my straps to my ankles, and thighs just above my knees. I snap the ball spreader around my genitals, and then the small strap over the balls under my cock. I slip on my sweatpants, and a tank top. I take a six pack of beer out of the fridge, and grab my pints of mint/chocolate ice cream from the freezer. Take my smokes, and bottle of Jack, then I go to the garage to get my cheesecloth bag, with my cuffs, ropes, collar and locks, and head out to the weed patch.

I walk over to the far tree to make sure my magnet bag is still hanging, and then return to the Box Elder.

I sit down next to the ant hill, and squeeze the ice cream from their containers onto the ground where my cock will rest later. The sugar cubes I dropped last night are still pretty much there, and they are completely covered with the ants.

Even though the sun hasn't reached it's hottest yet, the mosquitoes are already out in droves. I guess those little blocks do work.

I walk to where the spreader post is laying on the ground, and sit back down, lowering my pants as I do. The heat from the sun, and the light breeze felt fantastic on my freshly shaved skin. I sat in the grass, removed my shirt, opened a beer and lit a smoke. I take my time, enjoying my nudity while I take a pull of Jack, and finish my smoke and beer. The rest of the beer is at the base of the Box Elder, as my treat for when I'm done.

Now, to the task.

I locked my ankles to the home made humbler, making sure the rope stayed between the little dowels. I get up on my knees, and tie one rope each to the straps on my thighs. I spread my legs as far as I could, and tie the ends to the spreader post. Now my legs are wide apart and cannot close at all. I slip the cheesecloth hood over my head, and snap the elastic band around my neck. This will work so much better than the pillowcase  I used the first time. I slip the hooked end of the socket attachment into the "D" ring of the ball strap, and let go. My cock and balls dropped, and swung side to side as the weight yanked at me. Next was my collar. I put my cuffs behind my head, and closed the strap in front. I reach down, and hooked the spring clip to the "O" ring, and bent over to the ground. I double check to make sure all looks good and right, then lock both wrists into the cuffs.

Now, to start.

Moving was a hell of a lot harder and slower than I had thought. I could only move about three to four inches at a time. And moving my right leg and right elbow at the same time worked better then offset. So, I started on my way over to the far tree.

The mosquitoes were covering my naked skin, as I moved out of the shade of the Box Elder. With my ass stuck up like it was, my asshole was subjected to their bites as well. Absolutely nothing I could do about it. I could lower my body down to the ground, but, then I couldn't move, so I had to keep it up.

The socket kept swinging, and banging into my cock, and giving me an  erection. Now my semi-hard dick was a larger treat for the mosquitoes. And they took advantage of that. But, I couldn't stop the socket. I had to keep moving, so I had to keep the hard on. Oh, it DID feel pretty good, even when it was being bitten. I was also was glad to have my head covered with the cheese cloth hood. The little things covered the hood, but, for the most part, they couldn't bite many places.

The sun beat down with a vengeance. I slowly made my way across the yard. Insects were biting every inch of the exposed skin, I felt them in my armpits, my cock, balls, ass, and even the skin between my asshole and balls. I itched like crazy. Every square inch of me.The mosquitoes seemed to like the sun enough, but liked the shade of my underside even more. I had laid the attracting bars in places along the trail, so every once in a while, I would go through a swarm of the little biters. That was the worst. They covered what felt like every inch of skin, taking their fill of me. I could feel them covering my chest, abdomen, thighs-- everywhere! My only escape for my ass was to squat down. That felt great on my chest and stomach, as I could get a little relief from the itch. But not so much my ass. With my thighs being held so far apart, I could not close them to either kill the insects, or get any relief.

Finally, I felt the tree branch brush up against my ass. I pushed into the tree, and lowered my ass down.


"Oh fuck" I thought.

I tried again, this time swinging my balls to the side, trying to catch the magnet.

Again, nothing.

I slammed my balls down into the grass, and finally heard the"clink" of the magnet catching the socket.

Ok, now I had to pull to untie the slip knot holding it to the branch.

I pulled and heard it drop to the ground with a thud. "Shit".

I lowered my body again, caught the magnet, and lifted up once more. This time it, apparently grabbed tighter, because when I pulled, the slip knot came loose, and it yanked my cock and balls down hard.

"Umphh" I moaned. That almost yanked my cock and balls off of me, by the way it felt. I had to wait a minute to recover from that.

Finally I began my trek back to the Box Elder.

The skin on my backside felt raw. Both from the sun beating down on me, and the bites being taken out of me. I was glad now, that I had started this a little earlier than I had originally planned. The sun was HOT!, and as I made my way back, it was starting on it's downward path, aiming it's rays more directly onto me. The skin between my balls and ass felt as if it was already blistering. My thighs as well. Like most that don't visit a tanning booth, the under side of my thighs are pretty white. And of course my ass was virgin to the sun.

I got through the first swarm better, because I moved faster.

I looked up as best I could to make sure the PVC pipe was moving as I made my way to the tree. It was, so all looked as planned.

I finally felt the shade of the Box Elder on my head and shoulder. I was close to the final task.

My head bumped into the mostly thawed ice cream. I noticed that it was literally COVERED with ants. Looking side to side, the sugar cubes were covered as well. Those things found my elbows, first as I crawled close, then my knees, and they made their way up onto me.

I lifted my head as much as possible to get the O ring passed the knot, and keep my face out of the ice cream. 

I made my way, until I felt the knot stop my thighs from moving. Now, I had to lower my chest to the ground. I felt immediate relief in my back, as it was stretched out from it's bent position.

My hips next, straightened out as I lowered myself. Then my hard cock touched the ice cream. DAMN that was cold. I lowered it down, and smashed the rest of the pile into a gooey puddle. This brought the urge to cum to intensify, so I had to raise my crotch up as best I could until that urge subsided. Once it did, I lowered myself back down into the puddle of mud and ice cream.

I reached around for the pipe, now. I found the string attached to the key ring holding the key, and tied it around my little finger.

The bugs were fully covering me. Being in the shade, the mosquitoes were in a frenzy from the bars I had placed. More and more of the ants that had eating the ice cream found their way up the inside of my thighs, and began crawling all over my ass.

 I started untying my knots. One by one.

My ass felt as if it was burning from the hundreds of bites it was enduring. Flies had joined the feast, as well as the ants and box elder bugs. Fortunately for me, the ants were just little "piss" ants. But the flies were the biting kind, and they were hungry. Those fuckers don't move unless you swat at them, so since I couldn't swat them, they had their way with my skin.

After what seemed like for-fucking-ever, I got the knots undone. I pulled the pipe from the rope, and threw it off to the side. The key dropped right next to my head, and I got the cuffs unlocked as quickly as I could. Next, the collar.

I raised myself up to untie my thighs, and feet. I saw that the skin on my chest, stomach, abdomen, pubic area was simply red little bumps. That area had taken  the bulk of the bites during my trek. But my ass and backside of my body and legs had been eaten alive while I was prone on the ground. Once I had released all my binding, I threw myself onto the ground in the weeds. I rolled and moved back and forth to get a good scratching to my tortured skin. All the while scratching my balls and cock to relieve them. I rolled over to my cigarettes, and beer, and took my time enjoying both. I rolled back and forth to scratch that intense itch. I first finished the beer, and took another hit from the cigarette before I finaly put my clothes on.

Now, I needed a shower and lotion to make sure the skin from my balls back didn't blister. I would look like a complete idiot if the skin blistered, and I had to walk around avoiding the skin from touching all week at work. 


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