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Not an Affair

by Howard S

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© Copyright 2012 - Howard S - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; susp; bdsm; piercing; toys; climax; cons; X

What a weekend, it all started then I had a wet dream (and wet fingers) about my married next door neighbour! After telling him about the sexy dream and swapping quick suggestive banter with Howard, I wanted him. I had found some stories he had written on a BDSM web site ("the new sub-contractor", "Talk") which got me hot, breathless and thinking. I wanted him to hurt me and to use me crudely, like the slaves in his stories. I'm a recently single woman with two kids who really knows what she wants, and now knows how to ask for it!

So fast forward; here, I am here on Sunday afternoon, tied on my tipple toes, and strung up by my thumbs and nipples at Howard’s summer home, whipped, teased, tortured and not fucked at all, I’ve been in his complete control since Friday morning. I have not had what you would call an affair, but I’ve had a great time. I came more times than I could ever remember, and wow wee, what a weekend for any single mother. Who needs a boyfriend or a vibrator when you have a firm master next door who is willing to train you?

This adventure started weeks ago when I found out, though his stories, that my wonderful neighbour liked inescapable self-bondage. This gave me a fantasy that turned into a great slutty orgasm, then into a plan. If he played with me but didn’t have sex what harm could come of it I speculated? I mean no lips, no tongue and no sex with me, just his help. I want him to keep his clothes on. How could his wife mind if nothing happened. It would like having tea in my living room.

I went to Howard’s house and as he was well off and helpful, and I was short on cash for this quest. I asked for a short term loan to buy some stuff I needed, and being a kind man he gave me his credit card with the direction to “buy whatever I needed and make it up to him latter”. So I took Howard’s credit card to NorthBound leather for some essentials.

My list of rigid stuff included,

1. Locking chastity belt with a vibrating plug and a tenns anal plug that can be programed for shocks, complete with remote control “Known as” “the Electric Front Shield Model for Female System Sports Chastity Belt with remote control”

2. Irish “8” self-locking cuffs.

3. Punishers gag with penis insert.

4. 25’ of fine chain, locks and shackles

5. A good section of canes, floggers, paddles and a single tail whip.

6. Latex gloves, black electrical tape, clover nipple clamps, 100 cloths pegs.

7. Find a place to get my nipples pierced as he seemed to be very fascinated with a girl in a local shop who had hers done.

It turns out that nipple rings hurt a little until they heal so, don't plan on using them for bondage right away. And if you get two piercings, they throw in a clit piercing for free, which hurts even more! When you are in the thick of a fantasy, and you’re horny, you can do just about anything.

When Friday morning came, the kids were off to school and then to their father's for the weekend. It was then time to call Howard and to ask him over to help me out. I taped a note on the front door which said “Painting, please use the back door”. And another note on that back door that said “Please lock the door so the dog won’t get out” Funny; Howard would know that something was up as I don’t have a dog. I called FedEx and shipped all the keys to the belt to myself for delivery first AM Monday morning before the kids got home from school.

I then went into the downstairs bedroom where I laid out my gear on the bed. The idea was for Howard to find me inescapably bound, gagged, sexually occupied and completely his, unable to get free, unless he let me out of my bondage.

I lubed up the dildo and butt plug lined them up with the crotch strap of my locking chastity belt and slowly drove them both home. Wow! What a full feeling! Having just shaved, the feeling of the steel was cold was seductive. With just one click it was locked on for the weekend. I tested the remote control on low and set it to randomly provide shocks to the butt plug and vibrations to the dildo. The feelings of pain and pleasure washing over me caused me to move the plan along quickly. I set a goal for myself not to cum on my own until Howard let me.

I fastened a note to my bedroom door that said;

Dear "Master" Howard
When you open the door you will find your loving neighbour Bree, who is risking everything by what she is doing. She is all yours until Monday morning, if you will have her. She is very willing to be trained and to obey you without question. You may fill her mouth with your cum and if she spills a drop or touches your cock with her lips or tongue, punish her as you desire (she will have crossed the line). If you feel the urge to kiss her or fuck her mouth, please let her feel the kiss of your whip instead! She has NO safe word, so she will do whatever pleases you with enthusiasm. (Teach her to beg for more) The more you use her, the better she will please you. She expects punishment and hopes for rewards. She doesn’t want you to have sex with her in anyway.

Signed your loving and breathless slave bree ox ox (with tongue, this time)

PS. She’s anticipating that this was the weekend that your wife was at the spa and you were just planning to hang around. Also the keys for her belt will arrive by FedEx before 9 AM Monday morning; this belt was to prevent you from fucking her brains out and jeopardizing your marriage. The keys to the cuffs and gag are on the floor with the remote.

Next I neatly laid out the floggers, canes, paddles and a single tail, near the head of the bed and once I was sure I could reach the Irish 8 cuffs and my cell phone, I chained and locked my right ankle near the headboard to a short chain and my left ankle near the foot board, spreading my legs as wide as I could. I sat there on my haunches for a moment enjoying the situation and fantasizing about what will happen next. I took two leather leashes and attached them to my nipple rings and the other end to my big toes. I thought that they would help me keep my ass up in the air and not allow me to lie on my stomach, which would be dangerous position if I become tired.

The next three steps were easy, I called Howard, who was still on his way, just to make doubly sure that he would find me, I turned the belt's remote to deliver higher shocks, in part, as punishment for luring Howard into my wicked fantasy. After locking my gag in place and throwing the key and the remote between my legs onto the floor, I leaned forward putting my nipples and face on the nice cool sheets. Gawsh I was HOT in every way!

The leashes worked; if I stretched out they pulled my nipples, which wasn't a bad thing. On went the pair of latex gloves and I carefully wrapped the tape around my gloved fists. The black electrical tape sealed my fingers against my palms preventing any further use. The moment of truth was at hand; I took (pawed) the Irish 8's, which were self-locking steel handcuffs that were obviously meant to keep Irish women from getting away, and locked them behind my back, palms out. At this point I'm on my knees bent over, my hands are cuffed behind my back and my feet are chained to the bed with my shaved, belted ass facing the door. I still hope that he won't think that this is cheating and walk out and leave me.

I tried to relax as I heard the back door open. I listened as he read the note, but after a while all I could do is grunt and moan loudly as the vibrations did their work and my wicked fantasy did the rest. I didn’t know what he would do with me, but I could only hope that this will make good material for his next story....

After a number of orgasms had subsided and I regained consciousness, then I heard the terrifying sound of the back door closing. The sound was deafening.

Time seemed to move at different rate as I looked around to consider what will happen Sunday night when my kids came home. I started to get really scared as I waited and waited. Maybe it was a trick; I looked around as far as I could see and listened carefully. When a voice said “Looking for me? You sounded like you had quite a few huge orgasms, and you had them without your masters permission. you know what that means”, it was Howard (thank goodness) holding the single tail whip and my bucket of clothes pins and he had come for me.


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