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Nikkei & Donna’s Slave

by deedee

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© Copyright 2009 - deedee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; caught; F/m; bond; blackmail; oral; mast; toys; cons/reluct; X

Hi there my name is DEE and I am a 34 year old male cd and I would like to tell you about something that happened to me not so long ago.

I was on nights and after a long hard shift I came home and thought that I would have some fun, first I went and had a shower, after that I locked on my CB 2000 cage and put the key for it next to the knife that I would need to cut the ropes after. I then put on my thigh boots, PVC mini skirt and corset which I laced as tight as I could. Next came the ankles which I tied but left enough rope to do a clinch knot for my wrists then on went the blindfold. I took a deep breath, placed my hands through the rope loops and pulled up the clinch. So there I was dressed as a slut, chastised and tied tight. Nikkei won’t be home till about 5 I thought to myself so I decided to relax and enjoy myself.

The next thing I remember was trying to open my eyes and not being able to, and then I remembered that I had a blindfold on. That when I heard the click of the front door. “Shit“ I thought to myself and rolled over to where I had left the knife, I felt around but it was not there. I rolled around some more trying not to make too much noise, then “It’s not there you know!”

I froze who was that and what did they mean.

“The knife you are looking for it is not there!”

How did this person know what I was looking for. I lay still trying to listen for another clue to who this person was. Footsteps came closer it sounded as if they had some type of heel on but I could not be sure, then the blindfold was taken off, it took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light again but when they did there in front of me was Donna, Nikkei’s best friend.

“Hi” I said, “fancy seeing you here!!” as Donna moved in front of me she was dressed in thigh high boots, leather mini skirt and top, in her hand was the knife and also the key to my cage.

“So what am I going to do with you?” she asked.

Hopefully I said “Untie me please”

“Not on your life“ Donna said, “I have plans for you slut!!!!  You see Nikkei asked me to meet her here so that we can get ready to go out for the night seeing that you are working, I came over earlier and let myself in with the spare key and found you, took the knife and key then left to get some things. Once I was outside I called Nikkei who told me all about what you two get up to and how you like all of this, she also told me that I could do what I wanted with you so guess what, you are going to be mine and Nikkei’s slave!!!!!”

This was everything that I wanted and feared but I was in no posion to do anything about it so I had to let it happen.

Donna then said that Nikkei had told her about our toy box to which she pulled out a leather hood. The next thing I know I was laced into the hood all light cut off and not able to talk.

“If you are ok nod two times” Donna said, so I nodded my head twice.

“Good “ she said, “ I have taken some pics of you and uploaded them to a web page that all I have to do is hit send and all your friends and work mates will know what you do in you spare time. All you have to do is be a good slave and it will remain our secret!!”

What choice did I have so I nodded twice again?

“Good “she said, “this is what we are going to do, you will be locked in your cage at all times either Nikkei or I will have the key but you will not know who has it. You will also be dressed as you are whenever you are home, is that under stood??”

I nodded again

“Good, you will not get any relief until you have made us cum first understand??”

Once again I nod

“Shall we begin?” she moves around and I get the smell of her sex and then I feel her weight on my face.

“Oh I forgot you can’t use your tongue can you, he he he...” with that she gets off and gives my face a slap.

I lay there for what seems a life time she came back and told me to stay still she lifted my head and put a strap around it

“There” she said, “ that better I can now have some fun.” She lowers herself onto the dildo gag and starts to hump fast and hard then all of a sudden she shudders and sits down hard on my face, I can’t breathe, struggling for breath I shake my head this only helps to give Donna a huge climax.

Just as I start to pass out she gets off me unlocks my cage and starts to wank me, it takes about 30 seconds and I explode in what was the best orgasm I have had. Once I have gone soft Donna locks the cage on and leaves the room. A couple on minutes later she returns removes the hood there standing besides her is Nikkei smiling

“So you have been a good slave, you have to make me cum and then you will be untied”.

She strips and sits on my face and I get to work with my tongue, a couple of minutes later she explodes in climax and flops beside me giving me a kiss.

Donna reappears holding the knife and undoes the rope, “Remember what I said,” and with that she leaves.

Nikkei turns to me and says, “So you are going to be my slave then?”

“Yes mistress” I reply.

“Good” she said as she left for a shower.

So that is it, I hope you liked this little story and yes I am still serving two very lovely mistresses and I am still locked.

That was nearly 3 weeks ago


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