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Not Just a Walk in the Park

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2008 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; cuffs; gag; stuck; caught; FF/m; bond; bdsm; belt; whip; cbt; hum; punish; torment; cons/nc; XX

This was bad. Really bad. And the worst part was knowing it was my own fault. Have a backup release, went the advice. Be careful. But no, I had to do it all wrong. No backup release. In a public place, or at least not a controlled location. I liked trees, and being tied to them. And being naked. Yeah, I got all that, and better get used to it.

I knew where my release mechanism was. It was dangling about a foot in front of my face. A nice shiny key on a carefully measured length of rope. I could only think about what had gone wrong, not that it really mattered. It was wrong and I couldn’t fix it. And somehow I didn’t think she was in any hurry to fix it either.

She wasn’t here when I started out. I’d been here before, but always had always taken more precautions. Today I was feeling extra horny and got sloppy. Instead of going way back into the woods, I’d gone just far enough in to not be able to see the open grassy area where people played their games or grilled their food. I knew it was a bit of a risk, and didn’t want to be seen by any children, but that terrible little voice in my head urged me to take the chance. Increase the thrill. I’d looked around and thought it was safe enough. Bushes nearby formed a partial shield for me and the overhead leaves created enough shadows to give some more cover. Just not enough.

I had my ice timer. A plastic bag of ice and a plastic drink bottle with sections cut out on opposite sides. That came first so it was out of the way. My hands would be behind the tree, so I looped a rope over a branch on that side, measured it off so it would hang about 2 feet past my hands, and tied it off. The key went on the end of this rope and I tied the bottle about a half foot up from the key. Then I took a second rope and tied it to a branch that went off to the side to hold the key away from my fingers, fed the end through the open top of the bottle, and tied on the ice bag so the release key would be out of reach but would swing down when the ice melted. That was the plan, anyway.

For the rest I had to strip down, so I did and stuffed my clothes into the backpack I carried my toys in so the color wouldn’t catch unnecessary attention. After applying some insect repellant, I put on the leather wrist cuffs and locked the buckles so I wouldn’t be able to sneak out early. That was followed by a head harness with ball gag. I like the feel of restricted balls, so a couple of feet of rope was tied around, squeezing them downward. Normally I would use up the entire rope, but I had a different idea and left the end hanging loose. I put a belt around my waist, picked up a piece of rope, and did a final inventory. The ice was melting nicely and I figured I’d be stuck for about a half an hour. I bent down and picked up a lock and a short rope that I hooked over the belt.

Time to finish up. The rope I tied to my right ankle, looped it a few times, then passed it behind the tree and tied it to my left ankle so my feet were separated by the foot diameter at the base of the tree. That gave me access to the rope hanging from my balls, which I looped around the tree and tied off, pulling my balls back and forcing my penis downward so it would project straight out when erect, as it was quickly doing. I took off the belt, looped it around the tree and put it back on, severely constricting my waist. For a moment I thought how nice it would be to have put on nipple clamps, but it was too late to add anything now.

I took the short rope from my belt and tied an end to the ring on top of my harness gag, looped it around the tree, and tied it off. This held my head in place with only a slight ability to turn from side to side. Finally, I took the lock from my belt, hooked it through one of my wrist cuffs’ D rings, and lifted my arms to reach back behind the tree at head level. I had to wiggle a bit to get my wrists close enough to lock, then struggled to get the other D ring lined up, but finally I heard the satisfying click of the lock closing and a quick tug assured me I was locked in place.

Now there was no way to tell how much ice had melted or how much longer I would be held before I could get the key to free myself. I imagined a mistress standing in front of me, swishing the air with a whip, and felt my erection firming up despite the downward tug. My balls wanted to move forward, but I’d done a good job and they would be feeling the strain every time I became aroused. I closed my eyes to let the fantasy roar in my imagination, pulling futily against the bonds holding me to the tree.

And then came the voices. People didn’t usually come to the park to play this early, but it sounded like today was going to be different. I felt my erection subside as I tried to gauge the distance to the voices. Girls or women. I couldn’t see and couldn’t tell. First I tried being still, then realized that wouldn’t help if I was found, so I began tugging at my bonds trying to get free. I’d done too good a job. Now all I could do was wait for the ice.

