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No More Sunbathing

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; rope; gag; nipple; toys; insert; outdoors; tease; torment; stuck; cons/reluct; X

Well the so called summer in the UK was nearing its end, I wandered out of bed and staggered into the shower, now this was an epic task as I had my leg in plaster, I had managed to fracture a bone in my foot, so having a shower standing on one leg and trying to hold the other leg out of the way of the spray was quite a epic in itself but one manages. Afterwards I staggered downstairs, low and behold what was that bright light in the sky? Yes the sun was shinning and we had beat the men from Oz this week at cricket so things were on the up and up, mind you the sun shining in this country was a strange event which only seems to take place once in a millennium or so. I get the unopened sun tan lotion I bought a couple of years ago, a couple of towels, dumped my bath robe and head out into the garden. 

I must explain that I have a rather long garden, the far end offers a private sunbathing area so anyone coming into the rear garden would not see me as they made their way to the back of the house. So now begins a perfect start to the day, being in a kinky mood and having just read my e-mails also reading some mail from friends including a great picture of a giant penis from a fellow cyber lover, I had decided to experiment on tying myself up in a bit of self bondage as well as sun bathing at the same time. I fitted the gag and a intermittent vibrator, as it slid in it started its first session God it felt good! I sealed the hairless entrance with a strip of duct tape as I have had the disappointment of it slipping out before and was not going to let it happen again.

I now tied a cord around each ankle, then bent my legs backward and tying the remainder of the cord around the upper leg taking care with my plastered leg, both heels were now up against my bum. A pair of cruel nipple clamps were applied gently, why I put them on I do not know as after a few minutes I regret it as they always start to hurt more than you remembered the time before! Now a pair of hand cuffs, the key left just inside the back door of the house on the floor where I would have no trouble reaching when I had released my legs. I had really pulled the knots tight on the legs as I decided to make this session a struggle to remember…

Then the horror of horrors happened, four builders arrived to renew the weather boards and gutters on the back of the house I had completely forgot about it. I had just about finished securing myself as they arrived, thinking to myself when they are on top of their ladders they will more than likely be able to see me down here. I now decided in my wisdom to get to the far end of the garden, I crawled and rolled to the far end and dragged myself into a patch of long grass and a pile of rubbish to try to hide my nude body.

After about three hours I realised there was no way I could undo the knots and the ropes were hurting like hell as I lay there plus the sun was beating down, I looked at an old box in front of me and a rat popped out, now I hate rats, I also did not want to attract the builders to rescue me, I seemed lost between the embarrassment of being rescued by the builders and the terror of being eaten alive by the rat as I had read these stories about people being eaten by rats, but this obnoxious rat seemed not to give a hoot about me lying there starkers and bound, but thank goodness this one did not seem all that hungry! By now I could feel all the carnivorous insects in my garden moving around my body and that dammed vibrator kept clicking on but it was not doing much for me. 

I tried frantically to release the ropes from my legs but all to no avail, by now my legs were getting a little numb to say the least, the rat came and went about its business, I was glad I had a vibrator in me and my love tunnel taped up or he may have decided to explore the female form, the thought did not bare thinking about. Lunchtime came I was convinced in my tiny mind that they would go somewhere for lunch but no the builders stretched out on my lawn to have their lunch, less than thirty feet from me. I thought of what might happen if they discovered me, One they would all die laughing or Two they might think me as their desert and rape me or Three they might just shake their heads and say something like poor girl leave her there she is enjoying herself. 

I thought of all the writers I had upset in my stories and wished they would come and rescue me, even Rob <robovar> who had the most evil plans for my body after the way I treated him in my last story, if only he could turn up now as my knight in shinning armour, he could do as he liked with me if just got me out. But no all my cyber friends were ignoring me this time I was on my own.

At one stage a builder came down the garden to within a few feet, I was sure he had spotted me as he stood there, he then undid his fly, I was convinced this was it I was going to be raped but no he pee’d into the bushes then went back to work. The afternoon was passing by, my legs were absolutely killing me and the clamps on my nipples I was sure they were amputating both nips, they had passed through the pain barrier they sort of ached a sort of dull fatal ache as if they had reached the end of their tether and the ends seemed to have turned a dark blue.

By now I wished one of the builders would discover me, I had now decided if one came down again I would try to attract his attention as by now I was past caring, I seemed to have got myself jammed in a bit of a hollow and could hardly move. 

I could hear the builders moving about they had now started to put all their gear into the van, the next second I could hear it driving away, I struggled as best as I could but I seemed to have lost the use of my legs. I had moved about ten feet towards the house to retrieve the key to release the cuff's when I looked up to see Sue walking down the garden.

She walked up to were I lay, looked down at me saying, "I should have thought as much, here you are enjoying yourself playing with your bondage gear and I am out working all day".

At that she sat in my deck chair eating an ice cream, I mumbled at her through my gag that by now was tearing my mouth apart, “Mmmmmmmm, Mmmmmm!!!”

She glanced over at me, "It’s no use mumbling at me I am not going to give you any of my ice cream, go and get your own you lazy lump and while you are at it you had better put some sun tan oil on your bum, those two cheeks look like an over ripe tomato. I have told you before that too much sun is not good for you! After all you have been enjoying yourself while I have been working all day".

At that she put her feet up, put on her sun glasses and lay back in my deck chair. 

I did not believe a fellow female could be so hard and uncaring, after the disastrous day that I’d had. Perhaps she has more male hormones in her than I first thought, then I always thought she was a bitch. 



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