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Nineteen Days Too Long

by Lady Katherine

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© Copyright 2007 - Lady Katherine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chast; latex; leather; chains; toys; cons; X

Nineteen days locked in a chastity belt is too long. Yet sometimes I wish I could make it last just a little more. Today I decided that I'd had enough and retreived the key from where I had hidden it at work. I've been tormenting myself with latex and bondage since I first locked myself in. My libido has never been higher. Besides, my time of the month is coming and I didn't want to be locked in during that again.

As soon as I got home I took it off and showered. I couldn't even make it out of the shower without masturbating. I did it again after drying off. That's ok, now I'd be able to last longer before the next one. I had been planning this for more than a week, even making dry runs and testing things to get it right.

All my key prep had been done over the weekend and all my things were laid out in the spare bedroom upstairs, so all I had to do was prepare myself. First, I sliped my feet into my latex catsuit, the one with attached feet and gloves, and pulled it up just to my knees. Then the PVC body-suit, the one that fits very tight and the zipper locks, again just up to my knees. Next was the leather catsuit. I am hooked on the leather over latex thing I think.

Now I had to make a concession to safety. I wanted badly to lock the ballet boots on, but I knew that walking in them is not possible. Instead I laced up the Oxfords with four inch heels and wrapped the ankles with black tape.

Early last week I had been shopping in an adult store. What I found was something that I had read about in a couple of internet stories. An inflatable cock. My curiosity got the better of me and I bought it. In fact, I had been planning this whole scene around it. Since I had been locked in the chastity, I hadn't played with it. I lubed it up, it's long, but it's quite thick even uninflated. The cool slimy lube felt very nice going inside me, I think I have a new friend. The little pump thing is like the one on a blood pressure cuff. I taped the release screw over with black tape and ran the tube between my legs and let it hang for now.

For my ass I had a medium sized plug ready. I slipped it in carefully and the taped it and the dildo in place with silver duct tape. I had shaved myself bare earlier, but it will still be murder to take off. The way the tape pulls and tugs when you move is erotic all by itself, and I really enjoy it sometimes. Now it felt even better holding both of the plugs in place. With more tape I secured the pump between my ass cheeks. It wasn't stuffed up in me, but kinda stuck out a bit.

The latex catsuit is back zippered and as I said has attached gloves. Getting it pulled up and zipped is a time consuming process involving a bootlace to pull up the zipper and a lot of squirming about. The plus side of this is the smooth front, and the small orgasm I managed while cussing the zipper.

The PVC bodysuit was custom made to fit me, very tightly. The zipper starts at my neck in back and ends at my tummy in front. This is usually more of an ordeal than the latex, but I actually got it zipped easily this time, possibly because of the latex under it. Where the zipper ends is a small ring that I slipped a padlock through and clicked shut. Now, even if I stopped there I had to wait to get free or cut it off me. More on why later.

Before I pulled the leather cat up I slipped a latex hood on over my head. It had nose and eye holes only. I had wanted to be gagged but again safety won out, this was getting hard enough already. Then I slid opera length kidskin gloves up my arms. They are snug and smooth, and very nice. They also make locks and zippers extra hard. Remember, I also had rubber gloves on under them.

After pulling the leather cat up and zipping it, this one zips easily in front, I laced on a leather corset. The corset is boned and I can pull it tight enough to slip small locks into the laces on the top and bottom. I also locked a three inch leather belt on over my waist and a two inch leather collar on my neck. Now there was no way out of the leather catsuit, or anything under it either. I couldn't bend down enough to unlace the boots, nor could I get the gloves out from under the sleeves.

By this time I had been getting ready for over an hour and a half. There are alot of rest breaks and adjustment times that I have left out of the story. If you have any experience with latex then you know what I am talking about. Besides, I had to stop and enjoy myself a couple of times too.

Usually this would be quite enough for me to have lots of fun getting out of. On many occasions I add a bit of bondage too, sometimes quite a bit. This time I had other plans and I had taken the time to prepare for them.

Last thursday and friday I made trips to two different hardware stores. The second trip was necessary because as I said, I tested everything, and I wanted it just so.

I've always had chains around for locking cuffs together. I have several pieces in various lengths. But, as I said, this time was to be special.

I had measured and pieced together what I needed and had the man at the store busy cutting many sections of 3/8 inch chain for me. I told him I was making a windchime, lol.

Hopefully I can describe what I did with it all. First, a chain wrapped around my chest under my breasts and crosses between then up the inside of each breast, and back down the outside. These are held up by a piece going over my neck. This sort of makes a chain bra.All connections are made with padlocks. From the bottom of that two pieces go between my legs, fastened to a third piece going up between my cheeks and to the back of the bra. Connecting all those together is another piece over my belt, locked to each chain that it crosses. Another section is wrapped over my hips and again, locked to each of the three crotch chains. Lastly I locked a piece to the waist chain for each arm to slip through later, these would hold my arms to my sides.The result is a body hugging cage made of chain and fifteen master padlocks, all with different keys! It weighs a ton.

I didn't cheat and leave it loose either. I had been chatting with a guy that loves his chains and promised that I'd pull each one very tight before locking it. I could feel the chain digging in even through PVC and leather.

The last thing I did wasput leather cuffs on my wrists and lock them to the waist chain in front.

Now would begin an afternoon and evening like none I've had in quite a long time.

That pump between my ass cheeks was a special touch. Everytime I sat down on it it would pump up the dildo a bit more. What I didn't know or plan on was that my clothing was tight enough to squeeze the bulb just bending and maybe even as I walked. As this was my first time with one of them inside my pussy, I didn't really know what would happen. I guess I had been bending enough to inflate the thing ever since I zipped up the catsuit or something, because I began to feel it swelling very soon after locking my wrists. I carefully sat down at the computer and felt the bulb squish as I felt the dildo swell a little more. My intentions were to begin this story, but I decided then that I had better be getting started towards my release.

This is the part that always makes me wet when I plan it out. My keys were all right beside me on the desk. One for the wrist cuffs (locks keyed alike), the ring of keys for the chains, and the ring of keys for the rest of the clothing locks. All of them locked away securely in a nice little metal box that I have for just that reason. The box itself chained to the desk leg so I can't take it with me. The key for the box though,was locked in the trunk of the car. The car key was in the basement, chained to a post. The key for the post was locked in a cupboard in the garage. The cupboard key was in the front room, chained to the couch. The couch key was locked inside the garage. The garage key locked in the bedroom to the bed. The bed key on a stake in the backyard, and it was still daylight on Halloween. I had dry-run this part Saturday, and was sure of each key's location. I even went so far as to map it out on paper.

Each step had me feeling some pressure in my crotch. I began to wonder what would happen if the dildo got over inflated. Would it pop before I did? Before it got dark enough to attempt the first key I had to pee. This became secondary as the ordeal went on to the swelling torment inside my pussy. I'm sure that my insides will hurt for days now, and I must have bruised something. I only do these scenes once in awhile though, and now I have the memory to keep me excited and wanting more for some time. It actually began to really hurt on my second trip outside. I had to sit down a few times to rest, but walking caused enough pressure, especially going up or down stairs.

There will be a next time.

Lady Katherine.


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