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Not What I Expected

by Bill

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© Copyright 2006 - Bill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FF/m; bond; cons; X

My wife was out of town for a month tending to her sick mother, and I was needing "relief," more than my self-bondage would give me.  (She knows nothing about my dark side!)

I picked up a copy of a local free guide to "adult entertainment" and noticed a coupon for half-price at a massage parlor, which also mentioned domination in the ad.  I drove over there to check the place out  and it looked perfect - - isolated with lots of trees.

First, I wrote a note:

"My slave has won the right to have a massage, but he must be reminded that he is my slave.  The keys to his manacles are in this envelope.  When you finish with him, please lock him up again and hang the keys from the ring on the front of his collar.  To add to his frustration, put his hands behind his back before applying the handcuffs.  Then send him out to me; I will be waiting in the car."

I decided that after midnight was a good slow time at the place so I waiting until then before going.  I walked over to a nearby bush and secreted a handcuff key in a branch that I could easily reach, and then did the same with another.  (They couldn't be much out of the way of a direct path from the door to the car, in case they were watching.)

Then I put the collar around my neck and locked it. (To make things a little more convincing, I had a slave-owned-by tag dangling from the front ring.  Then the leg irons and handcuffs, in front.  I put the notice and the coupon and the money into an envelope, along with the keys, and sealed it.

I walked in and handed the note to the person at the desk.  She read it and laughed and then handed it to one of the girls, who took me into a back room where there were two others.  I did pick a slack time!  They unlocked my manacles and took off my clothes, but then they quickly put my arms behind my back and locked on the handcuffs!

Most massage parlors will bring you to the point of relief and make sure one hand is free for the massagee to do the rest.  But not me; they did a two-girl massage that got me almost hard, and then they stopped.  And after I had gone down, they started again.  I was so close to relief but could not do a thing about it.  One more up-and-down and they stopped, and I was still begging them to continue.

They locked the leg irons on me and then hung the keys from the collar ring.  My shirt was pulled over my head and onto my body, over my arms.  And what about my pants, now that my leg irons were already on?  They tied them around my waist, at least covering my crotch!  And then sent me out to meet my mistress in the car.

I retrieved both handcuff keys and unlocked my arms in the car, sitting on the passenger side in case they might be watching.  Then I undid the leg irons, reached my left leg over the hump in the center, and drove off.

As soon as I got out of sight, still in a wooded area, I got out of the car and masturbated for less than 30 seconds until I had an orgasm, then put on my pants and got into the driver's side of the car.

I loved it all!  Now to find another such massage parlor with domination to try it on.



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