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A Night in the Salon


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Bondage as always a funny one for me. It was something I never spoke about or admitted I was into, being bound dressed in female clothing was always one of my top things to do when I was alone, how ever the opportunities that I got were rare.

When going through a dark patch in life I ended up speaking about my issues to a friend who was a mental health nurse and could understand and help out when I was feeling low. We spoke for about 3 hours on my situations before finally admitting my hidden hobby and expecting her to tell me I was a freak and that she never wanted to talk to me again. To my surprise she wasn't freaked out at all, instead she said she was fine with it, but would never tie me but if I ever needed help in anyway just to ask her.

I jokingly said, "What about just letting me out after a few hours?" She said she would be OK with that if that is what I needed. My mind went to easy and slept better that night.

A few weekends later I had an opportunity to act out what I wanted to do, so I contacted her and she replied with, "Yes, I can come round about 8 to let you out since I am going out at 9". The next few weeks I planned, everything I was going to do and what I was going to wear. The hardest part about it was deciding what I wanted to wear. I looked in my closet at the outfits I had, which were mainly all black. I decided to wear a pair of black tights with a  PVC mini skirt, PVC corset and black satin top. My choice of tools were going to be Zipties and duct tape which allowed for multi-purpose use.

The weeks pass and the Saturday came. I started the day by waking up at 8am and heading into town to pick up the items I needed to restrain myself. I had some lunch and headed around my friends house with my spare key so she could let herself in. She almost seemed excited about it as well as amused by making jokes about maybe she wouldn't come and leave me tied until the morning after, or she would bring her friends back to laugh at me. My mind and thoughts were racing wondering if she meant what she said.

I raced home and it was about 3pm which meant it would give me a good 4-5 hours restrained before my friend would be round to let me out, I started by getting dressed, pulling my tights up and wrapping my PVC skirt around me, then came the top and the corset which I made sure was tight. I looked at myself in the mirror and all the light reflecting off all the shiny material I was wearing, It was making me excited just thinking about it. I set to work in restraining myself.

I sat down on the floor in my front room and started attaching the zipties around my ankles and upper legs. I also made a loop for my own hands which allowed me just to pull and I was secure. I placed another loop around the one holding my ankles together and again through my wrist ties so I could pull myself into a hogtie position. I then took the duct tape and then started wrapping it around my head, securing my mouth so I couldn't make a sound. I then took 2 more strips and placed them over my eyes blocking all chance of seeing my surroundings. I then finished up by feeling around and placing my wrists through the loops and pulling zipties tight. I was secure and certainly stuck.

Time past and I rolled around the floor, pretending to myself I wasn't the one that did this too me and I had been kidnapped by an unknown female who had no plans on letting me go which made me excited. The tape over my eyes meant that I could not see the clock on the wall so I had to limit what movement after what felt like 3 hours in order not to have a massive erection when my friend came to release me.

A few hours later I head the key in the door, and my friend walked in, she giggled a bit when she found me in the front room saying how she should take some photos for black mail. I laughed but didn't know if she meant it or not. She knelt down beside me and pulled the tape off my eyes, as she was doing it she explained she had to be quick as she was going to a family party and her mother was in the car waiting. The light hit my eyes and I came back into focus and my friend was standing there looking stunning, she had a short red dress on and a set of killer heels, it was amazing, however I needed to contain myself in order not to freak her out. She turned away explaining how she was going to get some scissors to cut me loose but wait, she opened the door and her mother had followed her into the house to make sure everything was OK. She came through the door and I felt humiliated by the situation.

"Whats going on?" her mother asked. My friend explained the situation to her and luckily her mother was as easy going as she was.

Her mother wasn't an old mom, she was in her early 40s and dressed in a loose top and a pair of leather trousers which clung to her ass. They both went into the kitchen and I could hear a light murmur coming from the pair as well as some laughter, they then came back in with a pair of scissors. Her mother was a salon owner and many times I had dreamt about being kidnapped and left in the back room there. They knelt down next to me and explained how they were only going to release me so far as they decided I should be left like that until the following day. My mind was racing and I was excited, again I had to hide my excitement which was tougher than ever.

They cut my legs free and left the gag on and left my hand tied behind my back. They then took me out to her car which was on my drive way at the time. My drive was quite dark and secluded which allowed them to take me out the house without being seen by the neighbours. I walked up the drive being directed by them to the back of her mums car to which she popped the trunk and ordered me to get in. I did as she said and she dropped the lid shut.

I heard the lock in my door go as they were locking up my house and then the sound of the engine start. I was in total darkness ever so often seeing the red from her break lights lighting up the boot. The red light reflecting off the PVC started my mind racing. All I could think was "is this really happening?" After 10 minutes the car stopped and the engine noise ceased, the boot lid opened and I looked up to see my friend and her mother looking over me.

"We're here!" they said with smirks on their faces.

They helped me out of the trunk, looking around at my surroundings and found out I was in the back car park of the salon, it was dark and a private car park no chance of being spotted by any locals. My friend went around the front of the salon to open and gain access to the rear door. In the mean time I was left with her mother in the car park, she helped tidy me up and pulled my skirt back to where it should have been, rubbing the PVC and she said, "Mmmm this material feels great, maybe I should get some". I chuckled from behind my gag trying to control my urges.

