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Night in the Desert

by Anon

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© Copyright 2008 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; caught; M/f; bond; kidnap; trunk; cons/nc; X

Ten o'clock. Night was falling but Carol easily found the usual place and stopped the car, turning off her lights once the post was in view. Calmly she got out of the car, carrying a small ring of keys and placed the ring gently on a hook in the post, careful not to make too much noise although there was nobody else around that she could see; the airport was not far, the freeway was off in the distance and the weekend drag strip was not far from where she stood. Sure enough, there were not very many people out in this part of town at this time of night so she felt it was okay to proceed with her plans as she had twice before.

The night air was cool on her skin after a relatively hot day and she was ready for a night in the desert. She started her car and drove slowly down the dirt road to her next stop, leaving the headlights off. She watched the odometer click away the distance; half, one mile, one and a half, two miles. At the count of two miles exactly she pulled the car off the road and parked it deep in the sagebrush where it wouldn't easily be seen. Once her heart had settled down a few beats she opened the door and got out into the moonlight, which seemed unusually bright and displayed the area around her in remarkable clarity. She reasoned that this was a good thing, since she would have to be walking quite a distance this time, at least a mile longer than her previous walk and she might need the extra light to avoid tripping on some unseen obstacle.

Once certain there was nobody around to be seen, she removed her tennis shoes and socks, then slipped off her jeans. Her blouse came next after a quick glance around in all directions to make absolutely sure no one was watching her. Feeling a bit silly for being so cautious this time, she then unclasped her bra and let it fall onto the pile of clothes at her feet. She stretched her arms toward the moon, feeling the cool breeze against her warm skin and her newly freed breasts. Next she slipped off her silky white panties and gathered the pile of clothes in her hands and deposited them in the trunk of the car, still holding her panties in her hand. Now completely naked, she closed the trunk before she could talk herself out of it. The trunk closed and locked securely, denying her any way to cover her body, focussing her attention to her next task.

Picking up a small box of items, she had second thoughts about using any of it; it was such a nice night out, and she considered just walking nude to her car keys, two miles away; it was a great way for her to calm herself down and think, walking completely nude in the moonlight out in the middle of nowhere. Thinking better of cheating herself, she withdrew the box of goodies from the seat and locked the car doors. She located her belt and wrapped it around her hips, aligning the metal loop just below the small of her back. Next, she attached a short length of knotted rope to the loop, running it between her legs and tied it off on the front of the belt at the buckle with a triple knot, assuring one of the knots was directly above her clitoris. Goosebumps arose on her skin. Determined to finish the job, she slipped on her heels, followed by several wraps of electrical tape to ensure they would stay on through her ordeal.

On her ankles she attached a small chain that looped around each ankle and locked with a tiny padlock, effectively preventing her from taking steps longer than a foot or so. She located her panties and wadded them up into a ball, making sure the moist part of the crotch was on the outside and gently stuffed them into her mouth, tasting her own sweet juices on her tongue. Next came the trainer gag which she placed over her head and tightened the plastic ball in her mouth, compressing the panties even more. Tiny leather flaps were attached to either side of the trainer at her temples, cutting off her vision to the sides and forcing her to concentrate on straight ahead, much like the blinders used for horses. She had read stories and seen pictures of ponygirls and often fantasized about serving as one, to a strict master that would treat her only as an animal to be utilized.

This being done she proceeded with the final two items; a pair of clothespins, one on each of her large nipples and finally the handcuffs behind her back were looped through the crotch rope, which she solemnly inserted each wrist and ratcheted them closed without hesitation. She suddenly felt the urge to start walking; on two previous occasions she had arrived here and began her trek much in the same way she was now, naked, helpless and vulnerable. Taking her first few steps she realized that the earth was softer here; her heels sank in with each step and made walking difficult. The chain served its purpose quite well as she tried to increase her pace to shorten the time it would take for her to free herself, but now she understood that tonight was going to be a night to remember. Getting her bearings, she pointed herself towards the distant hill in which she would find the keys to her release and settled into a steady pace of one foot in front of the other, feeling the crotch rope rubbing against her increasingly damp sex.

The last time the rope was so snug she was left raw when she finally reached the keys, so this time she made sure to leave a bit of slack; although this time it didn't seem to be such a problem since her steps were carefully measured and metered. Stepping over rocks and small mounds of sand seemed much more difficult now. She didn't pause to think how hard it would be to get back up if she happened to take a bad fall in the looming darkness. In what seemed like about half an hour she reached her usual starting point, a small ditch on the side of the road which was perfect for hiding her car, although the ground was a little wet and she got stuck on her first time out. She was comfortable with this spot and actually knew each low and high spot and every vantage point that it offered, and this time it served as a resting place as she kneeled on the rough ground for a short break. The familiar aches made themselves known as she rested her feet and tried to soothe her throbbing nipples.

