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The Nosey Babysitter

by Torquemaster

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Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; chain; gag; caught; M/f; bond; rope; toys; cons/reluct; X

It was finally Saturday night and Craig and his lovely wife Sue were anxiously looking forward to going out on the town. Since Sue had started her new job things had been rough for the young couple. Just eight months ago they had been blessed with their first child. Little Dale was the perfect little baby and fortunately for the newly wed couple usually slept thru the night. Craig worked nights so he took care of little Dale during the day and Sue shared the chores at night. Unfortunately their jobs also meant that the couple had little time for themselves which was especially trying since the young couple had enjoyed a very active and "kinky" sex life before the baby.

Tonight was going to be special. Since it was Saturday they both had the day off. They could sleep in Sunday morning, and Craig had prepared something "Special" for the night. Craig had just finished putting the baby to sleep when there came a knock at the door.

"Hi Mr. C!" cried out the baby sitter as she came prancing into the living room thru the open door. To say that Zoe was a bit of a wild child was quite an understatement. She had come highly recommended from good friends and the young couple had met her once but as Craig stood there checking out this bubbling package of enthusiasm he was beginning to have his doubts. At just 19 Zoe had the body of a stripper and the movements of a $1000 / hr hooker. The sheer white blouse and denim mini skirt she wore did little to hide the 38C-28-37inch curves that were poured into them. He was beginning to get lost in the fantasy of what she would look like wrapped up in the "Special Surprise" he had waiting for Sue later that evening when he was awakened by Sue honking the horn on the car downstairs.

"Your wife seems anxious to go," said Zoe. Yea, yea it’s been along time since we had any...... His thoughts trailed off to another fantasy. Only to be awakened again, this time by Zoë’s shrill voice. "Everything ok Mr. C?" she asked.

"Yea, yea, everything is ok. Little Dale is asleep. He shouldn’t be any trouble. He is a sound sleeper. We are going to a show. We will be back around midnight. All the emergency numbers are on the refrigerator. Any questions?" he asked.

"Nope, have fun," replied Zoe. With that Craig turned and left thru the open door, still looking somewhat bewildered.

Zoe soon settled down to a very boring evening. She checked on the baby, "Mr. C was right that kid sleeps like a log," she said to herself leaving his room. She sat down and flipped thru the TV channels finding nothing that interested her. So she decided to do some exploring around the apartment. Pretty standard stuff she found. Craig was a photographer so she checked out his studio and equipment. Boring stuff she thought. The last room she checked out was Craig and Sue’s bedroom. All appeared to be pretty tame. She looked in the closets. She found some very pretty and exotic lingerie. That was not to be unexpected. Mrs. C was a very attractive woman. She stopped as she was about to leave the room. It was as if a strange force was drawing her to the dresser. There appeared to be nothing unusual there. Then her eye caught it. There was something shiny there that was just not right. Her minds eye must have taken notice of it when her eyes had swept the room before. As she moved closer her hand reached out for it. There alone on the dresser top was a strange key. It had no key ring and nothing to mark it. She held it up. It was not like any key she had seen before. Long and thin, like a tube with only one protruding notch on the end. She looked at it with a puzzled expression not understanding what it was for.

Another strange force was drawing her to open the dresser drawer. No, this was not any supernatural force this was just plain old curiosity, driven by boredom. Boldly she opened the drawer. Everything looked normal. It was just men’s underwear and papers, no not papers, magazines. No not just magazines, but bondage magazines. Slowly she pulled one out, turning the pages and gasping at the erotic pictures of women in ropes, chains, and leather. She stood there and took in everything. She was hypnotized by the images before her. Never had she seen anything so erotic, so stimulating and yes, it was turning her on too. She went thru 3 magazines and soon began to realize these pictures and the fantasies they were conjuring up inside of her were starting to have an effect on her. Zoe was feeling hot and she wiped the sweat from her forehead. She suddenly felt faint and fell back into the bed. As she did a clattering sound came from the bed. She turned and felt the top of the bedspread. There was something under there. It was something hard, something metal. She stood up and with one motion pulled back the bedspread to reveal the surprise Craig had planned for Sue later that evening when they returned. But it was more than a surprise for Zoe. She suddenly felt like she was Goldie Locks and she had just found papa bears treasure.

