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The New Weekend

by Ion

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Part 1: Cleansing Friday

"You sure you don't want to go with us?"

"Mom, the doctor said no foreign foods for the next couple of weeks. I'll be damned even if I eat the normal food that we eat at home."

"I still think that one of us should stay and help you out."

"I'm a big girl now. Actually, a woman." I tried to make that clear.

They both took one solid stare at me. Investigating my body. Never had I felt so violated by my parents until now. It's as if they peered deep into my soul and knew my intent of the upcoming weekend. Mom squinted her eyes and scrunched her lips leftward. Yes, her left.

Dad checked the time, "Honey, we don't want to miss the flight. We better shove off."

"I'll get the rest of the things. You start cramming the cases into the car."

"Ok." Dad stares at the luggage, "When did we need this much stuff?"

I help dad pack all of the luggage in the car; during which I started to question the amount of luggage myself.

"Will you guys really be needing all of this?"

Mom chimes in to give the details, "They're predicting bad weather approaching Nicaragua on Monday morning, so better safe than sorry."

"Won't you hate it there, though?"

Dad knew why I asked that question and gave me a blank look, "Honey, I had a talk with the relatives back in 'agua. They'll be fine with your mother."

I sarcastically respond, "Okay dad, I'm sure they'll be fine with her around. How 'bout you mom. Can you handle dad's family?"

"I'm not gonna' back out on this one. He handled my family back back in Seoul. I'm not making him look like the better half."

I give out a smile. I love them both. I turn over to dad. He gives an expression of despair and imitates a decapitation with his thumb.

"Now, you're sure that's you'll be fine?"

"Yes dad, I'll be fine. You won't even see any food missing 'cause I'll be eating oatmeal and that mush the doctor told me to make."

"Alright then, let's be on our way."


"Oh and if we don't come back on Monday, remember to get Beano. His body's going through the same cleanse as you are."

I squeeze my lips, drop my head, and give out a thumbs up, "Good to know."

"Take care Emma, we'll be back."

Car drives off into the distance. I wave until it's no longer visible and walk inside. I lock the door as it closes. Lean against the door and ponder upon the next 50 hours. I stare at my hands. I won't be using them until Monday morning. My stomach gradually churns away at the events proceeding. I run around the house. Drop every single blind from the basement to the attic, lock all doors going outside, the walk up to my room. I walk to my full size mirror. From my head to my toes, I gaze at this beautiful, slender-bodied half Asian, half Spanish, lady.

I ponder, "I'm 22 and I'm looking this good? Masters would have to get on their knees to acquire me."

After a couple playful gestures to beautiful lady looking at me in the mirror, I get my hunky DSLR and mount it on a tri-pod next to my mirror.

Pressing record, I run to the mirror and assume a seductive smile. I close my eyes and start unzipping my hoodie slowly. As the zipper descends, I arch my right shoulder back. I look at the camera, "Ya like that?" I laugh a little, throwing my hoodie to my bed. I have my shirt on and start playing with the lower end. Bending my knees, casually looking back at the camera and grinning, bite my lips or a thumb. I roll off the shirt, showing a bit of underboob, give a small chuckle and turn my back to the camera, "Not yet, big boy." I roll the shirt off, slam it to the ground and start swaying my hips. As I'm swaying my hips I start to wrap my hair around my fingers and binding it down into a ponytail. With my ponytail in place, I bend forward and pull my undies from under my plaid skirt. The undies reeked of my sexual body odor. I roll it up into pink ball of cloth, bring it to my nose and inhale as hard as I can, "God, I love that smell." It got me horny just smelling it. I kept swaying the hips and now they ache. I swayed slower and held my undies above my head. The camera could see the undies perfectly. Then, I fanned the undies around my finger as if I was lassoing it. Then I throw it at the camera and watch it land right on the lens. I give a loud "yes" and roar as I got on one knee, bring my fist to my shoulder, and inaudibly scream at it.

After all that, I walked over to the camera to stop the recording and review it. I see the same sexy woman as I did in the mirror strip tease the camera. I happened to have seen a nipple or two before the undies landed right on the camera, but that's just me being observant. Impressed by the footage, I mount the camera back on the tripod, turn it off and proceed to the kitchen.

I see Beano's cage and walk towards it. Before picking it up, I get in it to see if my desired position is possible. On my knees I set my upper body to the ground and keep my ass up high, "Perfect and with a bit of room." I crawl out of the cage and stand with big smile. My stomach proceeds to growl. I hold my belly and pout, "More of that mushy crap, Yay."