Her jaw muscles were aching already from the ball wedged in her mouth and she wished there was a way to relieve that part of her body, for just a moment or two. Already a bit of drool was making its way down her chin and collecting on her tummy. She craned her head up to look at the moon, now directly overhead and she wondered how long she had been walking -- by her best guess it was already past midnight and she was not even half way to the post! She wished she had the foresight to bring a watch; adding extra distance might not have been a great idea after all, since she planned to be at her finish point by at least one in the morning. She still had to retrieve the keys from the post and carry them back while completely nude, over four miles altogether and she hadn't even covered half the distance yet. She began to wonder if the chain between her ankles was such a great idea after all.

Previously trudging through the brush so she might crouch and avoid being seen, she now chanced hobbling down the main roadway to cover the distance a bit faster. Her taped-on heels clicked loudly on the pavement as the chain rattled and clinked along but she was making better time now. She cursed the idea of doing this to herself and wondered how much sleep she was going to be able to get in tonight, since she had to be at work the next morning, and she hoped the marks on her skin from the cuffs wouldn't be too prominent. If she raised her arms behind her back to get more leverage the crotch rope would tighten; if she lengthened her stride the chain would dig into her ankles, and if she were to fall now it would be almost impossible to stand up again. As much as she hurried she had to carefully balance on her heels, taking each measured step and forcing self-discipline so she might not trip and fall.

A slight breeze rose up and brought small particles of dust into her eyes and hair, and added a thin layer of powder to her body where she was perspiring; her breathing was even, although a bit hurried. It was difficult breathing around the ball in her mouth and as time went on it felt larger and larger, straining her jaw muscles and giving her a slight headache. Her spirits were lifted when she finally reached and carefully paced up the small hill to the post at the top. She felt small beads of sweat roll down over her eyebrows and into her eyes as she backed up to the post and fumbled for the keyring. Once she had a firm grip on it, she latched the ring securely to the cuff chain so she wouldn't lose them on the way back to the car. She tried to relax for a moment or two, suddenly realizing that tonights excursion seemed to be more punishment than pleasure, more of a workout than an erotic walk in the moonlight. She resolved to take it slow on the way back and try to enjoy herself.

Starting back down the hill she saw a pair of headlights off in the distance, in the direction of her start point -- she was uncertain how close the headlights came to her own car but it seemed as if the car had just come down the road from the shooting range over the hill. She crouched and eyed the vehicle as it quietly passed the area where her car was and rolled slowly off into the distance, heading towards the freeway. She breathed a sigh of relief and now realized once again that she was not out of the woods yet, so to speak. She still had the remaining two miles to go.

Part Two

The moon was nearer to the west and she figured it was about two a.m. as she regained her pace, heels clicking and crotch rope tormenting her as much as it pleasured her. Her crushed nipples screamed and begged for release from the clothespins and her ankles throbbed with each step. She reminded herself to include the ankle padlocks on the keyring next time. She stayed off the main road this time, braving the deeper sand and scratchy brush that reached up at her thighs and forced her to slow her pace to a mere tiptoe. She was still making good time, carefully working her legs as she walked to lessen the friction on her most private areas.

She remembered her first time; she had not used much beyond handcuffs and a pair of tennis shoes but with the light rain that started falling during her walk it was an exciting night. She fantasized that she had escaped from an evil master that was holding her captive in his underground dungeon. She had managed to escape but was naked and cuffed, determined to evade her captors who lurked in each shadow and behind every pair of headlights. She had ran, boobs bouncing and sweat glistening on her brow all the way back to her car once it was in sight, and she quickly unlocked the cuffs and fingered herself to a massive orgasm right there on the hood of the car. Her second time out was much the same way, but a little later at night and with the crotch rope. This time she was determined to make it last.

The wind cooled her skin as she neared her car, dimly lit in the moonlight and definitely a welcome sight. She treaded over the last few feet and suddenly felt the cold metal on her thighs and hips as she leaned on it as took a few deep breaths. Almost as if in slow motion she watched the figure on the opposite side of the car stir, then rise in utter amazement and surprise. She couldn't believe it herself for the fleeting seconds that passed in that moment but soon she realized the fact; there was someone trying to break into her car, and he was standing right there.

