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The New Sub-Contractor

by Howard S

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© Copyright 2009 - Howard S - Used by permission

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Part 1

My beautiful wife and I are renovating our house by the lake. To save money at first, my wife did the work herself but, it cost a lot to finish the jobs. Then she hired the trades and that cost even more because with extra workers, she could do what seemed like endless additional jobs.

I came home the other night to a new twist to an old renovation idea. My wife wanted to hire a general contractor who could hire even more expensive trades and do even more and more jobs. “All she really wanted” was to remove the roof from the house and replace it with the one my wife said that she “always really wanted” and it will take only 8 working days and a lot of money. Needless to say I said “No way!” I would be working like a slave to this construction job and I couldn’t see any reason to give in....


That’s when my wife had an idea, that if I had to work like a slave to get her most important jobs finished, then she would be willing to match the contractors time as my own slave in bondage, to do with as I pleased. At that moment my heart skipped a beat. In the past I’ve tied her to our bed, the beam in the basement and then lightly whipped, fondled, or tortured her, followed by her getting her pussy seriously fucked. I know that she suggested this because she knew that I’d do anything to come home and find her naked, chained, gagged tightly and very horny, ready to be punished and fucked.

It worked! I wanted to see the contract with the general contractor and I told her that we would have a similar slave contract compete with penalty clauses for poor or lack of performance. I further insisted on a condition that if she wanted to ask the contractor about anything or change in any way the job on our roof once it started, it would cost her with a severe penalty contained in three sealed envelopes. To be fair she could pick her punishment from door number 1, 2 or 3. She agreed to sign just to get the roof done.

It took about a week to find and get a contract with a reputable roofing firm. It took me the same time to make an air tight, one-sided, and usurious, slave contract with my blond luscious slave girl. The thought of the heat from my wife’s freshly whipped ass was dulling the fine legal points that I was trying to put into this contract. Finally it was finished. The broad terms were as follows,

Each morning before the roof contractor’s crew arrives; you are to tie yourself up in the basement in a way that can only be described as inescapable and original. Meaning, no two-days self bondages are to look the same, ‘tight and locked' are the words of the day. After the last man goes home only then can you be released from your slave chains. Shaved, showered, made-up and willing to be submissive during working hours. Refer to me as “Boss or master” and refer to herself in the third person or slave. A blow job for your boss at the start of the day and a blow job before you can be released from her bondage are required daily. No orgasms at any time without asking and receiving permission (even after work...). The slave must ask for punishments in order to receive pleasure. The slave can communicate each morning with a sign around her neck. If the slave fails to complete this contract in any way the contractors go home, the roof job stops and some severe punishments begin.

Last, but the most important condition was that if the slave wanted to ask the contractor any questions about or to make any change to the existing contract, then she must choose from one of the three envelopes and completely comply with the conditions contained therein before being allowed she request. Compliance is not optional once her choose has been made. I put the sealed envelopes on the table with her contract to sign.

The morning that the job was to start I could hear her in the upstairs bathroom with the water running, trying to get ready and not be late. I went out to meet the contractors a 08:00am and watched them start. I got myself some coffee and noticed that aside from the work sounds outside that the house had an electric silence. I struggled hard to hear any sounds from the basement.

The time was at hand, it was now 0945. I couldn’t hear any sound at all as I looked down the stairs and the thought of what I might find there was causing me a large hard on, even before going down. I tip toed down the stairs without making a sound and half way down I could hear grunting, wincing and moaning. In the middle of the room in our unfinished basement was my wife and new found “Sub Contractor” naked, with her handcuffed hands behind her head, toes tied together and both around a steel support post, a thick leather hood with the blindfold and penis gag in place, 4" posture collar locked on her neck with a leash and sign. As I looked closer it seemed that the 8" long dildo I bought her last year for Christmas was tied firmly up her ass and was causing her to gyrate slowly and moan.

