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No Release until Dark

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2012 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; naked; cuffs; gag; stuck; caught; M/f; cartrunk; hogtie; cons; X

Author’s Note - As with most of my stories this is mostly true. Obviously I have taken some license as I was only the boyfriend in this encounter and had to rely on her telling and my imagination to write it. Enjoy.

My idea was simple, I love being bound. I love being bound for long periods and feeling helpless. My boyfriend is very good at providing this but there is always a safe word, there is always that feeling, even though I know I won’t use it, that I can get out whenever I want.

So we came up with a plan. We had found this cave a long time ago and used it to play many times. It is quite well hidden from view and deep should I need to hide in the darkness. It is also very small. In the entrance I am able to kneel without stooping too much but as I go deeper I have to lie down and I can barely roll over within it’s confines.

The valley between it and my car however is not hidden, it is very well used by dog walkers and joggers in the mornings and evenings and families during the day. With what we had in mind this was perfect.

Under cover of darkness I was to walk to the cave, once there I was to strip completely and using some scissors that I brought with me cut up whatever clothing I had worn into useless strips, I was also to do this to the paper bag that I had carried everything in. Once this was done my actual bondage was quite simple, a pair of metal ankle cuffs with an 18 inch chain between them, ordinary metal handcuffs and a ball gag with a padlock. The keys to these items were in the glove box of my car, the keys to my car hidden in a magnetic box under the front wheel arch.

Once immobilised I would have to remain until it was dark again in the evening, naked, bound and well and truly trapped in my cold and dirty prison. Once dark I could cross the valley back to my car, release myself and go home. Until then there was no way out.

So far, all had gone well. The only slight problem was the yelp I had to stifle when, as I stepped from my car, my bare foot found a sharp stone. Thinking that if I was going to destroy what I was wearing I had only put on an oversized t-shirt. The things I will put myself through for pleasure.

I spent the day sitting in the sun, My hands cuffed behind me, my legs together and gagged (a girl can’t feel truly helpless without something filling her mouth) watching the world go by and fantasizing. Occasionally I would have to scuttle deep into the cold darkness at the back of the cave to avoid being seen but I think that was mostly me being paranoid instead of any real risk.

Anyway, by the time darkness came I was incredibly horny (and also quite filthy). My jaw ached from the ball, my shoulders ached from the cuffs holding my arms behind me and my pussy ached for some attention.

I watched darkness fall and then listened as noises diminished. I have no idea of time but it was probably a good hour or so after darkness before I felt safe enough to set off. I crept from the cave, listening hard for any sound so I could run back bet there was nothing. After a day of being cooped up it was nice to stretch out as I walked. The cool grass tickling my feet as I took the short steps required by my ankle cuffs.

Despite being chained there is still a certain freedom in walking naked, it is exhilarating. I get part of the feeling being barefoot and do it as often as I can but being a naked moon goddess or wood nymph can’t be beat.

I crossed the soft soil at the bottom of the valley, this area doesn’t get sun much thanks to the trees and the soil was close to being mud, it feel sublime as it crept between my toes and it was a shame to start my climb away up the hill.

Just before I crested the hill I heard a car start and saw headlights beacon out above me. I dropped to lie face down in the grass while I waited for silence to return, trembling at how close I could have been to being seen. It took a while for my heart to return to normal and allow my ears to hear anything but blood pounding through them.

I rolled my way onto my feet and crept up to the car park, ready to drop to the floor again. When I saw the car park I dropped to my knees in despair. The car that had just left was my own.

* * *

I had been watching all day, how could I not watch my gorgeous girlfriend naked and bound? It was me who moved her car and I had only gone just out of sight with it. I left her sobbing for a couple of minutes before I crept up behind her. She screamed into her gag as a I put a blindfold over her eyes before picking her up over my shoulder and carrying her to her car. I opened the boot, dropped her in and used a padlock to hog tie her.

Then I took her home.


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