Her heart skipped several beats, and she knew then the ankle chain was a very bad idea. For long seconds they just stood there and stared at each other, not knowing what to say or do; she felt her heart in her throat and her legs did not share what her mind was screaming, Run! Run and hide! She knew in her mind that she was in deep trouble.

He made his move first, suddenly standing erect and creeping around the front of the car, closing the distance easily and without a sound. She turned as best she could and tried to run, but there was no way; she was stuck, helpless and in her haste she stumbled and fell on the rough ground. He caught up easily and his hands were on her; on her legs first, then her hips and shoulders, lifting her up and embracing her slender body to his rough exterior. He held her close, his hot breath in her face and his hands cupped her bottom, brushing against the keys latched there. His hand found them and he paused for a moment, a wide smile breaking across his unshaven face. He looked at her squarely in the eye, and muttered simply, "Wow..." she was shaking uncontrollably and tried to resist but his strong, wiry hands defeated her without much effort. He loosened the keyring from her cuff chain and held her tightly around the waist with one arm while he fumbled with the keyring in the other, finding the trunk key and sliding it into the lock.

With a swift motion he had it open and by the dim illumination coming from the courtesy light in the trunk she knew this was where she was going to be deposited. She fought; kicking him in the shins as best she could and screaming around the gag in her mouth but to no avail. If she could have formed words, what would she have said? Would she have begged him not to do this to her, to please let her go and that this was all just a big mistake? She felt his lean hands around her shins and in a moment she was off her feet and in his arms, then unceremoniously dropped her onto the same pile of clothes that she had been wearing not a few hours before and glanced around for a few seconds. She kicked her legs against the trunk panel and screamed, making as much noise as she thought might be heard, although at this point she knew the odds were against anyone being out here except for her abductor.

She was still crying around the gag as he finally found a pair of bungee cords that she kept in the trunk and used one to bind her legs, tightly, just above her ankles. After a moment of thought, he hooked the second one in her ankle chain, ran it through her crotch rope, under a strap of her harness and then back down again to the chain, effectively doubling her legs up and pulling her head back by the trainer in the most uncomfortable way. She strained against the cord but found that kicking was impossible now, her limited mobility even more hindered, and tears formed in her eyes. Making sure she was completely in the trunk he slammed the hatch closed on her and the courtesy light went out, leaving her in complete darkness. She was still in shock, disbelief -- how could this be happening? The engine roared to life a few seconds later and she smelled a faint odor of exhaust fumes build in the small space she occupied. The tears were really coming now, out of desperation, fear and frustration; she knew things would get much worse before they got better.

The car moved for what seemed like an hour; the clothespins had long since snapped off and her nipples were sore against the rough denim of her jeans, lying in a disorderly pile underneath her torso. Every bump or turn was agony for her aching feet, which had lost circulation from the tightly wound bungee cord and showered her legs with needles each time she allowed a bit of slack in her position by turning this way or that. The drafty trunk was unbearable, since the perspiration she had worked up during her struggle was now evaporating and chills went through her entire body. She could tell the car was slowing down, rolling over what felt like speed bumps, then came to an abrupt stop. The door opened and closed quickly and she heard his muffled footsteps on the pavement. She was crying softly and praying that he would open the trunk and untie the bungee cords, at least; if she could have talked, she would have promised him anything, anything at all to allow her to go home.

She heard voices, muffled at first then a bit louder and excited. She made out her abductor and another male, exchanging greetings and something she couldn't quite make out. She wished she had learned Spanish when she had the chance. She heard the key in the lock and a moment later the light came on. She tried to look out to see where they were stopped but the trainer kept her staring into one of the shock pillars in the trunk. The two men were mumbling quietly, hushed and secretive before one of them put his hand on her thigh and ran it up, slowly to the rope cutting into her crotch. The man laughed, and they began talking a bit louder now.

She grunted, trying to communicate; with each effort they seemed to snicker and laugh more, mocking her feeble attempts and the panties stuffing her mouth. She heard them open the zippers of her purse and empty the contents into the trunk, gathering up her wallet, credit cards and house keys and shaking them in front of her face. The first man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her, painfully, up to see his face; he was smiling. Then his features turned to a mocking frown. "I hope you no have any trouble breathing underwater, mi hita, cause you know your car is gonna go for a swim." With that, a wide grin returned to his face and he let go. She screamed as loudly as she could through the cruel gags as they withdrew and closed the trunk, taking away the lights once more.

The End


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