I proceed to get the prescribed synthetic oats and pour a bowl. The doorbell rings which gives me a jolt. I check for any spilled powder - none at all, then proceed to the door with my hoodie on. I check the small hole and let out a smile. It was my dearest friend Ally.

"I called you like five times."

Confused me, "I must've left it upstairs."

"I gonna' remember that when you're mine tomorrow."

I give her a clever smile, "I'l make sure you don't forget."

"Tomorrow can't come sooner."

"Bitch, wait yo' turn. Tonight, it's all me."

"Yeah, whatever. You got the keys?"

I reach into my pocket and give her two spare house keys.

"Now do you have what I want?"

She reached into her large purse. "Who has the shoulders for that" was my thought. She handed me a dog collar and the belt.

"Would love to see you put it on."

I hold and examine the collar, rotating it and feeling the texture.

I look at Ally, "Tomorrow." Then I shut the door.

I then hold my ear to the door and hear a, "Damn." I smile and walk upstairs.

I walk to the mirror and unzip my hoodie. Tossing it back to the bed, I turn back and look at that beautiful lady. Her C-cup breasts growing bumpy from the less stuffy climate than the hoodie. I brush the playful things with my hands and smile. Stroking them slowly, my hands felt warm from them. I give off a shudder as a cold draft of wind sweeps by both nipples. I shouldn't touch them anymore. Lots to do today.

I grab some 5 feet of rope and walk down to the kitchen. After mixing that tasteless powder with milk and warming it up, I sat down to get ready to eat. Except, I wasn't going to use my hands. I tied the rope into a slipknot on one end for my wrists and tied the other end to the base of the chair. Not only do I like to be tied up, but also tied down. I made sure the slip knot would limit my hand movement to about 3 inches from the chair base. I set the food on the table in front of me, pull my chair in. Assessing the situation - everything's okay - I place both hands into the slipknot and pull. Now my hands are stuck behind me and I have no way to eat this synthetic flavorless porridge. Unless, I slam my face into the bowl. I lean forward and touch the piping hot bowl of substance with the tip of my tongue, "HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!..." My tongue was burning for a good 5 minutes. I held it out in pain, breathing heavily to cool it down. You could say I looked like a panting dog.

After my tongue cooled down, I blew on the food gently. I moved around the bowl and blew on all sides within my reach. I gave the mushy stuff about 10 minutes until it was done. During that time, I leaned back, with my hands still bound behind me, thinking about the next 8 hours. I would be imprisoned. My heart was racing just thinking about it. I felt my nipples hardening. I turn my head down and see that they have hardened to quite a bit.

I look at the bowl and lean forward to give the food a lick. Still hot, but not volcanic. So I slam my face and start slurping the food like a dog. The taste, absence of taste rather, of the chunks. It's like I'm drinking flavorless whey. I forced myself to devour all of it, "All the way through, you filthy whore." It's so weird...

With bits of food on my face and hair, I lean back to let the food set in. I stare at my nipples again, rock hard as can be. I scan the room; dark, silent... red.

"Why isn't my camera down here?"

Could've recorded myself. Would love to see myself slobber up bits of who knows what. After feeling full from all that molten white goop, I began to undo my slipknot. Once out of the knot, I walk over to Beano's cage and take it upstairs. I leave it right next to my bed. I go back downstairs and clean my mess. I put the dishes to wash, clean up my face and proceed to prepare for my many hours of racy pleasure.

I find the nearest glass and fill it with as much water possible and drink persistently until I feel bloated. I check the fridge and take out my key, now frozen in a humongous block of ice in the shape of a small pail. A string winding around inside the large block of ice would set as a steady release. Once the ice fell low enough, I would be able to release myself.

I go upstairs to hang the ice release in the proper place. Taking my desk chair, I stand on it. and stuck a plastic hook - with the adhesive back - to the ceiling. I make sure to stick it right above where my hands would be. I then hang the ice release about four feet above the same area of the cage. I put in about five feet of string so I should be able to grab the keys from my predicament.

I proceed to acquire my enema supplies. I bring in my hot water bag, nozzle, and small tube. I hang the bag, attach the pipe and nozzle together, and get the rest of my supplies: a velvet cloth for a blindfold, my ring gag, my chained clover clamps, my dick-on-a-stick, and a vibrating bullet.

"Oh, I almost forgot."

I want to remember this, so I get my DSLR and try to find an angle that shows as much as possible. I picked the angle which shows the sunlight beaming down on my situation.

"YES, almost ready."

The finishing touches were almost ready. I take the hot water bag to the bathroom, stand at the bathtub with my skirt up and pee into the hot water bag.

