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A Night on the Deck

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2004 - Cindy - Used by permission

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I was home alone; Lisa was away for a week, attending a business seminar. She was visiting her brother the weekend before and planned to stay with him again the following weekend. With no other diversion, my thoughts were turning to initiating a self-bondage session. I formulated a plan that would keep me bound helpless overnight. 

On Tuesday I got some plastic containers from Lisa's recycling container. I filled a gallon milk jug with water and put it in the freezer. The next morning it was completely frozen. I set it outside on the back deck at 8 AM and left for work. About 5:30 when I got home I found the ice was not completely melted. It was 8 PM by the time it was fully melted. The 12 hour period determined my timetable for Friday night. 

I put the jug back in the freezer with another and a pair a little less full and a shallow plastic bowl. I put a length of chain in each full milk jug, a weighted length of rope in each of the others, and a piece of angle iron in the bowl. I got out a length of plastic pipe and cut sections from it, one about 4 feet long and 2 more about 15 inches long. I drilled a pair of holes near each end of the long piece, just large enough to get rope through. 

Friday afternoon I got home early and started preparing for my night out on the deck. I threaded a length of rope through the pipe, leaving loops long enough to meet extending from each pair of holes. I used duct tape to secure a stepladder to the railing at one end of the deck and a step stool on the opposite railing. I brought out a fully reclining lounger and set it up about the middle of the deck. I draped a rope across it about where my waist would be, allowing the ends to fall through the openings between the deck boards. I got down off the deck and fished the ends out where I could handle them. After that I relaxed waiting for 5PM. I figured a 12 hour wait for the ice to melt would release me just before dawn. 

At 5 I took the four frozen jugs out to the deck. I cut holes in the bottom of each jug so the water could drip out as they melted, lessening the weight. I attached the two with chains to the ropes under the deck. Back on the deck I pulled up the ropes and then the chains and slipped a nail through a link in each to hold them up. I tied a rope to the nails and draped its center over the head of the lounger. I set the other two jugs on the step stool and tied the rope ends from the pipe to the ropes iced into the jugs. I threaded another rope through the jug handles, down under the railing, back under the lounger and tucked it in at the head of the lounger. I brought out a 2 liter soda bottle filled with water, set it on the paint shelf of the step ladder, tied a rope around its neck and tied the other end to a bag clip at the foot of the lounger. 

Back inside I showered following that with a leisurely soak in the tub, with a very liberal amount of bath oil. The bath oil left my body covered with very slippery residue that felt good but would act as an insect repellent. I had no wish to spend a long night out as a feast for the mosquitoes. After the bath I dressed in preparation for the night. I put on red lace stockings, garter belt, thong panties and a bra, well filled by my breast forms; all a bright shiny red. I put on a white robe and temporarily a pair of comfortable sandals. A long wig was next and as I brushed it out in the bathroom, I could see that my red underwear shone through under the light robe. I was already excited in anticipation of the night ahead, helpless for hours and dressed in next to nothing. But I was determined to go through with my plans. I fixed a light supper then tried to relax waiting till about 9PM for darkness. 

A little before 9, I went upstairs to the bedroom. I removed my robe and panties to start on my final preparations. I locked a chain around my waist, then locked on ankle and wrist cuffs and a collar. I attacked slip locks to the d-rings behind each ankle. I passed a chain through my two short lengths of pipe, fastened the ends with a slip lock, then locked the midpoint of the chain to a d-ring of the collar at the back of my neck. I fastened a cock strap with its attached vibrator around my cock and balls with the vibrator nestled snugly behind my balls. I took out a long thick cock shaped vibrating butt plug, rolled a condom on it and lubricated it thoroughly. It took a few moments to push it up my rectum and once it was all the way in I had to stand a minute to relax and resume normal breathing. I put fresh batteries in the vibrator controls and placed them in a pouch I clipped to my waist chain. 

I put my robe and panties back on, leaving the tie for the robe on the bed, picked up everything else I needed and went down to the kitchen. Even with the low heels I was wearing, the plug in my butt danced around inside me, seeming to probe a different spot with each step. I took the plastic bowl of ice from the freezer out to the deck, setting it under the bottle of water on the step ladder. As the ice melted, the angle iron in the bowl would hold up one side of the bottle while the other side melted until the bottle was unbalanced to fall snapping the bag clip up to the top of the ladder. 

I went back in and gingerly sat down at the kitchen table to change my shoes. I had brought down a pair of sandals with 5 inch heels and locking ankle straps. They were nearly impossible for me to walk in but I could manage the few steps out to the back deck. I put them on, locking them securely and placing the keys on the table. I had left all the other keys upstairs in the bedroom. I put a foam ear plug in each ear, the a wax ear plug over those. With both pairs of earplugs I would be unable to hear anything short of an explosion. 

I struggled out to the deck where I knelt at the center of the lounger. I fastened the slip locks at my ankles to the loops of rope on the long length of pipe. I fastened the bag clip to the hem of my robe gathering it behind me between my legs. I put on my blindfold buckling it tight in back. I laid down and carefully made sure my robe was spread out and not pinned under me. I hesitated for a moment to review what I was doing. The next step would commit me to being chained helpless for the next eight hours or so. I felt for the chains for the ice jugs and locked each to a side of my waist chain. I felt out the vibrator controls, turning them on full. I locked the pouch; the batteries would probably run down before I could unlock it. I flipped the chain and pipes attached to my collar up past my head, removed the slip lock, then padlocked each chain end to a d-ring on a wrist cuff. 