What lay out before her on the bed was a virtual treasure chest of bondage gear. All carefully lid out in the order that Craig had intended to use it. That order was the first thing Zoe destroyed. Like Black Jack the pirate she scooped up all the gear and let it fall on the bed like a waterfall of treasure. She picked up several pieces and began to examine them. She picked the magazine up off of the floor and laid it out on the bed examining each piece and comparing it to the pictures in the magazine to see how they were used. Suddenly an idea began forming in her head. This was not going to be such a boring evening after all.

The magazine was actually very helpful and it didn’t take long before Zoe had all the items laid out on the bed in the order she planned to use them. The first item she picked up was the neck cuff. She had not found a picture in the magazine of this but it didn’t take a masters degree in mechanical engineering to figure out it locked on the neck. She used the key from the dresser to test the lock to make sure she could open it. She also tried it on the handcuffs before returning it to the dresser along with the other keys she had discovered on the bed. Then she went to work locking herself into glorious bondage. She cautiously looped the neck cuff around her slender throat. She pressed the jaws into the lock. Click. She was startled by how loud the lock was. Click, click, click, she closed the jaw tighter testing its hold on her neck. Then the final few clicks until she was pleased with the tightness. She then played with the chin for a while, pulling against her neck. "What’s all this weird scary stuff about bondage," she said aloud. "This is fun."

After exploring her feelings about that first tentative experiment in being restrained she quickly moved to the other parts of her bondage like a professional mechanic assembling a carburetor. She took the end of the neck chain and padlocked it to the foot of the bed near the dresser. Making sure she could still reach the key on top of it. This was her escape plan. Next came the handcuffs on her ankles, followed by the ballgag. This was very disturbing to her. She saw it in the pictures and understood its relevance but after putting it in mouth she made an awful expression on her face. "Ewk, this tastes awful. Why would people want to do this?" she said aloud.

Always wanting to be the adventurous type she pushed the ballgag into her mouth and buckled the strap, loosely because she didn’t expect it would stay in there very long. The last item was the handcuffs. These were different than those in the picture. They were hinged and took little a more work to get into, but Zoe was determined to have the adventure of her life so she worked and twisted her arms and wrists until the cuffs were securely locked. Then she lay down on the bed and starting exploring her new world. As she laid on the bed and rolled over and over, testing the power of her restraints and slowly becoming aware of her helplessness and vulnerability, another swelling of emotions was beginning to build up deep inside of her. As she struggled in her bonds, testing their power she soon began to experience real helplessness, real vulnerability and those emotions excited her. Her nipples grew hard and begged to be touched. She realized her pussy was wet and demanded attention also but bound as she was she could not reach either of them.

Zoe continued to roll about and struggle on the bed engulfed in the strange new glow of emotions she was enjoying until a noise startled her. 'What was that?' she thought 'Was it the baby? No it came from the living room. Was there a burglar in the house?' Suddenly she began to panic. She had to get to the keys. She rolled to the edge of the bed and swung her feet to the floor. With her ankles hobbled she could only hop to the dresser, but as she got there and tried to reach up with her hands to retrieve the keys she discovered that with her hands cuffed behind her she could not reach high enough to touch them. Then she heard the last voice she expected and the one she most dread hearing.

"Hello," Craig cried out from the living room, "the movie was sold out so we are home early. Sue is waiting downstairs to take you home."

Zoe looked frantically around the room for a place to hide. She tried to walk around the bed and hide but as the chain played out the neck cuff gave her a sharp snap back. She tried tugging on it but she had attached it much too securely. It didn’t matter for at that moment Craig walked into the room and his jaw dropped open, astonished at what he had just discovered. The two stood facing each other for what seemed like an eternity. Neither knowing what to say, nor Zoe being able to speak with the ballgag in her mouth.

