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Nikki’s Incarceration

by Edriaf

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© Copyright 2010 - Edriaf - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; hood; cell; electro; toys; stuck; online; webcam; torment; bdsm; F/f; cons/reluct; XX

Nikki worked frantically at the combination lock, turning the dial and trying it, then turning it again, trying again, and repeating the process over and over again. Frustrated, and distracted she grunted through the gag filling her mouth in frustration as she heard the whir behind her and looked in distress as the keys she desperately needed for release were pulled under the bars of the cell that contained her and well out of her reach pulled by a string. She was well and truly stuck and, as she had planned, completely at the mercy of complete strangers. It would not be long now and she knew it. She would pay for being so stupid. 

The story begins almost six months before. Nikki enjoyed bondage, and well sex in general. Having her parents die a year or two prior, Nikki had inherited a large enough sum from their insurance policy to see to it she would never have to work, so at twenty two years of age she was as independant as she could be. Nikki had known she was kinked from a very young age, but most of that time had been lonely. She desperately wanted someone to take control of her, but it wasn't like she could walk up to someone and say "Would you mind terribly tying me up?" so she had played with self bondage. She was beginning to think that this time she had definitely bitten off more than she could chew. 

Nikki lived in a small unassuming house in the country with a big piece of land. Lots of privacy, which she had taken advantage of on a few occasions to indulge her self bondage habits. She had had the cell in which she was imprisoned right now installed by a local welder about six months ago, with exactly the activity she had in mind right now. It was extremely solid, and without the lock undone quite inescapeable. At the moment however getting out of the cell was a secondary challenge. 

She had decided since she had so much difficulty finding someone to dominate her she would have a little fun, and if someone joined in, great, if not, she was in for a long haul of self imposed bondage. A month to be exact. 30 days self imposed sentance.Of her own design. 

She glanced at the monitor and saw, as she had expected, outlook express showing send recieve. Her situation had just gotten somewhat more difficult. 

The cell in which she was imprisoned was about eight feet by ten, cement on three walls and then the bars accross the front. At the moment it was a little cluttered with stuff. Specially chosen by herself. Outside the cell some ten feet away was a desk on which stood a computer, that now controlled her fate.

A little explanation is in order. Nikki stood in one corner of the cell, her wrists in handcuffs that were locked by a combination 3 digit lock to her collar, the same lock attached a chain to her collar that was attached to a ring embedded in the corner of her cell into the solid concrete wall. She knew from experience that it took about an hour to try all the combinations on the lock. That was if your hands were free, and you had no distractions, which was not the case for Nikki.

On her nipples were a pair of clover clamps, with light springs attached to the chain and a heavy weight on the end of the spring, meaning every time she moved the springs tossed the weight around pulling on the weight. Also locked around her waist was a belt that also went between her legs. Embedded in her pussy was a dildo, and it was thrusting inside of her at the same time it vibrated, and also attached to her pussy near her clit were the electrodes of a tens unit, set to a mode where it oscillated between weak and strong impulse to give sort of a wave effect. Both were at the moment giving her considerable distraction while working the numbers on the lock. Additionally in her ass she had fitted an inflateable ass plug, which had an enema hose hanging from it. 

The key that had just been pulled out of the cell was to open the lock on the cell door. There was a second one in a safe bolted to the floor. The safe was on a timer. It opened 30 days from now, meaning she was locked in the cell for the duration of that time. Unless someone pushed a button on her web site, which she was betting no-one would do. 

The dildo in her pussy, and the tens unit, thankfully stopped, allowing her to now work the numbers on the lock. There was no point in fustrating her further at this point, she was stuck and there was nothing she could do about it, at least until the lock opened. The timer that controlled the motor had been set for thirty minutes after she started her adventure, which meant she had about a fifty percent chance of getting free before the timer ran out and pulled the keys away out of her reach, all things being equal, which of course they hadn't. She had managed to work her way through about 400 of the 999 possible combinations before the keys had pulled out of reach, better than she had thought she would do at any rate.