There was a flash of color showing through higher up in the branches and I realized it was a Frisbee. I listened again and was sure all the voices were female, but that wasn’t a total consolation for me. Time passed and finally the ice melted. The bottle dropped down, swung across the back of the tree and emerged on the side of the tree as inertia kept it moving. I expected it to swing back, but it snagged on a branch above my head that I hadn’t considered important before. And then it stopped. The key dangled in front of my horrified view as I realized I had no way of reaching it. I tried nudging it with my elbows, but my hands were held too tightly and the rope with the key was too high. As I struggled to think about what else I might try the color flashed through the sky and I heard the branches as the Frisbee hit. I froze, hoping to be unnoticed.

I could see a white shirt coming past the edge of the trees and pause, looking for the lost disk. Then the shirt moved and I saw it was a young woman, about 20, with straight dark hair to her shoulders and a deep tan. And a fantastic body that her white T-shirt and tight shorts displayed marvelously. Suddenly I felt myself getting aroused and hoped she’d find the disk quickly.

She did, but then for some reason she looked around and our eyes met. Her eyebrows went up, her mouth opened a little, and she stood still for a few seconds. Then she looked around and walked over to me. As she approached she began smiling. When she stopped right in front of me she was hard to see because I was several inches taller than her and my head was held up against the tree trunk. But I heard her laugh softly and felt her hand lightly stroke my shaft. It responded immediately and she laughed a little louder.

“Oh, this must be my lucky day,” she said. “I walk into the woods and find a man all naked and tied to a tree just offering his cock for whatever I might want to do.” By now I was hard and sticking straight out, so she reached under the shaft and grabbed my balls. “You seem to like pressure on these. How much, I wonder.” Her grip slowly tightened until I had to wince with pain. She just laughed. She let go of me and stepped back. I gazed into her dark eyes with a bit of fear, waiting to see what she would do next. “My friends are expecting me. Don’t go away and I’ll be back later to play with you, ok?”

And then she was jogging back out to the open area with the recovered Frisbee in her hand, just as her friends began calling for her. Darlene. Now I had a name for my tormentress. And a face. And watching her hurry away from me had given me a sweet view of her nicely rounded ass stuffed into those tight shorts and I was up and stirring again. Then that faded and I was just strapped to the tree.

For a long time I could only watch the shadows move, felt my jaw tighten around the ball gag, and wondered how I was going to get loose. The key still dangled tantalizingly close, but very much out of reach. I was getting stiff from not moving and had already let my bladder empty itself when I heard the voices change a little. There were “great time”, “do it again soon”, and “good bye” being exchanged and the voices moved away. I thought I was going to be left stuck to the tree, but then I saw white between the leaves. Two sets of white. This was worse than I’d thought.

The newcomer was taller than Darlene and had sandy blond hair. She didn’t have the fullness of body, but she did have a very determined demeanor.

“Oh, now this is quite a treat,” she said as she walked up to me. There was no hesitation at all. She stood a few feet in front of me and looked me up and down a couple of times, them moved forward until she was pressing her chest against mine. Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezed hard, and pulled until I grimaced in pain. “And you did this all to yourself. I bet you didn’t realize what a good job of making yourself a slave you did.” There was no smile, no laughter, and I suddenly felt very afraid. Even more so when she stepped back from me and I saw Darlene with a thin branch in her hand.

“Terri, did you want the honor?” The branch was extended and Darlene WAS smiling. Terri took it, swished it through the air a few times, then brought it down sharply on top of my still fairly firm cock. My neck strained as I tried to bend over in pain, but the rope to the ring at the top of my harness held me upright.

“This is going to be fun. We can do whatever we want and you can’t do anything about it.” Terri grabbed my right nipple and pulled hard, then twisted before letting go and stepping away. I had just opened my eyes again when I heard the chirp and saw Darlene holding up a camera phone.

“I’m emailing this to myself, so we have a record.”

“And I’m taking pictures, because it will be fun,” added Terri as she pulled out a digital camera.

She handed it to Darlene and walked back up to me. The camera chirped again and again as the branch struck me on the thighs and moved upward. I was sure she was leaving a trail of welts and she seemed to take extra care to criss-cross my chest. Then she handed the branch to Darlene and took the camera back as Darlene beat my cock and balls until I was seeing colors. At last she stopped and asked, “Did you think because you were found by a woman that you’d get to empty your balls? I have no interest in giving you any enjoyment. You left yourself here and now you’re our plaything. That’s all you are. So get used to that idea.”

