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Not What She Expected

by Master Ties

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© Copyright 2007 - Master Ties - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; caught; F/f; toys; cons; X

Carly was in a heck of a fix, and there was nothing she could do about it. She had tried time and time again but there was no give in the ropes that were holding her helpless and she knew that she had to get loose or she was in serious trouble later that day.  Thinking back on how it all started she should have seen at the beginning that she was making a big mistake.

Carly was only 5’7” tall with sandy blonde hair and a petite good looking body. She lived with her two kids but they were away at summer camp so she took it upon herself to enjoy some alone time in her home.  She was a switch, a woman that could dominate some, but preferred to submit as much as she could.  She had plenty of sexy outfits in leather, latex and spandex and heels of all shapes and sizes. She had chosen one of these sexy outfits for her play session today and at the beginning of her play time she thought she looked HOT! But now after two hours in bondage she was thinking it was a bit much and she was starting to feel each item with its own added misery.

She had chosen a spandex catsuit to wear today with a leather corset that fitted over the top of it. She had chosen the catsuit because it was soft and she wouldn’t need a pair of stockings for her boots she was going to wear and she wouldn’t have to worry about rug burns if she were to need to struggle to get loose. She slid into the catsuit and pulled the legs tight against her legs, pushing her toes into the tips of the suit.

Looking into the mirror next to her bed she thought that only up to her bum she did look good even if she didn’t have the catsuit all the way on yet. She continued pulling it up her body and put her arms into the sleeves and worked her hands free from the ends, she finished pulling it up to her neck before sliding the zipper up her neck to the base of her skull in back as well as under her chin. Next she picked up her corset from the bed and wrapped it around her body. This corset had a pair of laces one over each breast running all the way down to the base of the corset that is used to tighten the corset, after it was zipped closed with a large ring through the zipper of the corset. Checking herself out in the mirror again she started to feel even more sexy now that she had the catsuit and corset put tightly on.

Carly then went to her closet and pulled out her chest that housed her lifestyle collection of equipment. To look at the box you would never have guessed that it was used as her toy chest, it had a cute rabbit bear print on the outside of the box and the clasp that was holding the lid down could be locked with a lock that she had in place. Dialing the combination on the lock she clicked the box open and set the lock on the shelf above her toy chest. She opened the lid and began pulling out cloth bags, throwing them to the bed and finally grabbed her plastic bag that had all her fun sexual toys that she wanted to use. Finally, before she heads to the bed she reaches in her closet and pulls out the pair of thigh high leather boots and walks over to the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed she takes her left boot and slid it on her left foot and pulled the boot up her thigh until her foot settled into the boot and then repeated the same act for the right foot, smiling while she pulled the boots onto her feet. Standing up and walking around she loved the feel of the leather on her leg and the 4” heels didn’t make her feet hurt as she walked around in them.

Moving back to the bed and sitting deep onto the bed, she pulls one of the color bags to her and dumped it onto the bed and began going through her collection of leather and steel cuffs lying on the bed. Collecting up her leather locking cuffs and setting her wrist set next to her, she began wrapping the cuffs around the ankles of her boots and looped a small baggage lock in the loops and locked it to keep them onto her feet. She then took another colored bag and opened it and pulled out a pair of satin elbow length opera gloves out and laid them on the bed next to her and set the two bags onto the floor next to her bed.

Grabbing her plastic bag full of her sexual toys she pulled out her vibrating butt plug and her rabbit vibrator and sets them on the bed and puts the plastic bag on the floor with the others. Reaching into her nightstand drawer she took out her batteries and lube and began putting them into the vibrators and after closing each of the battery covers she tried them out, finding them working wonderfully she shuts them off and sets them aside. Taking the lube she lubed up the butt plug and rolls onto her side lifting her leg and slides the plug slowly but firmly in place and puts her leg down and grabs the rabbit vibrator and finding her sex already lubed well enough she slides it in and closes her legs together and sets the lube on the nightstand next to the bed. Grabbing another colored bag she begins pulling lengths of rope out of the bag and setting them down looking for her already knotted rope that she had used before for a crotch tie and would use again tonight. Finally finding her crotch rope she looped it round her waist and runs it between her legs trapping the rabbit and butt plug in place and tied the crotch tie in back.

