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A Night Alone?

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; chast; stuck; latex; chair; toys; insert; nipple; corset; collar; gag; machine; caught; torment; bond; denial; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Lori sits in the chair Mark had built just for her and these moments. Lori’s hands shake from anticipation and the kind of frustration that can only be caused by locking a highly sexual woman in a chastity belt for three weeks. Lori loved being controlled by Mark but leaving her locked up, unable to satisfy any of her sexual needs and to be made to suck his cock at least once a day was too cruel. Mark had told her yesterday he was going out of town for a week making her think she would be left unsatisfied for another seven days.

Waking this morning and realizing he was gone then finding the belt was still locked on but feeling the steel bra had been added she cursed herself for always sleeping so soundly. She had awakened many times finding he had restrained her in some way, it had always surprised her and always aroused her. Now she was locked in the uncomfortable steel cups for a week and was not aroused by it at all. Lori struggled to her pointed toes and looked at the locks on the straps around her ankles and sighed, it had been her idea to wear the toe boots while he was gone essentially locking her in the house.

Lori had gone out many times in her toe boots but never liked doing it alone, the boots made her so vulnerable she was always scared to be caught out in them and be unable to get away quickly. Going to the kitchen table she drank some juice and nibbled on some toast while her hand rubbed the cold steel covering her aching pussy. Noticing the envelope on the table she grunted thinking it was a note explaining her situation and telling her how much he loved her and ignored it.

Lori saw no point in getting dressed so she cleaned the house and sorted and put away all her clothes finding her long latex hobble dress in the pile and couldn’t resist putting it on. Lori spent the rest of the day wriggling around the house enjoying the tight rubber and wishing she could satisfy herself. About nine pm Mark called, Lori called him an asshole and the two laughed and chatted for almost an hour before Mark picked up that she was still wearing her belt and bra.

“You haven’t opened the envelope I left you have you?” He asked. Lori hesitated and then meekly said “No, I was mad that you locked the bra on” Mark laughed again “I understand but it’s for your own good” he told her. They told each other good night and hung up. Lori was getting tired so she went to bed still wrapped up tight in her long rubber dress placing a ball gag in her mouth before falling asleep.

Lori woke the next morning and removed the gag and flexed her jaw as she went to eat breakfast and spotted the envelope and smiled and opened it. Two keys fell out of it as soon as she tore it open, Lori recognized both of them as the keys to her belt and bra. Squealing Lori jumped to her pointed toes and dashed as quickly as the tight rubber allowed to the bedroom. Along the way she spotted the chair sitting in front of the large TV, left there in the “guest” room from the last time she had strapped herself in and let the fucking machine torment her until Mark came home and satisfied her.

Lori’s mind was filled with ideas of how to satisfy her needs and the chair and mechanical cock would be perfect. Lori slowed her pace unzipping the dress as she walked and stepping out of it as she turned on the bath water drying the dress as the water warmed. Lori left the belt and bra on as she cleaned herself, knowing she could not resist the urge to satisfy herself. Leaving her booted feet on the edge of the tub and thought out how she would secure herself and for how long. By the time Lori climbed out of the tub she was extremely horny and ready to start her adventure and began setting up everything she needed.

Resisting the desire to remove the belt and vibrate herself to the much needed orgasm was taking a great deal of restraint and concentration but Lori wanted it to be the biggest orgasm ever so she left the belt on. Lori collected her tallest posture collar, tightest waspie corset and her most severe nipple clamps and set them next to the chair. The chair was already set up with the necessary straps she would need so other than the wide steel cuffs and the key frozen in a large plastic cup she was almost ready.

Lori stood looking at her gag collection trying to decide how severe she wanted, opting for the long inflatable panel gag. She both loved and hated this gag. This gag kept her utterly silent but was so big when inflated it went slightly down her throat making her have to control her gag reflex every time she wore it. Smiling she picked it up and stuffed it into her mouth and buckled all the straps exceptionally tight locking each with small padlocks. The locks jingled around her head as she moved reminding her just how helpless she was and she really liked that.

Taking the corset she wrapped it around her waist and hooked the laces to the wall and twisted and pulled until she was gasping thorough her nose. Feeling the back she had about an inch to go to close it so she struggled and twisted until she knew it was closed and wrapped the laces around her waist tying them in front. The corset could be worked under the belt as it was tightened so when she had finished lacing it the steel belt around her waist was slightly loose allowing the belt to shift as she walked to the freezer arousing her more.

