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Nice Pussy

by PussySlave

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Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; M/f; oral; ice-release; mast; cuffs; bedtie; caught; tease; denial; blindfold; cons; X

My name is Heather. Dopey, I know.

I was not going to college. My entrance scores weren’t good enough, and I was not pretty enough for a cheerleader scholarship either. But not bad either. I was like Leah in the bible – a great figure but not as pretty in the face as Rachel. There’s always a prettier girl somewhere, huh.

So when I turned eighteen toward the end of high school I faced a small town where I knew pretty much everyone and the usual jobs of hardware store and grocery store. I chose the hardware store.

I had always liked the bondage scenes in movies, but never got the nerve to ask any of my fumbly boyfriends to do anything about it – they were not likely material anyway. So my discount at the hardware store gave me the opportunity to do leather making and create bondage equipment like my own wrist and ankle cuffs, and of course to get rope and eyelets.

As October neared I made signs – there were always signs around town, more towards Halloween. I was going to pretend I had found a cat and give directions to it. I had a bedroom at the back of the house. I was living with a pretty deaf grandmother. My parents divorced and left town, and I was an only child. There was a walk up to the second floor on green painted wooden stairs with laundry hanging off of them. Grannie slept downstairs at the other end of the big old house, so I was pretty much sound proofed where I was.

My signs read “NICE PUSSY –> follow signs” and “ARE YOU NICE TO PUSSIES? –>” I planned and created a gallon bottle ice timer with a thin chain to a padlock key to the D loops on all 4 of my cuffs. The chain was threaded and looped through the loop on my queen size bed I had alone where I would be spread eagled with 4 pillows under my ass to push my pussy up to the ceiling. I had the radio set to classical music, but up a little loud. “NOT FAR TO NICE PUSSY” was one of the last signs as the theoretical person threaded the side of the house to the back and approached the stairs. “COME ALONE, BE NICE” was the last one.

I had prepared for this and had done self-bondage once to test the release mechanism. I was fairly sure someone would come to release me due to the signs, however, and there was another key far away in a jewelry case on the dresser I could tell them about. I would always masturbate to the point where I was about to cum but then leave myself frustrated for the whole night while the ice melted – no sleep of course. I did not put anything inside me, being too conservative.

What I actually got was a pair of girls from the year in school behind me, now Seniors, who were Juniors when I graduated. As one would expect, I hardly knew them but they knew me. “I knew it!” one said. “Nice pussy my ass,” said the other, laughing. They took pictures of course. But really they were pretty nice, and understanding.

Pretty soon one had torn off my panties (flimsy enough) and had four fingers in my pussy, sitting between my legs. The other however, somewhat bigger, was lowering her dripping wet pussy onto my face – not what I had in mind! Do a good job, girl, and we’ll tell the right boys where to find you another night, she said. Now that made me think.

They would know who would be shy but nice, and might do me a good turn if I was nice to them. So I thought about how I would like to be licked (not that that had happened!) and tried to do that. It seemed to take hours and hours but they both came, often, but did not allow me to cum, they just teased me with their hands.

“No more signs,” they said, but we will send you a boy some Friday night, soon, if you do this from now on, and not a mean one, a nice shy one who has probably never had sex, ok?”

I said “thank you very much, I will try to do this every Friday night.”

“And we will try to coach them on what to do for you, meaning how to lick that NICE PUSSY, haha, like you want. But blindfold yourself each time, or better, make a hood.”

I did make a leather blindfold with soft lining (stuffing for stuffed animals) on the inside. Bubble gum pink to match my usual lingerie!

Well it did not happen for the next two Fridays but it did on the third. Someone came up pretty early in the evening, and I was not even wearing panties. I just had the sheet over me. They were so sweet and shy they even apologized for pulling the sheet down, and started by kissing me on the mouth and breasts, and took forever getting down where I wanted them to be. At last someone was licking my pussy and had apparently been told what to do. I couldn’t see him, but who cares?

“Thank you for letting me kiss you Heather. It really excites me. If I do a good job I hope you will let me masturbate here while kissing you.” I was thinking more like cum in my mouth, but, okay… “I was told to sort of fuck you with my tongue for a half hour before really licking your pussy much, so I will do that.” He sounded a bit younger than the girls, not sure, but it seemed fine – not a little kid at least! And so sincere, he was treating me like a goddess. I asked his name and he said “just call me PussySlave, Heather!”

It all went so slowly I could have screamed but in retrospect it was lovely. I got nice and lubricated by him slowly moving his tongue in and out, but not licking, per his instructions (not very creative), and was very ready for him when he moved to flat tongue cow licks bottom to top on both sides and the middle for another half hour or so – thorough was the word, and patient too. I was moaning pretty good by now and saying thank you too.

Then he started licking side to side and bottom to top around my clitoral hood and the clitoris itself. Again, it was predictable but solid work and not too fast, and I was ready for it as hell by now. He also took my little clit in his mouth and sucked on it for a minute or two about every ten minutes or so, making nice slurpy sounds like a good little cocksucker. Damn if he wasn’t good, if slow, at licking my pussy! But I was not going to cum like this soon. I said, “PussySlave, please start licking just the clit really fast, side to side and bottom to top, and don’t stop please, and take it in your mouth now and then too, that’s really nice!” This worked and I had to be sure not to scream as I came for over a minute and squirted in PussySlave’s face!

He asked if he could masturbate kissing something – I suggested my mouth but he chose the soles of my feet instead, came in his hands, and I think he licked it up, too. I asked when he would like to come back, and he said he would be too afraid for a while but would schedule it through the girls again. So he might come again another Friday, nice.

Well this went on and I suppose every non-jock in the school came up my stairs that year. Even a couple of shy girls did too, and were especially nice at licking me and asked for nothing in return. I’m sure the town was talking about me but it seemed on the low-down and only among the nerds. I was waiting for someone to make the leap and ask to be my boyfriend, or even girlfriend, since my ideas had changed, but so far that has not happened. But my NICE PUSSY is a lot happier!


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