"Hmm, I actually thought it would smell a lot worse.... Then again, I did drink a lot of water."

I was impressed by how much I drank, more so by how much I was going to put back in. I walked over to my room with the hot water bag filled with my... fluid and attached it to the tube. I was ready.

I pull out the handcuffs corresponding to the frozen keys, turn the camera on and prepare myself.

I remove the collar and wind the leash around the cage walls so the collar can hold my head while in the cage. I press record on the camera and proceed with my preparations. I put on the ring gag and feel the fake leather and metal contour my mouth and keep it open. Next is the clamps. I take one clamp and slowly let it squeeze down on my left nipple, then take the other clamp and let it do the same for the right nipple. I let out a gasp of pain that sounded rather orgasmic. I walk around the cage and place my dick-on-a-stick against the wall going into the cage. The cage almost set. I put the handcuffs near the key drop on the cage and loop it through the grating, so I'm cuffed to the cage. All that's left, is me.

I tape the vibrating bullet right above my clit and turn it on to full. It didn't seem like much, but it got me pretty horny, just not at the cumming level. I slowly enter the cage and aim my pussy right at the dick, so it inserts as I'm in the cage. I feel it go in and give off a shudder and watch my drool hit the cage floor. I close the door for the cage, put on the collar, test the collar movements. I then put on my blindfold and make sure it doesn't come off. I take the enema nozzle and push it in gently to my little hole. I then put one hand in a cuff. I brace myself, "Here we go." I pull the release, the liquid rushes in, place the hand in the second cuff, and squirm.

Slowly, my own piss enters and inflates my rear. I feel so lost in it that I start moving back and forth allowing the fake dick to do its work and it did it well. All this made me drool even more. I gave a sensual moan. This feeling is amazing. I can't stop. I've designed it to keep me horny and inflated. I try to ride the dick faster, but the nipple clamps squeeze a bit more with increased motion. Since I wasn't numb at the nipples, I didn't take any chances and kept going slow. I pull myself backwards, making sure the dick got as deep in as possible, hold it in and feel it fill me up. Then I moved forward slowly to let the dick slide out. I kept this pattern over a good hour while my urine filled my rectum.

About am hour after thrusting backwards, my hips and knees grew tired, my nipples grew sore and then numb, and my ass was starting to cramp. Since I didn't come yet, my body desired for more and thus I wanted to get dirtier. I waited a couple more minutes until my ass started to feel a significant amount of cramping. Upon the intensity of the feeling, I pushed out some of the liquid out of my ass, let it trickle down my legs and flood the bottom of the cage. I felt dirty, and I didn't want to stop. I leaked some more fluid out and eventually, a puddle grew in between my knees. I felt the nozzle being pushed out, so I stopped soon after and let some more of my piss enter me. As for my face, I might as well have been drooling another puddle in the front end of the cage. I thought to myself, "I wish the camera could see this."

Soon after, the stench of ass and urine filled the air. However, I was horny to a significant degree, so it wasn't a stench to me. The smell turned me on even more. So much that I thought my nipples grew and the chain of the clamps felt like they've been lowered. I didn't know the time or the distance the string fell then. I was just immersed in a vat of smelly, dirty, and restrictive pleasure and I didn't aim to leave it soon.

Getting hornier from the smell, I started to thrust against the dick. I tried to accelerate and as my nipple clamps swung back and forth, giving my nipples a hard time. I gave a minute moan at every release, but there was only so much I could do and the bullet was in a setting designed to keep me from getting to a complete orgasm. So, I continued to slowly thrust onto the dick as water from the ice timer dripped onto my hands. You think I would've noticed that, but not until now.

After another round of sore hips, I desired a different punishment. To my luck, the ice timer melted and my keys were within reach, so I unlocked my cuffs, then collar, then blindfold, then locked the nozzle as I pulled it off. I slowly crawled out of the cage and the dick and stopped the camera recording. Removing the bullet and clamps, I had the urge to shower. But first, I needed to release the vat of excrement within.

I ran off to the toilet and let it flow. I still had the hook and gag on so I was watching myself in the mirror. A drooling, piggy mess. After making sure the liquids left my system, I wiped off and flushed. Yes, I have to tell you everything. I kept the gag and took off the hook. I was going to take a shower. A shower of torment, yes. Cold water shall pour onto my skin and render to near hypothermic, or at least that's an exaggeration of what I'm planning on. Now the question that remains is, sitting down or standing up...

I decided to tie myself standing up. I want torment and that's what I'll get. I got some cured rope this time and started wrapping my self with the strands.

