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Night Bondage

by Asian Slave

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© Copyright 2001 - Asian Slave - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; fan; clamps; enema; toys; cons; X

I’ve chosen to begin this adventure in my own house, at 1 am in the morning. My parents and siblings were overseas to attend to a relative’s wedding and I had the whole house to myself. After gathering various ideas from various sites on net, I’ve decided to have a self bondage adventure that would last till morning. I’ll first tie myself to a chair and wait for the ice to melt, to get the keys. The keys I get will get me out of the chair, then I’ll have to hop carefully to the kitchen to get a key which will open the door to my parents room. In it, there will be a key wrapped in multi-layered sticky tape. The key retrieved from it will open the storeroom, where the freeing keys will be in a huge candle waiting to be melted.

Confused yet? that’s the whole idea…

I prepared all the keys and got them ready in their respective place and began to prepare myself for the self bondage. I decided that I’ll give myself an enema for this time. I wasn’t too kind with myself, as I filled my ass with soapy cold water, this wasn’t the first time I had an enema, but definitely my first time using cold water. OOHhhh…… it felt rather great and cooling, but I was going to regret this… to ensure that nothing leaks out, I plugged in 3 tampoons, and trust me, it was hard work trying to get those in. I placed 4 clips on my pussy and put on my favorite pink panties. I just had this special fetish about underwear and I always wear one during my self bondage. Especially pink ones. I wasn’t going to let myself off so easily, as I applied a tight crotch rope. WOAH what a sight, pink panties with a crotch rope. My favorite, and it never fails to turn me on.

Realising that I had wasted too much time, I quickly moved on with my self bondage. I thought that sitting on the chair would be rather boring, so I decided to add on a punishment. I put on 2 clips on my nipples, on each of those clips, there was a length of teeth floss and a small spring attached to a weight. I put on a pair of earrings with a length of teeth floss each. I placed my chair in front of an oscillating fan, and took off the front cover of the fan to expose the blades of the fan. I chained my ankles together and locked them in place. Took another chain and lock it around my waist to the chair. I tied the floss on my ears to the fan’s side so that they were parallel to each other while my nipples’ floss were tied in a cross. In this way, when the fan turned to my right, I’ll have to turn my head to the left to ease the tension and turn my torso to the right to ease the tension on my tits. I was pretty sure that this coordination problem would be enough to keep me occupied for the duration of my self bondage on the chair. I switched on the fan and immediately locked my hands behind.

My self bondage had begun… I was having quite an easy time coordinating my movements to prevent any punishments, but after about half an hour, it was a different case. My waist’s already getting strained due to all the turnings and my nipples weren’t spared even if I got the coordination right as I’ve added the weights on it. I felt real helpless and an orgasm hit me, though it wasn’t the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experience, it managed to get me off my coordination and oh fuck! My nipples were pulled taut, in my hurry to ease the tension, I moved so quickly that the spring bounced so hard that I thought that my nipples were going to drop off. The enema was also working its purpose as my stomach experienced cramps, much worst than those I’ve got during my periods. The ice melted rather quickly and thankfully, I got the key to the chain around my waist. I slowly stood up and was keen to put the torturous chair adventure behind me as I began my next phase of adventure.

Hop, hop, hop, … I’ve never felt that my house was so big. I purposely left my windows wide open and turned on the lights so that anyone can see my naked form if they look into my house. To avoid been seen, I decided to hop faster. What a dumb ass I am. Bouncing faster only make my nipples hurt more. Not only were my nipples tortured, my pussy was burning hot from the clips. Fuck it, the crotch rope caused more friction and every time I hopped, the rope would rub with the clips and punishing my pussy. The enema was still constantly reminding me of its exsistence with cramps. Retrieving the keys, I hopped my way to my parent room.

By this time, my nipples were already sore and red. I opened the door to the room and hopped to the sticky tape bound keys. I was all tired as I sat down beside the bed and started peeling off the tape. Few orgasms hit me and I was dead exhuasted, though I was only half way through my self bondage. I took a few minutes off to rest before slowly standing up to continue. 

 My rest was a mistake as my nipples and pussy’s skin became raw and sorer, hurting more as I hopped. I opened into the store room and lighted the candle. I got this idea from one of the stories I’ve read on the net and made a candle for myself.

I fell asleep while waiting for the candle to melt. When I woke up, I realised that the candle wasn’t burning anymore! Oh god damn it. The wick had gone haywire. I reached for it and dig for my keys to freedom. With my fingers all waxy and with wax in all my nails, I finally managed to get my keys. They fitted in and I released myself, got the clips off my nipples, pussy and off go the crotchrope and I rushed straight to the bathroom to let all the water in me go. I went to sleep and its was the first time that I’ve not masturbated after self bondage, guessed that I was too tired.

Asian Slave

This is another adventure...

Self Bondage Shopping

I’ve read about stories of people going shopping in malls in self bondage, and I wanted to try it too. I placed 2 clips on my nipples each, wound rubber bands round them to ensure that they are tight and there to stay. I put on a plain cotton sweet bra with strawberry imprints, cute. I clipped 3 clips on my pussy and 2 clips on my ass, before putting on my matching panties.

I’ve decided that the attire for today was a tank top, and a short skirt. I also included a jacket to prevent from exposing my clipped nipples, which would be very embarrassing. The top was very tight fitting and anyone could see what was two layers behind my clothes. Though I put on my jacket, I didn’t button it up, so that there’ll be a possibility that I’ll be exposed. Wow. My skirt wasn’t the shortest I owned but it was about 4 inches above my knees, and I thought that it was enough already. I surprised my family by volunteering to buy groceries and breakfast that morning. Though surprised, they didn’t hesitate to pile me with the shopping list. I had to buy breakfast from MacDonald’s and a list of groceries from the supermarket. 

I set off for my shopping. Though it was painful, I soon got used to the pain and they were getting numb. The bus that I got on was very crowded and I had to squeeze my way into the bus. That only earned me more brushes on my nipples. Ouch. I also had to be very careful to prevent my jacket from being pulled off. I managed to finish my shopping without much incidents and reached home safely.

I’m still thinking of how to improve my self bondage to make it more interesting, so please mail me if you have any great ideas. 
Asian Slave


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