WOW! The sign swinging from her collar read, “Dear Master, I really wanted that roof. Don’t let me disappoint you and please punish me if I do. I’m yours to do with as you please and I hoping that you’ll fuck me now to start your day. Have a good day at work, I know I’ll try too, if I’m not too tied up. PS. gag me very tightly when you want to whip me, I don’t want the roofers to hear. I want them to work on the roof not on my ass”

Well what can I say it was as if she was reading my mind. I noticed that she had laid out our entire bondage collection in neat order on the table beside her. Leather and steel cuffs, locking collars, choke chains, leash, Japanese and screw type nipple clamps dildos of various sizes a selection of whips, paddles and floggers that would make the Marquis de Sade proud. The only thing that was missing was our electro sex collection of dildos, plugs and clips. I think I’ll find them later. So now what to do? I need to get to work and an orgasm and she needs a position to keep her occupied for the day. I removed the gag and put my very hard cock in her mouth followed by the hot cum she was looking for and I replaced the gag and locked it on. I left her trying to lick her lips while on her knees tied to that post to listen to the workers and imagine what would happen if one of them came down to get something from the basement. I told her I’d leave the basement door unlocked, just to get her mind going. Well it looks like I did my slave management for now.

At noon I came home (as if I could stay away) for some whipping practice and to put her into latex panties and a remote control butterfly vibrator. Once she had been placed in leather mittens and tied to a rafter above her head, then with a flogger I warned her and her newly sore nipples, that if she cums at any time without permission I would tie her to the ceiling by her nipples and give her 75 lashes with a buggy whip dipped in Ben Gay. I spent the next hour or so pushing the remote control for the butterfly vibrator, on and off while working upstairs on the computer only to then come down stairs to find small drips of sweat and pussy juice falling from her ass plugged dildo. Under the latex she was dripping wet with cum, and now I had to teach her a lesson. Well to say she found it hard to stay so high on her toes was second only to the pain it caused in her breasts when she came down. The buggy whipping quite went well she marked lightly and whined like a good slave and when I stopped she looked like she wanted more. I left her with a new thick vibrator buried deep in her pussy on very low.

At 5 o’clock the roofers were getting ready to leave to so I waited for the last one to leave before releasing my horny slave. As I went down the stairs I knew that I was forgetting something. She needed to give me a blow job in order to get released. I removed her gag. When she tried to close her mouth, she did so slowly as being gagged all day must have made her mouth sore. I whispered in her ear beg me for the nipple clamps with the sharp steel teeth. It took a tug on her leash to get some cooperation but she said, “gag me first and the please punish me with our punishment clamps on my nipples, and if it pleases you Sir, fuck me up the ass before you cum in my mouth”.

I re-gagged her while wondering what had she been thinking all day to ask for that treatment? So without removing the dildo I released her nipples from the rafters and placed her kneeling head down on the basement floor. I retied the ring on the end of each mitten to her big toes and while she was ass up and hood was down on the floor I grabbed her leash and obliged her by giving her the wildest ass fucking of her life. Then I ungagged her and she used her tongue to get the last of the cum off my cock. Before releasing her for the night I noticed that there was a large gush of her cum still flowing from her pussy. The strangest thing happened next, although she had been unlocked and untied she lowered her eyes and relocked the collar on her neck and without saying a word crawled over to the basement bathroom for a shower. I needed a walk to think about what had just happened.

When I returned I expected to see my wife outside with a beer inspecting the job. Instead my dinner was on the table, the wine was poured and she had sat her ass down on a large butt plug and chained herself to one of the dinning room chairs. The sign hanging from her collar read,

“ Darling, please punish me if you don’t like your dinner, but do me, (again...) fuck my ass one more time tonight.
Signed “your sub contractor” PS no charge for this extra servicing.”

I needed to un-gag her just to kiss her. She watched without a word while I finished my dinner. I lead her by her leash to our bed, to be chained down and slowly ass fucked. Just like the afternoon, she came and came and before going to sleep she asked me to lock her leash to the bedpost, and as I did, she snuggled up to me and fell asleep with a very content sigh. I then fell a sleep needing to know if I had just bought a new roof or a submissive slave girl for life...