She was just unlocking the lock when she felt a sudden jolt that made her jump out of her skin almost, and she knew someone had found her website. Not surprising since her email client had sent a message announcing it's existance about five minutes prior, her situation, and explained how to torture and frustrate her. That was what had been sent out by her email to one of the more popular bondage newsgroups. At this very moment someone was on her site fiddling with the controls that controlled her. Another Zap shook her and she gasped air in through the inflateable gag and, now at least partially mobile ran to a white board and frantically scribbled "Please stop that!" and showed it towards a camera placed outside the cell. She looked at the monitor in the front corner of the Cell and the chat room that was on it, and "Sorry was just seeing if this was for real" was scribbled accross it.

The Zap had come from an electronic dog control module attached to the heavy rubber of the same harness that kept the tens unit, ass plug and dildo inside her, and had a probe on each side of her clit. The harness was locked on and the key for it was inside one of four lock boxes on one wall of the cell. The lock box was opened by a relay which was controlled by a gizmo she had on her pc, with 15 connections. The device was meant to control items around your home, like coffee makers, blinds, thermostats etc but instead she had rigged it to control her. In effect, she had made herself a remote controlled slave to the visitors of her website, with a few little twists. 

First, release from the cell. The Safe that held the keys to the cell was on remote control. Her computer was timed to open it automatically in 30 days. The only other way of opening it was by entering a code on her web site. In order to enter the code one had to have it to enter, Nikki knew it but her only way of giving that information was by writing it on the whiteboard and displaying it to the camera. There was second code too, that one controlled the second circuit on the device attached to the parallel port on her computer. That relay activated the second button on the remote for the dog shocker, that being the emergency button. It shocked at the collars highest setting repetitively for about 30 seconds. Nikki had tried it once and had been in pain writhing on the floor when it ended, and vowed never to do so again. 

Then there was a series of other buttons on her website. These were all labelled as to what they did and anyone could push them, with or without a code. Her website had a chat room and a camera which showed her in her locked up state. The buttons controlled the remote for the dildo, the tens unit, a hoist both up and down, the opening of the four lockboxes, two remote controlled padlocks, and a few other odds and ends such as the lights in the cell. There was no window, and no clock, and no way to measure the time. 

Nikki reached with her hands towards the nipple clamps she had worn for the last 45 minutes or so. Instantly she felt another jolt from the dog collar through her clit. She looked at the screen and there were now eight or nine people in the chat room. The last thing she saw on the screen was "Leave them on bitch ! Until we tell you can take them off!" 

Nikki wrote frantically on the board "Please can I take them off? They hurt terribly" and showed this to the room. 

One of the other chat members wrote "You wanted this. It says so right here. It's not what you want it's what we want. I vote she leves them on for now." 

Nikki sighed, but not wanting another jolt she obeyed and left them on. 

"Take your mask off" came another chat member. Nikki quickly wrote a response. 

"I can't, it's locked on" 

"Where are the keys?" 

"Outside the Cell" She scribbled. 

"So we can't see your face?" 

"No" she scribbled. 


Oh god she gasped, this one having caught her off guard, she nearly fell over. Yup she had definitely bitten off more than she could chew. 

"That's for hiding anything from us slut" came another member of the room. 

"Please don't, that really hurts" she wrote on the board. 

"I think she needs to be punished for hiding her face" came the same chatter. "A spanking perhaps?" 

The other chatters soon agreed with her. 

"It says here she has a paddle. She should paddle herself. " 

Nikki had put a list of the toys she had available in the cell on the website, even with pictures. 

"Fetch the paddle" 

"Please no" she scribbled, and immediately she was jolted by a zap from the shocker. She dropped the board and fetched the paddle from the shelf containing most of the toys. 

"Spank yourself 20 times!" came a command form the same chatter. 

"I can't, I'm handcuffed" she wrote. " 

"Where are the keys?" 

"In Box number one" she wrote. A moment later the door to box 1 opened, and she got the key and removed the handcuffs, rubbing her wrists a bit 

"Enough stalling slave paddle now!" 

Nikki bent over a chair and paddled her ass, slowly getting used to it. She felt a Jolt from the shocker, and turned towards the monitor. 

"That's not nearly hard enough slave, begin again, as hard as you can" 

Nikki sighed, and picked up the paddle again, and slammed it hard into her ass, first one cheek then another. She repeated this 20 times, and by the end of it she was crying behind the latex hood. She stood up and showed her now reddened ass to the camera. 

