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Night Challenge

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2007 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

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I knew there wasn't a chance in hell I'd be able to pull it off in this first attempt, but that wasn't the point. The idea of being tied up all night had been fascinating me for months now and I knew that sooner or later I'd have to try it. So this was the night I'd make my first attempt.

The reason I knew I would most likely fail is that I had never even considered being in bondage for so long. I had no clue what it would do to my body and whether it could even take it. Actually, I was pretty sure that I couldn't handle it. But there were so many unknowns in the whole idea that I knew that the only way to begin to understand them was to make a go at it and see what would happen.

It was almost midnight when I threw my clothes to the corner and opened the leftmost closet with the combination lock. The familiar sight of all my bondage gear came to my view. Nobody had seen this side of me or this stuff that I hid in this closet, and I really can't think of a reason to ever will.

I wanted to keep it simple, so I chose only four pieces of rope and then took a glance to the cardboard box at the lowest shelf. This was a question that had been bothering me ever since I decided to do this experiment.

The cardboard box was the home to my gag collection. The most important thing in any bondage for me is the gag. In fact, I usually think that the rest of the gear is just there to prevent one to remove the gag that has been applied. So, as you can imagine, I really wanted to include a gag to my session. But the problem with this was that I didn't know what the effect would be. I had to go to work the next day and I knew that I could hide all other markings left behind under my clothes, but if I had an outline of the strap of a gag in my face, there would be no hiding it. I was also worried that if I'd have the gag on too long, it could do damage to my jaw or to my teeth. I really wouldn't want to have to go to the dentist because a gag had damaged my teeth.

But eventually my craving need for a gag in my mouth right that moment won me over and I pulled my trusty ball gag from the box. From past experience I knew that I could make the gag a little easier for myself if I'd put a pillowcase over my mouth before putting the gag in place. I had noticed that it would prevent any markings from my face almost completely and it would also be a little easier on my teeth. The downside to it was that it made breathing trough my mouth around the gag a little harder, but I was willing to live with that.

With everything on the bed, I closed the closet again and laid down. It had been a warm during the nights for the past couple of weeks, so I planned to sleep on top of the sheets. Not only did it make my night a bit cooler, but it also eliminated the hassle with sheets that can be surprisingly hard to manipulate when tied up.

Once more I checked that the door was locked before I began. I took the shortest rope and tied my ankles together with it. I didn't want to make it too tight because this would be an endurance session, but keeping it too loose would be a waste of a perfectly good rope. I wasn't very good with finding a good balance and in the end I chose to leave it quite tight. Then I took the next two ropes and tied them over and under my knees. Again I chose make it a bit tight rather than too loose. I found that I could hardly move my legs at all and I knew that they would sweat quite a lot because they were against each other really tightly.

Satisfied, I moved on. I took the remaining rope and started wrapping it around my left wrist. I was going to tie my hands behind my back with the method I had been thinking and developing for quite some time. I knew that it would be very unlikely that I'd be the first one to think of it, but since I hadn't heard of a good way to tie my hands securely behind my back with just rope, I had to come up with the method myself.

Once I had loosely wrapped most of the rope around the wrist, came my favourite part: the gag. First, I took the pillowcase and placed it so that it covered my face under my nose. I was careful to not to allow it to block my nose, because then I would have real troubles breathing. I had to lean my head back to keep the pillowcase in place and then I brought the gag to its place. Again I chose to put it tighter rather than too loose, so the rubber ball went almost as deep to my mouth than it would've gone without the pillowcase. The pillowcase worked just as I had hoped and the gag felt great even if it was quite tight.

With my mouth effectively shut, I returned to working my hands behind my back. I had tied them there so often that I found that the muscles craved for the exercise quite often. But I knew that it would create a problem. Every previous time I had tied my hands behind my back for longer periods of time, my shoulder had started to hurt after about an hour. It was odd since it only happened to the other shoulder and no matter how I tried to balance the hands more evenly, it happened every time.

But that was not of any concern right then and I worked my other wrist to the loose loop with the other. Then I started to wrap the remaining rope as cinch. In the beginning this was quite difficult to do, but after several adventures in this, I had learned to do it quite quickly. I then took the other end from the doubled rope and took it with my right hand when I took the wrist from the loop. Now I was ready to take the stack of rope behind my back, put my right wrist back to the loop and tie the rope tightly.

I checked that everything was in order before taking my hand behind my back. I had already started to feel the pressure of the tight gag on my jaw, but decided to disregard and move on. After some work, I managed to do the proper knot to the rope keeping my wrists together and my bondage was complete.

The very first problem I had to face was turning off the light, a much harder thing to do than it sounds. The light and its switch were on the bedside table and this was quite a lot higher than my bed. So I worked myself with considerable effort to a position where I could lift my hands behind me and started to feel for the switch. The problem was that the only was for me to reach the switch was to keep my back to it and I couldn't see a thing I was doing. After I had knocked over some items and dropped a book, I decided to turn and take a look. After memorising most of the table, it was lot easier to reach for the switch and suddenly I was surrounded by darkness.

And now the next task was to fall asleep. Now, I have trouble getting to sleep under normal circumstances, so I knew I would have a hard time doing so when I had all these ropes and a gag constantly reminding me of their presence. I was also starting to become quite aroused by the situation, but I did my best to keep my urges to rub myself to anything within reach.

And the time passed slowly. Perhaps more slowly than it had in a long time for me. Trying to find a comfortable sleeping position in these bonds proved to be a difficult, and a relative term. Relative because every time I thought I had found a position I thought I could stay in, it didn't take very long for some place in my body to start aching from the stresses caused by the ties.

