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A Night or Two in the Spa

by Roger Williams

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© Copyright 2007 - Roger Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/f; chast; spandex; bond; cons; X

I was a bit tired of self-bondage and looked for ways to get others to secure me without necessarily knowing what they were involved in.  I got the idea from an ad in the paper for one of the "massage parlors" and decided to try an idea.  I had ascertained the cost - not cheap but if it worked, it would be worth the money - and prepared by putting on my cb-3000 chastity cage followed by a spandex unitard which was one size too big.  I put on a collar and locked it in the back with a small padlock which also attached to the unitard's zipper.

I then wrote a note explaining that my slave had been good for the first month of his service and was in line for a reward.  I enclosed the key for the collar, and directed them to lock the key onto the lock when they finished.  I left the other key and the key to my chastity cage at home.  I sealed the envelope, went over to the massage place, and put the car keys into the gas tank space.

There is a tag on the ring on the front of the collar proclaiming ownership, adding evidence of the slave / mistress relationship.

They laughed when they read the note but they did unlock the lock and unzipped me.  You can imagine how much more they laughed - - music to my ears! - - when the unitard dropped to the floor and they saw my chastity cage.

The massage went well and felt nice; of course I could not get hard, much as they teased me.  At the end of the hour, they zipped me up again and relocked the padlock with the hole of the key in the lock.  I went home and unlocked it all, and had a nice session of masturbation.

When I was out of town on vacation, I noticed a similar establishment and decided to take things a step further.  I called during the day and asked the price, and at night when there would be a new shift, I showed up.  Rather than have them unlock my zipper, this time I was wearing a pair of handcuffs, and in the note was the key and directing them to put them back on me after the session, but behind my back.  And then to hang the key onto the ring in the front of my collar.  (The collar was locked but not to the zipper. No sense having them need to do too much unlocking and locking.)

Again, they laughed as they read the note, and then one of the girls grabbed the chain between the cuffs and led me into a back room.  The cuffs were removed and she unzipped me, and like before, they laughed when they saw the chastity cage.  The group pulled on it to ascertain that it was, indeed, secure.  Then the others left for her to do her thing.  She did the massage, and after zipping me up, ordered me to put my hands behind my back.  I protested but to no avail, and with the help of the others, they locked me and sent me out the door.  I had parked in such a way that the gas compartment was not visible to them; I got the handcuff key and the car key and released myself before getting into the car on the passenger side.  I drove off with my left foot on the gas, as if there was another person driving the car.

Again, there was no relief for me with the chastity cage on, but I sure did try to get hard when the cuffs went on in back of me.  And I decided to try another farther-out scenario.  I considered legirons but that was a bit much.  I wondered about finding someone to actually bring me in, with me wearing a complete set of manacles, and she would release me and then leave the chains with them to put on when they finished. But I finally settled on a gag, along with the handcuffs.

The opportunity came while driving for a business trip; I always kept my "things" in the car, just in case.  This was out in the country and  I had spotted a place which gave me the impression they might be a bit farther out in their mindset, and decided to push the button a bit to see if this was true.  I checked into a nearby motel for the weekend, since I was going to a conference not far away, and this was a part of the country I had never visited. 

Before I put on the chastity cage, I added a ring through the holes in the front of it.  Then the rest of the outfit - - unitard, locked collar, and gag.  (I thought of a ball gag but settled on a "bit" gag since it was more comfortable.  Of course I really could talk with it in, but pretended that I could only make sounds.  The gag went on just before I got out of the car.)  I left the small padlock dangling in the tab and mentioned in the note that "I have left the gag unlocked for safety reasons.  He is not allowed to talk to anyone but me; if he tries to remove it, stop him and warn him once.  And if he tries a second time, feel free to lock it.  The key is on the ring with the handcuff and collar keys."

I must have been a sight to them when I walked in the door and handed them the note.  They apparently had no customers at the time and so once the next girl in line was chosen, the two others said they would help out, free of charge.  The selected one grabbed the chain of the handcuffs and took me downstairs into what turned out to be their "secure" room for massage.

The cuffs came off, the collar was unlocked, the unitard dropped to the floor, and they all stared and then laughed at my chastity cage.  They put me on the massage table and started in to work on my back and legs.  Then they turned me over and did my front, pausing at my crotch to check out how the chastity was secured and tugged on the ring.  I had done some muffled sounds and as I stood up, I reached to the back of my neck to undo the gag, knowing that they would stop me and warn me.  Which they did.

As I stood in front of them, one remarked about the ring, asking me if my mistress used it as a place for a leash.  I nodded my head NO, with the idea that they were more likely to use it this way than if I said yes.  One of them went into the next room and brought back a leash.  I garbled a protest and then reached for the gag to remove it.  Two of them grabbed my arms while the third reminded me of the warning, and locked the gag.  Then they decided that the leash on the ring was a better idea if my wrists were locked behind my back so I could give no resistance.  The handcuffs went on and so did the leash, and they led me around the room.  I got as hard as I could within the cage, and though I could not come to an orgasm, I did drip - - and they loved that.

Just then the door to upstairs opened and the receptionist told them that the next customers had arrived and that they had two minutes to finish with me.  They had me step into the unitard and pulled it up to my shoulders without putting my arms into the sleeves.  I then realized that I was in potential trouble but it was too late to stop them; the zipper went up and the lock was secured.  And after hanging the keys onto the front ring of the collar, I was sent out the back door.

I realized I was in trouble because my hands were INSIDE the unitard.  I knew I had to find something sharp to tear the fabric with and then I could get my fingers out and retrieve the keys.  I saw a man walking quickly up the front path and tried to call out to him; I didn't think that I needed to speak because it would be clear what my problem was.  He said that he was late and couldn't stop, but would be back in an hour. 

I thought that maybe the edge of a key was enough so I went over to the car and backed up to the gas compartment - - and the keys were gone!

"Don't turn around," said a stern female voice.  I heard her come closer and then something like a pillowcase went over my head.  "You seem to be in quite a fix.  But I can help you solve the problem if you take me up on my offer.  Now let's go over here where we can be alone in the trees."

I felt the back of my head covering being lifted and sensed that a leash was being snapped onto the ring on the back of the collar.  And then it was attached to something, probably a tree.

"Now that you are not going anywhere, here is my offer.  My slave is down with the flu and I have a party tonight that needs to be attended to.  So your choice is to go with me as my slave for the weekend, or just stay here as you are.  Of course to influence your choice a little more, I will take the keyring from your collar with me, along with the one you hid in your car.  How did I know?  I was out here taking a smoke and saw you hide the key and put on the handcuffs.  It was obvious that you had no mistress who did this to you.  Is that right?"

I nodded my head in agreement.  There wasn't much choice, was there.  She removed my gag so I could accept her offer, and then she left it out.  She said she would be right back, and when she did, I felt a set of legirons being put on my ankles.

"Riding in the car will not be comfortable with your wrists behind your back so I will unlock them and move them to the front.  You know better to try anything."

She unzipped the unitard and let it drop to my feet. She unlocked the handcuffs and relocked them in front. But now there was a twist; telling me that since there was an extra padlock, now that the gag was off, she had a perfect use for it.  She locked the handcuffs to the ring on the front of my chastity cage!  And then she lifted up and zipped the unitard.

"Where is the key for the chastity cage?"

I told her it was at the motel.  She replied that this was good, since I wasn't going to need my penis the entire weekend except to pee.

"Your eyes will remained covered until we get to where we are going."

With that, she led me to her car, put me in the seat, and fastened the seatbelt around my pinoined arms.

And off we went.



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