There was a pause in the whipping and Terri moved up to me again, pressing her body against me. I felt the pain from the welts, but also felt myself stiffening up again. So did she and she reached between us and forced my shaft downward, bending it painfully. That was the first time I saw her smile. She was a little taller than me and her breasts pushed against my upper chest anyway, but when she reached up to dislodge the rope holding the key the rises at the top of her breast rubbed my chin and I reacted, causing her to lean harder against me and keep my shaft bent. It was a relief when she got the key unstuck and moved it away from my vision and stepped back, but that was a short reprieve before she began slapping my cock downward with her open palm.

Darlene joined her and they took turns slapping my member and laughing as it seemed to bounce back up asking for more. It became more sensitive as the game continued and I dreaded the next strike, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Then they began slapping it from the bottom, watching it flop up against my belly and back down for the next slap. Again they continued until the sensitivity was almost bringing me to tears. Then I saw stars as Terri reached a little farther and slapped my balls. Darlene followed her lead and they began counting, each one started at 2, and they went up to 10. By the time they stepped away my knees were weak and I was actually glad I was tied to the tree so I wouldn’t fall over.

I had no fight left in me after that assault on my member. As Terri untied the ropes holding up the key and the bottle I’d used as a timer, Darlene released my legs. My first thought was to put my legs together to protect myself, but as my thighs pressed on my balls the true effects of the slapping took hold and I spread my legs again. Darlene laughed and stroked my cock a few times, licked her fingers, and stroked it some more. The pain was astonishing to me as I swelled and the soreness from being slapped so much settled in. It felt like I was on fire.

The rope holding my balls back between my legs was released, followed soon after by the rope holding my head harness. I tried lowering my head, but found I had to move slowly until the stiffness would fade. I was still held by my wrists behind the tree at head height and the belt, but then my arms were being freed. Darlene grabbed my head as soon as my wrists were unlocked and she pushed it down so I was bent at the waist. Terri pulled my arms together behind me and locked the wrists back together, but before I could be glad they were now more relaxed she pushed them up my back, looped the rope from the top of the head harness through the lock, and pulled the rope back up to tie off at the top of my head. There was strain on my arms and a backward pull on my head that occupied my attention while they removed the belt and stood me up.

Looking down as much as possible, I saw Darlene reach forward, then felt a tug on my balls and realized she’d take up the end of the rope that was still tied to them. She pulled me away from the tree by that leash and turned me slightly.

“Oh, I like a boy’s bare backside,” said Terri. “It’s so inviting.”

I didn’t see her double the belt, but the swish-smack-crack that followed her comment let me know that’s what she’d done. And I jumped. And pulled on my head as I tried to cover my ass with my hands. I almost fell over when the second belting hit me and I took a step while looking up at the treetops. She settled into a quick back and forth motion and I realized I had no choice but to let her proceed. My hands were far too high on my back to do anything and with them attached to my head my best option was to keep them there.

The belt was tossed to Darlene who stood in front of me smiling. A sick feeling grew in my stomach when she told me to spread my legs, but fortunately she began by simply lashing my belly and chest. I could almost feel the red glow spreading across my bare flesh by the time she went lower and swatted my lower belly, sometimes above my cock, sometimes catching it and sending it flopping in one direction or another. Then she made her move, picking up the rope leash and pulling upward to lift my balls before she swung her hand in circular motions to drive the belt again and again against my most sensitive region.

Finally my knees began to buckle, but she held the rope even higher. A few more lashes and I couldn’t stay up, dropping to my knees despite the pain as the leash pulled my balls. Through the haze of pain I heard both girls laughing. I heard the chirp of the camera. And I heard them going through my bag. Despite my situation, I was glad I had only brought what I needed for this scenario.

I was left on my knees for a while and managed to recover a bit. Then Darlene was tugging at my balls leash again. “Come on, it’s time to get up and get moving.”