After about an hour, I did not have fun anymore. My shoulder had started hurting just as I had feared, but even worse was the aching in my jaw that the gag caused. I now realised that it had been too tight for even a regular adventure, let alone an endurance attempt such as this. The pillowcase was soaking wet from saliva and it didn't feel nice at all. Every time I turned, I could feel the cold and wet cloth rubbing against my chin and chest and it had really lost its novelty aspect a while back.

The ache on my shoulder I could've lived with, but I really started to feel that I would need to get the gag off or this would become way too painful for my taste. This was one of the rare occasions that I hoped that I wouldn't always design the bonds to keep me gagged. If I could've just open the leather strap and spit out the ball, I could've continued with the attempt. But regardless of how I tried, there was no way I could reach the strap with my hands tied behind my back like that and the gag held its ground firmly. This naturally caused another surge of excitement trough my body since this was the first time that I was in a situation where I would've wanted to take off the gag and just simply could not. Of course, that's the whole point. But this was the first time I had even tried and it made me extremely happy for a moment.

But that happiness passed quickly as I realised what this meant. I would have to untie my hands to take off the gag and I didn't think I would want to tie them again with my shoulder aching like it did. I would have to stop the attempt. Of course I knew to expect it, but I was still disappointed. I had hoped that I could've fallen asleep even for a moment to know how my body and mind would react to the bonds while asleep. But my jaw was now hurting so much that I almost wanted to cry and so I knew that I really did need to untie myself.

It took me about five minutes to get my hands freed and I immediately opened the strap of my gag and took it out with the pillowcase. I had to close my mouth very carefully and slowly since my jaw was stiffer than it had ever been. I then just lied there on my back, not worrying about untying my legs just yet, and caught my breath. I looked at the clock and found that I had been almost two hours in bondage, which was longer than I had ever been before. Clearly I would need to give this issue a more careful thought before making another attempt.


The next day I woke up with a newfound respect to all the submissives who spent their nights in bondage. I had seen a lot of videos and read a lot of stories about slaves who spent their night in gruesome bonds and would have to begin the day by receiving pain or pleasure. Of course these stories and videos are all made up, but I had heard of several real life people who did it on regular basis.

The conclusions I came to was that I would have to work to get my endurance up before even attempting another full night. I thought it to be highly possible that the aching in my shoulder was simply because it wasn't used to the position enough. And the way for me to develop it was simply to spend a lot of time with my hands tied behind my back.

The gag was a bigger question mark for me. I really would like to develop more endurance with that as well, but the worry for my teeth and jaw still remain. I know that a lot of people spend hours and hours gagged the same way I do, but I can't know if their mouths are built better for it or if I should just stop worrying about nothing. In any case I decided to drop the gag from these sessions, at least for now. This was a real setback for me, but there were other complications with that as well. Including the marks on the face and not least the amount of saliva that escape the gag and soaks not only the extra pillowcase, but everything else in the vicinity as well.

And so I began training. For the next few weeks, going to bed without being tied up somehow was an abnormality. Every night I at least tied my hands behind my back and more often than not I tied my legs as well. Usually after a few hours of sleep I woke up when I felt my shoulders aching and I undid the ropes even before I had waken up enough top reconsider. Sometimes I woke up with the ropes neatly stacked beside my bed, which most likely meant that I had woken up to untie myself, but that I had been too tired to remember it afterwards.

I slowly started to notice that I could manage longer periods in the bonds. I stopped untying my legs at some point during the night. And although that's a smaller achievement than keeping my hands tied all night, it meant that I started to get really comfortable with the ties.

And then it happened. I went to sleep thinking that this would be another training night like any other, with my hands and legs tied. I fell asleep almost immediately and the next thing I knew was that I woke up; I had to go to the bathroom. It took me awhile to realise that I hadn't woken up because my shoulders were aching or my wrists were numb, just because of this instinctual urge to take a pee. And it was 5am, which meant that I had broken my previous endurance records brilliantly.

Fortunately my need to go didn't overcome me while I undid the ropes and managed to get my business taken care of as usual. I then went back to bed, thinking at first that I wouldn't bother to tie myself again.

But I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't find a comfortable position and I soon came to realise why. I could feel my arms craving the strain that they are in when tied behind my back. I was trying to keep my legs tightly together even now that they weren't bound. So I decided that probably the best thing to do right then was to tie myself again.

And that's what I did. After I was finished, my hands were securely locked behind my back and my legs were even more tightly against each other than before. And soon I drifted into a quiet sleep.


The next thing I noticed was the alarm clock going off. I woke up with a start, and didn't realise until the usually simple task of quieting it down proved impossible that I was still firmly tied up. But there wasn't time to contemplate this further since I had to get out of it and fast. Not only hadn't I counted the time required to get out of bondage to my morning routines, but my alarm clock had a sound that increased exponentially the volume, so I really wanted to get it turned off before it woke up the entire neighbourhood.

It didn't take me long to get my hands free, though, and after the noise had subsided, I realised what this meant. Although I had had a ten minute break from the bondage during night, this was still the first time I had spent the entire night in bondage. And my shoulder wasn't even sore. I was pretty happy about this, but soon I noticed that I had wasted five minutes thinking about it, so I had to hurry to get my legs untied in order to get everything done before having to go to work.

As I did my morning routines, I realised that I had really achieved my goal. One thing that was still missing from the picture was the gag. But since I had done regular selfbondage sessions during this period as well, I really came to the conclusion that I didn't think I could handle a gag that long. And the risk to safety wasn't really worth it.

So what to do next? Eliminating the ten minute break from the session is of course a natural step, but aside from that, I think I'll try harder ties for night bondage. I have a bad habit of rolling around during the nights so much that I usually wake up with no sheets on the bed. Maybe that's something I can eliminate with a carefully planned use of rope?

Perhaps, but that (as they say) is a story for another time.



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