There were comments of appreciation in the room, and Nikki blushed a little behind the hood. The paddling had put her in the mood. It was then she felt the dildo come to life and thrust inside of her. 

"A little reward for a good view" came the comment from one chatter.

"Suspension cuffs and spreader bar slave" Came one comment. 

Nikki went and returned the paddle and came back with a pair of wrist suspension cuffs and a spreader bar. She wrapped the cuffs tightly around her wrists and applied the spreader bar sitting on the floor. As she was doing so she saw the cable for the hoist descending from the ceiling. She attached it to the cuffs and it began to rise, pulling her along with it. She let it pull her, and it continured to climb until she was a few inches off the ground. Her feet dangled in the spreader. She hoped they didn't leave her hanging too long it was awfully hard on her shoulders. A few minuted later she descended, apparently someone in the chat room had taken pity on her talking about safety and had lowered the hoist. 

And so on went the day, with various people commanding her to various things and causing her pain in various ways. She was getting exhausted near the end of it. The names changed but more people came to see her little freak show to replace the ones that left. Very few remained constant, though a couple idled and watched for a few hours. She chatted with them explaining that yes this was for real, no she really could not get out and the buttons on the web site really did what she said. She was quite exhausted when finally there remained just one name, one of the first ones that had idled. She decided they weren't there and went to lie on the bunk and try and get some sleep. She felt a jolt from her crotch and went back to the board. 

"Going to bed so soon?" 

"What time is it?" she wrote on the board. 

"You mean you don't know?" 

Nikki shook her hooded head and wrote " No I don't have a clock" 

"I see." 

Nikki noticed the person didn't say the time though. 

"Had enough?" 

"Yes" She scribbled. 

"You beginning to regret this?" 

"a little. It's fun though. " Nikki scribbled on the whiteboard. 

"I'm off to bed, enjoy your incarceration" Wrote the chatter and left. Nikki trundled off to the bunk and laid down. She had been asleep about fifteen minutes when she felt the dildo spring to life, and looked at the monitor long enough to see someone log off the chat, but since there was no way to tell who once they were gone she could not tell who. It wriggled and thrusted inside her. Nikki tried to get some rest, but the intruder kept her awake for some hours until the batteries finally wore out, and by then Nikki had come several times and was sore. It moved slowly in the last hour, just enough to keep her horny and frustrated. 

She finally fell asleep after it had stopped, and just a few minutes later she felt another Zap. A couple of people were in the room. She went through more spankings, and clamps, and such for another hour until they got bored and left. This happened several times while she tried to sleep, and she was tired and groggy by the next morning ( she assumed) when several more chatters had arrived to torment her. 

She tried to wash up as best she could in the cell's combination sink and toilet, and gave herself her first enema through the hose in the buttplug. She had decided right away this was something she disliked, but until someone opened box 4 which held the key for the harness she had little choice in the matter. She decided that today she would try and convince someone to open that box. The gag too was annoying and she hoped she got a chance to remove it soon. In the meantime she fed herself from a bag of ground up oatmeal, sugar, pork, rice, spinach and a few other things that had a tube attached to it that fit into the gag. This was her food for the next 30 days, and it came out in a thick paste that she was able to feed into the tube into he gag. She was glad she couldn't taste it, it was disgusting, but edible, and deliberately so. This was her food for the next thirty days. She had a hard time swallowing but managed about half the bag eventually, and washed it down with some water from another bag. Ew Ew Ew she thought as she felt the gritty substance slide down her throat. Even with the gag some of it got in her mouth and the flavour was foul, and worst, it stayed there. 

By now several of the chatters had jolted here. One was complaining that the dildo didn't work, until she explained that the batteries were dead. She was made to replace them by opening the harness, and had begged the person to let her take out the plug, which they had refused. She heard the lock click back with a sigh and secured the harness key back in the box. Of course they played with the dildo for a few minutes, stopped, then began again, and stopped, going on for some hours until she was fit to be tied. Nikki noticed the same person from the night before was back in the channel, and again eerily quiet. Nikki herself was tired and more than a bit grumpy as she was made to paddle herself, and she ended up wearing clamps most of the day which irritated her. This was becoming no fun anymore. Then Nikki realized that the only person again in the room was the person from the night before. She also noticed something odd, they had an @ symbol in front of their name. And there was a series of kick messages where everyone else in the room had been kicked out by them. 