The next morning I woke late to find a hot coffee on the night table and a note;

“Dear Sir: I had to get to my new job a little early; I spent all night dreaming of ways to tie myself up for you. I hope you like my work today. I would like to ask the contractors three or four questions about the roof job and I know that means opening all the envelopes. PS. I beg you to whip my pussy till it’s good and red, because I really need to cum badly (with your permission of course).

I choose envelope number one, first.

Why wait until later I was already hard. When I wrote the three punishments and put them into their envelope and sealed them, I arranged them from hard punishments to horrible ones. I never thought that I would be asked to carry any of them out and that their best use was a training threat or a momentary fantasy. Now I have to find a way to permanently install two gold rings into my wife long perky nipples (envelope number 1) and three grommets into each of her soon to be permanently hairless pussy lips (envelope number 2). The grommets are for a fantasy chastity device ( not yet built) that consists of a dildo that has a remote control vibrator, electro sex contacts and a chastity shield, that works like the guard on a sword, that covers her clit. The device is held in place by 6 special irremovable screws that go through her pussy grommets and into the dildo’s shield. Just the thought of her being endlessly being teased or alternatively punished with shocks by an irremovable fat cock was enough to get me to forget about envelope number three.

Part 2: What Happened Next…?

Hi I’m Carey.  So I’ve been on the job for 6 months, being a bondage slave is worse than be hooked on drugs. I hear chains rattle I cream myself, when I’m not bound I can feel the restraints and after I’m released from bondage I want to give myself in restraints as a slave to my husband. I got to ask my questions, and so my pussy is now permanently hairless and has three grommets though my labia pined together by 3 marine shackles effectively ended me being fucked or using dildos/vibrators deep in my pussy.  It did provide a new place to be tied or leashed (envelope number 2) and my nipples are pierced with stainless rings (envelope number 1).  I love this work… and each work day are new challenges for my self, wake early get breakfast, straighten the house and get to work.  Every day’s job must be completely different, remember the contract? 

So today’s job is to stand in the middle of a 4’ by 4’ steel plate with a 6” round hole cut in the center.  If I stand on my toes then I’m really standing on carpet and not touching the plate which is good. Earlier I attached my TENS electroshock unit to the plate and to the taught chain connecting my nipple rings to the ceiling.  Just to add to the stress of standing and not touching the plate and making a connection, I’m wearing my full leather hood with a big dick gag down my throat, a 10” chain locked to the back of my collar and also locked to my thumb cuffs. Between the weight of my hands pulling on my collar and the stain on my toes trying to keep my nipples from aching it’s hard to remember not to touch the plate, but I’m learning. While keeping mentally busy I was fantasizing about having my hairless mound prominently tattooed for Howard’s birthday with; “I’M HOWARD’S CUNT PRIVATE PROPERTY” or “IF YOU CAN READ THIS SIGN I NEED TO BE WHIPPED HARD”.  I have all day to work on the wording.

I really like it when I find a position that causes me to be dammed if I do something and dammed if I don’t do it, I love to struggle, it makes me very hot and each day I find increasingly harder positions to hold never knowing how long I’ll be in that predicament.  In the end, if I have found just the right tension in a given position then I’ll be begging for sexual or physical release and if I can’t get that gratification maybe a strict punishment to take my mind off the sense of begging.  If I have pushed myself to the max then I’ll willingly do anything for anyone.  What a wonderful thought eh?  Some days I screw-up.  I find a very painful position that I need release from and Howard unknowingly leaves me in my self made frenzy longer than I can take. I love him so when he arrives…

In my constantly aroused state I was day dreaming or fantasizing about how Howard got into his love of bondage and I remembered a girlfriend he had, that spent her time when Howard was away, tied in the basement, garage, or backyard.  She taught him that a woman that ties herself in that way can have an orgasm or 10. He told me that each day he came home to find a quiet house he’d look into the basement to find that Dineen had tied herself or suspended her in a new inescapable way that required him to either release, fuck or whip her (she usually left a note with a request). He said that the self-bondage had such a powerful effect on her, that he’d often find her tied or chained after many hours of bondage with trails of her cum oozing down her legs. I know that if I was allowed to cum when I wanted, he’d find me in the same state.