The cup of ice should keep her locked up for about four hours, more than enough time to be brought to multiple orgasms, Lori thought to herself. Going back to the “guest” room Lori felt she was ready and inserted the DVD of almost five hours of women being tied and forced to orgasm into the player. After checking the sound level she set it to come on in thirty minutes and sat down. The clamps were the first things she wanted on so she unlocked the steel bra and let her crushed breasts spring out of the cups.

The clamps had been modified by Mark drilling small holes in the gripper parts, these holes allowed Lori’s nipple piercings to be fed through on both sides and the small balls screwed back on pinching the spiky jaws against her nipples perfectly and keeping them there. Lori slipped the clamps over the steel bar through her nipple and screwed the balls until her eyes were watering and stopped. Letting the chain dangle down her chest for now she stood up and removed the chastity belt laying it next to the chair to use for her later plans.

Lori lubed the large phallus mounted to the seat then slowly lowered herself down letting it slide slowly into her firm ass. Grunting as it entered her Lori sat panting though her nose letting her body adjust to the monster stuck so deep into her. Lori loved the idea of it actually being part of the restraints of the chair even though she didn’t like being plugged very much. Now that she was seated she pulled her pointed feet up to the arms of the chair. Grunting again as she pulled the wide leather straps around her ankles locking each before strapping below and above her knees with more straps leaving her legs pulled up almost to her chest and her pussy spread wide.

Lori was already secured to the chair, her leg bindings and the large phallus were enough to make sure she couldn’t free herself of it or stand up. Lori was already moaning as she pulled the fucking machine closer to the chair and slowly eased the thick cock on the end of the shaft into her damp pussy. Lori adjusted the shaft until she knew it would enter her fully but not ram into her and hurt. Reaching the settings buttons was always difficult but shortly she had the machine set to come on in half an hour and run for forty five minutes at a time stopping for ten minutes for four cycles.

Lori had set it to med speed and med-high vibrations knowing that with each cycle she would be guaranteed to orgasm. After double checking everything Lori pulled the strap across her waist very tight locking her to the back of the chair. The straps criss-crossing her chest were next and Lori pulled them tight crushing her upper body against the slightly tilted chair back. Lori tested her bonds making sure she could not move any part of her body and smiled under the gag. Making sure the tall collar was close by Lori looked around again, that nagging feeling of forgetting something that she has every time she locks herself up in the back of her mind.

Lori pumped the gag up more making her jaw muscles protest stopping just before she felt like she was going to choke. Taking the collar she wrapped it around her throat and quickly buckled it, adjusting each strap until her head was held rigidly and was slightly tilted backwards. Slipping small locks through the buckles she giggled at how many locks held her motionless and tried to shake her head to hear the locks jingle only to find she couldn’t move her head at all.

Lori was almost ready, checking that the cup was sitting near where her hands would be she looked at the timer on the DVD player saying it would start in ten minutes and took the chain to the clamps and attached it to the collars d-ring. Lori had to lean forward slightly and the chain still pulled up on her tender nipples. Lori moaned as the pain radiated from her nipples and she knew from experience she would not be able to hold her head forwards very long. Lori turned the balls holding the clamps a few more turns making her whine as the teeth of the clamps bit down harder.

Lori relaxed slightly letting her body adjust, her legs were already feeling the strain of being held spread wide and doubled over and from the en-point position the boots held her feet in. As she sat gasping through her nose she reached up and quickly pumped her gag three more times making it expand, forcing her cheeks out further and slipping down her throat a little more. Lori struggled to get her arms through the straps near the middle of the chair back. These straps would hold her upper arms comfortably but firmly in place once her wrists were cuffed together.

Now Lori relaxed she could feel the cuffs at her finger tips and sat concentrating on the gag in her throat and her cramping legs desperately trying to ignore her screaming nipples. As she felt her resolve slipping she ratcheted one cuff around her left wrist then swung it the other around the stout cross bar of the chair and quickly closed the other cuff around her right wrist.

As soon as Lori felt the cold steel close on her wrist she began struggling and gasping. The heavy chair and leather straps keeping her totally immoveable only creaking slightly as she thrashed in her seat. After a few minutes Lori calmed herself and sat panting through her nose and heard the TV power up and began watching her favorite videos, some of the scenes were her, others of women being bound and teased. Leaning her head back Lori whined as her nipples were pulled slightly higher increasing the pain the tight clamps were causing.

Lori began to think she may have over done it as the pain from her nipples mixed together with her other aches and hoped that she could still orgasm through the pain. Looking down her nose at the TV Lori was soon gasping and struggling like the women in the video and wishing the fucking machine would turn on. Lori struggled through the first hour of the video struggling to arouse herself knowing the fucking machine had malfunctioned and just wanted the ice to melt so she could free herself and vibrate her aching pussy to a massive well deserved climax.