"What's going on?" Nikki wrote. 

"Nothing to concern yourself with slave. Fetch one of the electronic locks and some chain, also the handcuffs and some nipple clamps."

"How did you get ops? That's not supposed to happen" Nikki wrote.

"Never mind how. Do as you are told now." 

Nikki fetch the items. 

"Chain yourself to the bed. Put the nipple clamps and cuff your hands behind your back" 

Nikki again did as she was told. The chain meant that she couldn't reach the board to write, also she could not get up until the lock was released. She put the clamps on her already sore nipples and grimaced as she did so. Then she clipped her hands behind her back." 

"I now control everything. You now belong to me. I've hacked into your PC and from now on it's just me who controls things. I'm very upset you did something so stupid as this, and I intend to punish you severely for it. From now on you'll do whatever I say. I hope those clamps hurt because they are going to be there for a while. Good night" 

Nikki screamed into the gag futilely as the person logged off. 

For some hours Nikki lay on the bed awake, unable to sleep. She was exhausted though from the night before not getting any sleep and eventually she did, though she woke many times from the pain in her nipples. Finally unable to sleep longer she stared at the screen, but no names appeared. She wriggled her tits trying to dislodge the clamps but they were on good and tight and were going nowhere. She sighed and waited. And waited. She had no choice in the matter. After a while her nipples went numb. Then an idea struck her and she thought maybe I can get them off by rubbing them against the bedframe. She tried this for a few seconds only when a massive ZAP jolted her. It repeated again and again, and she knew the code for the emergency function had been activated. She was gasping and sobbing behind the mask, and had nearly hung herself with the chain when it stopped. Weakly she got back onto the bunk still crying behind the thick latex hood. She glanced at the chat. 

"I'll let you know when they can come off. Try again and you will be more severely punished" was written in the channel, then the person had logged off. Nikki thought about this. This meant they were watching, even though no name was in channel. The only way to do this she thought was to be on her PC. It just didn't make sense. 

Nikki tried to lay down and think, but there was just nothing she could do. If someone was in control of her PC she was well and truly fucked. And not in a good way. Everything was on there, her bank records, the controls to her site ( and to her) everything. It also meant that the failsafe she had put in place for herself, that she could get out in 30 days no matter what, was also compromised. She literally was a prisoner. There was no getting out unless she was let out. This was more than a little disconcerting, but at the same time she was turned on by the idea. It was what she wanted wasn't it? To be controlled by someone else? But who were they? What would they do to her? Would they let her go? 

Nikki laid down and tried to sleep. She wasn't successful. The clamps hurt terribly. She wondered how long they had been on. Then a thought occurred to her, that whoever it was was likely watching right now, after all they had been before. She was in terrible pain from the clamps, maybe if she could get their attention they would take pity on her. 

She shuffled to a kneeling position on the bunk and put her head down in a sign of submission. When that didn't work after a few minutes she shook her tits to make it known what was bothering her, but there still was no response. She pulled against the collar and chain, hard but it stayed firm. She couldn't stand up so she turned and made motions with her hands like her finger in a " Come here" motion but again no response. She kept these kind of things up for an hour or so she thought, then eventually gave up, and wept on the bunk's pillow. 

It was hours later, when the electronic lock that kept her chained to the bed suddenly sprung open. Nikki unattached it and went to the white board and writing frantically wrote "Please can I have the clamps off?" but there was no one in the chat room and no reply. Then box 1 popped open and she hurried to remove the handcuffs. She yelped as the blood flow returned as the clamps were taken off. 

Nikki sat there for a minute or two, as free as she had been in hours. She looked in the chat room. She wrote on the board "Thank you". With no response she saw to other needs, using the enema once again, eating some of the gruel and some water. She used a washcloth to wash herself, being careful of her still painful nipples. Just as she was finishing, door 4 popped open. She took off the harness then wondered. She didn't know what she was supposed to take out. She went to the whiteboard and wrote "Can I take the plug and dildo out?" 