On Saturday I Goggled “Dineen Addington” and found her email so that I could send her a “Thank You” note.  “Dear Dineen, I’m Howard’s wife, Carey.  Howard has told me about your relationship and has got me to copy some of your activities, which I’ve done with glee.  I thought I’d thank you for all the joy that daily practice has brought to our lives.  Are you still into it? Can you offer any suggestions or insight?  PS: I think Howard would like to hear from you. TTFN, Carey”

I got an email back 1 minute later, that said “send me a photo of your best position”  So I sent a photo of me on my toes, the base of my breasts tied tightly to the beam in the basement, teetering on a thick slick dowel up my ass.  Also visible are the whip makes that Howard left on me from the night before.  I thought that should prove I know what I’m doing.

I got another email back just as fast, “send me your address and I’ll send you some of my old stuff that I think you could use.  Don’t tell Howard were you got the stuff.” The email got my interest so I sent her my address right back.

The next morning while I was twisting on the end of a rope in the basement, the FED-Ex man left a box at the back door.  Howard came in the front and didn’t see it at all.  The following morning, Howard left a note that said “make it very tight and I’ll whip you when I get home at 6pm”. 

With the house to myself I took my present to the basement with the excitement of Christmas morning.  The note in the box read” READ and then follow instructions carefully, video tape the experience for me, with the same gag, blindfold and handcuffs from the back of your posture collar that you used the other day, prepare to lock and chain your nipple rings to the ceiling ring, stand under the ring in the ceiling with 4 chains dangling in front of you, the steel spreader bar goes on your ankles, (point your toes and make the cuffs as tight as you can, notice you can now only stand on your toes the receptacle in the center points toward you) I noticed we coincidentally have the same pussy hardware so the dildo stand goes into the receptacle on the spreader bar and then extend it as far up your ass as possible, pump it up!. Now try to attach 2 chains to your nipple rings, 1 chain attached to the middle pussy shackle, and the last chain to your collar, don’t forget they must lock them on, and the small switch on the dildo must be in the ON position before your wrists get handcuffed.  Have fun!

Well she forgot to mention that the standing on your toes part hurts, trying to stand flat hurts my tightly shackled ankles, pussy and nipples worse, what she might have mentioned is the dildo starts out with a small vibration and minor sporadic electrical shocks that causes me to clench up and then it slowly builds to the best vibratory ride I’d ever been on and the worst cattle prod up the ass feeling you can imagine. With my head spinning around in the dark trying to keep my balance I had so many projectile climaxes I can’t count that high. There I was bound out of control having giving myself completely to Howard’s will and whim, I couldn’t get enough.  I heard Howard come in the front door as I noticed that my new butt friend had run out of battery power.

Howard was very pleased with this position and the fact I’d spent the day that way.  He lowered me down until I was lying, in my bondage, face down, and after removing my gag straddled my head and I sucked him like never before.  He put the cuff keys into my hand and went off to watch the TV.  I got my self free, made a copy of the video, then packaged up the tape including the blow job part, just for spite and FED-EXed it back to her. Howard never suspected a thing.  I made dinner and ate under the table as usual.

The next night I got and email from Dineen “Send me a copy of the “CONTRACT”, leave your back door unlocked tomorrow morning, kneel, use the spreader bar with the dildo up your ass (pump it up, change the batteries and leave it off), lock and chain your pussy shackle to the spreaders bar so the dildo can’t be removed, wear a leather hood with no gag, wear a collar and handcuffs locked to the back of your posture collar, no slouching.  See ya in the morning” I sent the contract I had with Howard right back.

