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The Night Drive Experiment

by Professor Challenger

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© Copyright 2002 - Professor Challenger - Used by permission

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The Night Drive Experiment
by Professor Challenger
The Night Drive Experiment, by Professor Challenger
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Have you heard of people driving naked? I bet you have. There is even a nudist driver's club of sorts. However, how about driving naked and in bondage?

In actuality, it is very hard to be seen while you are driving at night. The interior of your car is usually as dark as, if not darker than, the outside. Streetlights reflect off the outside glass. Oncoming headlights dazzle the night vision. If you think about it, about the only time you can see another driver is if you are stopped next to them at a stoplight and happen to glance to the side. Knowing this, I decided to attempt a nude drive with some bondage on for spice.

There was one route I drove regularly after dark, and was fairly sure I could drive safely, largely because it was all main streets, which are well-lit, but also broad and with maneuvering room. On a weekly basis, I drove over to a friend's house on the opposite side of town for cards. I typically left about 10:30pm, which, even on a summer evening is well after dark. On this night I prepared by putting a handcuff key on my car key ring (which I still carry there) and locked a pair of handcuffs and a set of shackles into my glove compartment. When I went out for the evening, I didn't wear any socks or underwear, in order to make disrobing easier.

I left the party a little bit early, so I could be gone before other people came out, when I hit my first snag; I had parked right under a streetlamp. (Not obvious in the daylight when I had parked.) If I did my trick there, I might be seen by friends coming out. Instead, I hopped in the car and pulled around the block to a dark street. I unlocked the glovebox and took out the cuffs, and then shucked out of shoes and pants and threw them in the back seat. I sat there in just my shirt with a momentary attack of cold feet (figuratively-- it was a warm night) and considered keeping the shirt on, perhaps open and unbuttoned. But then I reflected that in this town it's not unusual to see guys driving around shirtless in the summer, even in the evening (coming back from the beach late, etc.), so the shirt joined my other clothes in the back seat. I reached down and put the shackles on my ankles, and then, good driver that I am, fastened my seat belt. I then cuffed my wrists.

Then, and only then, I realized what a good idea it was to have the cuff key with me rather than, oh, say, having left it at home, which I might easily have done. The reason for this is the shoulder harness strap, which is connected to the seatbelt in the common triangle configuration. If you put on handcuffs while wearing a lap and shoulder belt like this, you have just handcuffed yourself to the car by a loop of very tough nylon belting of limited length.

I started the car and drove home. I had no problems, thanks to careful driving. For most of my route, there was not much traffic. I was hidden behind my headlights to oncoming cars, and by my seatback and headrest to cars behind. I had even turned down the dash lights to the minimum necessary to see my speed. I definitely did not want to get pulled over! At stoplights I pulled up a bit behind any vehicle in an adjacent lane. It's very unlikely anyone would have tried to look back at me.

The one spot that was particularly dangerous was a three-street intersection. The stoplights there were long, the intersection was brightly lit, and made more so by a gas station and convenience shop on my side of the street that generated a lot of foot traffic at all hours of the night. A curious pedestrian peering in my passenger's side from the sidewalk would actually be in the best position to see that I wasn't wearing any pants! To my delight, the lights were with me, and I rolled smoothly through the danger zone, and right onto the freeway ramp that would take me back to my side of town. The sheriffs were monitoring freeway traffic as normal, but I was driving the speed limit and all was cool.

The traffic was near nonexistent in my own neighborhood, and I drove up to my garage and opened the door remotely. I briefly tested that, yep, there was no way I could have gotten away from the car without the keys before releasing from the handcuffs. I grabbed my clothes out of the back seat, slipped my shoes on (the garage floor was dirty, of course) and scuttled inside. Once in, the shackles came off, and shirt and pants went back on long enough for me to go upstairs and greet my sleepy partner (who didn't know about this escapade). "What? Yes, dear, I had a good time. No, nothing out of the ordinary--".

If I were to do this again, I think I would consider connecting my handcuffs to the steering wheel by another handcuff (one cuff around the chain, one around the lower half of the wheel), wearing a collar, and perhaps a gag. I probably WON'T do it again however--if one gets caught, the cops these days have even less of a sense of humor than they used to!


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