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The North Pole

by Phoebe

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© Copyright 2008 - Phoebe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; harness; cuffs; pole; display; stuck; toys; cons; X

Finally, the holiday rush showed signs of slowing down. The crowd seems thinner and would soon heed Donna’s announcement, “thank you for shopping at Zak’s Third Avenue Department Store, the store will be closing in ten minutes.”

Donna sighs and looks at her watch for the thousandth time wondering why oh why do these people have to put off their shopping until midnight of December 22nd.

She is the young assistant store manager and as such it’s her fate to clear the store of shopping stragglers before locking up. Walking through the departments, she smiles back at the relieved faces on her fellow workers happy to be going home at last. Walking with an air of excitement now Donna peeks into the store’s four window displays, saving a very special one for last.

This display is called “The North Pole” and the theme is all centered on a shiny brass pole rising up from what are supposed to be icebergs. Three mannequins dressed in the latest eveningwear pose serenely, ignoring their icy peril. The backdrop is more ice in the form of snowflakes and icicles hanging down, and at the icy edge, elves dressed in green and red stare up in supposed awe at this stylishly posed tableau of haute couture.

Peering out to see that the gates at either end of the mall are closed, Donna dims the lights in the window display and carefully steps inside. This scene will be replaced in a few days but for now, the North Pole is all hers.

Stepping onto the styrofoam like icebergs causes them to crack and shift a little but she has already tested this when the display first went up and decided that her self-bondage adventure would have to wait before she chanced ruining the display.

Shivering with excitement, she approaches the brass pole and imagines again what it will feel like inside of her. Will it feel cold? It would have to, the small room housing the display wasn’t directly heated and that thought alone begins to warm her up inside.

Carefully stepping closer, Donna is thinking herself smart in guessing that flats would help in not cracking through the styrofoam, like a spike heel pump would. She now takes a good close look at the fantastic pole. Shiny brass about an inch-and-a-half, maybe more around and topped with a little larger brass cap. Siding up to the pole she feels the styrofoam shift and settle seemingly for good. She makes little jumping motions around the pole and everything seems to stay put.

The only problem now is that the pole looks to be about navel high! Oh No! This wouldn’t do at all. Not unless she plans to do some interesting stretching inside her uterus, she wouldn’t be riding this pole tonight!

Donna thinks furiously because tonight will be the only time to set-up her scene. Everything is already arranged and ready. She has her ice cube with the leather cuff key safely tucked away in the break room fridge, and her bag with red leather cuffs and all her other toys are just waiting in her office.

She tries picking up a piece of styrofoam from another part of the display only to find it all glued in place! Cursing her rotten luck at not being taller, she decides to lock the store while she thinks of an idea…yes! Platform shoes! That would do it! Practically running to the shoe department, she remembers a pair of Mary Jane style platform pumps that must be at least five inches high. Finding them in her size in the stockroom, she eagerly steps in and straps them on. A perfect fit!

Well, now only if they come in red or green… she thought. Damn, no luck, so black patent it is!

Walking quickly as she dares in them, she goes back and steps upon the styrofoam base leading to the North Pole. The platform shoes have a wide heel and though there’s some minor settling, she now is looking down on the pole being at about half of the distance between her navel and her eager pussy. Grasping the pole and giving it a firm tug lets her know through another tingly shiver that it isn’t going to move at all.

Donna steps into her little office, closes the door and quickly strips naked. Opening a gym bag she looks excitedly at all of her lovely bondage things bought just for this adventure. First on is a red leather body harness that she custom ordered by actually daring to drive to the big city and be measured for it! The harness goes all the way up to her neck with a wide locking collar and then criss-crosses down with one-inch straps snugly around her breasts and waist to finally anchor, with two little straps, one on each side of her shaved pussy. Earlier these two straps put outside pressure on her lips when she played with a dildo and the thought of fucking the brass pole this way almost sends a little orgasm coursing through her.

Next on is her red ballgag harness and then the red leather cuffs. Under her chin and over her blonde head, the head harness locks on with an arousing “click” as do the thick leather cuffs. She looks forlornly at the nipple clamps waiting for their turn. These are rubber coated spring clamps and each has a little jingly bell to keep her company. Knowing well of their bite, she decides to put the nipple clamps on later…

A festive green elf hat placed stylishly over her ballgag harness, and she’s out of the office and now holding onto a string attached to the lock for her cuffs that is securely frozen into an ice cube.

Stepping carefully onto the display, Donna crunches down once again on the hard styrofoam only this time it seems to hold firm! Heart beating she hangs her ice cube on a nearby snowflake that’s centered almost above the North Pole. Stepping right next to the brass pole she notices that the foam base here is somewhat conical and slopes away from the poles center but that if she holds her legs together she, with the use of her hand, can gently ease herself upon the shiny brass knob.

The dim lighting in the display room is just right and should someone climb over the security gates at either end of the building she feels confident that her little adventure will go entirely unnoticed.

Sliding onto the shaft and feeling the head of it bury deeply inside her is just heaven! The body harness straps do their job and made the shaft seem tighter on her pussy lips than it would normally have been. Sliding up and down only a few inches along its smoothness, and feeling the head of it occasionally bump up against her cervix sends tingles and electricity buzzing all through her as if this pole could be a lightning rod!

The patent leather platforms having slick leather soles, tend to slide away and down the little slope, causing her to impale her pussy just a little bit deeper than earlier when it made her tingle all over. She has to “walk” her feet back up the little plastic-like styrofoam hill and begin the process of happily fucking the pole all over.

Breathing hard now and finding it almost impossible to contain a rapidly building orgasm, she takes a long cleansing breath and quickly fastens on the nipple clamps!