The next morning after getting ready in the basement I gave Howard his blow job goodbye he gave me a kiss and said he’d see me for lunch, and then he remembered that he had promised to whip me.  So he popped my dildo gag into my mouth to keep me from screaming and casually proceeded to cane the soles of each foot 10 times with the whippy thin cane followed by 5 hard strokes on each breast, I love Howard.  Half an hour or so latter I thought I heard the back door open but it wasn’t until I heard the thud of a heavy bag that I knew she was there.

Dineen ungagged me and asked me if I was ready for anything.  I asked her, why Howard and she were not together.  She said “the sign that I’m placing around your neck might explain it… “The sign read,

“I needed Dineen’s help to get you to punish me for breaking the contract.  I respectfully request that I receive 100 or more lashes with the heavy single tail whip directly on my widely spread pussy.  She has caused me to cum numerous times without your permission.  Unless you train me not to cum without your permission she will entice me to do it again.  When I think of what treachery she has caused, and I think that she should receive the same punishment. Signed, your humble slave Carey.” 

She kissed me then gagged me tightly.

She said that she’d be tying herself back to back with me in the identical position.  She’d be chaining our lower pussy shackles tightly together. She ran chains from her nipple rings down her sides and locked to mine slightly pulling our breasts slightly apart.  I could feel my rings pull when she took a breath.  While her hands and mouth were still free she finished chaining our collars together, pumping up her dildo and slipping a small AC powered pencil sized dildo under each of our pussy shackles. When she was finally ready for her own hood, gag, and the dildo switch to be turned on and her hands to be handcuffed to her collar she said ”All I wanted from Howard is to be whipped into unconsciousness just once, when he couldn’t do it, we separated.  If Howard won’t whip me then I hope that I will get to feel you being whipped. I thought that you will eventually find out that the high you get from your daily self bondage will move to another level when your husband/lover/master, or in your case BOSS, takes you slightly beyond your limits with your permission and his love for you.  Let’s see how much Howard loves you.” 

With that last thought she turned on the two ass dildos, the two pencil vibrators, locked her gag in place and handcuffed herself to her collar, and as the vibration started to take hold of me she held my hands and started to softly moan. It wouldn’t be long before she broke rule #5 and I’d break the same rule soon after.

Little did I know she was wearing another sign around her neck that said,

“Please Master, I beg you to let me fuck your wife while in bondage as you once fucked me.  I have signed a six month slave contract that’s on the table and I hope you will use me well.  My only desire is to be kept naked and bound for six months in payment for you spending your money building me an uncomfortable guest room (isolation cell) in the basement.  I can train your wife for you if you’d like me too. For forcing your wife to cum I would hope that you would whip me and mark me first, and then play with the rings and grommets that you previously marked me with. 

PS. what can I do to open my old envelope number 3?


Part 3 The last step

I‘ve been chained to Howard’s wife for 3 hours and I have had as many orgasms.  In fact, I can feel wetness under my left knee. The thought of being “taken and used” by my old lover and Master is making my mind spin.  Will he be mad, glad, upset or honour my request and whip my pussy until I pass out? I’ll find out soon.

At 2 pm I heard Howard walking down the stairs. As he stood and looked at us, you could hear a pin drop, not a laugh, or a huh or a “what do we have here?” something, but the sound of Howard walking away.  That’s when I got scared.  We held each others hands even tighter.

The next morning or so it felt like morning, Carey and I were tired and sore and Howard had not come to release or punish us. Little did we know that Howard had kept a camera on us the entire time and it would be another day until he came back? When he did come downstairs again the first thing he did is to read the signs around our necks aloud and to let Carey know that I had a plan to fuck her ass after Howard had whipped her. Howard was taken back at being somewhat forced to accepting me into his married life and home.

We both pleaded and begged though being tightly ball gagged; it was not helping our cause. I heard Carey repeatedly say, “I love you master, please punish me for this” I started to mumble though my own gag “Punish me, I started it.”  Howard yelled QUIET, and took the long whippy bamboo came and landed one full strength lash across my breasts and then another one on Carey’s.  It happened so fast that we screamed at the same time. We moved around enough that my plugged ass and chained nipples and pussy were on fire at the same time, I wished that I had cum from the one stroke, but there was nothing but waves of pain.

