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A New Rope

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2014 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; naked; garage; belt; cbt; heatrub; ointment; torment; pain; true; cons; X

A new rope, knotted at various spots. Each knot has a different torment. Capsaizin on some, Extra strength Ben-Gay on others, hot sauce on a few, and for some relief, lotion on a couple.

I added an eyebolt to the 2x6 holding the garage door track to the front of the garage.

I tied the rope to that eyebolt, and the other end to the entrance door handle to the house.

Of course, I’ve stripped my clothes off, and am standing here naked. I have my leather belt around my waist. At the back of the belt, I hung a simple O ring. I have my ½ inch pipe bracket tightened on just behind my cockhead. An eyebolt cut down to thread all the way into the bracket and push somewhat into the skin under my cock is in place. To that, I hooked another clip. I don’t know want these are called, but it is only about ¾ inch at one end, and almost 2 inches at the other. It opens up with a spring, and then closes by itself.

The rope is threaded through the O ring at my back, running down between my ass cheeks, then through the clip dangling from my cock.

Facing the interior door, I first I clip my ankles together with two spring clips, leaving me other inches to move my feet at a time. I clip my thumbtack-modified clothespins to my nipples, then, I lock my hands behind my head to my collar, and my journey begins.

The keys to release my hands are waiting for me at the garage door.

Now, “all I have to do” is get there.

Slowly, I begin. I feel the first knot make its way through the O ring, and slide down between my cheeks, and pushed over my anus. Immediate pain from the heat screams into my brain.

“FUCK” I yell. Hopefully nobody is home, or they are going to wonder what happened. Intense burning heat makes its way over my balls, as I finally pass the knot through my legs.

The next knot is no different. I realize then that I MAY have gone too far this time.

When I reach the next knot, it is coated with lotion. The lotion helps some, but does not take the complete pain out.

Knot after knot slides down my crack, assaulting my asshole, then over my balls, and finally passes in front of me.

My asshole feels like it is literally on fire. My balls feel better because they have been saved from the main glob of ointment, since most of it has been smeared down my ass and over the skin between.

I need to stop every once in a while because of the pain. My knees buckle at times, but that only tightens the rope. I had not planned on one other thing. As the ointment smears over the rope, my dangling, semi-hard cock gets assaulted as well. The burning on that soft skin is more that I can handle, and I actually jump up and down when I feel it. Again this only makes my crotch rope tighten, and bite a bit deeper into my crack.

Finally I feel the garage door at my hands. I have to push myself into the rope, and stay there, to get close enough to the keys. Doing this tightens the rope to the fullest, grinding it even harder into my tortured ass crack, and anus.

I eventually get my hands released, but now have to bend over to release my ankles. The rope makes its final assault on me before I get my legs free and am able to get back to the door, untie the rope, and get to the shower.


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