I forgot the toys. I quickly ran to my room and brought back my bullet and enema equipment. Since my asshole condition was like this for a while, I was able to get away with a shower enema system.

Hooking up the enema system to the shower and the other end to my asshole - yes, I want more fluid in my ass, get over it - I completed one hole. Placing the bullet deep into my vag, I put the controls on a windowsill next to the tub, finishing the other hole. I still had my nose hook and gag on, so that was done. Now for the ropes. I first go for the ankles, keeping them tight, but slightly spread. Next is above the knees from the extra feet of rope from the ankle tie. I take another strand and start wrapping around above my breasts, arms included. I put a short chinch noose on that one, which was for my wrists. Afterwards, I put another wrap just below my breasts. Before everything else, I flipped on the bullet to medium and jolted as it roared in me. The feeling made me moan and shiver, but what I was going to do next was going to amplify that. I turn on the cold water shower and quickly cinch my wrists together. It's cold, I'm horny, and I can't get out - at least for now.

The cold water slid down my legs, my nipples, my mouth, chin, hands, everything I felt. My hair started to droop in front of my eyes, "Why did I not use a blindfold?" I continued to sway as the bullet rippled in my pussy. I was waiting to climax while I stood in my rather arctic confinement. Meanwhile, the ice cold beckoned in my ass. I set it to slow so my ass could fill up with ice water slowly. This made me feel uncomfortable to an unknown level.

I stared at my nipples, swayed with the bullet's vibes and squeezed (contracted) my ass as the ice water level rose in me. I tried to walk, but there wasn't much space to move around and my movement was limited by the ankle and knee ties and I can't go further than my nozzle allows me to.

I started to shudder a lot. Mixing with the drooling grumbles of my gagged mouth, the only sound was a shaken "Aaaahhhh". The water felt colder, so as the temperature seemingly dropped, I tried to hobble over to the faucet to turn on some hot water.

"One, two, thre-SLIP! Almost busted my ass doing that. Let's try again... One, two. Now, REEACH!!"

I shiver even more as the water hits my face and my ass is being exposed to air. I kneeled down, grabbed the hot knob, and slowly turned it.

Yes, the water was getting warmer. The water entering my ass also got warmer, so I pushed the nozzle out a bit to empty some of my bowels and let the warm water come in. I felt so elated that I knelt to the ground, laid on my side in the tub and let the lukewarm water assault my thighs... then it hit me.

The bullet controls were still connected to the bullet keeping me horny, so as I laid down, the wire tugged the control off the windowsill and onto my shin.

I didn't realize this until after it landed on my right hamstring. As soon as it landed, I got up and looked at it. It was still buzzing with all that water hitting it.

"Was it waterproof? Meh, didn't read the label."

That gasp was enough to remind me that a bullet was buzzing inside me, so I neglected the controls and started to sensually squirm in my bonds. My head at the foot of the tub; my feet at the drain. My mouth wide open, mixing tub tap water with drool. "Feels a bit viscous, guess that's the drool." Closing my eyes, I felt my situation from the inside out. My wrists behind me. My mouth open for all the water to invade. My breasts supported by the ropes around them. My rectum slowly filling up with lukewarm water. My legs as if they were one. Damn, that's nice. Can't wait 'til tomorrow.

"Well that's enough of that."

I twist my wrist and slowly release them from the linings of rope. Then slowly took the nozzle from my ass out, but didn't want to release all the water yet. I pulled my knees to my chest, the resulting position forcing residual fluids out of my ass. As I untied my knees and ankles I looked at the river of fluids, "that could be a humiliating position."

After a confident expulsion of whatever happened to the water in my ass, I sat up and gazed upon my beautiful breasts. I untied the ropes above and below, left everything at the head of the tub. My gag to come off, followed by some jaw exercises 'cause I had it on for hours on end. Then my nose hook. Thank God it was rubber tipped 'cause I wouldn't stand for metal in my nose - feels unnatural.

Now my fingers were starting to do the thing when it gets wet. I quickly got up, turned the shower temperature to a decently hot level and began to actually shower.

After cleaning myself and the gear I left, I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. Only, I was making sure I couldn't free myself until Ally wanted me to. After all, she will rule me tomorrow.

I leave the wet ropes, gag and bullet to dry on the windowsill at my room. Now I ponder on how I should be tied up on my own bed. I haven't put clothes on, so that's a start. I get on the bed and position myself in different ways. Spreadeagle? I can move around more than I want to. Arms above, legs below, so I look perfectly straight. No, my hips will be able to move and I don't want them to. Frogtie hogtie? If there was a way to stop me from rolling around, maybe.