Howard explained that he was now in the position of working to support two horny and possibly slutty slaves and as such, he would make some adjustments to our respective “Sub Contracts” that would reflect our new working conditions as follows;

One slave will be in bondage at all times, the other will be responsible for the others safety, punishments and maintaining the contract.

I or you will tie yourselves up in the basement in a way that can only be described as inescapable and original. Meaning, no two-days self bondages are to look the same, ‘tight and locked' are the words of the day. You will not be released from your slave chains for 6 months. Shaved, showered, made-up and willing to be submissive with a genuine desire to serve at all times. Refer to me as “Master” and refer to yourself as Slave 1 or Slave 2 and in the third person. A blow job for your Master at the start of the day and the other will blow me before anyone can be released from bondage. “No blow job” means no release from bondage until I get one. No orgasms at any time without asking and receiving permission (even after mine...). A slave must ask for punishments in order to receive pleasure. A bound slave can communicate each morning with a sign around her neck. If  I, or “Slave 2” slave fails to complete this contract in any way, I’ll consent to be long term leased to another Master without getting my wish of a severe whipping the slaves must beg for envelop #3

Howard said that he’d build me a holding cell or box to keep me chained in for the next 6 months at a cost of renting out my body to others to use me a whipping girl.  My mouth but not my shackled pussy would be rented out if required.

Howard said start begging….  And after a short pause I grunted out “please open envelope 3” followed by a heart felt “envelope 3 Sir.”  

“In fact” Howard explained, he would have released us a day earlier had he not needed to duplicate the envelope 3 devices.

“Well my…” Howard voice trailed off.  He just didn’t know what to call us. He started again, “well my slaves; my good looking sluts; my subbies, no, Carey, Slave 1 and Dineen, Slave 2 you need to get retied something I think you’re very accustomed to by now” He removed our ass plugs, nipple, pussy chains and spreader bar and left us there still gagged, blindfolded and cuffed in the dark slumped in a pile to feel our cramped muscles and the pain in our knees.  I tried to talk to Carey and apologise, but instead I heard her mumble “Thank You, I’m going to love this” Howard was doing something upstairs.

When Howard came back he clicked a leash on each of our collars and led us on our knees to the master bedroom, at times, whipping our asses for not moving fast enough. Once there he tied the leashes to the top of his canopy bed posts at each corner and tightened it so that we were on our toes, still very bound with only our feet free. He took out a tool and undid the 3 marine shackles that where sealing my pussy closed. I wanted him to touch me like he once did, but instead and with his wife tied to the other bed post, he very slowly slid his cock into my very wet hole, at about half way in, I instantly exploded, and then he withdrew leaving me wanting more in the worst and painful way.  Boy was I tight from having my pussy closed for so long.

He then told us that he was going to enjoy envelope 3, but not as much as the two of us and with that thought he spun me around on my leash with my breasts straddling the bed post and rammed his cock up my ass just to make sure I was able to accept my new fate. He commented that I was loose enough from the 2 days on an ass plug to take anything that he had.  With that last word he lubed up my asshole and worked a 2” stainless steel ball on a short, slim 5/8th” rod past my sphincter and deep into my ass with a moan of relief from me.  He further explained that the there was a plate attached to the rod that when turned like so; it covered my dripping cunt hole completely and to hold the ass plug securely in place, my clit ring would be pulled down inside of the plate a solidly attached, lifting up on the plug deeper into my ass. Then to add an additional security feature, my gometed labia would be stretched over the plate a fastened to the outside by 6 tamper proof screws. 

After attaching the hardware he released my leash, cuffs and collar and he asked to lay on the bed face down, still gagged and hooded,.  He explained that since I desire to be totally kept the additional measures had to be taken.  With that, he attached a stainless steel ring collar with a 3 ½’ chain leash.  He asked me if I liked to be kept on a short leash and of coarse I nodded an enthusiastic YES.  Howard said, “then I hope this is short enough for you”. 