With her rope surrounding her on the bed, Carly took out a rope ratchet and hooked it to the ring she had put above her bed months ago. This she would use to tighten up her position later on to make it more exciting for her. She then laid down on her bed and began the tedious yet pleasurable task of tying herself up for the afternoon. First she started at her ankles looping the rope through the rings in the cuffs, tying a knot right at the loops to keep her ankles as tight together as they could be she then took the remainder of the rope and began running it around her legs up over her calves where she tied off the ends. She then took another length of rope and began tying her upper thighs together. She looped the rope around her thighs a few times and then passed the ends between her thighs to cinch the thigh tie up and then finally tied off the ends. Content that she couldn’t get her legs free without the use of her hands she looped another rope around her ankles and ran the rope between her ankles again to cinch that rope up tight and left it lay for the moment until it was needed.

Now all that was needed was for her to get her safety in place and finish tying her upper body and wrist to compete her afternoon of helplessness. She again choose another length of rope and wrapped it around her body above and below her breasts and around her arms to pin them to her body. She took and looped the rope through the beginning cinch that was in the center of her back and looped the rope between her right arm and body and with some contorting she looped the rope over her shoulders and back down to the left arm where she also looped it between her left arm and body on that side and tied it off as tight as she could get it. She knew that once her hands were tied and pulled in the ratchet the ropes around her body would tighten up more and make her upper arms and body completely immobile. All she had left to do was her wrists and her gag and then she would let the fun begin.

At that time the phone rang, it was one of her lifestyle friends on the line and she told her that she would love to go out with her tonight and that she should be ready when her friend arrived and that if there wasn’t any answer that the key was left in the flower pot and she could come in and make herself at home until she was ready. Not even thinking about the fact that she had just given herself yet another fail safe she finished chatting and hung up her phone and went back to task at hand. 

She reached down onto the bed and grabbed the last colored bag and emptied it onto the bed and a smile came across her face as her head harness, ring gag and blindfold fell out onto the bed. The locks and keys were also in this mix and she began getting her gag all set to go and figured she would go ahead and use the locks to lock on the gag and just leave the keys on the nightstand with the lube from earlier until she needed them when she got free from herself imposed tie.

Unlocking all the locks she set them on the bed close and began to put her gag into place, first the ring which slid nicely behind her teeth, not too big but big enough to be useful as a gag. Next she looped the leather lead over her head and brought the two leads from the sides of the gag around the back of her head and found the lead from the top of her head and made sure it got looped into the two side leads and pulled them tight to keep the ring in her mouth. Now anyone that has tried to gag themselves without the use of their upper arms knows what went through her mind next as she struggled to get the locks in place to keep it from being removed until all was finished. But with a final click and some serious swearing into that gag she finally got all the straps done up and all were locked on so that she couldn’t remove the gag until later. She then slid the blindfold over her head, thanking the bondage gods that she didn’t have to buckle this she left it on top of her head for now so she could see what she was doing until the last minute.

With this all done now all that she needed to do was to finish her with her wrists and do the finishing touches on her ties and she would be ready for her afternoon delight. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her knife she always kept handy in case something went wrong with the ratchet and set it close to her. She grabbed her opera gloves and pulled them onto her hands and pulled them up as far as the arm ropes would allow, they didn’t need to go much further up but if she had put them on earlier then the arm to body tie might have been more difficult but the gag would have been more miserable not being able to feel the holes with gloved hands. Once done with the gloves she looped her leather wrist cuffs around both of her wrists tightly and then laid down and got ready for the finishing touches of her self imposed helplessness.

Now making sure everything was ready to go and in place, Carly pulled down her blindfold and got ready to finish up her bondage and begin her afternoon of helplessness. Once the blindfold was over her eyes she rolled onto her stomach, and reached behind her for the rope that was left loose from her ankles. Not finding it right away she kicked her feet up towards her butt and felt the rope fly up to her hands and she looped that rope under her arm/body tie and back down toward her ankles. Not happy with how tight it was she pulled the excess rope back between her ankles and pulled until her back began to bow slightly. Happy with what she thought she would look like she then pulled the rope back up to her body tie and then wrapped it over and over until the rope was used up coiling it tightly so that it would be out of her way when she started her wrist tie, she finally knotted the ends and the way she planned on tying her wrists she wouldn’t be able to reach that rope until her hands were free.