"What the hell is going on here," demanded Craig. His eyes scanned the room and caught the dresser drawer open. He walked over to it and scanned the magazines she had pulled from inside. "So that’s it", he said, "you were planning on robbing me." Zoe’s eyes grew wide with fear when she heard his accusation. "I’m going to call the police," Craig said.

Upon hearing that Zoe let out a muffled scream and began shaking her head violently. No, No, No, she tried in vain to say but the big ballgag blocked any hope she had of convincing Craig she was not a thief. Craig saw the fear in the young girl’s eyes and soon an idea began forming in his head.

"I should have known better than to hire you," Craig continued. "I'm lucky we came home early, you were obviously planning on robbing us blind weren’t you? How much did you figure you would take us for eh? What were you going to do with our son, sell him to the gypsies?" Craig caught himself there. 'Oops', he thought to himself. 'I may be pouring it on a little too thick'. He had since figured all this out and realized that he didn’t have a robber here but just a pretty young girl who’s curiosity had gotten the best of her but he had her where he wanted her now and intended to take advantage of his leverage.

Zoe in the meantime was becoming more and more frightened by the prospect of going to jail for what had only been a lapse of judgment in letting her curiosity run wild. She began to thrash about trying to break free of her bonds. She tugged harder and harder on the neck chain and began moaning louder than ever into her gag. The line of drool from her filled mouth began to puddle on the floor from the intensity of her struggles. But she had done an excellent job of chaining herself up and there would be no escape without Craig’s help. So after a few minutes of intense struggling Craig decided to set the hook in his young captive and see if she would swallow the bait.

First he left the room for a few minutes. Zoe then stopped for a moment upon hearing 2 voices coming from the other room. Zoe calmed down and let her breathing settle so she could better concentrate on those voices but she could not make them out. Soon Craig re-entered the room and stood over his willing captive.

"I have decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself," he said. Zoe looked up and tilted her head giving him the impression that he had her attention now. "My wife wants to call the police and have you arrested for robbery and child endangerment but I have convinced her to give you a chance to prove your honesty," he said. This was met with an enthusiastic nod of appreciation from Zoe. Craig continued, "As you can tell from the equipment in the other room I am a professional photographer. As you may also have guessed I have an interest in bondage. I take pictures and video of young girls like you in various forms of bondage and post the images on my website. If you consent to being my willing bondage subject and have your picture taken I will agree to let you go and will not press charges."

Zoe stayed motionless for a moment and then pointed her chin up and tried to speak "uummmggghh uuummmggghh," she tried to say. Craig seemed to understand and knelt down and removed her ballgag. The gag came out with a "Pop" and was followed by a river of drool. After flexing her jaw for a moment she spoke, "You’ve got it all wrong, I wasn’t g....ughmmmm," Craig shut her off in mid sentence by putting the big ballgag back in her open mouth.

"Save it for the police honey", Craig responded as he tightly buckled the ballgag much tighter than the helpless young girl had put it on before, "you only get one chance and all I want to hear from you is Yes, or No. Which will it be?" A much more subdued Zoe slowly nodded her head in agreement this time. "That’s a good girl," said Craig. "Now I will go get the studio ready for you."

Craig returned a few minutes later. "Sue is taking Little Dale out for a while so we won’t be disturbed," he said. "Besides you would not want her to be the one to tie you up, she is still pissed as Hell at you."

He then set about his work. He unlocked the neck chain from the bedpost and removed Zoe’s ankle cuffs. Then he got the trembling young girl to her feet. She stood there for a moment staring at him, still a little wobbly on her legs like a frightened newborn deer. She expected him to release the rest of her bonds but instead she got a sharp tug at the neck chain and she soon found herself being led down the hallway to the next room.

Once in the studio Zoe found herself flanked with cameras and lighting gear. Everywhere she looked on the floor she saw all kinds of bondage contraptions she had never known existed. Craig wasted no time taking out a padlock and locking her neck chain to another chain which was dangling high from the ceiling. He then went around behind her and fastened a padlock on the ballgag locking it on her. He then released her from her handcuffs. Zoë’s hands went immediately to the ballgag but no amount of tugging would unbuckle it or find enough slack for her to remove it from her mouth.