He reached down and moved the leash so that it tailed down my back and ended past my butt crack.  Using the bolt cutters he shortened the chain as much as he could and then inserted a tamper proof screw through the last chain link into a hole in my new chastity plate causing the collar to pull slightly against my neck.  “You’re in position now”  As he  unhandcuffed me, he said,  “you can remove your gag and hood, and touch yourself, you’ll will see that Ownership has it’s privileges”. My permanent chastity bondage was amazing. It was light, small and most of all it worked; I felt like he owned my pussy and therefore he owned all of me and could do, without my permission anything he wanted.  I wanted him to do whatever he wanted for the 6 months. I really couldn’t get out of it or this situation. even if I wanted to, I was here to serve and that was a very intoxicating feeling.

He removed Carey’s gag, hood and pussy shackles and retied her collar to the headboard and without much ceremony fucked her doggie style until he came in her pussy, I think Carey had an orgasm too but kept quiet.  I just watched while my clit strained and got harder. After plugging her ass with the new device, Howard turned her over, pulled and attached her clit ring inside the plate, and promptly screwed the 6 grommets to the outside.  After attaching the steel collar and adjusting the chain down her back to a cruelly taught condition he announced that our tongues and lower lips would be pierced.  I had a marvellous thought that he would clip a leash to my tongue and tie me up to something or padlock my tongue to Carey’s. Instead in time I learned he would put a short barbell piercing with large balls at the ends, through our lower lips and then through our tongues forcing us to keep out tongues stuck out, almost touching our chins.

I spent the next 6 months in a fog.  I was usually excited to the point of dripping wet. When he chained, whipped or otherwise abused me I creamed my self.  When he was tender with me or Carey it happened again. The time flew, but the two of us kept everything, from the house to Howard’s cock cleaned, if we could.  He made a tidy sum of money from my servicing everyone who came over, “came” being the operative word.  I spent my not so free time tied or chained in a 2’ x 2’ x 5’cell.  We developed bondage games or pain endurance events. Like how much Ben Gay can your pussy take? Or how much weight can your nipple rings carry? Or my personal favourite, who can her herself up the tightest, most stringent position the fastest and last the longest, without confessing that they had gone too far?

One day, I was bored being used as Howard’s drink holder balancing his drink on my forehead while tightly bound by the side of his chair.  He admonished me twice, but defiantly I continued to move around.  Howard untied me, took me to the cellar and strung me up by my thumbs, and landed 5 strokes with the heavy cane across the top of my breasts before grabbing my tongue and pulling me to him.  He asked me why I couldn’t stay still and just hold his drink. After I mumbled out my story correcting him, I was sure that he knew that I was right and I was doing a fine job. Howard took a deep breath lifted the soles of my feet as if to shoe a horse, landed 50 hard strokes with a thin stinging rod and laced and locked each foot into my ballet boots.  I was then tied tighter than usual in the standing position, with my legs squeezed at the ankle, knee, butt, my arm were strapped very tightly behind my back. After some tugging a while, he forced my tight mittens onto my bound hand keeping my hands in closed fists. He locked everything in place. An isolation hood with collar was pulled over my head and locked. 

I was relived when he placed and chained me in to my small cell.  When he closed the cell door I heard him say “you need some real attitude training” For what seemed like and eternity I was left alone unable to move or get any relief, Occasionally I was allow to suck Gatorade by straw through the air hole in my helmet, then I was cattle prodded 50 to 100 times for drinking too much.  The torture when on for days.  I later found out that it was actually less than two days. 

Howard had a party arranged when he and his DOM friends gathered around to see me released. They removed my helmet but left me bound; they carried me over to an old claws foot bath tub in the middle of the room and placed me on my knees in the tub. Wow was I sore.  I saw Carey shaking her head NO as I begged Howard’s forgiveness.  I then knew to shut up.  Howard explained to the audience that I was disobedient and that the cane or whip would only fuel the problem and that he need a training tool that would help me remember my place.