The back door to the salon door opened and she grabbed my arm leading me into the back room of her place of work. "Now where shall we leave you?" the mother said, my friend suggested in the main salon area, my heart stopped, there's no way I could do that, I would be in clear view of the public and people could see me...

The mother then said, "Good idea but then again I don't fancy the police breaking my door down if he's spotted, how about this room". She led me into the massage room. In this room there was a bed, she cut my bonds and removed the tape from my mouth which stung as I had managed to trap my hair in it. "You have 5 minutes for a bathroom break and to grab a drink, then you're here for the night" said the mother. I said OK and went and sorted myself out.

I was so excited about the whole situation, at this point it still didn't feel real. I grabbed a small drink of water and did what I needed to do then it was time to go back in the room. I walked in and they were both standing there cup of tea in hand. "You actually suit that outfit" said my friend, with her mother nodding in agreement. "You should dress like it more often!" the mother said laughing, "right lets get you down for the night."

I walked over to the bed and got on it. They had brought the duct tape and cable ties up from the house, my friend took some cable ties and secured my ankles to the end of the bed, and again another around my thighs pushing my skirt up slightly to get them in position.

"Are you getting excited about this?" asked my friend, I shook my head and said no but my mind was saying yes, it was getting very hard to hide it.

I then had my arms pulled above my head by the mother who attached my wrists together then to a position on the bed. Once tied down I then felt the duct tape, my friend started wrapping it around me and the bed, over the cable ties to make it harder to escape, she added a wrap around my waist to ensuring that struggling would not be easy. I sat there admiring them while they tied me. "And what do you think you are looking at?" said my friend.

"I'll sort that out!" said the mother. She took the tape and started wrapping it again around my head ensuring that it was the perfect blindfold and that I could not see, all I could do was hear. "Are you comfy?" my friend asked, "Yes" I replied nodding my head. I then felt her mother grab my chin and place a strip of duck tape over it, then another and then a few more just to make sure I couldn't speak or scream for help as residents lived above the salon.

"Right, we are off to our party and we will see you in the morning" said my friend, I heard them walking away, heels tapping and the sound of the leather creaking as she walked then the flick of the light switch followed by the click of the lock. "At last" I thought to myself as the engine started and the car pulled away, I was able to let my mind run wild. I still couldn't believed what happened and that it was happening. I lay their in  my solitude pulling on my binds getting more and more excited by every move, I started to grow, the feeling of the tights holding it down felt great but I was going to have to stay frustrated all night, there was no way of sorting it out now.

It seemed like the night had passed and I started dropping off when then I head the click of the front door to the salon open. I panicked, had I been forgotten about and was this a staff member coming to clean the shop? The thought of being caught by a total stranger scared me to death but also excited me and the panic made me forget about the bulge that was pushing against the skirt. I heard the sound of heels and the creak of leather approaching the room, the mother had come back to check on me.

I heard the door open and the light switch on, "Oh my" she said, "you're enjoying this a bit too much aren't you?"

I lay there quiet only letting out a slight muffled grunt to let her know I was fine. I thought I had blown it and I was going to be released and asked to leave, however I heard her approach the bed.  "We cant leave you like this can we" she said, that's it I knew it was over, however her hand started rubbing the bulge, she explained how my friend had headed into town to party and she was coming back to check on me, however this wasn't what she expected.

"I love the feel of this material" she said, then she got up and walked away. I thought she was going for scissors but instead she walked back into the room. "I really can't leave you like this" she said as again she re-commenced rubbing. Next I heard the sound of a glass being put on the table next to me and she climbed onto the bed straddling me. "Do you want me to sort this out?" she asked me.

I had no idea what she meant but I nodded anyway, "fantastic" she said.

She sat herself down on top of me, pushing her leather clad buttocks in my face restricting my breathing. I grew bigger in excitement and she continued rubbing. Next I felt my skirt being pulled up and my tights down, I was fully exposed with her hands sorting me out as she pressed her trousers on my face. I started grunting about to hit climax and I felt the cold feeling of the corner of the glass touching my cock as it pumped cum into the glass. She climbed off, placed the glass on the table and covered me back up.

"Feel better?" she asked me, I nodded. "Great" she said, "now what am I going to do with this?" she asked picking up the glass full of my cum.

I lay there quite unsure what to make of this comment. "If you want to look like a whore you better start acting like one" she said pulling the tape away from my lips. "Drink!" she ordered pushing the glass to my lips and pouring the contents into my mouth. It was still warm and made me gag a little.

"Taste good? all whores love the taste of cum!" she said laughing.

She grabbed the role of tape then re-gagged me this time wrapping it around my head. The taste lingered in my mouth.

"I'm going home now, I will be back tomorrow to release you or will I?" she said as she walked out of the room turning off the light again. She locked up and drove off. Was she going to let me go? I didn't have a clue, all I could do was struggle.

To be continued!

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