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New Twist on Hogtie

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2008 - Rockett - Used by permission

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I’ve been into self bondage for most of my life, (a very long time) because I’ve never had an enthusiastic partner. My spouse would participate some years ago, but didn’t like it, so I just do it myself. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at all kinds of positions, including chair ties, and hogties. The weakness in my hogties, were the wrist tie, which I didn’t like to attach to my ankles because they tended to tear up my wrists too much when I got violent trying to get free and because the wrist to ankle tie was not tight enough. Enter the rope ratchet. It worked pretty good, but lately I thought up a different twist.

The other night, I had the house to myself for a couple of days, so I got out my hot looking 5 inch pumps and my hourglass corset and plugs. After getting into these little items, with both my holes plugged and held in by a crotch strap, I set about roping up. I got my ankles and knees tied tightly with the rope ratchet hooked to my ankle rope, making sure that I could not reach it after becoming immobilized.  I had laid out my knife across the room so that I would have to scoot about 12 feet to get to it. I planned to be tied enough to make that pretty difficult. 

Little did I know. 

I then started on the arm-chest-elbow tie. This figured to be pretty difficult.  I made sure that I had a 5 strand wrist rope handy and put a bowline loop in the end of the rope ratchet rope that I could make a cinch loop out of which would tighten the wrist loops. I put in my BIG ball gag and began on the upper body.  I put two loops around my chest and arms above my boobs and two below and knotted theropes in front. Then I pulled the knot around to the middle of my back and adjusted the ropes  above and below my boobs and cinched all the ropes under my arms on each side, so that they could not slip up to my throat.

That could be dangerous.

Then I took a nylon tiedown strap with a slip buckle and put it around my upper arms and chest so that when I tightened it, it would pull my elbows together. Well, not all the way, since I’m not that flexible and can’t get that much pull on the strap anyhow, but with the other rope it makes for a VERY immobilizing tie.

Then for the difficult part.

I took the loop from the rope ratchet and ran it up and over the chest rope between my shoulder blades and back down to where I could get it around the wrist loops. I got the wrist loops, and made the cinch loop around them and slipped my wrists thru with the cinch loops between.

Up to now, I had been upright on my knees, but I now had to get down flat on the floor to finish it off. I looked around to be sure that there was nothing I had missed and could actually get to the knife. All seemed to be in order, so I slid down on my side.

Everything seemed to be pretty tight except for my wrists and the hogtie rope from the ratchet. All I had to do was pull on the ratchet rope and tighten the whole thing. The different thing was that the rope ratchet would pull and tighten the wrist rope from above pulling up toward my elbows. This meant that the wrist loops didn’t have to be very tight, since I couldn’t pull my wrists upwards due to the chest ropes.

I began pulling the ratchet and felt everything begin to snug up. I hadn’t figured on the ratchet tightening up the chest-arm ropes, but that is what happened. Pretty soon, I realized that I couldn’t get my hands out of the loops even tho’ my ankles were not all that tightened up to my butt yet. I pulled the ratchet to yank my ankles up some more which really made everything tight. I gave it another yank, and started my thrashing and struggling.

I soon saw that twelve feet was going to be a very long trip, bound as I was. I tried everything I could think of to get out of my self imposed restriction, but actually, I could barely move. It was getting pretty uncomfortable besides.

I figured that I better get to the knife before I got too sore and tired. Trying to scoot in a hogtie is usually not all that difficult even if it is pretty slow, but this was at a different level. I could barely turn from one side to the other. I tried to scoot toward the knife, but every movement was difficult and almost painful.

In this fix, it took me nearly 30 minutes to get to the knife. My hands were starting to go numb, but I finally got the knife on the hogtie-ratchet rope and cut it. This pretty much released my wrists, which let me start getting out of the rest of the ropes. This took a while, too, but all eventually came off.

Looking back, I know that this was by far the best and most restrictive hogtie I have ever been able to get into. The most fun, except that the plugs didn’t do much good. I was too concerned with getting loose to be able to enjoy the stimulation. A little fear of being stuck will really rivet your attention. Anyhow, a long hot bath soothed most of the soreness and let me enjoy a little self-stimulation under less stressful conditions.

I’ll do it again soon.



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