I thought “he had to be kidding, I was the most obedient, subservient, dossal, and submissive slave he knew”

Instead he blind folded me and with out much ceremony put a piercing needle up into my nose against my septum.  The next click hurt like hell when it cut my nose a new hole.  I knew I’d get a nose ring to be led around by, but I didn’t know that I’d have to wear a dog tag hanging from it.  The audience applauded the appearance of a bouncing tag against my upper lip as I moved my head in response to the sounds around me.  I couldn’t see what happened next but I could tell that people were walking up and reading my dog tag and whispering amongst themselves. There seemed to be a lot of commotion in the group. One of them held the tag in their hand and asked me if I wanted to know what Howard had in store for me?  Without waiting for an answer they went on to say that they knew I couldn’t tolerate any water sports, but I needed to be punished severely and they all agreed that this might work.

”Slave 2, the doggy tag says;





I thought I was going to pass out from the thought of being used in that way; Howard knows I can’t drink piss. I guess I’ll learn, and fast. Every one at the party got to piss in my mouth and if I swallowed it all I would later be allowed to swallow their cum if they came back for a blowjob.  When I was let out of my cell I was a little dehydrated but by late that night I had to pee and my stomach was full. I was reminded that I was Howard’s slave and that I had given him ownership over me to do as he wished, a fact that I quietly vowed to remember.

Unexpectedly, our 6 month anniversary had arrived.  Carey (slave 1) and I had planed to tie our selves to two pillars in the front foyer and wait for Howard to cum home. In fact that morning, after Carey swallowed all the cum Howard had in him, and after Howard left for work we set to work while very bound, to do the household chores.  The chores included first emptying our bowels, then cleaning everything, from floors to toilets, and each other, from mouth to ass plug with our tied tongues. The object of chores was to get the house spotless for Howard and then to tie ourselves or tie the other, and to sexually torment and frustrate  ourselves or the other, so that our days in servitude and strict bondage would give us discipline as well as a daily sexual adventure.

On this Anniversary day, I knelt with my back to one of the two pillars in the foyer, Carey undid my housework shackles and thumb cuffed me with my hands over my head around the pillar, and then thumb cuffed my big toes together with the pillar between my ankles. She then spent over an hour licking me from my pussy lips to my nipples to try and get me to cum with her pierced out tongue. This attempt was to no avail even after a long steamy pierced tongue kiss. She ground her pussy grommets into my tongue in attempt to get a thrill for herself but with no luck either.  She locked lead weights to nipples and nose ring, tightly blindfolded me and swiftly left for the kitchen.  When she returned I felt the tip of a felt marker writing on my chest, B,,,,,,E,,,,,A,,,,,T,,,,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,E,,,,,,,,,P,,,L,,,E,,,A,,,S,,,,E.  She quietly went about chaining her self to the other pillar and like well trained slaves we both waited quietly for Howard.  He came home to his beloved slave girls.


 Things have changed again…

Ten years later we still serve Howard.  When I fainted from the whipping I broke a thumb, and now I can’t wear thumb cuffs anymore. Nothing bad happened to Carey when she was whipped the same way a month later. If we beg well, we are allowed to watch the other being whipped us until they pass out on our yearly anniversaries. We make Howard $1000.00 each time rents us out to be whipped ( I made almost a 100k last year, the tax department thinks I demonstrate leather products) We love bringing money home by using our bacon. He now fucks our pussies on our birthdays, Carey or I get to lick and suck the other clean, and it’s now a tradition. I spend each day ever fantasising about my fantasy life as Howard’s slave and Carey’s switch, remembering that this is the life I once fantasized about.

We are currently doing long term planning;

We spent the other entire day face to face on our knees with our hands behind our backs shackled to ankles, with tie straps joining our nipples, my left nipple to Carey’s right nipple as visa versa, the new rings though our tongues that were suppose to keep us from talking but I only spawned a mumbled discussion about if something happened to one of us in our old age.  How would the other tie us in our casket for the funeral and then for all eternity,.  What would we wear?  After all that we have done to each other it’s hard to pick only on position but we had a lot of ideas and all day to work on the details.


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