As Lori continued to struggle the machine came to life and slowly started to plunge deeply in and out of her wet pussy. Lori moaned from the feeling but quickly started to realize it was going very slow and the vibrations were barely able to be felt. Screaming and grunting Lori thrashed again as the machine continued to tease her making her frustrations even greater. Lori was fucked slowly for forty five minutes then the machine stopped leaving her gasping for air and more frustrated than when she started.

Lori rested and wondered if anyone could die from sexual frustration as she pulled at the steel around her wrists and tried to straighten her legs. When the machine started again Lori moaned deeply but soon was fighting and twisting her captured body as her frustration built. Lori yelped each time she would lean her head forward slightly then slam it back yanking on her pinched nipples and whine as she instinctively tried to reach around and rub them. During the third cycle Lori was gasping and yanking at her bonds when her video came on and she calmed herself and sat watching a session with Mark she had particularly enjoyed.

The large cock was still pumping slowly as Lori watched the video and fought her bonds, in reaction with the video Lori was leaning and twisting her head as far as she could pulling on the clamps as she fantasized it was Mark pulling and twisting the clamps like he was doing in the video. Lori loved nipple torture and just as the video was ending Lori exploded into a massive orgasm and screamed into the gag while her body convulsed.

Lori came too whining as her nipples, legs and waist screamed with pain. Her legs were cramping badly and her waist felt like it had been beaten with a night stick but her nipples were now little fireballs of pain making her open her eyes and look around. Lori noticed that it had gotten dark and the DVD had restarted meaning she had been tied to the chair for over five hours. Struggling with her numb hands Lori tried to find the cup of ice sure it would have melted by now but could not find it. Reaching as far as the short chain allowed Lori screamed as she thrust her hands further into the cold steel trying to increase her reach.

Lori was scared and confused as she stopped struggling and tried to work out what had happened. Gasping she tried to control her breathing when the fucking machine started again! It was still on slow but why had it started? Lori sat thinking maybe it’s been twenty four hours? Then looked down at the DVD player and could see it had actually been almost seven. Lori tried to look around but the stiff collar wouldn’t let her then her worst fear came true as she heard someone from behind her say, “No you are not alone anymore.”

Lori freaked out and started screaming and thrashing wildly only making her nipples hurt more and the chair creak slightly. After five minutes she sat gasping and heard him laughing and listened when he said, “Did you really think you could suddenly break free?” Lori moaned again as she heard him say, “You must like getting teased a lot, I don’t know anyone who could get off with a cock moving that slow, but I do like the video.” Lori whined and flexed her hands still hoping to find the cup. “Oh I put that back in the freezer, for safe keeping.”

Lori whined again as he said, “You should really lock your door, I might have passed you by if you had.” Lori grunted and whined as she knew this is what had been nagging her before she locked herself up. Lori’s world suddenly went dark as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes. Lori struggled again as he laughed and said, “I could and can do anything I want to you, do you really think being able to see is going to help?” Lori stopped struggling and could hear him move in front of her. “I think this needs a little adjustment,” he said as she felt him pull slightly on her nipple clamp chain.

Lori screamed as he snapped a pad lock around both chains leading up to her collar tightening it considerably and actually raising her breasts slightly. “There, that’s better and as you let slack in the chain the lock will slide down tightening it more, isn’t that fun!” Lori leaned her head back pulling hard on the chain and screamed again. Lori was still panting when she felt the machine speed up and then felt the vibrations increase to high. Suddenly she was aroused again but she felt the machine continue to speed up and soon it was pumping her wet pussy at full speed. Lori whined loudly and tried to wiggle away from the pounding she was taking but could not move at all as the cock continued to slam into her over and over again.

The person moved behind her and watched as Lori’s struggles became more desperate and her whines turned to weeping as she felt her pussy being beaten by the relentless machine. Lori was about to pass out again when the machine stopped but the vibrations stayed on and she slumped in the chair gasping and whining. In a few minutes Lori was being aroused again and began to try to force herself to orgasm. The chair and straps were creaking as Lori struggled to push herself over the edge when she was suddenly being pumped again and screamed out in frustration.

The man laughed as he walked off leaving her to struggle in the chair as he searched the house. Lori had been being fucked violently for over an hour when everything went silent. “I expected to find something of value here but unfortunately all I found is you and your toys”. Lori whined loudly as the cock continued to ram in and out of her sore pussy. “I don’t know what you want,” the person said, “I’ve given you more stimulation and you still complain”. Lori heard the machine slowing down and sighed deeply and let the vibrations and slower pace excite her again.