Ow! Ow! Owww! She mouths into the ballgag. Shaking her breasts only makes their little clamped on bells play a merry tune. She thought they might over time work loose with perspiration, but the room is now rather cold and so she resigns herself to spending the next few hours alone with their painfully created music.

The nipple clamps have taken the edge off her building orgasm, and she quickly reaches behind her back to lock the cuffs together. She only has to thread the little padlock through the steel attachment points on the red leather cuffs…


Ohh yeah! Moaning and sliding up and down the pole brings on the first wave of a roaring orgasm! Knees buckling, Donna feels the brass knob bury itself deeper. While it isn’t painful, it does cause her to pause and begin the process of walking her platform shoes back up the plastic pole hill where she begins instantly riding up and down on the pole, feeling the first few orgasms slowly build and explode inside her!

This pausing to readjust though is an unexpected disappointment, having to constantly be interrupted mid orgasm by her feet sliding away from her. It also seems to be happening more often, and then only having to work harder to bring her feet together to the top of the foam hill again.
Yet an hour flies by before she even thinks to glance up at the slowly dripping ice cube. She was happy at first that the cube was really more the size of two regular ice cubes in size, but now with constantly having to hold in her feet in order to fuck the pole, she wishes that the melting ice cube would show more than just a little progress…

Another orgasm starts and then is cut too short by her shoes sliding quickly to the bottom of the plastic hill. This time she begins to get muscle cramps on her inner thighs from working the shoes back up and thinks to just relax and endure the impalement of the pole, now buried so deep inside her.

Just a brief little flicker of what might be felt as panic joins in with the happy feelings of the last hour. Resting, but now in growing awareness of just how tired her legs really are, Donna thinks to practice steady breathing and ignore the rhythmic tinkling of those damn nipple clamp bells…

With her feet spread out and the brass head of the pole pushing uncomfortably against her cervix, she realizes there isn’t much that can be done until the slowly melting ice cube delivers the key into one of her waiting and cuffed hands.

When her legs feel better, she once again works the platform pumps up the little hill, but her inner thighs are really screaming as if she spent the whole day doing leg exercises with attached weights! Struggling and starting to moan a little in her tight ballgag, Donna finally works her legs against either side of the brass pole. Now if she can only lean back, or forward enough to get this damn thing out of her pussy she would be free!
“MMMMMH!” she needs one of her hands to act as a guide like she did when she first took in the pole!

Fucking the pole slower this time she tries to keep her balance as her pussy rides rhythmically up and down, until her building orgasm causes her to twitch and shiver sending her feet sliding down the now slippery and smooth plastic hill, she groans again as the thrill of humping the pole ends abruptly and now rather painfully!

Yanking spastically against the leather cuffs only brings the hovering panic in her to full flight. Tears begin forming in her eyes and the thought of being found like this is almost too much to realize. Trying to do steady breathing along with the damn tinkling and painful nipple clamps is hard enough without worrying insanely about the image of her when the mall gates will be opened and the morning shoppers begin to see something very controversial in the Zak’s North Pole window display.

Here she will be, seen by everyone in town, Donna the cute Assistant Manager of Zak’s, all bound up in a red leather body harness, locked red leather cuffs and a red leather head harness with a big ballgag to scream into while her poor nipples are clamped and belled! All this though secondary to the sight of her fucking and now permanently impaled by the shiny brass pole going up to who knows how far!

“MMMMMMMHHH!” No, she shrieked into the ballgag! This cannot be happening! Still struggling with the leather cuffs, she tries rocking to and fro only to be met with more pain than when she just relaxes and lets her shoes splay out and allow the pole rest deeply inside her.

Closing her eyes Donna almost misses the feeling of the wet key string hit her in the center of her back! Reaching out and quickly finding the hanging key, she opens the connecting lock and then immediately brings her hands up, and without too much hesitation bravely unclips the nipple clamps! Shrieking painfully into the ballgag as the blood returns with a vengeance she pauses for a moment and readies herself to slide the shoes up the little styrofoam hill!

Working quickly, for her thighs are just burning with pain, she manages to get them positioned where she thinks they were when she first mounted the pole. Reaching down to her very wet pussy she attempts to slide her thumb under and act like a sort of shoehorn and leverage herself off the now despised brass pole.

But it isn’t working! “Oh Shit! OOH Shit! This can’t be happening!”

She is almost there but somehow what so easily slid onto the pole is now not so easy to slide off! Her thighs begin to quiver from holding them in for so long and all that she can do is to let her shoes slide back to their positions at either side of the pole, and once again endure the mixed sensation of taking in the pole until it hurts.

Another hour passes and her tears finally began to transform into a sort of grim determination to bear this misadventure out to its probable and most humiliating end. Staring out the display window she can see herself reflected in all of her bound glory but she also finally takes notice of all those pretty snowflakes positioned above her head…

Looking up a thought runs through her that it might be possible to lift herself off the pole using these very snowflakes!

She gathers in as many of the hanging snowflakes as she can and sees that they’re attached to the ceiling with a fishing-line type thread. Using both hands, she gently gathers them in and begins to slowly pull herself up!

Donna panics as the cardboard snowflakes in her hands feel as if they’re beginning to slowly rip free of their lines! Her only hope might be lost!
She gives an upward kick with her drawn in feet and manages to briefly straddle the pole just as she also pulls up with her arms! A moment of sharp pain as the pole knob pinches against the leather harness straps, but off the North Pole she comes!

Falling back in a heap upon the styrofoam, she yelps triumphantly into the ballgag as tears of relief sweep across her face. Laying there gently groaning while both massaging her inner thigh muscles and also fingering her sore pussy, she briefly wonders what would ever become of the North Pole after the display is taken down… Hmmm.




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