Pondering different positions left me flabbergasted (Did I just use that word?) I sat on the bed thinking about how. Restrictive enough to stop me from moving around and comfortable enough for me to fall asleep into. This is getting hard to think of.

The time was near 11. I needed to be tied down to this bed soon. Then it hit me. I hopped off my bed, ran to my drawers and scrounged through my little toys. "Wow, you look amazing." I held the steel anal hook and caressed it, feeling for its texture, then cupped the 1.5-inch ball end to get a feeling of how big it was.

"I put you in tight, I won't move an inch." I then giggled because I was about to restrain myself. The catch was that my keys were going to be accessible to someone else and nowhere near me.

I get to my phone and start texting. "Face down spread-eagle, anal hook and mounted dildo."

I sit and wait for a reply. The person's text reads, "Don't forget gag and blindfold." Then another, "Maybe earplugs?"

"Do I have any?" I wondered. I scratched my head why walking around my room (Do I have to remind you that I'm doing this naked?) My walking path stopped at my desk and there they were. Two foam earplugs brand new and ready for use.

I get back to my phone, "It just so happens that I have a pair of earplugs ready for use."

2 minutes later, "Now it's mandatory that you use them, lol."

I give a snark response, "Beggars can't be choosers now, can we."

The other end bites back, "Just tie yourself up already."

Me: "As you wish,. I'll see you in the morning."

I walk over to my anal hook, gaze at it again and begin to lube it. I put the ball end in my mouth and meticulously slather it with my saliva. After 2 minutes of making out with it, I spread my legs apart and nudge it in. My hole reacts and I let out a shivering moan. I push it in deeper and make sure it doesn't go as far in as I want it to. After all I'm just testing it out before it stays overnight.

"Now for the cuffs." I'm walking around with a hook in my ass and start locking the cuffs to the corners of the mattress (Just imagine I have hooks to latch these things onto, okay?)

"Are these short enough?" I test that theory by lying on my belly with each limb extended towards each corner. Left arm, okay. Right arm, too short, let's add half an inch more... there. Left leg, it's a bit past the ankle so let's pull that back a bit. Right leg.... is good.

Now for the stuff that goes on me. I pulled out a roll of duct tape, rip off 6-inches and pressed it onto my mouth and made sure it doesn't come off by brushing my mouth against the bed (I'd love to drool, but those gags don't bode well for my jaw). Next is my blindfold that I left around my neck 'cause I wasn't done yet. Followed by my nose hook which I put on somewhere behind me. I'm not sure, but I'll see where this is going.

Now for the rest of the things going in me. I pulled out my trusty dick-on-a-stick (It's a name, appreciate it.) And two bullets for my one control.

I slowly pulled out the hook, giving out a moan and clenched my face as it left. As it popped out of the sphincter, I then readied my bullets. After letting my butt rest for a bit, I pushed one bullet into that hole (Yes, I lubed it) and then put the hook in to close that up. Waddling around those two up my ass, I laid the dick onto the bed, making sure the pole end would keep the dick in me. I took one last length of rope, tied it to the center part of the head of my bed. Now for the finishing touches.

I lifted my blindfold to my forehead and sat on the middle of the bed. I took the second bullet and shoved it into my beautiful vulva (I forget anatomy) I then looped the rope to the other end of my anal hook, but after I cuffed one ankle and mounted the dick. I cuffed the other ankle and now being inescapably mounted on the phallus, I was half way done.

Next the anal hook. To prevent my hips from moving, comfortably, I made sure the hook line was taut. I tied it off and was now inescapable from the waist down.

Now the face. My nose hook was tied to the anal hook rope, also taut to keep my head up. Then, I turned on the bullets to random. A steady pulse made me shift up the dildo a bit, but I remained collected... enough to cuff my right arm, pull down the blindfold, and, SOMEHOW, cuff my left arm.

The sound of buzzing was all that was heard. I wanted to ride the dick so much, but my cuffs didn't allow for lateral movement (Yay, it worked). I was hoping to fall asleep fast. The restraints didn't help me much, but the bullets soon did. One of them hit overdrive and got me moving. I tried to grind so hard, I knew I was barely moving, but I managed to get it up to an orgasm. It built so steadily and recessed so quickly, I felt like I lost energy.

Slowly, my eyes felt heavy. I was finally sleepy. I moved into my dream state and yearned for tomorrow. For tomorrow, I won't be alone. Ally will join me, and I've been dreaming of tomorrow.

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