The guest nick logged on, just long enough to say "Only long enough to wash yourself. Then everything goes back on. Clamps, cuffs, collar, everything." 

"Please no I can't take that" she hurriedly wrote but they had logged off as quickly as they had logged on. She uninflated the fat plug and it came out with a pop. Nikki washed every part of her privates. Her clit was sore from the zaps she had gotten but she was otherwise unscathed. She used a bit of lube to replace the butt plug, groaning as it went in, she had hoped for some relief from this monster. The dildo, though small, was more than enough as it to slide back home inside her pussy. She reinflated the plug and tucked the fill valve back in it's little pocket inside the harness, inacessible unless the harness was removed. She then relocked the harness. She glanced up at the screen and noticed the name was in the room. 

"I've changed my mind. After you put on the clamps, put the suspension cuffs and spreader bar on. Then stand by the hoist and attach it when it is dropped. Also I want you blindfolded." 

Nikki grabbed the required items. She yelped behind the gag as the clover clamps fastened onto her nipples. She thought of refusing, but with the harness back on and no way to remove it she was at the whim of the shocker unit. She thought to herself that for a few moments, other than the gag and hood she had been home free. It had never occurred to her to refuse. She slipped the clamps on last, the cuffs already were on and immediately the hoist began to lower. She snapped the hoods latex blindfold into the attached snaps for the purpose and then clipped the hoist's clip to the cuffs. It began to rise, and continued until she was nearly but not quite off the ground, she could still get some leverage with her tiptoes to take the strain off but not much. Then she waited, unable to do anything about the clamps, or her position, or even see the screen for the chat room. 

Nikki wasn't sure how long she hung there, but it was a couple hours at least with no activity. Her nipples were nearly on fire. Once the Tens unit came to life and the dildo at the same time. They were both it seemed set on low, and meant to frustrate her, but it wasn't long before that and her imagination had her panting like a dog in heat. Then she heard something. She wasn't sure, but it SOUNDED like footsteps above her which meant someone was in the house. She writhed in her restraints and screamd behind the gag, hoping to get the attention of whoever it was. She tried this for ten minutes or so with no response. Perhaps she thought she had been mistaken but she had been so sure. She conitued to hang there like a good little slave until her Master or Mistress saw fit to release her. 

Then she heard a noice again, there was no mistaking it now there was definitely someone in the house. The door to her bedroom which creaked whenever it was opened was just opened. She screamed and thrashed again but nobody came. The wind she thought? No the windows were all cosed and shehad no pets. Why didn't they come? 

She heard the door opening to the basement where the cell was a few minutes later and footfalls. The distict click click of heels on cement. Nikki tried to speak but the gag kept all but a few grunts. She heard the keys picked up and then the lock to the cell door opened. Nikki struggled but she was well and truly trussed up and only succeeded in losing her footing putting tighter weight on her arms. They walked around her a few times, the click click click of heels on concrete, as if they were appraising her like a side of beef. There was a tug on the nipple clamps and Nikki moaned behind the gag. She wished she could see them, but couldn't do anything about that. Then she heard a swish through the air and felt her buttock on fire as something thing struck her sharply accross the buttocks. She writhed in the chains as several more strokes fell on her cheeks and left her sobbing behind the gag. Then apparently bored with that they picked up a paddle and paddled her ass cheeks until they were on fire. Nikki hung in the cuffs no longer able to hold her weight on her tiptoes. Then she felt the gag being deflated and removed. 

"Who are you" she managed to mutter. 

A Distictively female voice responded. "I think we'll keep that a secret for now." Then she felt the clamp removed from her left nipple and lips form a suction, drawing the blood fast into the nipple. Nikki screamed out and it was repeated on the second nipple. Hands grasped her head and she was kissed fully on the mouth, a warm tongue exploring inside. then a chair was pulled in front of her. 

"I believe it says on your site you are bi-curious. I think we'll find out just how curious." 

Handcuffs were fastened on her wrists, and something clipped to her collar, a leash she asumed, and then she was slowly lowered. She felt a tug on the leash and she was pulled on her hands and knees to the floor between whomever this was legs. 

"Time for you to lick slave. Maybe if you do a good job I'll allow you a bath you dirty little slut." 

And a good job she did do.


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