All that was left was for her to finish with her wrist ties and she would be ready to enjoy herself. Before starting her wrist tie she reached down and turned on both vibrators tied into her from earlier on and quickly begins tying her hands. She loops the ropes through the rings that will keep the cuff in place until the ropes are removed. She then loops the rope from her wrists down to her crotch tie and back to her wrists making sure that she doesn’t tangle the ankle rope she just tied into this tie. She then begins grasping for the carabineer that is attached to the rope ratchets end, forgetting that both ends have a carabineer one to attach the rope, one for her to pull on to tighten it up. Once she gets a hold of the hook she loops it around the wrist tie and begins fumbling looking for the other one to pull up her hands towards the ring in the ceiling. Once she gets a hold of the other ring she begins pulling and feels her ropes begin to pull her hands toward the ceiling which in turn pulls on the crotch tie pulling her toys deeper into her.

It is at this time that she stops and begins to worry a little bit because she can no longer reach the knife she carelessly left on the bed because she had tied her hands to the ratchet and pulled them up and now if she could roll onto her side she would have been able to reach it but now with her hands pulled up she couldn’t roll onto her side. This is when she figures that she will have some fun and take a risk and pull her hands a little higher knowing her ratchet release will let her go, or it had in the past. This is when she begins to let her mind go to places only daydreamers and submissives know. She dreams and wiggles in her helplessness, testing her bondage and enjoying her helplessness. The toys in her sex aren’t hurting either, they are making it more and more enjoyable with each tug on her hands and every wiggle of her body a beautiful sensation is sent down to the crotch tie and over her clit over and over again.

She enjoys orgasm after orgasm relishing in the thought that nobody would be home and she could enjoy this time to herself all afternoon. But as the time wore on the corset ribs began digging into her hips and the cuffs seemed to tighten, as did all the ropes she had wrapped around her body, so she decided to begin releasing herself and that’s when all that could go wrong did go wrong.  As she reach up to pull on the carabineer she realized that she had hooked the wrist rope to the wrong one and that there would be no pulling her hands back down.  It also sank back into her head that she couldn’t roll over and get the knife she had because of the way she had tied herself. Now everything seemed to be annoying, the gag was too tight, the gloves wouldn’t let her get to any knots, her back was beginning to smart a little from the way she was arched and those dang vibrators just kept on buzzing away at her without letting up. She was stuck and now she needed help.

But what about her friend, you're thinking.  She was due to come over so she would get loose right. Well there in lies another problem. Cindy, her friend, was also a switch and had tried time and time again to have Carly submit to her but Carly never would. They had studied under the same cruel Mistress and Carly knew that if Cindy were to find her she would use some of those same evil tactics that the evil Mistress had taught them on her and she wasn’t about to have that happen again. Just then the phone rang again and sure enough it was Cindy’s voice on the answering machine.

“Well that’s another fine mess you have gotten into isn’t it my dear?” Was what she heard come over her answering machine.

Wait a minute, Carly thought, how does she know that I am in a fix? Carly then began to try to put her head down onto the bed and rub off the blindfold but she had tied that ankle to body tie way too tight and she couldn’t put her head low enough to rub it off. That witch is probably standing outside my window or even worse in my living room calling me and taunting me while I am in such a helpless state. She began to get angry and then even more frustrated and then its like the vibrators got even more power then they had before and once again another orgasm hit her but this one seemed harder and lasted longer then any of the others did.

Just as she was coming down from her orgasm she heard Cindy’s voice in her ear whispering that she was going to go back to her place and get her equipment for tonight, if Carly wasn’t loose by the time she got back that she was going to put a hood on her and make her go to the play party as her slave and nobody would know who Cindy’s new slave was. She would remind her of the training they both went through just over a year ago. Cindy also informed Carly that she had put new batteries in her tormenters and that she wanted to make sure that she would have enough company to last her while she went back to her place.

So with renewed vigor Carly began struggleing but it was all in vain, but if that wasn’t bad enough the last thing Cindy did before she left was to pull her hands another couple of inches higher than they were and pulled the ankle to body tie a little tighter, making all the struggles that Carly had to do hurt her just that much more if she were to try to get away.

Just as she was about to give up Cindy whispered one last thing into Carly’s ear, “Remember, dear tonight is extreme play night and wax, fire and needles are allowed.”

With this Carly sank, knowing she couldn’t get loose and that she would have to go to the party as Cindy’s slave and endure a night of extreme play without hope of release.



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