Moving? What were they thinking of? My mind raced with the possibilities and I began to think it was getting better when they started to lead me deeper into the woods. Darlene led, pulling me by the leash, and Terri followed with the belt, giving an occasional swat of encouragement to my sore ass. They didn’t go slowly, but moved at a regular pace. I couldn’t watch where I was stepping because of the head to wrist tie and my bare feet often hit sticks or old nuts that pressed painfully against my soles. Branches Darlene brushed aside swung back to sting my skin when they hit and a few times she made a point of pulling me close to a tree with low branches that scratched me as I brushed by.

We walked for a long time but they seemed to have a destination in mind. They chatted sometimes, but much of the trip was marked only by my labored breathing. I noticed the odor first, then the sun burst through and bathed my sweaty body in its warmth. I could tell we were in a fairly large clearing, but the smell held my attention as I tried to identify it. Terri untied my wrists from my harness and tied the rope over a low branch, holding me erect but letting me relax my arms and look around. We were at the edge of a broad marshy area with sprays of grass sticking up from dark wet mud. This time, I tried not to think of the possibilities.

Darlene pulled my briefs and scissors out of my pack and began cutting the briefs into small pieces. My T-shirt got the same treatment, then she gave Terri the scissors. Terri pulled out my jeans and cut off the legs about an inch below the crotch. One leg was cut lengthwise, then cut in half again, the other leg was cut into small pieces. My socks followed. The jeans that were now shorts were put back into the bag and zipped in. They laid out the four large pieces left from the jeans leg and distributed the tiny pieces of cloth between them, put two fist-sized rocks in each pile, and tied them into bundles. I watched them throw these out into four different parts of the marsh and saw them immediately sink out of sight with a soft glurping sound. Once the mud closed back over them, there was no way to know where they were. My shoes got rocks put inside, they were thrown in opposite directions, and promptly joined the cloth under the mucky shroud.

Terri took the rope hanging off my balls and tied it to my wrists, not too tightly but without a lot of slack while Darlene picked up my backpack. She made a point of showing me that my keys were in it, then she dropped in the scissors and the key to the lock on my wrist cuffs. “Just so you don’t think we’re completely cruel, we won’t weight this down.”

Having said that, she spun around twice and released the backpack to sail about 50 feet out into the marsh before landing with a soft mushing sound. A broad expanse of dark mud separated me from freedom, clothes, and a way to get home. But they weren’t quite done with me.

Terri reached around me from behind and grabbed my penis in a firm grip, setting up a stroking rhythm that soon had me fully erect despite the pain from the beating they had given it earlier. Darlene stood in front of me with the belt, swinging it in underhand circles that slapped against my balls just hard enough to be uncomfortable. Despite her watching me closely, I felt the tension beginning to build pretty quickly and closed my eyes. I shifted my weight, twisted a little, and felt the final swelling begin.

The hand was gone. In surprise I opened my eyes in time to see a more determined look on Darlene’s face as she smashed the belt into my balls with all her strength. My knees buckled, but once again the rope from my head harness held me up. I got my balance back and stood up again, dimly aware of a tugging at the top of the harness. A second time the belt hit, not quite as hard. My knees bent, but did not buckle. I suddenly realized there was no rope holding my head up.

Four hands pushed on my back and I was propelled forward down the dirt berm and toward the marsh. I tried to stop, but it was too late. My feet were already in the mud and they slipped out from under me. I twisted as I fell, hands stuck behind my back and pulling at my balls, and landed on my side. Half my body immediately went under the mud and I had to push my head upward to keep from having it go under as well. I could feel my hips, the center of my weight, sinking lower and knew I had to stand up fast. I managed to pull my legs up under me without submerging my head and knelt in the mud.

Something splashed nearby and I saw the belt just before it sank. I looked up at the edge and Terri was taking pictures. Smiling. They were both smiling.

“I guess you’ve figured out what you need to do to get back home. Before we go we have one small gift to leave you with.”

Terri stopped taking pictures and both girls suddenly pulled down their pants and lifted up their shirts and bras. I stared, feeling myself hardening somewhere under the surface of the mud. Then they turned around, put their clothes back in place, and ran off into the woods.

I stood up slowly, letting my severely frustrated cock sag back down and turned to look for the backpack. It had already slipped a couple of inches deeper into the muck. I took a step toward it, feeling the suction of the mud trying to hold my foot in place and trying not to lose my balance. I just hoped I could get to it before it sank completely. Or before I sank. And it was all my fault for not taking enough precautions.


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