The person watched her struggle in the chair as her breathing increased and she moaned louder smiling as he wondered how far he could push her. Leaving the machine running on medium he stroked her firm breasts pushing them closer to her collar making the lock slide further down the chains shortening it. Lori could feel his hands on her breasts and her mind was torn between being assaulted by a stranger and the wonderful feelings she was having. The stranger continued to massage her breasts and twisting the clamps causing Lori to squeal with pleasure for almost an hour. Lori was gasping and struggling as her climax hit her body, the stranger noticed this and let go of her breasts leaving them to be fully supported by the clamps making Lori’s moaning change pitch as she felt the pain from her nipples.

After the orgasm Lori sat whining wondering if he had left or not having lost track of the time when she felt something pulling her head back into the chair and heard the sound of a strap being ratcheted. Slowly Lori’s head was crushed into the chairs back and as the tension pulled tighter across her eyes she began to whine. The stranger made the head strap very tight sinking the wide strap into her eyes before stopping and adding more around her legs tightening them until her skin bulged around the straps. Lori was struggling as she felt him adding the straps around her legs and then tighten the straps around her arms letting her know she was truly helpless to stop him.

Lori was being crushed under the multiple straps he had added and could not move any part of her body. Lori sat gasping, her arousal fading as she became more scared. Lori listened to him watch several parts of the DVD over again then felt the machine stir to life and start slowly pumping her wet pussy again. Lori was starting to get aroused when she felt her gag growing and started thrashing and whining as it eased further down her throat finally cutting off all sound from her and making her choke. Lori was desperately trying to control her choking as she heard him laughing at her efforts and began to rub her throat.

Lori was teased and tortured for a few hours before she felt all the added straps loosen and the large mechanical cock pulled from her pussy. “Well it’s been fun but I must be going now,” the stranger said he continued loosening her restraints until he told her to raise herself off the cock in her ass. Lori whined not sure if she could, her feet were still attached to the arms of the chair but she managed to raise herself off the seat and soon was “standing” in the chair. With her pointed toes hanging next to the chair and her shoulders over the top of the chair he took a bar and slid it under her waist and said, “Now hold that position”.

Loir whined when she found she had no choice as the bar dug into her back and heard the stranger moving near her then heard the sound of her belt being picked up. Lori listened carefully as she heard him doing something with the steel then squealed as the cold steel was wrapped around her waist. Lori felt him struggle to close the belt and could tell by how tight it felt he had adjusted it to fit tightly over the crushing corset.

As the stranger pulled the plate up to cover her dripping pussy he chuckled as he had to really pull hard to close it and said, “Man this will keep you from helping yourself wont it”. Lori whined as she heard the lock click but was relieved when the bar was removed from behind her allowing her to sit just in front of the phallus in the seat of the chair.

“Lean forward!” Lori was told so she did and felt him wrap the bra strap around her chest and really started whining as he forced her still pinched and chained nipples into the steel cups. Lori could do nothing to stop the cruel man from imprisoning her firm breasts in the steel and almost started crying when she heard the lock snik closed.

Lori’s ankles were released one at a time, each time she felt him slide the thigh cuffs for her belt up her leg then resecure her ankle to the leg of the chair. The man adjusted the cuffs tight and ran the chains to her belt insuring she not only couldn’t satisfy herself but also making it impossible to take normal steps since he had locked them directly together. Lori was beaten, she was still cuffed and strapped to the chair blind and mute and now locked in tight steel covering every erotic zone on her body.

The stranger retied her waist and knees to the chair, lashing her ankles together and to the lower cross brace and said, “Well I have to go, make sure when you free yourself you lock that door”. “Oh If I hear anything about a home invasion or burglary in this area I’ll crush these keys and you can figure out how to get out of those items yourself” he continued. Lori tried to whine but nothing came out as she heard him moving away.

Lori could tell he was near the front door when he said, “If you're good look for the keys in the mail in a few weeks or so”. Lori tried to scream as she heard the door close and started thrashing in the chair thinking about being locked up in her chastity belt and bra with the extremely tight corset trapped under it for weeks. In her struggles she touched the cold cup and calmed down and waited for the ice to melt.

As the stranger walked to his car he dialed his phone and said, “Yeah you were right, no I didn’t hurt her, yeah she’s locked up tight, I even had to adjust the belt so it would fit over the corset she was wearing, Ok I’ll send the keys when I get to London that’ll be about three weeks total, No thank you, I enjoyed it, anytime you want to teach her a lesson just let me know”.

With that the man hung up the phone and drove off leaving Lori struggling in her captivity while she waited for the ice to melt and Mark smiling as he wondered what story she was going to tell him when he got home completely unaware that their friend had recorded the whole visit for their later enjoyment.


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