I was well past the point of no return; I was unable to see or hear and helpless in my chains. I was dressed like a slut and felt like I was being used like one, with one vibrator rattling away between my legs and another probing far up inside me. The combination of both vibrators made it feel like everything between my waist and thighs was being shook up. I could feel my cock straining against my panties but I was helpless to reach it. 

I reached the ropes I had left at the head of the lounger and started pulling them. The nails pulled out of the chains and I felt their weight tug at my waist chain. I continued pulling until I felt the resistance of the milk jugs balanced on the step stool. I felt them start to give and suddenly they fell. The rope loops at my ankles were pulled tight spreading my legs wide, then the pull continued lifting my legs up. My legs were pulled straight and lifted completely off the lounger higher than I had thought they would go. My hips were lifted too, shifting me into a different position with my waist bent back. The plug in my ass shifted to probe a new more sensitive spot. I felt the sensation between my legs of a climax starting. I didn't want that; once I climaxed I would lose interest in bondage and cross dressing. 

There was nothing I could do; I had no control! The sensational feeling built quickly and suddenly I was spurting what felt like waves of cum into my panties. I don't know that I'd ever had such a wild climax before. I know I must have moaned through it. I could only hope I hadn't been loud enough for the neighbors to hear. When it finally stopped, I felt spent and had to try to relax to regain control of my breathing. I tested my bonds, but I had secured myself too well to get loose. I could lift my hips slightly but the jugs were against the deck with just a couple of inches of slack. I could pull my legs down but the weight was hard to hold and it was easiest to let them rise. My wrist cuffs were snug and my hands were held away from my collar and blindfold. There was nothing I could do but wait out the night. 

I didn't feel like I could relax enough to sleep with the vibrators churning up my insides, but I did sleep fitfully. I don't know how many times I woke to feel the vibrators still going and wondered when the batteries would mercifully wear down. I woke one time and realized my robe had just been flipped up over my head. The bowl of ice had finally melted enough for the soda bottle of water to fall and pull the clip on my robe. I tried to push the robe back off my head and down to my shoulders but only succeeded in tangling it up and pulling it over my head so it was gathered around my arms. 

Aside from my stockings I was left wearing little more than a set of straps. Later I was made even more aware of how bare I was when a light shower passed over. It wasn't much rain and I didn't really get very wet, but it was a strange feeling to have the drops falling on my bare skin while I had no ability to cover up. 

Eventually I woke to find the vibrators had finally stopped and the weight on my ankles had lessened enough that my legs were down on the lounger. My legs were still spread wide and it was impossible to forget my ass was still stuffed impossibly full. The idea of having to lie there helpless, stripped down to bra and panties, legs spread and being taken in the ass was turning me on again. I wished I could reach my cock but I couldn't get my hands below my shoulders. I found I could rub my hips against the lounger and get some pleasant friction but each thrust of my hips caused an equal thrust from my plug. I didn't care any more and continued humping the lounger even though I was humping my rear. I soon reached an enjoyable climax, thoroughly creaming my panties again. 

I woke later to a pleasant cool breeze tantalizing over my bare skin, and just hoped it was a morning breeze that heralded a nearing dawn and my freedom. Unfortunately the next time I woke I realized I could feel warm sun on my back. Somehow it was well past dawn and the ice in the jugs wasn't melted yet. I could not roll my hips yet, though my legs seemed free of any weight. My first concern was of course fear of being seen by the neighbors or somebody passing on the street behind the house. The bra and panties might be mistaken for a bathing suit, but the stockings would dash that thought. Another concern was that if I got too much sun I would have tan lines from the bra and panties. I'd never be able to explain that. 

I tried raising my hips hoping I could break whatever ice remained on the chains. After a while I got one side free and soon after the other. I got up to a sitting position but found I couldn't reach the slip locks at my ankles. I had to try to work my ankles loose by pressing one foot on the pipe and pulling the other away. The 5 inch heels didn't help and I wound up only loosening things somewhat. I stood and managed to make my way to the door and let myself in but it was a struggle to get past the door. I had to use my heels to get the pipe and all the rope in without catching under the door. I sat at the kitchen table and found the keys for my shoes but couldn't reach them to unlock them. I gave up and proceeded to the stairs dragging my pipe and ropes along. It was a struggle just trying to walk in the 5 inch heels, but my plug got my attention as it seemed to be moving all around inside me. 

I made it to the bedroom and was finally able to free my wrists, then undo my blindfold and most of the remaining restraints. The bedroom clock showed after 9 AM. I had spent almost 12 hours outside helpless in my pretty underwear being taken in the rear. Then I realized I had left the keys for my shoes in the kitchen. I had to walk back downstairs again in heels before I could be free of them. I got them off and returned upstairs, stripped, got rid of my vibrators and enjoyed a hot relaxing shower. I went to bed right after that and lying there I wondered what happened that the ice hadn't melted in the planned 12 hours. I would probably never know if anyone had seen me, and I suppose I should have resolved never to try such a stunt again. But I felt I would have to resolve the timing of the melt before any further such attempts at self bondage. 


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