"Stop wasting time and Strip," commended Craig. Looking up at the chain leash going up to the ceiling Zoe realized the helplessness of her situation and began to strip. She first unbuttoned and took off her white blouse revealing her full bosoms blossoming over the tops of her sheer pushup bra. One look at Craig and she knew he was not satisfied with that so she continued; reaching behind herself and releasing the bra and letting it fall to the floor. Instinctively her hands went to cover her nipples already hard from the cool air but Craig pointed to the short skirt so she reluctantly began that process. Craig stopped her after her skirt fell to the floor to admire her long, smooth, tanned legs which shined in the camera floodlights reflecting off of her sheer pantyhose.

Like a skilled craftsman Craig went to his work. He re-cuffed her hands behind her back with the hinged cuffs. Then he added elbow cuffs and thumb cuffs. Zoe was surprised by the total loss of mobility this bondage left her. She tried in vain to twist her arms to either side but soon learned that struggling was useless. Next he fashioned a crotch rope. Zoe watched in fascination while he applied this to her waist. Her eyes nearly popped out when he pulled it tight and cinched it off at just under her belly button.

Her eyes grew even wider when he began wrapping more rope around her chest and crisscrossing the strands over and under her breasts making a breast harness. When he cinched the last knot tightening the harness her breasts stood out like huge balloons engorged by the blood trapped in them. Zoë’s eyes rolled up in her head.

Zoe figured this madman should be about done by now. After all what else could he tie up? It was then that he approached her with a clothespin. Craig looked down at her nipples. Zoe could not take her eyes off of the menacing looking device. She knew very well where it was intended to go and she could not imagine what this thing would feel like placed on her nipple.

Then Craig surprised her. Instead of placing the clamp on her nipple he looked her in the eye and said. "This is to make sure you behave," and then tossed the clamp across the room.

Then he reached up and unlocked the chain leash from the ceiling. He then gently helped her to the floor. He laid her on her side and went over to a pile of rope on the floor nearby. After gathering what seemed like an obscene amount of rope he returned and began tying her ankles, knees and then thighs together. Once they were finished he pulled her ankles up and pressed them tightly into her thighs while he lashed the ankle ropes to the back of her crotch rope. When he released his pressure on her legs she tried to straighten them out but this pulled he crotch rope very deeply into her and the pressure forced a long moan out from behind the ballgag.

Craig then disappeared and Zoe thought he was finally done. When he returned he had a remote controlled vibrator in his hands. He knelt down beside her and placed it under the crotch rope where it would do the most good /or cause the most suffering depending on your point of view. He then rolled his tightly bound package over onto her stomach. The effect of the pressure on her engorged tits and on the vibrator pressing her crotch was intense. Zoe screwed her eyes shut and tried to block out the pain.

Zoe was a tough girl and had a strong pain tolerance. She was also very stubborn. She was not going to let this situation get the best of her. Her strong will and concentration would get her thru it. That was until Craig hit the Power On button on the vibrator remote. Instantly her eyes sprang open and a shrill like scream came sputtering out from behind the ballgag. "AAAAAAAaaaeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEKKKKKaa", she screamed in defiance. But there was no release or relief from this situation. In seconds beads of sweat began forming on her forehead and started streaming down her nose. Her breathing picked up and she could feel her heartbeat in her ears. She looked up to see Craig slowly walking in front of her. He stopped inches from her face and knelt before her. His hand reached out to wipe a bead of sweat from her forehead. Her body leapt at his touch. He looked down at his captive. They stared into each others eyes. She tried to communicate a thousand things to him in that gaze but knew it was useless. She belonged to him for the moment and he could do whatever he wanted. She had consented to that.

From his shirt pocket he pulled 2 clothespins and placed them on the floor inches from her nose. "Later, when you are ready," he said with a smile. "For now I am going to go down the street and meet Sue and Little Dale and have some ice cream, maybe we will bring you some," he said.

With that he rose up, turned and walked out of the room. Seconds later Zoe heard the apartment door close and the lock click.

Her eyes focused on the two clothespins on the floor, inches before her. It would be a long, long night.

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